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Into the Jaws of Death [OP Invasion of Sith-Occupied Coruscant]

* * * * * 3 votes Omega Protectorate The One Sith Coruscant

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Hal Terrano

Hal Terrano

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LOCATION: Valley of the Lords
ALLIES: One Sith, Tyger Tyger
ENEMIES: Omega Protectorate and friends, Mia Monroe, HK-36, Kaida Taldir
OBJECTIVE: This is why I purge friend lists

There was barely a moment to react.

So let's pause the action for some narration. Time out. Yeah, that's right. I'm Zack fethin' Morris. Later, upon reflection Hal might have been very thankful that he had been picked up by Darth Mierin, hard line Sith Pureblood who had taken a real fancy the technology of the Vong, probably thanks to a certain Tsavong (who Hal had funnily enough once chauffeured in a mission of bromance). If it's there, why put it to waste?

Vonduun crab armour. Should have mentioned it in the first post, but I'm not the best duelist (likely the reasoning for being triple teamed, poor show) and I don't do it often. The woman turned and shot immediately, perhaps if she had taken the time to look she might not have wasted the ammunition.

Time out over.

With the Force on his side he suddenly leapt. Up and back, arms suddenly raising to cover his head as best as possible, caution is the best friend of the incredibly dull after all. There was a hideous crack, a spike of pain shot through his left hip with a grunt as the organic plate was pierced, but by forces other than the woman before him. A sudden whallop hit his legs, now that was her. The jump saved his torso, but not his legs. It didn't stop there, he was aware of impact against his arms, his torso, something smashed into his bottom (although incapable of penetrating*). What the feth was that? How many people were attacking him? Unbeknownst to him, that was the ice needles at work.

Courtesy was out of the window as Hal soared up through the air backwards, landing a few metres back with a slight stumble. Blood trickled from the now exposed area of flesh at his hip, and he grimaced slightly. Now that smarted something fierce, however he remained steadfast. Stubborn old Hal Terrano. 


*Hee hee.

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Posted Image

Cyrus Tregessar

Cyrus Tregessar

    Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

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LOCATION: Coruscant Space
ALLIES: One Sith Ships
ENEMIES: Omega Protectorate Ships
OBJECTIVE: Cause a little chaos


By the time the Battle Watch Captain bothered to sound General Quarters and wake Cyrus up, the Protectorate Navy had punched a clean hole through the scattered lines of the leaderless Sith fleet and put a significant portion of their force in low orbit to support landing operations. For his error, the BWC found himself fired, demoted to Lieutenant Commander, and placed in charge of a Frigate heading to intercept the invasion force with the order to not cease fighting until the battle was over or the ship destroyed.


If Cyrus saw the man again, it would be nothing short of a miracle.


For the next few minutes Cyrus did all he could to organize Coruscant's defenses. The emplacements themselves were not he problem, they were top of the line and well-maintained, as could be expected of the planet oft-considered the center of the Galaxy. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the crews, who were perhaps understandably not terribly inclined to appreciate the One Sith officers placed in charge. The officers themselves ranged from veteran Sith Empire Naval personnel to near mindless toadies given rank in return for adequate bootlicking.


Sith will be Sith, it seemed.


But even the best defenses in the galaxy would've been unable to prevent the attacking force from penetrating into low orbit. They were simply to quick and too well led. To be expected of the Protectorate at this point, especially with Ayden Cater at their head. By the time Cyrus had reached a ship (the Imperious, a Dark Blade-class Star Destroyer) and relieved it's CO of command, comms had been blocked outbound from the system, and some damn fool in the city had raised the planetary shield. All according to plan for the Protectorate, no doubt. The raised shield disrupted communication with the planet, preventing Cyrus and the Sith ships from providing support to the allied forces on the surface, but provided no impediment at all to the thousands of dropships still launching from Omega ships. Another sycophant placed in charge because he knew to say the right things at the right time, no doubt.


The battle on the surface would take its own course, then, all Cyrus could do is stop the flow of Protectorate reinforcements until the Sith fleet at Alderaan could return. He keyed up an encrypted circuit to contact every allied ship around the planet. For several long seconds, the signal fought to burn through the jamming, the finally the distinct cracking pop of crypto breaking sounded.


