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Zakkeg Command and Shield Vehicle "ZCSV"

- - - - - Valdus Bral BM&E Military Shield Command

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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  • Manufacturer: Bral Metal & Engineering
  • Affiliation: Valdus BralBral Metal & Engineering, Closed-Market
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production:  Limited - The Bral Mandalorian Clan

  • Material: Carbon-Durasteel Armor plates and interior support structures, Duraplast interior layering, circuitry, deflector shield generators, deflector shield emitters, communication relay equipment, a variety of sensor components, Turadium , and Ceraglass panels.


  • Classification: Transport
  • Role: Armoured Personel Carrier & Communication Station
  • Size:   Large
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Minimum Crew: 4 (1 driver, 1 Navigator, 1 Communications, 1 Weapons)
  • Optimal Crew: 6 (1 driver, 1 Navigator, 2 Communications, 1 Weapons, 1 Engineer)
  • Propulsion: Wheels
  • Speed: Average
  • Maneuverability: Low
  • Armaments: Low
    • ​Pintle Mounted M-45 Repeating Ion Blaster located at the rear top of the vehicle, each side of the M-45 Repeating Ion Blaster comes equipped with  plates and Ceraglass panels that are formed into a shelter to protect the gunner while only moderately impeding the gunner's visual clarity and awareness as well as enabling the gunner to aim the weapon in 360 degrees horizontally. This shelter however does not allow steep angles in either a skyward or groundward position. This weapon system can be accessed via the troop section of the vehicle (rear section) and can be closed off with a heavy Carbon-Durasteel door. This weapon system draws power from the internal reactor of the ZCSV. This weapon allows for a high powered anti-infantry and light vehicle weapon with the capacity to switch between a standard heavy repeating blaster and a heavy repeating Ion blaster.
  • Defenses:  Extreme
  • Passenger Capacity: 12 standard Infantry
  • Cargo Capacity: Average

(Detail briefly in a list format actual contents of the known abilities, special features, qualities of note. [Links: Vehicle SensorsApproved Technology If these are notable enough to be strengths, please add them to strengths. )


Special Features:

  • Probe Launchers - There are four, upward-facing probe bays that store one Sur'haii Tay'haii probe each. Information gathered from these probes are projected to an internal compact holoprojector within the vehicle.
  • Mine Guard - The ZCSV's tires are made from a solid rubber, rendering the tires immune to deflation. Additionally, the ZCSV's front and lower armor panels are made from thick Carbon-Durasteel Armor plates providing extreme resistance to powerful vehicle mines.
  • Mobile Outpost - The ZCSV contains enough rations for the crew and a full party of infantry to sustain off of for 6 months without restocking. Additionally, water purification equipment and other survival equipment is aboard to service the crew. The ZCSV is equipped with long range communication equipment that are capable of relaying and intercepting communications to ships in orbit or act as planetary communication relay station. 
  • Hybrid Deflector Shield Emitter - Located in the middle of the vehicle are two shield emitters, one for particle and one for ray shielding. These shields can be used in tandem to create a hybrid defense shield. This shield can be expanded to 30 meters diameter and 15 meters in height from the ZCSV. This shield is powerful enough to protect from prolonged assaults from artillery grade weapon systems.



  • Strong armor that is capable of withstanding repeated assault from artillery grade weaponry.
  • A hybrid shield system that can expand outwards up to 15 meters in all directions or collapse inward to 5 meters.
  • Near invulnerability to vehicle mines due to solid wheels and reinforced plating on the underside of the vehicle.
  • Capable of performing as a communication relay station.


  • Due the abundance of armor plates and internal technologies the ZCSV is very heavy.
  • This vehicle is long and wide, which causes maneuvering the vehicle a difficult task.
  • There are a series of energy reactors within the vehicle in order to supply all the system with power, these are located in the center along with the shield generators. If one of these reactors were to explode, it would cause a chain reaction resulting in the total annihilation of the vehicle.


The Zakkeg Command and Shield Vehicle (ZCSV) is a mobile outpost and shield projection vehicle designed by Bral Metal & Engineering (BM&E). As with most BM&E designs, the ZCSV sacrifices mobility and general use for unrivaled durability and a specific role. All the features for the ZCSV support its role as a remote operation base for elite patrol units in the event of an expedition, invasion, or occupation. The ZCSV can carry up to 6 crew members and a 12-man infantry squad. Carbon-Durasteel Armor and Reinforced Duraplast protect the vehicle and those within it from kinetic, blaster, and EMP damage/interference to an extreme degree. Additional defense capabilities are present in the hybrid shield array that produce a layered deflector shield comprised of a ray shield and particle shield.While the ZCSV is not designed as a front-line asset, it is fully capable of acting as a screen against enemy fire with its massive shields. Where the ZCSV is well above its weight-class in defensive abilities, it falls far short of the average weapon-system capacity. The ZCSV's only offensive threat beyond ramming is a heavily fortified M-45 Ion Blaster turret placed on the top of the rear section of the vehicle.

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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John Locke

John Locke

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Valdus Bral


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