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Kaine Zambrano - Dark Lord of the Sith

Kaine Zambrano Sith Lord Epicanthix Carnifex

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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Full Name: Kaine Zambrano

Nickname or Alias: 

  • Darth Carnifex
  • The Butcher King
  • The Black Iron Tyrant
  • The Twice-Emperor


  • Sith Emperor
  • Dark Lord of the Sith Brotherhood
  • Custodian of the Holy Sith Worlds
  • The Embodiment of Typhojem, the Left-Handed God
  • God-King of the Epicanthix


Species: Epicanthix (Enhanced Clone Body)

Age: 73

Gender: Male

Height: 250cm / 2.5m (8'2")

Weight: 300kg (661.387lb)

Physique: Endomorph

Eye Pigmentation: Burning Orange Ringed Red

Hair Color: None (Originally; Black)

Skin Complexion: Burnt Black (Originally; Caucasian)


Occupation: Emperor of the Sith Empire

Primary Allegiance(s): The Sith Empire

Contractual Allegiance(s): N/A

Current Status: Alive

Homeworld: Panatha

Known Residences: 

Languages Known: 

  • Aurebesh
  • High Galactic
  • Epicant
  • Bunduki
  • Huttese
  • Common Sith
  • High Sith
  • Mando'a
  • Twi'leki
  • Cheunh
  • Sy Bisti
  • Binary

Languages Spoken: 

  • Galactic Basic
  • Epicant
  • Bunduki
  • Huttese
  • Sith
  • Balc Speech
  • Massassi
  • Mando'a
  • Sy Bisti


Force Sensitivity: Force Sensitive

Known Alignment: Dark Side of the Force

Force Rank: Sith Master


Marriage Status: Married

Spouses: Salara Zambrano, Invicta Zambrano, Izaszh Zambrano, Antanasia Zambrano, Emma Zambrano, Mircalla Zambrano†, Saijo Zambrano, Samm'isari'buazis Zambrano, Visian Zambrano, Ahani Zambrano, Gunnr Zambrano

Children: Sarlow Zambrano, Mavriana Zambrano, Ephraazel Zambrano, Alvarex Zambrano, Ansgar Zambrano, Xathrael Zambrano, Elani Zambrano, Vivienne Zambrano, Enoch Zambrano, Slade Zambrano, Keira Ticon (Daughter-in-Law), Annaliese Zambrano, Reinhard Baelor (Son-in-Law), Aeron Zambrano, Arkaitz Zambrano, Sethaius Zambrano, Izevel Zambrano, Isley Verd (Son-in-law), Abaddon Zambrano, Vaulkhar Zambrano, Adrastia Zambrano, Thyne Zambrano, Lucille Zambrano, Adenn Munin (Son-in-Law), Evelynn Dorn†, Erebos Zambrano, Vylythis Zambrano, Serin Zambrano, Savara Zambrano, Tolhesten Zambrano, Yasmina Ishtar Zambrano, Grigore Zambrano, Lenusa Zambrano, Aurelia Zambrano, Ancius Zambrano†, Artemisa Zambrano, Lok Munin (Son-in-Law), Krivkov Zambrano, Nikishina Zambrano, Kadurin Zambrano, Constantinius Zambrano, Aksyonov Zambrano, Mekhantyev Zambrano, Barentsev Zambrano, Farah Zambrano (Clone), Jabou Zambrano, Amat Zambrano, Kabir Zambrano, Kahlil Zambrano, Boro Zambrano, Alanso Zambrano, Qâjaiz Zambrano, Raya Zambrano, Adir Zambrano, Ebele Zambrano, Kassandra Zambrano, Joycelyn Zambrano, Evaelyn Zambrano, Jahangir Zambrano

Grandchildren: Ara Ren, Kaya Ticon, Reid Ticon, Runi Verin, Nyx Verd

Parents: Rameses Zambrano†, Viktoria Zambrano†

Grandparents: Aldrick Zambrano†, Tiamar Zambrano†

Aunts & Uncles: Servelus Zambrano, Zoekaya Zambrano, Braxus Zambrano, Braith Achlys, Falaa Pha†

Siblings: Mordecai Zambrano, Saeth Zambrano

In-Laws: Carly Zambrano

Nieces & Nephews: Lara Zambrano, Ebiah Zambrano

Cousins: Georlayn Zambrano, Maria Natalja†, Cennika Hawk, Choli Vyn, Pravus Zambrano, Mortarion Zambrano, Solomon II Zambrano, Venthis Zambrano, Vigdis Zambrano, Chaddeus Zambrano


