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Holocron of Jedi Master Veiere Arenais

Jedi Holocron Veiere Arenais

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Holocron of Jedi Master Veiere Arenais






Intent: To update, and add to, the original submission of Veiere Arenais’ Holocron under the Lore section of the Codex.

Image Source: Click here.

Canon: N/A.




Holocron Name: Holocron of Jedi Master Veiere Arenais.

Alignment: Lightside.

Origin: Veiere Arenais.

Affiliation: House Arenais.


Upon activation, the Gatekeeper of this Holocron will appear to greet the user in the form of Veiere Arenais himself, wearing his favored Jedi Apparel. While his character portrayal, personality and behavior are a seemingly flawless example of Veiere’s true self, the knowledge of the Gatekeeper is limited only up to the date of the Holocrons final works, and it cannot give knowledge or feedback upon events ahead of this time.


Within this Jedi holocron contains the full legacy of Veiere Arenais' learnings and struggles along his path to serving the Will of the Force and the good of the Galaxy.


Accessible only to those of Force Sensitivity and the training on the aspect of Control enough so to probe the Holocron with their Presence within the flow of natural energies, the Holocron will open at the top to emit a holographic image of Veiere Arenais, the size and appearance of which will be equal to that of who he was in life at the time of the Holocrons make.




Accessibility: All that is required to access Veiere’s Holocron is the concentration of a Force Sensitive being, whose control over the force and will of mind will be able to activate the artifact on command. Those aligned with the Light Side of the Force will find much further ease in accessing this Holocrons contents.

Security: A practiced and learned Master of Force Light, the activation of the artifact by Darksiders will trigger the Jedi Holocrons cleansing aura in which the users ability to practice the Force may be hindered (Temporarily) or removed (Completely - Dependant upon the Writer’s Decisions). 



Practical Abilities/Skills:

Veiere's introduction into the theory surrounding the Force, the individual theories regarding the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force; going into no immense detail to depict the abilities or philosophies of the Sith to keep those who have accessed his holocron from coming to risk the lure of it's descent.

Commonly referred to as Force Sense, the ability to see much further than one's eyes can travel; Tactus Otium is the answer to the question: How are Jedi able to react fast enough to evade and counter blaster fire; providing a vivid sense of the situation unfolding around those capable of applying this skill in their chosen field.

A basic component in the use of most Core Force Powers, this is the means to amplify ones focus in the force itself, strengthening what potential you might naturally have in order to delve deeper and produce a superior effect of the desired ability. Those of great skill in Altus Sopor can cloud their presence from other force users completely by melding their presence in among the natural flow of the force itself.

An umbrella title to the force abilities focused on self healing and rejuvenation of the natural body. Stamina and lost strength can be regained by drawing the force into one's center, healing significant injuries and sustaining one's life in the field of combat given enough time to focus.

Relating to the ability to absorb energies both natural and otherwise, this branch of the Force has been known to be applied both offensively and defensively. For an example, the ability to lesson the blow of a blaster shot to the side through great focus in extending the force from within to create a small barrier around ones exterior (some call this force: Protect).

Consisting of more than just communication from one mind to another, Telepathy is the umbrella term for the ability to affect a person's mind on the whole. Whether convincing others to do something they normally wouldn't (mind trick), or otherwise projecting images, memories or words into the consciousness of the target. The effect of Telepathy varies dependent on the mental strength of the foe.

Referred to some as Force Push and Force Pull, telekinesis consists of two branches of the ability. Sustained Telekinesis where an object or person is held in place for a period of time, and then Burst Telekinesis in which something or someone is thrown backwards or pulled in towards the user.

The ability to harness the strength and purity of the lightside of the force in order to combat and eradicate the presence of dark side apparitions and counter the effects of their users. This ability is said to be able to disconnect those of the dark from their affinity in the force, if only to temporarily disable them from further conflict.

All that Veiere has learned in theory, recorded for the guidance of any willing participant or student of the Lightsaber arts of the Jedi Order. Lightsaber forms include: Form Zero, Shii-Cho, Makashi and Soresu. Philosophy on the Lightsaber arts ranges from the Marks of contact, the Three Rings of Defense to the principles of combat such as Sokan and Tràkata.


Theoretical/Philosophical/Historical Contents:

  • Philosophies of the Jedi Order:

Veiere's personal teachings upon The Unifying Force, The Living Force, The Jedi Code & The Three Pillars of the Jedi Order. Ideologies and Theoretical teachings provided to encourage discipline and awareness within those training to be Jedi, to practice the use of the force in good moral judgement that they might steer clear of the lure of the Darkside of the Force.

  • The History of the Je’daii:

Disclosed to Veiere by the knowledge and flow walking practice of Asha Hex, Veiere learned of the Je’daii Order’s history before them, the origins of the Jedi and the Sith through the followers of Ashla and Bogan, as well as the first Force Wars for which continue to be fought today through the later Orders.

