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Grysk Grysk Hegemony

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Intent: Expand the Grysk Homeworld beyond a single paragraph

​Image Credit: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zOKeL

Canon: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Grysk_homeworld

Links: N/A


Planet Name: Mysk’na’har

Demonym: Myskian, though usually just refer to as Grysk: as the natural species is who inhabits it for the most part.

Region: Deep in the Unknown Regions

System Name: Mysk’na’har System

System Features: The Mysk’na’har system has a somewhat abnormal amount of rocky worlds, with only two gas based worlds towards the edge of the system. A massive asteroid belt cutting these two gas-rich planets from the rest of the system: creating a “resource belt” as the native Grysk refer to it as, these two planets and asteroids being torn apart as much as possible to reap out whatever worthwhile things there is to pull. Deeper within the system lays Gal’ha’nar: a far more livable world than the brutal Mysk’na’har and the center of Grysk politics and other less militarized endeavors, the true home of those in the species not currently engaged in warfare. There is the mineral rich world of Yor’ha’heim: a dead world with only value in resources that fuel into the shipyards above it 


Major Imports: Slaves, raw production materials, foodstuffs

Major Exports: Weapons of War, masonry

Unexploited Resources: Mysk’na’har has been so torn apart by it’s ancient conquerors and natives that there is no resource they haven’t begun to hack away at to fuel a war machine with an insatiable hunger.


Gravity: Slightly above Standard 

Climate: Temperate, though there is substantial pollution that can create abnormalities with the weather


Primary Terrain: Msyk’na’nar is majority a rocky world, with tall and stabbing mountains, deep and flensing ravines, and long dead blotches where resources once poured out from the earth 

Atmosphere: Type I


Capital City: Mysk’zor

Planetary Features: The world has become heavily industrialized so as to fuel the war machine that is the Grysk people. Dotting it’s rocky surface is many mining facilities, abandoned or otherwise, towering scrap yards, and roving packs of semi-sentient and massive mining droids that scour across the planet looking for any valuable resources to consume and take into their massive metal hulls

Major Locations: 

Mysk’zor: The capital of Mysk’na’har, this “city” truthfully is little more than an over glorified fortress that looks out upon the many minor industrial forges on the horizon and serves as the line of defense for Kama’ka, the biggest production center on the planet, forged from dark metal the towering fortress and de-facto headquarters of the Grysk’s military forces. With shielded walls that have dozens of hidden weapon emplacements, large batteries of planetary autocannons for assailing forces trying to land and various traps built within the land itself the idea of assaulting the Mysk’zor is a lofty prospect with a planetary shield covering it, it serves as the perfect place for the Grysk’s leader: the Gryzar, to watch over the production of the Grysk’s military 


Kama’ka, the Great Forge: The center of Grysk military production, the Kama’ka is a giant military foundry that belches smog into the skies and has slaves labor nigh endlessly in it’s all consuming darkness. Out of it pours starfighters, tanks, weapons, pieces of war machines, and anything else the Grysk have deemed necessary for their ceaseless wars of conquest: this mighty forge is incredibly well defended, with the Mysk’zor standing above it like a defensive parent: the laborers within have been so twisted and consumed by the Grysk’s enthrallment that they would gladly through themselves en masse to stop any would be attacker: the production of these goods now becoming their entire life. A solemn, and depressing fact, for any would be liberators. A defense in crushing invader moral. 

Grysk’ma, the Hunting Grounds: Like many important features on Mysk’na’har, the Grysk’ma is a massive training facility for Grysk military recruits: and with how many Grysk go into the armed forces such a massive foundation is needed to keep all those bodies well trained and ready for battle. Possessing numerous towers, dull looking hab blocks, and shockingly some of the only colorful fauna on Mysk’na’har: for it has it’s name as the Hunting Grounds not just because it is where young Grysk vie for glory, but it is quite literally a hunting grounds full of dangerous wildlife in enclosed encampments used for live fire exercises and as a way to remove those trainees deemed unworthy of continued service under the Hegemony. And of course, the occasional exotic removal of a political prisoner if such a fate is deemed amusing.

Mining Facility #3374: One of the last major mining facilies used on Mysk’na’har Mining Facilty #3374 is much of a prison than it is a facility, whilst some willing thrall laborers slave away in the depths many of those who are hacking away at the innards of the Gryk’s home are those unsavories the Hegemony has deemed unfortunate enough to be kept alive. The mines are a twisting maze of poorly lit caverns, no standard cells are needed to keep these prisoners in check: with these winding halls running so deep and with seemingly no rhyme or reason it is effortlessly easy to become lost in the depths, with cave ins common a path that once may have lead to freedom now is little more than rock. A sick joke by some aggravated Grysk General, some would say.  

Orbital Docks Azr, Hsk, and Gol: These three orbital stations rotate around Mysk’na’har, some stolen and modified from other races within the unknown regions these three behemoths of metal serve as refueling and repair stations for the major presence that is the Grysk navy. They also serve as another garrison for the vastness of the Grysk military forces that station themselves on Mysk’na’har: though it is far more a garrison for those Grysk who will stay in the void, Naval Commanders, Boarders, Pilots, and all those who will wage the vital war in the darkness of space. The triplet stations are the first line of defense for the Grysk homeworld, their cannons and ships blast into the mythical invaders who will one day come to try and break the Homeworld. 

