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Into the Jaws of Death [OP Invasion of Sith-Occupied Coruscant]

* * * * * 3 votes Omega Protectorate The One Sith Coruscant

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Ayden Cater


Valley of the Dark Lords


The sands burst forth from beside Sven Talith, a mountain seeming to erupt from the valley.


Skeletal bones crawling with insects seemed to formulate some sort of humanoid shape.


A deep voice, full of gravel, echoed from all sides of the valley as red eyes shown from beneath the waterfall of sand.


"I am the Voice of Yun-Amon, Bringer of Chaos and Evolution."


Tsavong growled, standing in his Vonduun Skerr Necraesa armor. Four arms stretched wide as his tail whipped behind him, the last of the sand hitting the ground. Slithering serpents seem to entrap his entire body as they weaved and snaked their way through the skeletal holes of the armor.


"And you should have brought a bigger sword."


The creature reached to his back and lifted a gigantic shield off and over, facing Ayden Cater. The shield's many faces began to move.



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Location: Valley of the Dark Lords

Objective: Alleviate the burden of life from hostile forces.

Enemies: The Sith and all of their allies.

Allies: Protectorate and the Mandalorian allies. 


He loaded another cartridge as the ship descended onto the Coruscant skyline. How he wished he could have seen it, the brilliance of the steel structures that kissed the atmosphere's cheeks and lay in her side. How he wished he could have seen the clouds. He blinked for a moment, before he stepped to the back of the shuttle. He adjusted the slugthrowing automatic rifle that lay across his chest, and fixed the suppressor on it. His footsteps were quick, as he marched along with the other Protectorate troops. He was still amazed by the tenacity of the Omega soldiers. They were not fighting for their own planet or their own beliefs- they were simply doing what needed to be done. They were fighting like animals, animals let loose upon the evil nature of the Sith. 


Animus found himself stopping, and taking the safety off his Verpine shattergun as he felt the sands and the ground shaking. Sands began to shift, and he saw the monstrous Tsavong Kraal appear before at Ayden Cater  directly. Animus was quick, to just aim at the head of the demon. Animus, ever with his dry humor, pumped round after round at the exposed head of the beast. 


"It's a good thing I brought a gun."

I write characters and whatnot




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(OOC: this was meant to me Teroch Gra'tua, it switched accounts on me.)

Location: Near Yusan Fenn
Objective: ???
Allies: Yusan Fenn.
Enemies: One Sith

Teroch hated dropships, they were too crowded and too shaky for the mans tastes, unfortunately for him he hated drop pods even more, so it was either a drop ship or the airlock "Hey, you okay man?" A soldier asked the merc, holding a hand out to help him "Yea, yea, I'm fine, just trying to stabile myself." Teroch grabbed the mans hand and stood up "Thanks though." the drop ship finally slowed down before it's occupants were granted exit. Running out of the ship the man moved behind cover and crouched, searching the area until he found it to be relatively safe, standing up Teroch pulled out his weapon and started spinning it around his index finger, mainly out of habit. A quick jog to Yusan before he started talking again "What do you want me to do sir." his weapon was holstered after the sentence.

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Location: Imperial Palace 

Objective: Wait and Listen

Allies: Darth Tuk'ata Darth Nephthys Sawa Ike @ One Sith

Enemies: Not Sure Yet


Shargon was wrapped in a Baggy grey hooded Robe, wearing a Suit that was pitch black as well he blending well in the dark, He was near some Sith it seemed and standing near the Pillars of Imperial Palace Enterance. The planet was Odd and Shargon expected something was happening, Most of the Forces on the Planet were gone and left defenseless. He had a feeling that something would happen but that was answered after looking around. Shargon for now would hold Imperial Palace and stay put so for no serious Combat was here.  

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Dropship headed towards Valley of Dark Lords 

Allies; Cira, Protectorate

Enemies: Cira, Sith


Seated in his prototype armor, the sturdy frame of Sarge sat, datapad in hand as he swayed side to side. Atmospheric reentry was always high speed on a bumpy road, and this was no different. Assaulting an enemy planet meant taking the quickest way down, which was, unsurprisingly, the most jarring.


