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Roble Manufacturing

RM Weapons Ships Armor Technology Vehicles

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Alban Roble

Alban Roble

    Head of Roble Manufacturing

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Image Source: Alban Roble

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Corporation Name: Roble Manufacturing

Headquarters: Fondor


  • Fondor: Headquarters, Shipyards, Vehicle Manufacturing, Warehouses
  • Arkanis: Weapons Manufacturing, Armor Manufacturing, Warehouses
  • Druckenwell: Technology Manufacturing, Warehouses

Subsidaries: None

Operations: Vehicle Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Tech Creation, Weapon Manufacturing, Armor Manufacturing



Growing from what used to be a family-owned small-scale shipyard on Fondor, Roble Manufacturing has quickly evolved in under a decade into one of the fastest-growing companies in the galaxy. With a wide array of technology both military and civilian, Roble Manufacturing is an increasingly sought-after company for it's high quality and relatively economic prices. With the acquisition of Brayde Industries, not only have the holdings of RM grown, but so has the catalog and technologies available to the company as well. Roble Manufacturing focuses, most of all, on creating next-generation technology and ships that give their customers and edge in whatever field they choose. Whether it comes in the form of battlecruisers or civilian speeders, the quality of Roble Manufacturing is ever-present in both the design and price.


The Fondor-based company is relatively new compared to many entrenched corporations, giving it a slight disadvantage in the galactic market. However, the sheer work ethic of it's designers and directors, specifically visionary head director and owner Alban Roble, is more than enough to compensate. The design skills and business savvy of Roble have created multiple designs that have even won contracts from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a well-recognized galactic power. In addition, although the company is currently based within the CIS, expansion to foreign territories and contracts with foreign powers are quite a distinct possibility.



Roble Manufacturing existed for many centuries as a small, family-owned shipyard on Fondor. The shipyard mainly specialized in the creation of unique luxury vessels for the Core World Elite, and thus was able to produce a better-than-average profit compared to it's small size. Passed down through the Roble family, it wasn't until Alban Roble became Head Director that company expansion began; with a fortune made up of credits saved and invested over the generations, Alban was able to purchase more shipyards and a small planetside factory to create terrestrial vehicles.


However, the biggest expansion yet came when Alban managed to negotiate the buy-out of Brayde Industries from Kiff Brayde. Although Brayde Industries was by no means a failing company, rather a quite up-and-coming corporation that had acquired multiple contracts from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, it's owner had a primary devotion to a different occupation. Thus, the three companies that made up Brayde Industries; Brayde Armor Works, Brayde System Design, and Brayde Hyper Works were all absorbed into Roble Manufacturing in exchange for a 4% stake of profits to be given to the previous owner.


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