Force Nexus: N/A


Native Species: Grysk

Immigrated Species: Vaagari

Population: Heavy

Demographics: The main part of the population that resides on Mysk’na’har is undoubtedly the Grysk, a shock to none. Followed up by a reasonably sized amount of Vagaari thralls that are the descendants of those original conquerors who foolish stabbed their flag into Mysk’na’har, then comes the wide spattering of various species that truthfully have nowhere near enough residents to be considered truly relevant to the planetary population: many of them are slaves and thralls laboring away in the crushing military industry of the world, rarely ever seen outside the forges. 

Primary Languages: Not particularly known for their creativity, the language of the Grysk that dominates Mysk’na’har is simply referred to as “Grysk”

Culture: The Grysk culture can be decreed as the “modern savages”, it is a brutal meritocracy that values strength and obedience over all. They feel no sorrow for the brutal acts they commit, these toiling forges the dominate the planet that are overfilling with the enthralled slaves of distant worlds: slavery is one such notion so strongly held among their people, and a large amount of the population is their slave species that produce their weapons of war; it is an ironic switch from the Grysk’s own ancient history as a slave species. 


Government: Hegemony

Affiliation: The Grysk Hegemony

Wealth: High, while not a planet that creates particular wealth on it’s own much of the Grysk Hegemony’s budget goes into it’s military production, and as the homeworld/military capital of the Hegemony much of that military budget is channeled into it

Stability: High, the crushing oppression of the Grysk is more than potent enough to keep any dissidents in check 

Freedom & Oppression: The Grysk are an oppressive people, where the weak are to dominate the strong: as nature intended. Rights are held secondary to many, and those species not Grysk are held in much lower regard and given much stricter treatment under the law: lest they can prove themselves in combat (though it is a fool’s errand for many of those freedom minded pacifists to engage a hardened Grysk warrior in single combat). Disobedience is never truly tolerated, and upstarts and dissidents are cut down with merciless efficiency. 


Military: The Grysk who inhabit Mysk’na’har are a people shaped by war and their lust for battle, and as such their Homeworld has been defaced into a place of industry and gross over-militarization: the planet is dotted with various military encamps, roving patrols of training warriors, Autocannon batteries watching the skies, trench-works running to almost city size lengths, fortifications, shield-gates, and anything else you could expect from warmongerers with too much time on their hands.

Technology: About Galactic Standard, the Grysk have developed technological normalities that are quite different compared to the rest of the Galaxy though


Once, long ago, Mysk’na’har was not the industrialized slew of filth that it is today. Many centuries ago it was a wild and inhospitable planet, that had bred a hearty people who made themselves thrive in this hostile planet. These people were the Grysk, far from the lighting gun toting warmongerers of the later generations the people of this world were simple hunters, living off the land to the best of their ability: entirely independent from the wider Galaxy, a meaningless Little Rock in the great vastness of the void.

But this was not to last forever, species had come to take up the void: one such species was the Vaagari despoilers that would plague the Unknown Regions for what would seem like time immemorial. The early Vaagari conquered this world, and implanted the first barbs of industry that would plague the once life filled world in it’s later years. Enslaving the local populace the many ancient foundries and mining facilities would begin to pop up across the planet, digging into all the untapped resources that laid below the crust and feasting upon the mineral goods that leaked out from within. This would not last forever, of course, and when the Grysk rebelled against their captors and took command they left these scars on their planet. The path to mass industrialization had begun.

Through mass re-engineering of the Vaagari’s early tech the world of Msyk’na’har had become an early military-world. The Grysk looking out to take over the entire system, and that they would, paving their path of “destruction” through the mostly uninhabited planets that surrounded. Subjugating the one planet that could properly support life, Msyk’na’har served as the de-facto center of the new Grysk Hegemony. When the Grysk shot out their tendrils to expand the Hegemony generations later, the resources that would pour out into Mysk’na’har truly gave it the reputation as that horribly industrialized slave world. More foundries began to pop up and throw out more arms and armor for the seemingly numberless Grysk Warriors it needed to support. The clouds darkened and pollution filled the air, solemnly the Grysk accepted this fact: it was the cold fact of warfare. Mysk’na’har was the new embodiment of this species wide warlust.

But for a world run by war, it has been unscathed by true conflict: almost ironically. The Grysk hold their homeworld as the greatest secret, and many have hunted to find where the vile despoilers from the void come from. But Grysk are like a phantom, they appear, they are beaten, and they disappear. Mysk’na’har stands hard, it’s industry burned ever onward. It is the fires from which the Phoenix is reborn. Towering high frame Kama’ka, the mightiest of the factories that devoured slaves by the dozen in it’s flaming forges and ceaseless production lines. The Vaagari that once ruled them, now reduced down to enthralled populations, more of these lost souls came to the world and added those small blotches of color to the bleak smog of Mysk’na’har. Adding in new stolen technologies to fuel the Grysk’s exotic engine of war, allowing for new and modified technologies to their foes. A mixture of research, production, and military world was what Mysk’na’har had fallen to in its age.

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Vyr'ar Hello! I have taken over for this as part of my training. First off, I would like to say that this is an amazing submission, well thought out, and I look forward to seeing how you take the Grysk further into the Chaos Story.


So far, the only issues I see with it are links:


Native Species: Grysk Immigrated Species: Vaagari


Please add links to these species for ease of access between them. And if possible, if you could link 


The Grysk Hegemony

That would be great as well.


Overall, this is another amazing post. Just get those links in and we can set you on your way for secondary check and approval. 

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Vyr'ar Hey hey, just doing a check up on your edits. You only have a few days left before we have to archive this and add to the process of getting this approved.



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Vyr'ar Archiving due to inactivity. If you wish to have it returned please post to the Submission Modification Request thread.