"All units this is Iron Duke Actual, I am taking command of all Sith forces in-system. Break, Immediate Execute, all available units assemble on my unit, Iron Duke out."


Time to do some damage.



'It makes no difference what men think of war, said the judge. War endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner. That is the way it was and will be. That way and not some other way.'

Scion of House Tregessar

Sky Marshal of Shadowline, a Private Military Contractor

Sarge Potteiger

Sarge Potteiger

    Half-Glimpsed Dreamings

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Allies: Cira, Protectorate

Enemies: Cira, Sith



The dropship shuddered as the dumbfire missiles cleared them a landing zone, repeating blaster cannons sweeping death through nearby enemy fortifications. Ramp lowering, he stood with the squad and booked it down and into nearby cover, Sith fire cascading down around them as the massive vessel eased its impressive bulk back into the sky.


Blaster fire pricked against its hull, but it made its way away as quick as its oppressively noisy engines would carry it.


An ode to the original on Korriban, it looked like. That meant it was a killing ground for both sides. Large scale fighting was going on at this critical location, and he activated the cloaking on his armor. Stepping up out of cover, hunched to hopefully avoid getting winged, he hurriedly made towards a piece of cover further ahead.


Taking a knee next to it, he uncloaked, hefted a grenade and lobbed it behind a toppled pillar where four Sith troopers were picking off soldiers exiting drop pods and dropships.


Ducking behind cover again, he hefted his rifle and watched as Protectorate soldiers moved forward around him, using the grenade as cover to take more advantageous positions than whatever they'd had moments before. He'd still be there, taking potshots at whoever was sticking their head up whenever Cira got around to entering the Valley.


He could feel Ayden ahead, but he couldn't get to him. Not yet.






Ayden Cater

Ayden Cater

    Grumpy Goat

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Location: Valley of the Dark Lords
Allies: Ilsa Voll, HK-36, Mia Monroe, Animus, OP
Enemies, Tsavong Kraal, OS

"Man, and I thought Sarge was ugly." Ayden smirked unperturbed at the Vong behemoth in front of him. Had he not seen a lot of ugly things in his life, including a veritable God of Death that was promptly stabbed and punched to death, he might have been intimidated. All this thing was to him was an obstacle; nothing to be feared. "Size of the weapon matters little, my gruesome friend. Allow me to demonstrate."


He pulled a cylinder from inside his coat and tossed it at the ground just as the behemoth's feet just as a shot rang out. A split-second later and the ground erupted in a burst of light and sound as the flashbang detonated. Rolling to the side, Ayden activated his com. "Fire! Fire now!" He didn't even wait for the armored support to fire before he reached up and grabbed the head of the Darth Talon statue. The compromised base removed almost all resistance as he jerked and pulled it down. Fracturing in half, the bottom part of the statue collapsed against the temple doors while the upper half heeded Ayden's call and fell outward toward the hulking monster.

Evard L'Rik

Evard L'Rik

    Got Lightning Running Through my Veins

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Location: Resurgent, Coruscant atmosphere

Allies: One Sith Fleet, Cyrus Tregessar

Enemies: Omega Protectorate ships

Objective: Drink booze and blast Omegas.... I appear to be out of booze.


I noticed that we had jumped right into a battlezone. I sure hoped Admiral Tregessar had taken control by now, or this would take much more time than I wanted it to. I opened up a comm channel, put on my most irritating grin, and spun my chair towards the holocomm array.


"This is Evard L'Rik of the Sith diplomatic vessel Resurgent. Let's have us a time, Admiral!"


I didn't mention that I was going to be launching gunships. I didn't want any of those Omegas to know that I was in anything other than a shiny consulate ship. It was time to wreak some havoc. And the captain's chair is where I wreaked it best.

Old Red Ordo

Old Red Ordo


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Location: Valley of the Dark Lord

Allies: HK-36Ayden Cater

Enemies: One Sith


Coming down in a drop ship. This was a good day indeed to kill some sith. One of two things he like to do. Killing those that needed to wiped out of the galaxy. In his full armor this time wouldn't just watching from a bird eye view. Onto sweet Mathra widow maker that was shoulder on his back. On his other hip reading to start mowing down with was the other weapon of choice. Opening up for the rest of the unit that he was with to come after him. Always lend not be a follower that was his saying. 