  • Historical Figures of the Jedi Order:

Providing detailed documentation and accounts on historical Jedi known by legend, the following data collected from years worth of study across numerous Temple and Enclave archive’s. 


Qui-Gon Jinn.

Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Kit Fisto.


Shaak Ti.

Plo Koon.

Ashoka Tano.

Master Yoda.

Mace Windu.

Kanan Jarrus.

Depa Billaba.

Luminara Unduli.

Aayla Secura.

Quinlan Vos.


Luke Skywalker.

  • The Dark Times:

Reciting the history of the Ancient Galactic Republic’s fall to the leadership of Chancellor Palpatine, founding the first Galactic Empire and revealing himself to be a Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. Manipulating the Senate and allies of the Republic, Darth Sidious orchestrated the creation of the Clone Army, and used it to turn upon the Jedi while engaging the Seperatist Army, also secretly working under his guise. The execution order that ended the Jedi of old was Order 66, and plunged the Galaxy into darkness.

  • The Rise of the Rebellion:

Documenting the early days of the Rebellion founded by Galen Marek, Leia Organa, Bale Organa, Mon Mothma, Rahm Kota and Gial Ackbar. Included in this content, are the early appearances of Luke Skywalker prior to the New Jedi Order, and his victory against Darth Vader and the Emperor Palpatine.

  • The New Republic & The First Order:

Despite their victory against the Galactic Empire, the newly reformed Republic managed to take the political seat of the Galaxy again. Their peace would be short lived however as remnants and loyalists of the Emperor would gather in the shadows, soon to reveal themselves once more thrusting the Galaxy into a state of War. One of the most notable events of this war would be the construction of Starkiller base in which five capital republican worlds were destroyed in a single devastating attack.


Personal Perspectives:

Veiere's personal expression of the importance surrounding the relic of the Jedi Order's ancient histories, the documented teachings and ideologies of the Jedi Order and why this codex is such a crucial and valuable asset for the Jedi of today.

  • The Revelation of Balance in the Force:

This chapter in the knowledge that Veiere Arenais has gained and might now pass on to those who come in contact with his Holocron will find his belief here upon Balance within the Force, an often argued theory in what this means to both the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire's heritage. Here, Veiere's explanation concludes that for balance to be maintained, both sides of the Force are required, that without Darkness there cannot be Light and without the Light there would be no Darkness. For no matter how many centuries the two Orders have fought, Veiere maintains the belief that all peoples regardless of alignment have the right to live and choose to do so free of their own will. While Justice must be maintained in Sentient Society, the Force lives and breathes through all living things, thus the Jedi should never seek to kill or end the presence of the Darkside; only to regulate and protect others from the dangers that can come of its influence, to teach awareness of the Force and to become models of guardianship over all.

  • Politics, A Necessary Evil:

Despite Veiere’s dislike for partaking in political affairs, the Jedi Master was otherwise pulled into the life since the undertaking of Commenor and his marriage to Kay Larr, naming him King. While taught that Jedi should never partake in a life of politics for the significant advantage they could hold over others through the power of the Force, Veiere Arenais has documented the truth of his life in how many he has been able to reach and help through political pursuits. It is however unclear whether he has come to terms with this part of his life, as he names both positive and negative aspects of this path.

  • The Dark Side & The Fall of the Deneba Enclave:

A time of his life in which Veiere has never been able to escape or forgive himself for, the Jedi Master has recorded his feelings and memories over the descent into darkness. Recorded along with his personal thoughts, are the names of the fallen in which he and those following him at the time, were responsible for killing during the attack against the Deneba Jedi Enclave that Veiere himself had once presided over.

  • Self-Exile:

Often thought of as a failed or fallen Jedi’s time of resignation or defeat, Veiere has offered a different perspective in that the act of self-exile can be a tool and an asset required to realign oneself and redefine their world views, seeking isolation to remove themselves of outside woes and worries, taking the time to find themselves once again. This section of his recordings, Veiere discusses many regrets, many personal failings and yet new lessons learned that helped him to return to the Jedi following his darkest of days.




Veiere Arenais started out as a Jedi Initiate at the young age of five, removed from his family and placed into the care of the Jedi Enclave of Svivren, mentored under Jedi Master Andina Torsyn. Throughout his life, Veiere has encountered and fought against the tides of darkness, be that the Sith or mere criminality within the Galaxy in faithful service to the Force and through the Jedi Order.


In Veiere’s thirties, he had faced a great deal of experiences both good and bad, yet meeting Kay Larr upon Alzoc Three would significantly change his path and outlook on life as they grew close, married and founded the House Arenais, a family and legacy of their own.


From the life of a Jedi Knight, to becoming King over Commenor, a Jedi Grandmaster, then to fall to the Darkside and struggle with his repentance and renewed dedication to the Light once more, this Holocron covers the countless achievements, failings and lessons of his life-time, recorded in the hope that others might benefit from this knowledge when his time has passed.


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