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Keira Priest

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Keira Priest

Keira Priest

    The Iron

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"You silly little girl, you've survived so long survival shouldn't hurt anymore.

You keep trying to turn your body bulletproof.

You keep trying to turn your heart into a bomb shelter.

Stop, darling.

You are soft and alive. You bruise and heal. Cherish it.

It is what you were born to do.

It will not be beautiful, but the truth never is.

Come now, you promised yourself.

You promised you'd live through this."



Name: Keira Jaymes Priest

Faction: N/A

Rank: N/A

  • Mand'alor the Iron (former)
  • Warmaster (former)
  • Commander of the Second Grand Army of the Republic (former)
  • Warmarshal (former)
  • Al'nau'ramikad (former)
  • Secretary of the Red Ravens (former)

Species: Human (Corellian)

Age: 44

Sex: Female

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 130 lbs

Force sensitive: Force Dead


+ Leader.
+ Above average strategist.
+ Though not an eloquent speaker by any means, she knows how to get what she wants.
+ Conditioned warrior.

Middle ground:
+/- Tenaciously stubborn.
+/- Cybernetic left arm and right leg.

- A wanderer at heart, she’s not the best at maintaining close, personal relationships.
- Has the capacity to be arrogant and overestimate her own skill.
- Impulsive decision maker.
- Mental scars to match the physical ones.
- Limp in her left leg due to it being broken in multiple places. Not overly pronounced, but it has the capacity to be a hindrance.

* Family: Reid and Kaya Zambrano-Ticon (twin son and daughter), Desric Ticon-Sedaire (son), Dani Ticon (older sister), Nikola Ticon (younger brother) Tabitha Ticon (younger sister), Alkor Centaris (younger brother), Ginnie Dib (younger sister), Torin Verd (cousin).
* Fluent in Old Corellian and Mando'a.


"She's like whiskey in a teacup."

Distinguishing marks:

  • Cybernetic left arm.
  • Cybernetic right leg.
  • Minor burn scar that spiderwebs across her jaw on the right side of her face.
  • A circular, puckered scar on her right side from being shot with a crossbow.
  • Three ropy claw mark scars on her right shoulder.
  • A burn scar that stretches diagonally from the edge of her left shoulder to a half inch below her collarbone.
  • Numerous small scars on her head, covered by her hair.
  • The raised ridge of a scar from a graze with a bullet that twists around her left side.
  • Burn scar from a lightsaber across the front of her abdomen.
  • Scar that begins at the right side of her throat and cuts diagonally towards her sternum from a lightsaber.
  • Limp in her left leg courtesy of a certain Vong overlord.
  • Scar between her shoulderblades from a tomahawk.
  • Tattoo on her back, from shoulderblade to shoulderblade.
  • Scar at the joint of her right shoulder that has caused lasting nerve damage.

Biography (Up until RP):
As a child Keira was rather ordinary, with no fantastical aspirations to become a hero of the galaxy or a willingness to travel exceptionally far, never to return. Never did she consider herself anyone special, and growing up on Corellia she never really had a reason to think otherwise. Green through and through, the only thing that perhaps set her apart was her stubborn and relentlessly persistent attitude. But even that was commonplace among others of the Ticon bloodline, and so was regarded as a typical facet of her personality. It was to be expected.

What wasn't, however, was her joining the Jedi. Her Force sensitivity had been known since she was around eight years old, and, belonging to a largely criminal family, her talents were utilized in that field for the betterment of herself and those about her, for their own personal gain and nothing more. But when the Republic's Order approached her one day in the form of a Jedi Knight that had been on-planet beforehand, she accepted the offer of a different life, one with meaning. And so she was brought to the Temple on Ossus, the new environment coming as nothing short of a culture shock.

In comparison to the rough and tumble way of life that encompassed the equally ragged around the edges planet she called home, Ossus was as clean-cut as they came. The Temple itself was plain, her quarters ascetic, robes and clothing allotted identical to nearly every other sentient present. The Code she was taught was just as dogmatic and bland, and to make matters worse she was expected to abide by it. But she played along, for a time, hoping to one day access the ability she had been promised, all the while wanting to do good for the galaxy as a whole. That was the purpose of her being there in the first place, after all.

However, nothing lasts forever. At the age of sixteen, after being in the Order for four years, she left. Of course, it wasn't quite so simple. She had tired of the rules and regulations that were required to follow, tired of the constant expectations seeming to hang relentlessly over her shoulder. And so one night she stole away, taking nothing more than the clothes on her back, her lightsaber and enough supplies to survive for a week. Without so much as a goodbye letter she left, leaving no trace of her ever having existed in the first place other than the empty room left behind, stripped bare of all signs of life.

For a time, that sufficed. Free of all obligation once more she settled for wandering the galaxy, still doing good in her own way, intervening in scenarios that required some sort of moderation. As a rogue Force sensitive she answered to no Council or higher-up, listening only to her own morality and occasionally the needs of others.


"You were born broken. That is your birthright."

Roleplays (Roughly IC chronological order):


Family Matters

How I Met Your Master

Nothing But Trouble

Grand Teth Auto

Orrazerus Blitz

Enigma Prime - Setting Out Where No Man Has Gone Before

The Ravens Who Stole Christmas

Making the Jump - ACT I - Red Ravens, The Reaver Campaign

An Unexpected Visitor: Tracking Talent Pt. 2

Arriving In Darkness

Die and Rise


Elective Amnesia

Ain't No Party Like a Red Ravens Party

Been Caught Stealing

Ravens In Wonderland

Red Ravens Dominion of Syvris

Hutt Tub Time Machine

Call It Like You See It

Welcome to the Jungle

Show 'Em the Ropes

How to Be a Bad Guy 101

Talk Nerdy to Me

Ravens and Wizards

Say Hello to a Deal They Can't Refuse, Also Untouchables and Some Other Movie

Telos the Truth

Bottoms Up!