Concubines: Cryax Bane, Sylara Vaal

Acquaintances: Taeli Raaf, Darth Voracitos, Darth Saarai

Master: Daxton Bane

Apprentices: Darth Pyrrhus, Braxus Zambrano, Kobe Seren, Cle-Var-Ri, Pythia, Darth Morrow, Vaermina, Vixen Ryder, Borja Ull, Maahir Baccus, Saskia Tas-nekht




Voice Sample: Paul St. Peter

Theme Song: I Am Colossus - Meshuggah


Known Skills:

  • Exceptional lightsaber duelist; skilled in all lightsaber forms, favors Djem So & Juyo / Strong Style
  • Proficient with one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, polearms, and ranged weapons
  • Skilled unarmed combatant; trained in Epicanthix, Echani, Thyrsian, and Hellyni martial arts as well as Teräs Käsi
  • Master of the Dark Side of the Force, capable of producing most Dark Side Force abilities without great effort
  • Well-versed in Sith Alchemy and Sith Magic
  • Capable starfighter pilot
  • Qualified knowledge of Human and Alien anatomy, particularly for use in torture and medical experimentation
  • Competent slicer

Distinguishing Features:

  • Sith facial tattoos
  • Sith scarification on his torso and arms
  • Distinct silver scar tissue over healed wounds


  • Education:
    • Skilled_tactician.png - Skilled Tactician
  • Health:
    • Grievously_Scarred.png​ - Grievously Scarred
  • Genetic:
    • Strong.png - Strong
    • Inbred.png - Inbred
    • Giant.png - Giant
    • Brawny.png - Brawny
  • Lifestyle:
    • Duelist.png - Duelist
    • Impaler.png - Impaler
  • Personality:
    • Diligent.png - Diligent
    • Wroth.png - Wroth
    • Proud.png - Proud
    • Ambitious.png - Ambitious
    • Arbitrary.png - Arbitrary
    • Brave.png - Brave
    • Cruel.png - Cruel
    • Deceitful.png - Deceitful
    • Zealous.png - Zealous
  • Leadership:
    • Aggressive_leader.png - Aggressive Leader
  • Kinslayer:
    • Kinslayer.png - Kinslayer




Personality and Traits:


A male Epicanthix in his early 70s, Kaine had scarred tanned Caucasian skin and stood 2.50 meters in height and weighed 300 kilograms. Prior to his immersion in the dark side, his eyes had white sclera and emerald irises and black pupils. Upon his ascension to Sith Lord, Kaine’s sclerae turned black and his irises became molten orange with red rims. He also adorned his face with the mark of the Dark Lords upon his forehead, which not only denoted his hallowed station as the current reigning Dark Lord but also struck fear into his enemies and allies alike. He wore silver-trimmed black armor emblazoned with the crest of the New Sith Empire concealed by a maroon cloak and carried a pair of curved red lightsabers, which could connect at the hilt to form a saberstaff. Kaine is an extremely physical combatant, often using his immense size and brute strength to overwhelm his opponent through a combination of aggressive lightsaber combat and more visceral hand-to-hand techniques. Though he was passionate, he did not appear overly emotional, instead opting to reserve his intense anger and hate for the battle where it would serve him most. 
Though an ardent practitioner of the dark side and a fervent follower of the Sith, Kaine wasn’t above studying the customs and culture of the Jedi to understand their combat forms and traditions. He firmly believed that to defeat an enemy, you had to know every aspect of them to glean an advantageous weakness from their ideals that could usher in their demise. 
Above all Kaine was a staunch Imperialist. He believed in the superiority of authoritarianism and abhorred any and all aspects of democracy, seeing the latter as a gateway to chaos, anarchy, and the total abandonment of order. Throughout his life had witnessed the horrors of democracy if allowed to proliferate, dozens upon dozens of squabbling minor states mired in the quagmire of their own ineffectiveness. For society to progress one, powerful above all others, must take the reins and guide civilization to the utopia it is destined to become.
A civilization ruled by the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. 
Yet even in his dedication to the Sith Code and the ideals it espouses, he understands that the Sith are often their own worst enemy. Grinding politics and bureaucracy, spiteful backstabbing, and selfish power-mongering have all in one way or another contributed to the Sith’s continuous failures through the eons. His tenure in the One Sith revealed to him the power of the collective, of what could be achieved if the Sith were directed towards the singular, universal goal of galactic domination. But he also realized the destructive flaws of a system that hinged on one man, one person that if suddenly removed would turn all they had strived for to ash as their successors killed each other in their quest to replace them.

