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AT-HBP1 "Brotherguard"

- - - - - ArmTech Heavy Blaster Blaster Pistol

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Gabriel Audemars

Gabriel Audemars

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Image Credit: The-5

Intent: To create a massively powerful Heavy Blaster Pistol which can be made easily, is reliable and can down targets quickly at the cost of reduced ammo and high recoil.
Development Thread: 
Manufacturer: ArmTech Systems Incorporated 
Model: AT-HBP1 "Brotherguard", often nicknamed as "Bee-Gee" or "HBP"
Affiliation: Mandalorians, Approved Individuals, anyone else take it up with Gabriel.
Modularity: Yes. A rail on the top and bottom allow the user to mount scopes or laser sights and even a special bayonette. A proper extended 26-Round cell can also be added with the cost of some extra credits.
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Carbon Fiber/Rubber grip.
Description: This Heavy Blaster Pistol takes a lot of its design cues from popular revolving slugthrowers from back in the day, and also gives it an appearance to strike fear into the person looking down its' barrel, ArmTech mercenaries and numerous bounty hunters loved to customise their "Bee-Gees" with fear-inducing paintjobs, and their reliability and stopping power was an adored weapon for mercenaries and saved many of their lives and made the lives or their opponents so much worse.


The point of this weapon? As quoted by an ex-ArmTech Commando: "When ya gotta use your sidearm, it's either cuz ya gotta reload, or cuz your outta ammo. Now, the guy blastin' ya on the other side isn't gonna wait for you to finish, he's gonna keep blastin'. You don't want him to stop shootin' in a couple minutes or seconds, you want him to stop shootin' immediately, and that's what this monster does, bein' hit by one of these is like bein' hit by a Star Destroyer. Kicks like a bantha though."


This weapon shoots immensely powerful blasts, one of these blasts is sufficient to do some serious damage to the enemy, but as with any weapon, this doesn't come without drawbacks.


One of the more notable drawbacks is the severe recoil. Especially under Two-Round-Burst fire, which fires two bolts from both barrels in rapid succession before the initial recoil is felt, which helps with accuracy and deadliness, but it takes time for the shooter to settle his aim again for any follow ups, this usually didn't matter as the target was swiftly dealt with provided the user was accurate enough, which is why a lot of mercenaries liked to add a sight, so they could make the most of the sheer destructiveness that the blast brought.


Notorious disadvantage is a finicky reload, where the barrel has to be snapped forward, which auto-ejects the old cell to allow a new one to come in. But this also means there is no tactical reload. So people often found themselves carrying two to make up for this. Also means its impossible to reload and keep the barrel pointed at the target.


Yet another disadvantage is the 16-round cell. Which means that 8 bursts empties it with the burst-fire mode. A 26 round extended-mag could also be added, however they weren't standard issue.


Accuracy is good and the blast travels at a very high speed, you could put a scope on this and knock people quite a considerable distance away, although stability needs to be considered before even thinking about doing this.


The blaster also made one hell of a noise when fired, inconspicuity and subtlety wasn't this gun's strong suit, you want something quiet? Look elsewhere.


Classification: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Size: Handheld
Status: Legal, Can become illegal when modified.

Length: 22cm

Weight: 2.3kg
Ammunition Type: Blaster Power Cell
Ammunition Capacity: Single Shot/Two Round Burstfire: 16/8 - 26/13 with extended power-cell
Effective Range: With a very experienced shooter about 110m, 75 is optimum.



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@Gabriel Audemars - Your limitations list shows that you're aware of the functional problems this weapon would have.  One of my main characters has a break-action weapon too, and it's something I generally spend a full post loading.  


Anyway, you've balanced this out pretty well, it fits the general range of canon heavy blaster pistol stats, and all in all I have no problem stamping it. Approved pending secondary.

Niaami Solas

Niaami Solas

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I love the amount of detail you've gone into, rather than the standard few-line-paragraph most use when submitting weapons.