Personal Space

Those In Glass Houses

Party Monsters

Do Your Worst

Curiosity Killed the Raven

The Smuggler's Moon

Walking the Highwire Between Order and Chaos

Training: Coruscant

When Alcohol Isn't Enough

The Dark Side. And The Light.

Dance Into The Fire

Light Me Up

Your Blue Nightmare

Ravens; Respite and Revenge

The Danger In Starting A Fire

Virtual Insanity

The Golden Nautolan

Living History...

Depths of the Smuggler's Moon

Back to Normal Now

Crystals and Candy and Chaos

Bang Bang

Crime and Business

Irkallin Be the Death of Me

It's Time

Bullet Time

To Kill a Raven

Outer Demons

Elrood By Starlight

The Magnificent Probably More Than Seven

When Mandalorians Attack!

A Bastion of Monsters

Lost & Found

We are The Primeval

Fly High, Die High

Cults and Cathedrals

Developing Negative

A Cold, Dark Place

Z is for Ziost!

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Queens of Chaos

Just One Big Junkyard

They Might Be Gas Giants

A Trail Beyond Shadows - Hell in the Headspace

Best Friends for Never

And That's How the Fight Started

I, the Jury

Come Rain on My Parade

Tools for Vengeance

The Ziost Affair

Cigarettes & Saints

Gotta Get That Boom-Boom-Pow

Rains of Contruumere

Down on the West Coast, They Got Their Ticons

A Good Day to Die Hard

Far From Home

Dying of the Light

The Best Date Ever!

Primordial Chaos

Control of the Giant Mushroom!


Loose Ends

The Wild Dark

Guess Who

The Force? Don't Be Silly!

Shadow of the Republic

Wolves on Lothal

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The Stars That Bound Us...

The Wheat and the Chaff

The Reckoning

Not the Hero This City Needs, But the Villain It Deserves!

There but for the Grace of the Force, Go I...

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Son of the Light v. Daughter of the Dark

The Audacity of Despair

I Pledge Myself to Your Teachings

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And Their Name Was Treason

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Mando Spaghetti Western

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Alderaan Civil War

New Commander of Republic Forces

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And Mandalore Will Answer

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Cin Vhetin


Family Is More Than Blood

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Hell Is Nice This Time of Year

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See You Later...

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Famous Last Words

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Learning Under Fire


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The Mandalorian Crusade

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More Than Conquerers


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The Times, They Are A'Changin'...

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Slvr & Irn

Hell to Pay

Slvr & Irn II

And There Were Three

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The Crusade Effect


Light Bearer

Hookers and Blasters; A First Imperial Holiday

Blood on My Name

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Tradition Demands It

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New Shoes

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End of the Line

If Dreams Can't Come True, Then Just Pretend

Not Your Kind of People


A Lone Call

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Castles In Sand

Remembering Myself

The Next Generation

Look Back, but Don't Stare

Human Action

Oderint Dum Metuant

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A Cluster In Turmoil

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What Was Lost

Burk'yc Kurs: Dangerous Forests

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Lost in Space


From the Ashes


The Galactic Alliance

Accept It, There's Always a Bigger Fish

In the Crossfire

Remember Everything

A Gift for a Child

The Ticon Family Reunion

Dear Old Friend

Fire. Meat. Spice.

Quality Bonding Time


The Line Part Two: Challenge for Mand'alor

Red vs. Blue

Late Due Retribution

Tell Me Why

A Tale of Two Species


Captive Audience

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

A Hope For a Bold New Path

Through the Wreckage

It's Time for the Jedi to End

Come Out, Come Out

A Modest Proposal...


I've Been Doing Well

Forgive Me


Band'o'mere Mandos

When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth

Why You Can't Exterminate Us

Sons of Urakto

A Sociph's Bliss

Cannot Forgive, Will Not Forget

For Your Own Good

You'll Think of Me...

What's a Bar like This Doing Around People like Us?

Family Is More Than Blood

Because Reasons

Vode An

The Future is Mandalorian

Our Last Best Hope for Peace

Tatooine Dawn

Not Gone, Merely Marching Far Away

Common Strains

Starship Troopers: A Mandalorian Story

Uncommon Guard

Uncommon Battlecry

Dances With Wookiees

A Day in Keldabe

No Safe Haven

Wue'gi Vod Connections

Trouble in Paradise

Vanquoish Fears

Return of the Republic

Coyote Ugly

The Mandalorian Gambit

You'll Sleep When I Say So

House on Fire

The Coconuts Strike Back!

Torrent Over Slaver Sands

A Mandalorian Disagreement

House on Fire

In the Family Way

First Light

"Tell me, how does it feel to live with your fists curled, always seeking something to fight?
How does it feel to be so rabid, so vicious, so hellbent on making a ruin out of yourself?
How does it feel to be the knife between your own ribs? Darling, you are the war and the battlefield
and there is no victory or glory in bringing yourself to your knees. 
They have sung of your rage, see; and none of them have known that most of it
is aimed at yourself. 
It will always feel hollow,
somewhere, somehow, like you’re full of holes; it will always feel like you’re inadequate.
You must learn to live with it, one way or the other, before you fill the grave you’ve dug.
(You’re choking on the thoughts, half too cowardly and far too proud to end what you began;
but it’s so late, by god, too late – you’re halfway to hell, the flames licking the soles of your feet. 
It’s fine, you think. You didn’t know what you wanted when you picked up the
axe, anyway.)"

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Keira Priest

Keira Priest

    The Iron

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    • Character Bio
  • 2,486 posts





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