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Major Faction Application Template

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Applicable Rules: Factions
Name: (What is the intended full name of your faction? Please link the name to your Faction's homepage)
OOC Heirarchy: (Please post all Faction Admins/Moderators involved. At the time of application, your faction must possess 3 or more active Faction Administrators.)
IC Heirarchy: (What are the branches of government of your Major Faction? What are the positions? Who's the leader? Are there checks and balances? Is there a military? Are there sub-factions?)
Requested Hexes: (List three unclaimed hexes, and choose a planet to be your capital.)
Interested Members: (Please @mention members you think are interested. They will confirm this by posting in this thread. Remember, you must have at least 7 unique writers to be eligible for major faction status.)
Description: (Please describe this faction, explaining who they are, what their goals are, any special features etc.)
The Pitch: (Why is this faction deserving of becoming a major faction? Please go into details why your proposal should be accepted.)
Past Roleplay Threads: (List all threads the minor faction has taken part in here.)
This form is to be used for all major faction applications from now on.


Please tag @Valiens Nantaris in your initial post.

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