Straight down; or rather, as straight as one could go without disintegrating. The M47 was a beast. A thickly armored beast. This end of the dropship was his and his alone; the rest of the squad was located farther back, leaving the man to his rifle.


What he had in hand was a basic service rifle, really. It was slimmed down for close quarters fighting, so it sacrificed a little range, and the suppressor meant the muzzle velocity wasn't stellar... but it would more than do. As ever, he stacked his rounds; AP, Hollow, AP, Hollow. He was, just then, checking and rechecking his magazines.


But his head lifted, hands velcroing the mag pouches covers back into place so he could refocus on the datapad. The datapad left at his apartment by a very specific, very confused redhead. He'd gone through it, of course, curiosity getting the better of him.


However, anything encrypted or marked secret he hadn't touched. That being said, he smiled at the new background he put on. The scientific research group had brought photographers along, centuries ago... and so now, whenever she got around to taking said pad back.


He chuckled. She'd get a view of crowds of researchers, biologists, geologists, archaeologists - everyone - fanning out from a docking tube towards a lone, scarlet clad figure standing patiently below a great arch. He locked it, resting his head back with a smile.

Revenge was sweet.




Guest_Leena Mai_*

Guest_Leena Mai_*
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ALLIES: One Sith, Sandra Glorrp, the unfortunate citizens of Coruscant who are granted no rest
ENEMIES: Omega Protectorate and friends, university tuition fees
OBJECTIVE: Drink hot chocolate, chat poodoo

“People of Coruscant,” a woman's voice came a-giggling, “We come to you today not as conquerors, but as liberators.”

Leena Mai smirked into her hot chocolate, eyes pouring over the lit-up menu display at the counter of McYoda's with regret, wishing that she had ordered the suspiciously cheap Ropo McNuggets.

The speaker, Sandra Glorrp (unfortunate surname, yes, she was bullied at school) continued her mockery. “The Sith have stolen away your liberty-”

“Oh lawdy! Not ma liberty!” Leena chimed in, waving her free hand like an enthusiastic preacher.

“-and we are here to give it back. We fight today not to destroy your homes, but to bring families back together!”

Leena snorted, adding alongside an overly dramatic eye roll. “What is this? A movie?” she said with scalding criticism as Sandra's impression of Ayden Cater dissolved into a mass of high pitched giggling snorting. It's hard to say such ridiculous lines with such a degree of severity isn't.

“That's it, isn't it? Our lives mean nothing, oh, the people of Coruscant this and the people of Coruscant that but like, do they even have a clue? No, we're just a backdrop for them to play the hero. They don't really care.”

“Too right.”

Miss Mai attempted a sip of her hot chocolate, but unfortunately it was still roughly at the same temperature of lava. She sighed and turned to glance at Sandra, opening her mouth for another spiel.

So it begins...

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Selena stood upon a tower and gazed over Coruscant as it burned with hostility.  From her perch all she could do was take in the chaos around her.  No emotions were in her.  Not even sadness for the death that transpired.  All that around her simply was.  The former Grandmaster of the Jedi turned One Sith.  At least, that is how it looked and was how the Sith thought of her.  It was and she could do little more than observe.  Such was her role in the galaxy at this point.  An observer.  A watcher.  Most importantly though she was waiting.  Waiting for the moment to strike.  To the world around her she barely even existed.  The chaos was too rampant for many to notice her.  Most importantly though, she was drenched in the Art of the Small.  None could sense her.  With her position far from the worst of the battle, no cause existed for anyone to take notice of her.  So she observed and chronicled all that she saw.

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Calina Djo
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Location: Valley of the Lords

Enemies: Tsavong Kraal Sven Talith

Allies: Ember Rekali Ayden Cater Animus

Objective: Kill all the things.