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

    Immortal Sith Emperor

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Birth; Early Life (787 - 805)

  • Born on Panatha to Rameses and Viktoria Zambrano
  • Political tension leads to the exile and exodus of the Zambrano family from Panatha
  • Kaine and his family relocate to Thyferra
  • Servelus, Kaine's uncle, denounces Rameses and Viktoria and departs for Hutt Space
  • Brother Mordecai and sister Saeth are born on Thyferra five and ten years after Kaine's birth respectively
  • Kaine is tutored in modern science, mathematics, rhetoric, history, and other fields of study
  • Rameses introduces Kaine to the concept of the Force, particularly the Dark Side
  • Viktoria begins to instruct Kaine in how to harness the Force, often brutally punishing him for any failures or shortcomings

Young Adulthood; Ultraviolence (805 - 820)

  • After reaching maturity, the dark vestiges of Solomon within Kaine awaken; driving the young man to murder both his mother and his father in cold blood
  • Confused, the young Kaine abandons his childhood home and takes to the stars with his great-uncle, Braxus Zambrano
  • The social skills passed down by his parents and tutors allow him to manipulate the weak-minded, assembling a sycophantic band of thugs and brutes to do his bidding
  • Braxus trains Kaine in the art of combat, transforming him into a skilled warrior and tactician
  • Briefly returns to his homeworld of Panatha, seducing Salara Kesare (the betrothed of a local noble) and copulating with her on the night before her wedding
  • Salara elopes with Kaine after murdering her former betrothed, destroying her own family in the process and absconding with their wealth
  • Kaine journeys across the galaxy, pillaging and indulging in whatever vices he and his newly wedded mate Salara desired
  • As Kaine, Braxus, and Salara maraude across the Outer Rim, the young man's thoughts turn away from wanton slaughter and towards the future
  • During an incursion to the Core World of reconstituted Alderaan, Kaine comes upon a young vampiric noblewoman named Invicta Gaultier
  • Kaine courted and seduced Invicta away from her family, taking her for his second bride after acquiring Salara's approval
  • A year after his marriage to Invicta, Kaine and his new family abandoned their life of marauding and traveled to the burgeoning Sith Empire

Imperial Agent (820 - 828)

  • Trains in sabotage, espionage, and infiltration as an Imperial Agent
  • Graduates the Imperial Academy with high marks, immediately put into service as a Field Agent
  • Meets and recruits Agent Arkoh Grevane, who becomes one of Kaine's inner circle advisors
  • Is introduced to fellow agent Izaszh Kylir, a Shi'ido shapeshifter, by his uncle Braxus
  • Rises through the ranks via diligent service and exceptional results, eventually being promoted to the position of Minister of Intelligence
  • Forms the Hydra Guard, a handpicked cadre of bodyguards that were unwaveringly dedicated to Minister Zambrano
  • Becomes personally acquainted with the Sith Lord, Darth Moridin; a member of the Sith Triumvirate
  • Courts and marries Emma Cuiléin of the Vahla, creating strong ties with the Ember of Vahl that will last for decades
  • Attends multiple meetings between the Sith Triumvirate as an adjutant of Darth Moridin, subtly gathering information on the other two Triumvirs
  • Comes to know Darth Voracitos, even orchestrating several operations into the Core; one of which was to empty the banks of Ralltiir to fund the Sith Empire
  • Marries Izaszh after several years of close intimate cooperation as members of the Intelligence Ministry
  • Colludes with Darth Moridin to topple the Sith Triumvirate and install Moridin as the first Sith Emperor
  • Executes Moridin's will on Dromund Kaas, assassinating several members of the government who would stand in opposition to Moridin's rise
  • For his efforts in toppling the previous Sith regime, Zambrano is made Moridin's strong right hand and named Grand Vizier of the Empire
  • Is discovered by the Sith Order to be Force Sensitive

Right-Hand of Emperors (828 - 836)