Dropping to the ground opening up with firing after which the men fanned out. This was the part that always got him to pumping. As he looked a head upwards he was looking for a good nest to start his own good work, of taking out these sith scum. Opening up the commlink  "lets give these lady pansy what they need a good blood bath, leave no sith alive. A dead sith is better then a live one for the galaxy." 

Djorn Bline

Djorn Bline


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Location: Drop ship; heading to Valley of the Lords
Objective: Vandalize and kill sithies
Allies: OP and co.
Enemies: One Sith

In a MK47 drop ship was a number of 36 dreadguard clones all being commanded by their only recognized leader, ARC-117 or simply known by his adopted name, Canal Tal'Verda. The captain was so exited and pumped up after hearing the briefing of the invasion of Corusant. Why? Well, there was only one answer to that question: Damn karking Sith. His genetic code that was being "played" around by the Kaminoans when he was in those tubes was to be aggressive, intelligent, disciplined, etc, etc, and to kill every Sith that came across his Fett eyes. Heck, he even promised he would vandalize the tombs and whatever that was related to the Sith on Corusant.

"All right boys," the clone began to his small but expertly trained Fett clone commandos, "don't even ask me what the plan is cause I will make you clean the whole Leviathan by yourself. Just go out there, vandalize crap, and kill some stupid Sith, all right? And play nice," with a little of humor in his voice which raised the morale of the clones on the drop ship.

He then took a brief smoke of his cigar before he placed the helmet that was part of his Phrik True Mandolorian armor on his head. Eighteen of the clones, including Canal, were wearing the same armor as their leader. The other eighteen clones were wearing their phase IV armor that was given to them during their service to the Confederacy. Checking to see that his BTI-CC13 was filled with ammo, his vibroblade on his back, the infinite DC-15 sidearm and anti force user grenades on his utility belt, the commando felt more than ready. Ten of the clone commandos were wielding BTI-HR repeater, four clones with the OPSR-1, one clone using OPML-1 to blow off the heads of Sith statues and to destroy the tombs as well, while the rest were using blaster assault rifles from the Protectorate's armory, and having the rest of the equipment similar to Canal's.

And they waited with patience...

Ilsa Voll

Ilsa Voll

    Kampfpanzer Kommandant

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Location: Valley of the Dark Lords

Objective: FIRE!

Allies: Ember Rekali, Ayden Cater

Enemies: Tsavong Kraal


Voll's head whipped around.


"Strobel! Feuer! Feuer jetzt!" she shouted.


Strobel's eye hadn't left the scope and it took barely a half second to realign.


The Skocha's proton cannon roared once, the massive barrel discharging it's payload in a single, devastating burst of lethal intent. The weapon, originally designed to fire on starships in low orbit, would cause unseen amounts of damage to whatever it hit. Shields, armor, flesh, it all fell to the cannon with ease.


"Zenti, ziehen uns zurück! Suchen Sie eine neue Feuerstellung!" Voll called.


With the barest of replies, Zenti yanked the engine to full, dropping the shields slightly started towards a nearby outcropping, similar to the last.



Thanks to Alyesa Praxon for the sig! - Voll's Tank Crew - Leopold



    SWRP Owner

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LOCATION: Valley of the Lords
ALLIES: One Sith, Tyger Tyger, Hal Terrano
ENEMIES: Omega Protectorate and friends, Ayden Cater, Animus
OBJECTIVE: To eat one of you guys before I get my head blown off.




Tsavong calmly walked the field, towering above all others. Sand exhumed from his Necraesa helm as he examined the field, just in time to see Animus raise his shattergun. He raised his shield above his head, blocking the shots but experiencing some recoil that the massive beast was more than prepared to handle with all his strength. The three arkanian dragon heads of the shield groaned, but began to glow a bright orange and red glow. Three pairs of eyes began to follow Animus as if he were some sort of prey, and as if the shield were some sort of sapient predator.


