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Ju-99 Rescue & Recovery Vessel

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Sasha Santhe

Sasha Santhe

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Image Credit: 3dRed

Intent: To create a salvage ship.

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems

Model: Ju-99 Recovery Vessel

Affiliation: Sienar Fleet Systems

Modularity: No

Production: Mass Produced

Material: Durasteel and other standard starship materials


The Ju-99 Recovery Vehicle, nicknamed by Sasha Santhe the Junker, is an inelegant design used for salvage and recovery operations along with rescue operations. To facilitate its mission profile the vessel has four massive recovery arms. These arms are fully articulate and incredibly powerful able to tear armor plates off of derelict vessels for easier salvage. Underneath of each arm is a tractor beam projector which is capable of working either individually to grab small parts of debris, or together to grapple larger vessels. The Cargo bays are shielded from vacuum and able to be opened to space allowing salvage to be collected directly into the bays by the arms.

In addition the vessel is also geared towards rescue operations and possesses a retractable docking collar capable of creating a seal on nearly any starship airlock to facilitate the movement of crew. The vessel comes standard with an advanced medical bay, although buyers take this out or leave it unmanned after purchase, capable of temporarily treating up to fifteen patients, with four fully immersive bacta tanks, until they can be brought to proper facilities. Because of the open bay designs smaller vessels such as fighters or personal shuttles that have sustained too much damage to use the docking clamp may be taken directly into the bays for emergency medical treatment.


Role: Salvage, Repair Rescue and Recovery

Height: 45 meters

Width: 30 meters

Length: 90 meters

Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor

Hyperdrive Rating: Class-2

Minimum Crew: 2

Optimal Crew: 12


  • None


  • None

Non-Combative Attachments:

  • Communications Array

  • Advanced Medical Facilities

  • Encryption Network

  • Escape Pods (4)

  • Holonet Transceiver

  • Standard Deflector Shield Generator

  • Standard Life Support Systems

  • Standard Navigational Systems

  • Standard Sensor Array

  • Standard Targeting Systems

  • Tractor Beams (4)

  • Fully Articulate Salvage Arms (4)


Passenger Capacity: 15

Cargo Capacity: 1,500 Metric Tonnes


Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class-4

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Sasha Santhe