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NAME: Aovinr

FACTION: The Bryn'adul (x)

RANK: Elite Caste Warrior

SPECIES: Draelvasier (x)

AGE: 3 years (Matured Adult)

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 8" 1' (ft.)

WEIGHT: 386 lbs.

EYES: White


SKIN: Rusty Red/White



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

++ Draelvasier Biology (Baedurin Variant): Aovinr is a fully matured member of the Draelvasier and a Baedurin Sub-species, making him physically monstrous, strong, and resilient. The intense physical training given to him in his young adulthood combined with the Scarring makes him stronger than a Wookiee and tougher than Durasteel. Aovinr can give and take blows that would cripple lesser races.

+ Iron-Willed: Avonir cares not for the infinite possibilities of the Universe. There exists himself, his people, and the enemy. His soul is unyielding and refuses deviate from what he has set out to do, regardless of the trials placed infront of him.

+ And my Chains are Broken: Aovinr is a Force Sensitive Baedurin, an exceedingly rare trait for any Draelvasier to have, much less a Baedurin. He is currently unaware of his status.

+ Zealous Combatant: Aovinr is a talented fighter with a natural instinct for the flow of combat. He knows his own strength and will employ it to the best of his ability in combat. He fights using an aggressive melee style that feels like an unpolished version of Vornskr combat.


-- A Simple Solution: It is not to say Aovinr is not intelligent, he simply operates on a one-track mind. He will rarely think of complex solutions and always takes the most direct path, regardless if taking a slightly more complex detour would remove many of his problems.

- Draelvasier Biology (Baedurin Variant): Aovinr suffers from the same weaknesses all his kind do. He is a huge target due to his mass. His body can barely function in chilly environments and will quickly find itself dying in cold ones.

​- Temper: Aovinr suffers from a foul temperament and any insult will send him flying into an impulsive and vicious rage.

A Towering Mass of Flesh encased in thick Scale Armor is a brief description of Aovinr. Those looking for more detail will find his body lined with muscle and meat, with no fat in sight.

There are bone spikes breaching his rusty flesh in places, elbows, fingers shoulders and heels, they are sharp and short and seem to be routinely trimmed judging from the savage cut marks. His scale-y flesh is covered in an impressive assortment of scars and wounds in varying states of healing.

His armor is composed of a simple durasteel half-breast piece and a durasteel belt with a loincloth roughly attached. A reinforced doubled bladed durasteel sword (x) (x) is a common sight on his person, the blades seems to be covered in a hardened inky coating. (x)


Coming Soon!





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