Mia pulled the vornskr scattergun from her sholder as she reach the valley's entrance. The beasts from which it was named after followed her, eyes wide as they resisted the urge to follow their instinct. "Eso!" she barked at them "Oya!" Baying as they went the group split, moving down different sides of the valley. Anyone not in armour was a good game for them, Mia let them slip from her focus, there were bigger and uglier things to worry about.


Hefting the scattergun, her hand wrapped around the grenade launcher attachment, and she lifted it high. Firing twice, the trajectory of the grenades would take them over the siths and ugly brutes head, landing them at least ten meters behind them. Hex fragment grenades had a thirty meter blast radius, she wasn't worried about missing, because that would burn. Grenades away, Mia continued her advance, scattergun rattling rounds towards the pair.

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Location: Palace Throne room
Objective: Clash of the Titans
Allies: Beskar, Mandos, Protectorate
Enemies: Dark Lord of the One Sith, sith. ((TAG ME IF I FORGET YOU.))

MUSIC: Ordo's Battle theme

Ordo's fighter cannon dropped to the deck as smoke rolled forth from its barrels. He reached to his H-harness and removed the Fett Kal blade created by Rave Merrill while he used the force to pull the lightsaber to his hand. The Dark Lord stood still daring Ordo to advance, black hood still obscuring his face. Ordo ignited his lightsaber, the strong blade like burnished gold came to life in his hand. Gold the color of vengeance shone across the throne room as a group of Sith soldiers rushed in. Ordo's scar covered face made not a motion as the soldiers rushed in with force pikes and crimson sabers alike.

Ordo ducked the first sweeping blow from the fastest or perhaps bravest defender and with a minimum of movement held his lightsaber out allowing the acolyte gaurd to slice himself asunder with his own momentum. The Fett Kal blocked another as Ordo's saber burned a path from hip to collar only to come down on the next from crown to crook. The next struck the Mandalorian warrior and stared in astonishment as his crimson blade bounced off the cold black armor of the Field Marshall.

The Fett Kal stabbed forward leaving another body cooling on the Dark Lord's thone room floor. The Lord however was not pleased and a spear of midnight black soon tore holes in the last defender. The doors around the throne room slammed shut and sparks flew from the seals as the Dark Lord pushed back his hood and shrugged free from his cloak.

"I've had enough of your bravado barbarian." The Lord procalimed as Ordo stood in astonishment. The Dark Lord's visage hard as Beskar and burned in his memory deeper than the scars on Ordo's weathered face.

"Soren!" Ordo growled like a primal breast.

"I have had many names, wretch." The Sith declared, "You were useless when a slave...I see nothing has changed."

"YOU GUTLESS HUUTUN!" Ordo roared through his black buy'ce, "FIGHT ME!"

Ordo stepped on the bodies of the guards as he cirlcled left closing on the Sith Lord as the air in the huge chamber began to stir. His eyes like river stones focused on the Sith demon as he moved forward. The Lord raised a single hand fingers spread loosely and unleashed chain lightning with bolts as thick as a normal man's wrist. Ordo had seen lesser tricks of this short before and both lightsaber and Fett Kal rose to defend and absorb most of the lightning. The rest danced around Ordo and his armor which acted like a faraday sending the lightning down to cascade along the black polished floor. Ordo held firm aganist the lightning until it stopped and stood unfazed.

"Clever boy." The Dark Lord said as he reached for his belt and removed a lightsaber he had seen before. Ordo could still feel that blade that once had been used to slowly burn furrows in his chest and back. "Do you remember this Mandalorian? The blade that took your wookie friends head. The blade I used when your Sithlet owner wanted to see what sound you would make when it touched you? The blade that has taken more lives than your pitiful mind can fathom? Come to me filth and join your brethren in chaos."

Ordo spoke not another word as he reached for the Dark Lord to hold him in place while he jumped. The Fett Kal with lightning still dancing across its blade struck the Dark Lord's crimson blade and erupted in a shower of lightning that sent both Titans soaring. Ordo stuck the geound and rolled to his feet while the God-King of the One Sith righted himslef to land on his feet.

