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Project BTI-X1 A.K.A "Death's Hand"

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Darron Wraith

Darron Wraith

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Project BTI-X1  A.K.A "Death's Hand"


NAME: Project BTI-XI  |  "Death's Hand"
RANK: Dark Jedi Master / Bounty Hunter
AGE: 32  (Really much older, but looks younger thanks to carbonite freezing)

SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 235 pounds (245 pounds thanks to his arm and implants in his body)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Shoulder length black hair.
SKIN: Pale, due to lack of sun exposure
FORCE SENSITIVE: Oh very much so.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :



  • Very Force Sensitive: was a powerful Master before being experimented on.
  • Vaapad Master: One of the premier duelists in the galaxy before being experimented on, now he has no morals.
  • Weapons Master: Able to handle most ballistic/blaster weapons with ease.
  • TK Master:  Able to use his abilities to move most things with the Force
  • Sole Focus:  Once he has a target, nothing can shake him or persuade him from pursing it besides a direct order from his Master.


  • Mentally broken, and thus a skilled mentalist could break him further in a weakened state.
  • Dependent on others: His implants and further enhancements have left him dependent on a team to keep him in battle-ready shape.
  • Can't be left alone too long:  If on mission for more than four days without having his mind wiped, he will start to become confused as his prior memories fight to resurface.
  • Mute: Won't communicate with anyone but his Master, or those he has been instructed to listen to.  Even then it is only a few head nods.


Project BTI-XI  is clad in simple military attire.  He has shoulder length, black hair and his face is covered in a mask.  One of his arms is constantly covered, the the other one is a prosthesis.  The durasteel and cortosis weave arm give the man his distinct appearance, and he can be seen with two lightsaber hilts on his belt.  An assortment of weapons can usually be found on him, as his loadout depends on the battle before him.  The items below are what can constantly be found on him at all times.




iBorg Implants:


Modified iBorg Nyjax Arm Cannon

The Spark

The Witness

Gatebreaker Shield Disruption Node

Stowaway Node



AEL Items:


TerentAttack Cuffs - 500cr  X 2

Force-repellent Terentatek leather surrounds a braided durasteel cable core.  The perfect bounty hunting or law enforcement accessory.  Available in bulk to corporations and governments.


Leviathan Bracers - 100,000cr X 2

Proprietary molecular-circuitry current sinks in the knuckles allow these energy-resistant bracers to handle lightning of all sorts.




2x Lotek'k Jacket, the 'Kerrigan Coat' - 2,500,000cr

Wear the hide of the galaxy's apex predator.  Significant lightsabre resistance, aura self-defense effect, trimmed in jakobeast fur.



Taozin Amulet - 100,000cr

Grade-A living Taozin hide nodule, tastefully set in electrum or matte finish.  Confuses and blurs Force senses.  Not guaranteed against specialized Force tracking techniques.


Cloak of Nuun - 1,300,000cr

Biotechnology at its finest.  High-grade active camouflage bodysuit.  Not for the faint of heart.


2x AEL/Mohc Extractives 'Dauntless' Combat Blade - 50,000cr 

An experimental phrik alloy with fine leather -- the first and only choice for lightsabre-resistant swords on the open market.


 2x Bodo Baas Gunbelt - 500,000cr

Based on forgotten Jedi mysteries, this terentatenk leather gunbelt keeps Forcers from taking your weapons -- and always carries a little more ammunition than you thought you had.


Lazy Eye Edition Merr-Sonn 'Power' 5 - 100,000cr

A very hard-hitting heavy blaster pistol made of solid phrik and terentatek horn.  Made in conjunction with Merr-Sonn and Mohc Extractives.


Armor: ACS-004 Immortal Battle Armor 


Blas-Tech Purchases: 2X everything listed


BTI-WB "Woebringer" Heavy Blaster Pistol

BTI-CR "The Ripper"
BTI-Reaver Series Repeater
BTI-HBC "The Ravager"
BTI-CC13 Blaster Rifle (Ol' Reliable)
BTI-CES "The Retaliator"
BTI-TDL "The Reckoning"
BTI-IBC "The Restrainer"
BTI-LRBR "The Reclaimer"
BTI-DSG "The Hibernator"
BTI-HHCR Hyperion Rifle
BTI-WWSR "The Harpy"
BTI-HPBR "The Harbinger"
BTI-DP "The Heretic"
BTI-BR "The Corvus"


SI/BTI-X041 "Mirari" Bodyguard Droid




Mace Windu's lightsaber given by Jacen Cavill who took it from Darron Wraith






There isn't much to say about the man nicknamed "Death's Hand," or if he is even a man at all.  The general public doesn't know much about him, and his existence has been kept under lock and key.  What is known about him are a few key facts that the galaxy will soon know.


  • He is loyal only to Jacen Cavill.
  • He works for whoever Jacen Cavill tells him to.
  • His history is mysterious.
  • He will kill anyone his Master tells him to.


The man is armed for any combat situation, and his Master has seen him well outfitted for such endevours.  Though he wouldn't need the gear, for in his previous life he was a paragon of the Jedi Order.  Years on the battlefield and saving the galaxy have honed his body, and somehow his training was saved when they wiped his memory.  Combat experience wasn't desrtroyed, but his personal memories were.  Project BTI-XI is a true wild card in galactic affairs that his Master intends to start using soon.


OOC: Yes, it's Darron Wraith

Monitor-Class Corvette named "Maleus"

Several under his former name, can't be listed to protect his identity.



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