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A-1 Frontline Tank Destroyer/Self Propelled Artillery

- - - - - CST Tank Destroyer Artillery

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Mig Gred

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  • Intent: Create a TD/SPA vehicle for the Mandalorians.
  • Image Source: From here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: HA-1 Beskad


  • Manufacturer: Concord Specialized Technologies
  • Affiliation: Mandalorians, Non-Sith allied
  • Model: A-1 Frontline TD/SPA
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Durasteel, Beskar, Durasteel Beskar alloy


  • Classification: Tank
  • Role: Tank Destroyer, Artillery, Assault Gun, Airdrop Armored Vehicle
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Minimum Crew: 1 Commander, 1 Gunner, 1 Driver
  • Optimal Crew: 1 Commander, 2 Gunners, 1 Driver
  • Propulsion: Tracks
  • Speed: Slow
  • Maneuverability: High
  • Armaments: High (PC-4 Jair "Shriek" Particle Cannon)
  • Defenses: Average (Beskar, Durasteel, and Beskar/Durasteel alloy armor, light shielding, Beskar/Durasteel alloy tracks)
  • Passenger Capacity: None, possibly one if absolutely needed 
  • Cargo Capacity: Very Small

Airdrop Vehicle: Designed specifically the operate with the HA-1 Beskad, the Frontline is designed with quick drops in mind. Her suspension is capable of taking heavy falls, and her tracks are durable enough to not snap during these drops.

  • Multiple firing mode cannon.
  • Airdrop vehicle.
  • High turn rate.
  • Low lying profile.


  • Fairly slow.
  • Limited cannon traverse angle.
  • Tracks can be broken by cannons.

Designed by Concord Specialized Technologies as a way to support troops when dropped behind enemy lines, the A-1 Frontline is a tank destroyer/self propelled artillery hybrid, occasionally referred to as an assault gun by troops, built around the versatile PC-4 Jair particle cannon. While definitely and odd step for a company famous for starships, weapon systems, and droids, the frontline was seen as a way to fill a gap occasionally missing from Mandalorian lines. An armored vehicle that could be delivered via gunship. While the Frontline couldn't mount its cannon on a turret, it's double role as a TD/SPA does not necessarily require one, and the ability to bring a larger cannon to bare could be seen as its main advantage. Combined with its low profile, this armored vehicle is clearly well suited for being hard to spot, and will use it to send a particle bolt into the enemy before that can fire back.

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