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Braxus Zambrano

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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Full Name: Braxus Zambrano

Nickname or Alias: Darth Prazutis, The Lord of Lies, The Great Deceiver, 
Titles: Shadow Hand, Supreme Commander of Sith-Imperial Forces, Warlord of Rattatak, King of Thule, Guardian of Bastion and Dromund Kaas, Avatar of the Black-Iron Tyrant, Uthax'ra the God of Deception, Ya'zid-Rah Yog-Suuli Glaaki the Undying, Slayer of the Kr'ylland Six, First Trident of Udum, Bloodsoaked Desecrator, Warmaster of the Bloodreaver Legion, Blighted Bulwark of the Dread Shadows, Last Student of Narr'ahazii the Fathomless One, Buja'iin the Many Faced Demon, Overlord of the Great Beyond,God-Prince of the Epicanthix
Species: Epicanthix (Enhanced Clone Body) (Great Old One)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 250cm / 2.5m (8'2")
Weight: 300kg (661.387lb)
Physique: Endomorph
Eye Pigmentation: Emerald Green (Normal), Red-Rimmed Orange (Dark Side)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Skin Complexion: Light-Skinned
Occupation: Shadow Hand of the Sith Empire
Primary Allegiance(s): The Sith Empire
Contractual Allegiance(s): N/A
Current Status: Alive
Homeworld: Panatha
Known Residences: 

Languages Known: 

  • Aurebesh
  • High Galactic
  • Epicant
  • Bunduki
  • Huttese
  • Common Sith
  • High Sith
  • Mando'a
  • Twi'leki
  • Cheunh
  • Sy Bisti
  • Binary
  • Shyriiwook,
  • Various Maenan Languages

Languages Spoken: 

  • Galactic Basic
  • Epicant
  • Bunduki
  • Huttese
  • Sith
  • Balc Speech
  • Massassi
  • Mando'a
  • Anzati
  • Echani
  • Thyrsian
  • Various Maenan Languages

Force Sensitivity: Force-Wielder
Known Alignment: Dark Side of the Force
Force Rank: Sith Master
Marriage Status: Married
Spouses: Braith Achlys-Zambrano
Children: Venthis Zambrano, Solomon II Zambrano, Vigdis Zambrano
Grandchildren: N/A
Parents: Mikael Zambrano†, Dahlia Zambrano†, Saena Zambrano†
Grandparents: Dagon Zambrano†, Tabitha Zambrano†
Aunts & Uncles: Servelus Zambrano, Zoekaya Zambrano, 

Nieces & Nephews: Kaine Zambrano, Mordecai Zambrano, Saeth Zambrano

Great Nieces & Nephews: Sarlow Zambrano, Mavriana Zambrano, Ephraazel Zambrano, Alvarex Zambrano, Ansgar Zambrano, Xathrael Zambrano, Elani Zambrano, Vivienne Zambrano, Enoch Zambrano, Slade Zambrano, Keira Ticon (Daughter-in-Law), Annaliese Zambrano, Reinhard Baelor (Son-in-Law), Aeron Zambrano, Arkaitz Zambrano, Sethaius Zambrano, Izevel Zambrano, Isley Verd (Son-in-law), Abaddon Zambrano, Vaulkhar Zambrano, Adrastia Zambrano, Thyne Zambrano, Lucille Zambrano, Adenn Munin (Son-in-Law), Evelynn Dorn†, Erebos Zambrano, Vylythis Zambrano, Serin Zambrano, Savara Zambrano, Tolhesten Zambrano, Yasmina Ishtar Zambrano, Grigore Zambrano, Lenusa Zambrano, Aurelia Zambrano, Ancius Zambrano†, Artemisa Zambrano, Lok Munin (Son-in-Law), Krivkov Zambrano, Nikishina Zambrano, Kadurin Zambrano, Aksyonov Zambrano, Mekhantyev Zambrano, Barentsev Zambrano, Farah Zambrano (Clone), Jabou Zambrano, Amat Zambrano, Kabir Zambrano, Boro Zambrano, Alanso Zambrano, Tashet Zambrano, Zam Zambrano (Son-In-Law), Raya Zambrano, Adir Zambrano, Ebele Zambrano, Kassandra Zambrano, Joycelyn Zambrano, Evaelyn Zambrano, Jahangir Zambrano
Siblings: Maegor Zambrano†, Talia Zambrano II†