The Lord leapt with the Force with a speed that left the air nearly visable as it rushed from before the Master of the darkside. Ordo as well used the force to leap at the Lord as the floor cracked and rippled from the pressure of his force charged legs. The blades met as the Monsters collided in the air. Sparks rained down across the polished stone floor and the two landed near eachother.

The Dark Lord fell into a perfect Juyo style, bold direct movements sweeping strikes designed to quickly eviscerate the Mandalorian warrior, while Ordo utilized his now mastered technique of Djem So to attempt to over power and crush the Sith that held the galaxy in his palm.

The blades flashed and slowly Ordo began to be pushed back as the crimson saber's erratic motions cracked and burned agaist his saber and armor. Soon Ordo's focus became stronger and he began to empty his mind picturing a candle flame in the void of darkness. The Sith's blade crashed against Ordo's and the two pressed close blades mere centimeters from the Dread Lord's face and the cold black 'T' of Ordo's faceplate....

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Location: Valley of the Lords

Objective: Panzer Vor!

Allies: Mia Monroe, Ember Rekali, Ayden Cater, Ordo, Sarge Potteiger

Enemies: Tsavong Kraal


Zenti managed to navigate the Skocha MBT through the streets and towards the valley. After a few moments of searching, there came a call from the gunner, Strobel.


"Feindliche Ziele, linke Seite! Unten im Tal!"


"Zenti, bewegen Sie in Deckung. Strobel, das Feuer auf sie , wenn wir aufhören," came Voll's reply.


The tank shifted a few meters over before finding a niche overlooking the valley. Rocky outcropping above prevented artillery fire and the shadows beneath helped to hide the tank somewhat. The rock wall to the tank's right prevented flanking on that side and allowed the crew to focus more on the front, left, and rear of the tank. It wasn't the perfect position, but it was good enough for now.


Zenti settled the tank into position and dropped it to the ground. Voll then maxed out the ray shielding on the tank itself. Anything touching the hull of the tank would find itself fried and charred on contact from the shield. Strobel zeroed in on the valley itself and cried out.


"Riesige Monster voraus! Sieht aus wie eine Art von Kreatur. Jemand ist mit einem Lichtschwert bekämpfen. Soll ich schießen?" Strobel shouted over the commlink.


Voll thought for a moment at the situation. She could see it clearly in her scope, but she couldn't tell who was fighting who. Sith on Sith or an ally fighting a Sith. She commed the main frequency, hoping to get an answer immediately.


"Zhis is Jäger," she stated clearly, hoping someone would reply quickly. "Ve haff a target ahead in zeh walley, but it looks like it is engaged. Ve don't know who is engaging. Are ve clear to fire?"




Thanks to Alyesa Praxon for the sig! - Voll's Tank Crew - Leopold

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LOCATION: Valley of the Lords – Prospective Bird’s Nest
ALLIES: One Sith, Hal Terrano
ENEMIES: Omega Protectorate and friends; Mia Monroe
OBJECTIVE: Incapacitate/Kill Mia Monroe

The second the assault had become evident, Tyger Tyger was in contact with Darth Janus.

“Yes, my lord – I said conventional forces.Artillery, airstrikes, the works -- I just watched a bomber get perished by a minivan…”

And he had, in fact.This densely overpopulated city-planet was like a bunch of sardine cans packed into a sardine can.The people lived all over each other; traffic was everywhere, and constant.On-the-fly airborne deployment with hasty intelligence was, frankly, laughably suicidal.

“No, we’re holding it down.I can’t tell if they got bad intel, or if they’re just fething lost…”

Despite his incredulity, he remained humorless.Milo didn’t take pride in being a ruthless killer – it was just something he did.The weakness of his opponent did not one bit change the emotional content of the job at hand.

“Yes, m’lord,” he confirmed, a stirring somewhere in the recesses of his brain.He thought of his graduation from basic training, and how the presiding Sith Officer made Milo’s father tonguekiss his boots in front of the whole family just to impress upon the newly-minted soldier just who it was that was in charge.

“Yes.”  Back in the employ of the Sith; Milo recognized that this was the very atmosphere his father had always planned to escape.

