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Iniquitous Sanitorium

- - - - - Insane Asylum

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Jakob Benson

Jakob Benson

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Iniquitous Sanitorium


Intent: To create an asylum for criminals and the mentally ill.
​Image Credit: Olejnik Makism
Canon: N/A.
Links: Jacob Benson


Structure Name: Iniquitous Sanitorium
Classification: Insane Asylum
Location: Hoth Asteroid Field
Affiliation: Jacob Benson
Accessibility: Hidden in the Hoth Asteroid Field, co-ordinates for it's exact location within the field (as asteroids are always moving) are sent through private channels to approved recipients only. As the asylum is in an asteroid field, access is by ship or shuttle only.
Description: A highly secure insane asylum built upon two asteroids tethered together. The chances of escape are rare, given it's location is not on a planet or moon.


*Hanger and Processing Center - All spacecraft entering and exiting the asylum go through here. Supplies, personnel and patients/prisoners are brought through the main hanger for processing.

Image Source: Michael Oberschneider

*Patient/Prisoner Quarters - Spacious and with a bit of furniture, the patient/prisoner quarters were housed in the tethered asteroid. They were divided into two categories; one housing a Universal Energy Cage for Force users and one housing a Force Cage for Non-Force users.

Image Source: Marvel

*Tether System - Four large tethers or passageways linked the asylum asteroid to the hanger asteroid. Two were used for moving supplies, personnel/patients, while the other two brought energy and air for the life support systems, should either of the generators on one of the asteroids is destroyed or malfunctions.

*Personnel's quarters - Each employee has their own quarters stationed in the asteroid where they work. All are well furnished and comfortable with a full kitchen.

*Appointment Room - Sparsely decorated with just two chairs and a desk that are bolted to the floor, this is where all patients/prisoners are interviewed, examined and go through sessions with Dr. Jakob Benson. Given that all gravity on the asteroids is artificial, Dr. Benson made sure to include control buttons on his desk to both rotate the center of gravity, as well as turning it off should a patient/prisoner become unruly. His own chair has straps provided to hold him in place.

SECURITY - Maximum

* 501-Z Police Droids (100)

* Anti-Aircraft Guns (2x5)

* Security Cameras

* Laser Gates (Asylum facility only)


The Galaxy is full of the criminally insane and those suffering from various mental illnesses. For some of those people, getting away to a facility or retreat is the only way that they can get the help they need. That's where the Iniquitous Sanitorium comes in. Designed by Dr. @Jakob Benson , this asylum or facility was made with security in mind. The Hoth Asteroid Belt provided an ideal hiding spot that helped to prevent escape and breakouts. Anti-aircraft guns dotted both asteroids should unknown starships try to make unauthorized landings.

Two asteroids are used for this facility; one for the hanger and processing center and the other for the asylum. Both are tethered together by four cables/passageways. Two of which are used for supplies and personnel, while the other two carry energy and air. All four tethers also serve to prevent the asteroids from drifting apart.

Every room and corridor is surveilled by cameras, and every corridor on the Asylum asteroid is secured with Laser Gates that are activated when there's a breakout. 501-Z Police Droids handle much of the day to day routines and also assist in moving some of the patients/prisoners around. Dr. Benson prefered the use of droids as they were less likely to be swayed by the mentally ill and by Force users.

Kept in secure quarters designated by their abilities to use the Force or not, each patient/prisoner is kept well fed and have regular appointments with Dr. Benson to ensure recovery before they'd be released to society once more.

Holding no allegience to any government, the variety of patients/prisoners varies from common labourers dealing with PTSD, military personnel, to Force Users across the spectrum needing to be 'fixed'.

The Iniquitous Sanitorium accepts everyone, determined to 'Turn Mental Illness Into Mental Wellness'.


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