Mia Monroe


Explosives echoed behind the creature as he lurched forward for a second, able to withstand the concussive blow of the grenades that had been launched over his head. His tail flapped against the ground, but the creature took no notice of the assailant who was far out of reach and removed from the battle. It was highly possible the assailant could continue to harass the behemoth, but would have to do so at the peril of missed shots hitting her fellow squad mates.


Ember Rekali


Upon visually seeing the Myrshavong and attempting to detect him through the Force, the Force User would experience a situation akin to that of looking at the night sky full of stars and in the place of the mighty Tsavong - there would be no stars at all. A simple black void, indistinguishable from the rest of the darkness unless you knew what you were looking at. Fortunately, this particular titanic creature had made himself more than obvious to the intruders and his physical location - detected through his void in the Force or not - would be more than determinable. If this were his first time encountering a Yuuzhan Vong or their ilk, it would seem rather strange indeed - especially with all the dark energies prevalent in the Valley of the Dark Lords.


Ayden Cater


A flashbang erupted in front of the monster after some words fell from the human's mouth. Tsavong brought up his shield, but was a bit late, the flash bang piercing his eyes and causing temporary confusion. But then he heard it. The groan of the thing behind him. Sight began to return as the monster looked up in the dimly lit sky and witnessed the upper half of the statue of Darth Talon beginning to fall in his direction.


"I'm afraid..."


The gruesome behemoth tumbled to his left with surprising alacrity, handling his massive tower shield with ease.


"...You will have to find something bigger."


Tsavong spat on the statue. He held no respect for false gods or dead warriors who wished to attack him.


"My turn."


His armor began to ripple with life, even among the dead Hutt skin and bones of a dead krayt dragon that were worked into the armor. Dweebits, small insects that inhabited his suit of armor, began to come to life and flutter their wings. While several had been killed in the concussive blasts from earlier, more than enough were currently available to do as the Dark Tyrant bid. They began to drop into the sand around Tsavong as he shook them off like a wet dog, shuddering in a wild and stringently terrifying manner. It seemed as if the creature were having a seizure, but only for a second.


His tower shield slammed against the ground and he took a knee behind it, ready to pounce on the next target.




The beetles, aptly named dweebits by the Yuuzhan Vong, began to lift into the air and swarm around the valley, attacking anything and anyone who wasn't Yuuzhan Vong. Tsavong hadn't quite worked in the One Sith's immunity yet... but he wasn't so concerned with that.




This area of effect attack would affect all in a fifty foot radius of Tsavong as the dweebits would descend upon soldiers and begin to either burrow into their skin or breathe methane into their mouths or other pores.




This was a one shot deal and could not be used again from his armor, as the dweebits continued to swarm in all directions of the valley, threatening to engulf anything within their path.



OOC: If I missed anyone's attack, please alert me via PM. Had a lot to respond to.



    Blessed are the peacemakers

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Location: Personal Hell

Allies: OP

Enemies: Tsavong Kraal

Objective: Duty



He didn't think. He acted. He was an operator- anyone who was watching him could tell the selfless duty, the silent devotion to do what no one else would. Animus by no means was an expert in the force, but he knew a charging weapon when he saw it. And the shield- that shield, that towered over him like a lumbering tree made of all sorts of nightmares, prevented any real damage done to this beast. Animus- no. He wasn't Animus. He had a name. And only one Emperor knew it. He looked over at Ayden Cater, not asking for permission, but a single look behind his balaclava that he was about to do something. Ayden could maybe feel it, being in the force and all that. Or, he could just tell. The bugs began to swarm around him, tearing at his armor. Skin poked out, showing a human side to the robotic nature of the assassin. Methane gas began to spew forth, infecting his fellow soldiers and personale. He tore off his helmet, letting the light plastoid helmet fall to the ground with a clang. Light brown hair fell forth, long enough to be swept to the side. Animus was human, in his last moments. 


He reached to his vest, removing the Class-A thermal detonator. It was highly illegal, and cost him nearly a month's salary to get it. But he knew it would come in handy at some point in time. Against some beast, in some instance. And this was the time. What better time than now, and what better place than now? He could feel all of his Spynet eyes on him, but that was it. Animus was to die like he lived- in mystery. He had no name besides his code names. Formerly Roland, he was given a new codename. Animus. How fitting, his codename. A motivation to do something. 