He looked to Hal Terrano, the Sith Knight appointed to carry his equipment, to guard him as he worked, and realized that things had changed, if only in a certain sense.He closed the comm.

From an adjacent rooftop, Milo spotted Mia Monroe advancing up the path toward the Valley of the Lords, a pack of six vornskr breaking off from behind her and splitting into two groups.He whistled, garnering Hal’s attention, then directing it to the pack leader with an upward nod of his head.Milo drew his bowcaster from his back, switching the firing setting to the Explosive Quarrels, and brought it to his eye to aim.

With a clang!, the bolt was fired, aiming for the terrain directly before Mia, trying to blow her up or bar her advance, hopefully dicing her up with environmental shrapnel.

Quickly, he took cover behind the duracrete barrier that existed to keep people from falling, allowing his accomplice to draw aggro.Upon Hal’s departure, he would switch his mode of fire to the traditional energy blast, then pop up to provide support should he see her draw that slugthrower again.





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Valley of the Lords - Entering Temple

Allies: Animus Ilsa Voll Ayden Cater Mia Monroe 

Enemies: Tsavong Kraal Sven Talith


Ember spun as Cater's telekinesis took care of the incoming stun blasts.  He'd sensed nothing -- and that was not ideal.  Not by a long shot.  A quick glance of the Force coincided with Mia's grenades zeroing in on Talith and the four-armed abomination, and Ember became certain that his opponent was either a Yuuzhan Vong or hidden from the Force in some clever way.  


He had breathing room, time to act, but not much.  


Speed, strength, coordination -- these were his forte, far more than telekinesis.  With the nexus bolstering his specialization, he moved, and fast, dashing past the unstable statue of Talon and into the door of the Valley's temple.  His wrist-mounted Verpine shattergun kicked like a bull nerf.  Stone shrapnel rattled off his armor as the statue of Talon began to topple.  With luck, he'd block off the passage behind him, slow pursuit, distract those fighting Cater and Monroe and the rest, draw select opponents into close quarters, and get a few minutes to figure out how to neutralize whatever this temple contained.

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Guest_Sven Talith_*
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Objective: Statue of Darth Talon

Enemies: Ember Rekali



Sven was no God of the Force, no, in fact he could not even touch it.


Funny what being a test tube baby did for someone. Of course he didn't see Mia, his mask didn't have a fancy three hundred and sixty degree camera. What he did have was implacable luck, and as the Mandalorian he had shot at took off in a run Sven quickly moved to follow. In his rush however the Assassin found himself toppling over end over end, falling onto the floor and landing himself in a roll.


Expertly, and tactically, Sven rolled his way behind the very large slab of rock that Ayden Cater had earlier raised to block his stun blasts. Humorously, the slab of rock was enough to block any shrapnel that would strike him, and as Sven quickly raised himself he chased his target into the confines of the Temple.


The Agent rushed forward, harried by falling dust, dirt and debris. The lights flickered on and off and as he rounded the first corner into the place his electro-staff began its signature buzz.


The passage behind him fell into rubble.

Hal Terrano

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LOCATION: Valley of the Lords
ALLIES: One Sith, Tyger Tyger
ENEMIES: Omega Protectorate and friends, Mia Monroe
OBJECTIVE: I don't even know

Hal Terrano, equipment holder extraordinaire, how about that for your galactic space titles, huh?

Okay, no, I'm just scrumping with you, the universal sad sack of the galaxy found himself as protection for a sniper tasked with some rather grand head to shoot. Take out some of the top names from the safety of the rooftop, it's not a bad job. Touch boring actually, left one with a lot of room to think. Hal Terrano was bad at thinking.

Once upon a time he had been torn to shreds by Coruscant's sudden capture by the One Sith, it drove him down a road of self-doubt that led to a slew of bad decisions that ultimately led to Nemene Talith, and you know that when she gets involved in your life that it's tatties ower the side. He hadn't been on Coruscant to save it, wrong temple, wrong time.

