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N&Z Umbrella Corporation

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Credius Nargath

Credius Nargath

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  • Corporation Name:Nargath & Zanareth Umbrella Corporation
  • Headquarters: Corporate HQ: COR 
  • Locations: Eriadu, Xa Fel,  Mandalore, Balmorra, Corsucant, Kal Shebbol, Demonsgate, Exocron, Void Station, Libertallia Station
  • Operations: Shipbuilding, Ship parts, Naval & Ground defense weaponry, handheld weaponry, AI, Droids, Military & Civilian Technology, private security, financial advice, Insurrance, loans, reposetion, military & civilian construction.



Nargath & Zanareth Umbrella Corporation is founded on the combined principles of the Nargath and Zanareth Holdings, meaning that they value their customer no matter their intent. The philosophy of the corporation is to look at business prior to politics, allowing for it to retain a neutral and more selfserving stance within the chaotic state of the galaxy's many affairs. 


Though N&Z Umbrella Corporation deals primarily with confectionary products, there is never any shortage of manpower and creative minds to come up with more specific and on demand contracts and products for those willing to pay the price for such undertakings.




The Intent of trying to take over Zanareth holdings came during Credius Nargath's Tenure as a member and associate of The Corporate Protectorate, alas due to a variety of circumstances, deals could not be made and the marquis of Eriadu had to turn his sight to his own planetary system due to an unexpected CIS incursion. The following degeneration and collapse of the Corporate Protectorate had effectively cut of most if not all ties and made it much harder to contact the original owner and proprietor of the Xa Fel shipyards and the entirety of the Zanareth holdings: Ari Zanareth.


Luckily, as Credius managed to locate her, a meeting was set up and a partnership created based on their own desires for the future. This way, the two Holdings of each partner have been folded into a overseeing corporation in which each owns fifty percent of the share, preventing the abuse of the full control within the company over the entirety of the company, but also forgoing any and all implementations of regulations and changes by either of the involved parties.


Currently, VR Credius Nargath stands as Major shareholder and CEO of N&Z Umbrella corp. and as Division director of N.H. while Ari Zanareth stands as Major shareholder and COO of N&Z Umbrella Corp. and as Division director of Z.H.


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