He pressed the primer. 


He tucked it against his chest. And he ran. Ran as fast as his legs would carry him in his final moments.


"Such hubris."


And when Animus slammed into the nightmarish front of the living shield, he released the button on the thermal detonator. 

I write characters and whatnot




Guest_Drex Skyreaper_*

Guest_Drex Skyreaper_*
  • Guests
Location: Imperial Palace
Objective: Defend One Sith, Protect the Palace, try not to die.
Allies: Darth Nephthys Darth Tuk'ata Sawa Ike Shargon'Ta
Enemies: Invaders, TBD

Warrant Officer Drex Skyreaper walked from the Main Throne room of the Imperial Palace after pitching some ideas about the direction of his squad and the future of the Legion. His Crimson Reaper armor has been cleaned with his Helmet tucked under his arm. A blaster pistol in a holster and a Rifle strapped to his back always ready for action. Drex wore a smile of his face as his meeting was going very well. Hopefully it would not be long before his Troopers had everything they needed in place to do their duty to the Army and the Lords of the One Sith.

As Drex turned down the first hallway he slipped his helmet back on as the comm crackled to life.

"Sir their is some weird stuff going on." "We can't raise command it seems the public channels are gone not even static."

Drex smiled to himself.

"Corporal sound the alarm and but the Reapers on high alert until we figure out what is going on."

Myra Elspeth

Myra Elspeth

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Location: The Senate Building

Objective: Hunt a little Zeltron doxy

Allies:  One Sith  

Enemies:  Republic |  Linna Beorht


Full lips would part slightly as Nox and Cerberus would perk dark inky heads,  their crimson eyes brightening with scarlet sheen.   


What are you sensing, mes beautés?”  would come the questioning purr of the Countess.  That large black train of her skirt would sway from side to side as short heels would bring the tall voluptuous woman down the corridor.


It was quite the sight, to see the noblewoman walk through the senate halls accompanied by six Force hunting beasts.  Ahh, but they were her babies.  Her poopsies.  Her children.  It would be a sin to travel without them!


They were as much a part of her as she was of them.


From under the black netted veil of the Countesses headdress,  tri-colored eyes of snow, mist, and story grey would widen as delicate nostrils would pick up the curious scent her Vornskrs detected earlier.

Come… she’d coo, heading towards the grand hall where the Senate Pods lay.

Sero Valrel

Sero Valrel


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Allies: one sith, specifically Drex Skyreaper
Enemies: everyone else 
Sero stood outside the palace waiting for Drex to be finished inside when it seemed out of no where all hell had broken loose. Over the comm a corporal put the squad on high alert, it seemed the Omega Protectorate had come to Coruscant. Sero cursed, he was still incredibly new to the reapers and now here was a full scale invasion, he better get to Drex and get a plan worked out. He tried to hail  Drex over the comm so they could coordinate with each other and get some idea of what to do next. He took his rifle in his hands and entered the palace.
“Sir, this is Titus.” Sero had chosen to use his old arena name as his callsign, it was familiar. “What is our best course of action, over.”



Evard L'Rik

Evard L'Rik

    Got Lightning Running Through my Veins

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Location: Space above Coruscant

Allies: Cyrus Tregessar, One Sith Fleet (OOC: Cyrus, you have command of the Resurgent for now. Have fun with it.)

Enemies: Omega Protectorate

Objective: Get myself to the killing fields


After sending the message to the admiral, I ran for my shuttle. I needed to get down to the Tomb of Lords, and fast. There was bloodbath about to happen, and I sure as hell wasn't gonna miss the fun. I yelled to my lieutenant, Basker, over my shoulder.


"Have fun blowing them up! The admiral's in command."

Linna Beorht

Linna Beorht
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Enemies: Countess of Báthory and six puppies

Allies: Unspecified narcotics and an IQ north of 200


The Metellos senate pod wobbled its way around the chamber on emergency power, and Linna continued to declaim.


"Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing, yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red, pestilence-stricken multitudes: O thou, who chariotest to their dark wintry bed the wingèd seeds, where they lie cold and low, each like a corpse within its grave-"
She gulped down a pill, dry, eyes fixing half-blind on the place where the Countess and her hounds would emerge.
"Thou on whose stream, ‘mid the steep sky’s commotion, loose clouds like pale decaying leaves are shed, shook from the tangled boughs of Heaven and Ocean, angels of rain and lightning: there are spread on the blue surface of thine airy surge, like the bright hair uplifted from the head of some fierce Maenad, even from the dim verge of the horizon to the zenith’s height, the locks of the approaching storm."
Her voice rose to a jubilant crescendo.
"Thou dirge of the dying year, to which this closing night will be the dome of a vast sepulchre vaulted with all thy congregated might of vapours, from whose solid atmosphere black rain, and fire, and hail will burst: O hear!"



    Professional Enabler

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Sven Talith


The temple's lower levels held metal catacombs; Ember paused to still his boots on the deck, to listen with technologically and Force-enhanced hearing, to examine his sensors.  The hiss of an electrostaff powering up told him that at least some serious opposition had entered, though he felt nothing in the Force.  The enigma (ha) had made it in, then, before he and Cater tore down the statue of Darth Talon to block the doors.  


He knew, in basic terms, the layout of this place, after helping to put his daughter's mind back together.  He had the general idea, no more, but enough to move quickly.  Thrown knives dispatched those who got in his way; he called them back without a pause in his step, moving quickly.


He aimed to apply his lightsabre to the doors of the final chamber before the hunter could catch up.  That chamber held the things taken from the fallen Jedi Temple.  Not that he had any real desire to preserve them, but people reacted oddly to holocrons, as if they were something of more intrinsic worth than fragile books with attitude.  

Darth Nephthys

Darth Nephthys

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OBJECTIVE: Intercept Knight
ALLIES: One Sith Drex Skyreaper Shargon'Ta @Darth Nephthys Darth Tuk'ata Sawa Ike 

ENEMIES: Protectorate : En-route to the Palace  | Leon McConnell  Knight



Heightened senses would prompt the Vahla Lord to pan her crimson eyes towards a specific direction. Within that intimate link that would tie the twins,  Darth Nephthys would relay to her brother an alert. An intruder,  one who did not walk the path of the One.  


No words would be spared, instead the petite Darth would move.  Today would be a day of glory.  For the One.  For the Goddess.  And here, finally,  fighting alongside her Onii-san,  she would fight with utter joy in her heart.


For he was her strength.  Her Sword.  




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Enemies: OS
Allies: OP
Position: 5 clicks west of the Valley in a built up area. Trying to dislodge enemy soldiers one building at a time.

Dicer took deep, calming breaths as the M47 dropped through atmo. They’d have just one month of time away from the front lines, and now the 5th Rifles were heading straight into Coruscant. This was going to make Druckenwell seem like a walk in the park.

Attacking a vertical city world presented enough of a challenge. The infantry had far more air assault squadrons, M47’s and IFVs than usual. The complement of heavy tanks was much less. When the street was 2km below you, having heavy support on the ground was of limited use.

Of course, getting a foothold was more difficult the better the enemy’s infrastructure. This was fething Coruscant. The enemy would have perfect comms and likely complete control of the electromagnetic sphere. They’d been training hard to work with limited comms, they command and response cycle was likely to be shot to hell in minutes.

But this was their game. They weren’t the greatest soldiers in the galaxy. They weren’t pyre mercenaries or mandalorians. But they were well trained, disciplined, had numbers on their side and well-armed. And they damn well wanted to be here to kick the Sith out off the “queen of the core”. The 5th were experts in urban warfare. Coruscant had more urban than half the galaxy combined, someone had joked the night before. The joking had stopped when they’d dropped into realspace.

Dicer’s heart was pounding, but he could see his SL psyching himself up out of the corner of his visor. The middle-aged Sergeant was a determined veteran. The ire he directed at his squad if they failed to meet his expectations was nothing compared to what he unleashed on the enemy on the battlefield. Unlike most of the soldiers here, he genuinely seemed to love war.

“B Company,” came a voice in his helmet. The visage of the Battallion CO appeared on his HUD. “We’ve got enemy soldiers setting up anti-air emplacements on a nearby pair of tower buildings, deal with them.