But he was here this time. Hal Terrano was here. He could quench his guilt and this time not with harsh amber liquids.

A whistle.

Go time.

Was she on a roof? Was she not on a roof? Who knows. Hal was on a roof at least, leaping after those who leap themselves but snap, just like that suddenly the status of the roof was thrown up in the air. What are we even standing on? Speaking of up in the air, here he comes, here comes Terrano, he's a demon on legs.

But not really.

He landed behind her, the grenade firing roof (in dispute) hopper. Master of Vornskr. Had Hal contained a little more personality and sass in his bones he might have given a comment about the company she kept, and how she herself was a dog, but sadly such wit eluded him.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Calina Djo

Calina Djo
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Location: Valley of Lords

Allies: Ayden Cater Animus @Ilsa Vol

Enemies: Tyger Tyger Hal Terrano

Objective: Kill all the things.


Dirt and debris exploded in front of Mia, making her staggerback, arm coming up to shield her face despite the fact that she was wearing full beskar'gam. "Frak!" Eyes lifted to the roof tops, her barrel matching the trajectory of her eyes as she moved forward hunting for him. "Where are you?"




Mia spun as the sith landed behind her, she didn't ask questions nor come up with a smarmy response though she was itching too. She simply pulled the trigger.



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Location: Buildings and Cover surrounding Valley of the Lords,

Allies: Mia Monroe, Ember Rekali, Animus, Ilsa Voll, Ayden Cater

Enemies: Hal Terrano, Sven Talith, Tsavong Kraal, Tyger Tyger

Objective: Sniper Support


"I give you one thing, Mandalore Mia."

The droid muttered to himself,

"You make a very convenient bait."

He would quip as the tri-light scope of his SR-1 shattergun sniper rifle rip off found its mark at Hal's chest, the recently found target making its way to a rooftop which HK could see from his hidden position in the surrounding ruins and buildings.


He had few squads of snipers with him hidden in a similar manner as he was, but they were just background noise today, weren't they? Today was all about player versus player combat, unfortunately.


"Are you ready for this?"

He asked his companion, Kaida Taldir, the Eldorai Cryomancer witch who joined the droid on the day to combat the Sith threat, whether she agreed or not, it was time to join the fray, and so the droid gave out the silent order that would display on the HUD's of the troops he brought.



The Sith commanded,


Ordered the droid.


And so, just as Mia pulled her trigger so did HK, and he launched from his hidden position, his form wrapped in his camouflaging chameleon cloak, a small pellet of the shattergun, launched at such incredible speed from the rail-gun that it could bent phrik armor, possibly even break through it with good shots. The gun was silent, due to sound dampeners in the barrel, but its bullet was not, however it flew at many times the speed of sound, so even if Hal was looking right at HK pulling the trigger, he would hear the bullet flying and even register the trigger was pulled after the bullet has met its mark.


So yeah, very small projectile coming at him at very high speeds with plenty of force.

Kaida Taldir

Kaida Taldir

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Location: Buildings and cover surrounding Valley of Dark Lords

Allies: Mia Monroe, HK-36, Animus, Ilsa Voll, Ayden Cater

Enemies: Hal Terrano, Sven Talith, Tsavong Kraal, Tyger Tyger



The 'Metal Demon' - Kaida always found it annoying when her brethren referred to the droid as such since it was an indication of primitive superstition they were supposed to move beyond - had a cool sniper rifle firing very small projectiles at very high speed with lots of force. He also had a chameleon cloak. Captain Kaida Taldir did not have his shattergun sniper rifle, though she had brought a bolter and plenty of firepower in general, but she other things to offer.



Namely fancy ice powers. As for why she was here? Well, Kaeshana was part of the Protectorate and she hated Dashdae Sciians, which was the Eldorai name for darksiders. Besides, she had never gotten around to seeing Coruscant while she was with Omega Pyre. The Goddess willed that the Sith be righteously crushed! Well, she did not believe in the Goddess....Anyhow, back to the actual action. In the same moment as HK fired at Hal Kaida lashed out and unleashed her powers.