  • Reorganizes the Hydra Guard into the first iteration of the Blackblade Guard
  • Is trained by Daxton Bane in the ways of the Sith, quickly outpacing and rising higher in the Sith than his master
  • Strategizes the invasion of Mandalorian space with Emperor Moridin following several border raids
  • The First Battle of Junction is fought between the Sith and the Mandalorians, resulting in a Sith victory
  • Junction is ordered to be sterilized by Emperor Moridin, and is carried out by Grand Vizier Zambrano in totality
  • Pushing along the Hydian Way, the Empire conducts battles on Botajef, Bandomeer, and Taris before swinging down to attack Concord Dawn
  • The Battle of Concord Dawn is fought between the Sith and the Mandalorians, resulting in a Sith victory
  • Before the Empire could tighten the noose and strike at Mandalore itself, a relief force comprised of Republic soldiers and Jedi Masters aid the Mandalorians during an attack on Junction
  • The Second Battle of Junction is fought between the Sith, the Mandalorians, and the Mandalorians allies the Republican Jedi, resulting in a Mandalorian victory
  • Much of the Empire's progress towards Mandalore is reversed
  • Emperor Moridin is deposed in a coup organized by Ashin Varanin, who enlisted the aid of the Mandalorians in exchange for all hostilities to come to an end once she assumed the throne
  • Empress Varanin signs the Treaty of Junction, reversing any territorial changes between the Sith Empire and the Mandalorian Clans to before the First Battle of Junction
  • Grand Vizier Zambrano retains his position and status within the Empire, pledging his loyalty to the new Empress
  • With the war with the Mandalorians officially ended, the Sith Empire begins a period of rapid expansion across the Tingel Arm. 
  • Zambrano continues his Sith training, eventually obtaining the rank of Sith Lord at the age of forty-five
  • Empress Varanin engages in hostilities with the Galactic Republic along the Perlemian Trade Route, culminating in several battles across worlds like Metalorn and Roche
  • During the Battle of Roche, Empress Varanin is presumed dead after her last known position was reduced to slag by Darth Voracitos
  • Darth Voracitos uses this power vacuum to seize control of the Sith Empire, reforming the Dark Council with Kaine Zambrano as a senior member
  • After several months of Dark Council rule, Voracitos declares himself Emperor Voracitos and embarks on a campaign to fund the creation of several superweapon projects
  • These projects prove to be highly challenging and excessively costly, quickly draining the Empire's coffers and siphoning resources away from other important areas
  • Tyrin Ardik, infuriated by such wanton recklessness, deposes Emperor Voracitos and declares himself Emperor Ardik
  • Emperor Ardik stabilizes the Empire's economy and dismantles the unfinished superweapons, using what was left to strengthen the sectors of the Empire left near barren after Voracitos' mismanagement
  • The Dark Council is again abolished, replaced by a more tightly centralized triumvirate of Sith Lords, each in charge of a significant portion of the Empire's territories
  • Kaine Zambrano is appointed by Emperor Ardik to serve as one of these Triumvirs, ruling over a third of the Empire from his abode on Thule
  • Despite Emperor Ardik's relatively successful reign, he is overthrown in a coup organized by Mikhail Shorn
  • Mikhail Shorn does not declare himself Emperor, but rather nominates the Sith Lord Dranok Lussk to serve as the new Sith Emperor
  • Emperor Lussk improved the capabilities of the Imperial Military, strengthening the Navy, and reinforcing the Empire's southern border in preparation for an invasion of the Galactic Republic
  • Kaine Zambrano, displeased with Emperor Lussk's appointment (and seeking greater power for himself), challenged the Emperor to a Kaggath on Dromund Kaas
  • A fierce battle was waged between the Zambrano and Lussk loyalists, while the two Sith Lords fought in single combat in the Emperor's throne room
  • In the end, Zambrano was victorious after he shattered Lussk's spine and banished him to the Unknown Regions
  • Kaine Zambrano, long the right-hand of Emperors and Tyrants, at last assumes the mantle of Sith Emperor

Emperor; Fall (836)


Endless War (837 - 848)


End of an Era (849)


Renewed Emperor (850 - 853)


Endgame (853 - 856)


Project Triumph (856 - 858)


Moridinae Crusades (859 - Incumbent) 

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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Personal Equipment:

  • Saziliebm-type Imperious Battle Armor [x]
  • Jen'Shuk'Orok, the Dark Crushgaunt [x]
  • Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger [x]

Personal Weapons:

  • Derriphan the Devourer [x]
  • The Hammer of Abrogation [x]

Personal Starship(s):

  • Behemoth II-class Super Star Dreadnought; Behemoth II [x]
  • Dark Star Yacht [x]
  • Crestfallen-class Imperial Command Shuttle; Crestfallen II [x]


  • Skull of Karin Dorn [x]
  • The Pernicious Shrine [x]
  • The Apostolic Crown [x]
  • The Book of the Black Earth [x]

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

    Immortal Sith Emperor

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Known Force Powers


Alter Powers

Control Powers

Dathomir Magic

Force Healing

Force Rituals

Sense Powers

Sith Magic

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