The whole dropship suddenly lurched from an impact. “LZ is hot, we’re going to drop you further down!” came a shout from the pilot.

Dicer’s tactical HUD came to life. A blueprint of the skyscraper was displayed, the rooftop tagets were displayed in red. There was a screech as the M47’s blaster cannons fired.

“We can’t hit the roof, taking evasive action!”

Curtis’ stomach lurched as his world span.

“We’re going to drop you off lower down, you’ll have to fight your way back up the floors to the roof!”

The rear doors slowly lowered, Sergant Jonas was on his feet in a moment, his rifle in his hands. He strode fearlessly to the rear door, looking at the tower building as they descended. Spotting enemy soldiers within, he made a rude gesture.

“Omega is here boys. Dark Lord ain’t gonna save all of you!” he opened fire with a maniacal laugh, the glass windows shattering as the M47 backed up. “Move!” he shouted to his squad.

Dicer followed in turn as they jumped the last foot into the building. Damn, he thought, looking down below. His rifle was shouldered in a moment as the squad took up defensive positions. Jonas had already downed the three enemy soldiers who had been in the way.

“Twenty floors to climb, a platoon between us and those AA guns. Enjoy yourself boys!”

Mad, my squad leader is mad. Dicer thought. His tactical display showed their position within the tower. They had a long way to go.


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Private Curtis 'Dicer' Charles | ODF Army | 5th Regiment | 3rd Urban Warfare Platoon | 3 Squad
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Bio and Squad Roster



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Location: Valley

Enemies: @Sarge Pottieger | One Sith

Allies: Sarge Potteiger  | Protectorate and allies



It was a curious scenario.  To be here, watching.  Observing.  Seeing the Yuuzhan Vong upon Coruscant once more. Only this time, instead for the betterment of the Galaxy,  it was to destroy.


Long ago,  the New Galaxy Rebuilding plan had a sect of Yuuzhan Vong rebuild worlds lost over millinia of wars. Alderaan,  Byss,  Carida...  The Galaxy and the Vong unified in galactic peace to bring a new golden age. 


An age cut short by OMNI's cruel hand.  By his drones. By the Gulag Virus.



Her Taozin amulet would aide in hiding her presence, but that was just a secondary precaution.  The woman was well versed in Quey'tek meditation, and in this she would appear to be another solider for the cause -- untouched by the Force. 


Volleys of fire would blanket the Valley of the Lords, the sound of tank fire booming as Protectorate Forces would clash with those of the One Sith.


Armed with a MK-1 Bolter,  Cira under the guise of a regular solider -- save for those few who would recognize her armor as she'd yet to wear it in public -- the Lady Protector would send a powerful charge towards a One Sith Acolyte.  His body would be flung back,  airbourne before hitting the deck with a low thud. 


A hiss of a red saber would come next,  a charge coming at her.  She was but one woman, but she would fight to the last breath.

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    Darth Erebos

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LOCATION: Valley of the Lords
ALLIES: One Sith
ENEMIES: Omega Scum, scum helping Omega Scum.
OBJECTIVE: Devour Omega Scum and co.
Gliding. A word used commonly to describe the almost elegant way Menoetius paced around, the illusion further perpetrated by his flowing cloak. Gliding, is what Menoetius was doing, gliding towards the Valley of the Lords. You see, Menoetius had a particular appetite, both natural and unnatural. His Anzati heritage called for 'soup', also known as sentient brain matter. His Sith heritage and study of force drain called for, well, life. Whatever gave a living, breathing, thing the power to live.
The Valley of the Lords seemed to have an abundance of these necessities in and around its structure and that made it the Anzat's newly designated hunting ground. So off he went, licking his lips as he did so.
Anyone paying attention to the force and its ripples in the surrounding area would perhaps detect a small void, an entity that swallowed the surrounding force whole and discharged pulses of the darkside in random outbursts. This entity was, in fact, Darth Erebos and his growling stomach approaching. Non force users would feel instead feel a slight sense of foreboding as the void grew closer.
No matter, the brain sucking Anzat had returned to galaxy under the banner of the One Sith and was more determined to feast than ever...