She was no whirlwind of mass destruction like Sio Kerrigan, but cryokinesis was her primary focus and she had spent many years honing her skills in it. Eldorai force-users, similarly to the Shapers, though the space elves would deny any similarity, had elemental powers and her specialities were ice and water. So she had extended her fingers to control the air around her opponent. As she exerted her will the temperature would drop noticeably and very rapidly. Not enough to magically turn the place into Hoth in the blink of an eye, for she was no force god, but she reached out to manipulate the water molecules in the air, forming them together in solid form. Needles of ice would form out of what appeared to be thin air, pointing in several angles at Hal. At her command the very sharp and long shards of ice, rapid fire ice needles to be descriptive, were sent flying and launched at incredible speed to strike at the Sith from several angles.



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Valley of the Lords

Allies; Sarge Potteiger , Protectorate

Enemies: Sarge Potteiger , Sith



 It begins as a whisper...

 a promise... 



Amidst the various drop-pods that had struck the urban landscape of Coruscant, a dark figure would join the array of desperate Protectorate forces aiming to take back Coruscant. She wore dark black armor, auburn hair would be slicked back away from her face,  a black helmet with a black visor hiding her face. 



The lightest of breezes dances above the death cries of Alderaan. 



Up ahead, the flat urban terrain that would lead to the Valley of Lords would be in front of her, and already,  the fight for Coruscant.   



That breeze became a wind.  A wind of freedom...a wind of justice... 

a wind of vengeance.   


She was armed and primed for the fight.  Anger at the injustice, at the hubris of the One Sith Empire would rip through her veins like molten lava. Behind wide black tint of her visor,  amber eyes would shine with determination.  With purpose. She was here. She was ready.   




If they want a war, then I will bring them a war...


Straight to their doorsteps. 


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Posted Image

Tyger Tyger

Tyger Tyger

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Location: Buildings and cover surrounding Valley of Dark Lords
Allies:  @Hal TerranoSven TalithTsavong Kraal
Enemies: @Mia Monroe,@HK-36 @Kaida Taldir
Slugthrowers were popular nowadays.  It wasn't because they were particularly awesome -- After all, the E-11 blaster rifle was its technological successor --, but it was because the Jedi population had become quite prolific -- and nobody liked having their blaster bolt deflected back at them.  So, when the Force population responded to this sudden regression in weaponry by wearing the throwback armor that had previously hampered their saber-styles, it stood to reason that balance would be restored to the galaxy, and the slugthrower would once again fade into obsolescence where it belonged.  Remarkably, however, it did not.
Their assailants had made a great mistake in directing their fire at Hal -- For he was not Tyger Tyger's bait, but his tank, and be it buckshot, pellets, or little, bitty ice needles, Milo was confident the brute's armor could handle it.
Anyway, he was waiting for Mia to use that gun, and when she offered up her aggro to Hal, he opened fire, his bowcaster kicking back from the violent energy bolt aimed center mass.  There was a click as he switched firing modes, precipitating the clang! cla-clang!  of three additional exploding quarrels, fired at the ground directly behind Mia, behind her but a little to her far side, and then to her side closest to him, an effort to box in her evasion, leaving her with little option but to go through the thug before her.
He never saw HK, but Elsa from Frozen gave away his position.  He saw her with but a glance, then resumed cover, uncertain of what the new element had prepared for him.



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Adenn Gra'tua


Location: Enroute towards the old Senate Building Area, two Kilometers away

Allies: OP, Mister Gratua

Enemies: Anyone with the one sith


Yusan's eyes fell on him and he nodded to the man. "Follow me, you two as well. We are taking the brunt of the fighting for what we can... call it recon if you want to sugarcoat it, but this my friends is a suicide mission, so make peace with what ever god you have." He grinned as the visor was pulled over his face once more, of course anyone that knew Yusan would know those words held a tinge of his old joking personality but like that his body shot into action as he waved forward for the small squad to move with him on towards the old Senate Building. Oh how ironic, he was not on route to fight once more in the very place his life against the Sith started.