Cousins: Georlayn Zambrano, Maria Natalja†, Cennika Hawk, Lara Zambrano, Ebiah Zambrano, Choli Vyn, Pravus Zambrano, Mortarion Zambrano, Chaddeus Zambrano
Lovers: Falaa Pha
Acquaintances: Taeli Raaf, Darth Voracitos, Darth Saarai
Master: Kaine Zambrano
Apprentices: Venthis Zambrano, Solomon II Zambrano, Khonsu Amon





Face Claim: Josh Brolin (Photoshopped)

Voice Sample: Rick Wasserman, N'Zoth

Theme Song: TBA


Known Skills:

  • Master of the Dark Side of the Force, capable of producing most Dark Side Force abilities without great effort
  • Proficient in Reality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Avatar Manipulation, and Shapeshifting
  • Master of Sith Alchemy and Sith Magic
  • Exceptional lightsaber duelist; skilled in all lightsaber forms, favors Djem So & Juyo / Strong Style
  • Highly Proficient with one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, polearms, ranged weapons, and a master of sniper rifles
  • Master unarmed combatant; trained in Epicanthix, Echani, Thyrsian, Mandalorian and Hellyni martial arts as well as Teräs Käsi
  • Trained in the arts and abilities of the Bloodreaver Legion style of fighting 
  • Capable starfighter pilot
  • Qualified knowledge of Human and Alien anatomy, particularly for use in torture and medical experimentation
  • Competent slicer

Distinguishing Features:

  • Sith rune tattooed into forehead as an homage of Sith Lords like Exar Kun
  • Sith scarification on his torso and arms
  • Maenan scarification and tattoos on his entire body
  • Distinct scar tissue over healed wounds


  • Education:
    • mEvOUqK.png - Grey Eminence
    • 1f2OfUQ.png - Mastermind Theologian
    • LDJbAU3.png - Midas Touched
    • AvkDQKk.png - Elusive Shadow
    • oaF376V.png - Brilliant Strategist
  • Health:
    • Grievously_Scarred.png​ - Grievously Scarred
  • Genetic:
    • Strong.png - Strong
    • Inbred.png - Inbred
    • Giant.png - Giant
    • Brawny.png - Brawny
  • Lifestyle:
    • rSANVkc.png - Master Schemer
    • suHE4f5.png - Administrator
    • Duelist.png - Duelist
    • Impaler.png - Impaler
  • Personality:
    • Diligent.png - Diligent
    • Wroth.png - Wroth
    • Ambitious.png - Ambitious
    • Proud.png - Proud
    • Deceitful.png - Deceitful
    • Arbitrary.png - Arbitrary
    • Brave.png - Brave
    • Cruel.png - Cruel
    • Zealous.png - Zealous
  • Leadership:
    • Aggressive_leader.png - Aggressive Leader
  • Kinslayer:
    • Kinslayer.png - Kinslayer


Personality and Traits:


"Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you've seen before."


Braxus in his core is a cunning, unpredictable Machiavellian, as well as a ruthless manipulator of court politics as well as people. Braxus was extremely intelligent which is easily viewed in the various educational programs and academies that he took part in, scoring in the top of his classes. He possesses a voracious hunger for knowledge and places a great value on it and information. Braxus was proven to be extremely patient with a willingness to follow plans for years to see them through.


"Always keep your foes confused. If they don't know who you are or what you want, they can't know what you plan to do next."


One of the most dangerous qualities about Braxus Zambrano is he is an extremely distrustful individual. Many who know him have no idea just how shrewd and calculating the man is. He is a flawless actor who is able to put up a persona in a moment’s notice and this helps in deceiving his allies as well as his enemies into falsely believing the auras of trust and compassion that he puts up. An instinctively treacherous individual who had absolutely no problem killing or causing the deaths of his allies which he did on numerous occasions. He disposes of people around him like one replaces clothing or furniture they no longer need.

The most significant traits that help his skills to this end begin with his incredible charisma. One of the most powerful tools at his disposal is his voice as he is able to both inspire and convince many allies to follow him, as well as corrupt and convince others to do things they would normally never do. In recent years his advancement deeper into the dark side has diminished his capacity for many human emotions such as love. It's often said that on occasion the rare eye can see that while he smiles Braxus's eyes don't.


"Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you."


​What makes truly makes him dangerous is just how unpredictable Braxus Zambrano truly is. Nothing about the man has patterns and his actions are nearly impossible to predict. Even harder to understand are his motives which to even his closest family remain entirely unclear. Many of his actions often have no purpose or even work against his own agenda leaving those standing against him confused, and in their confusion the true plan comes full circle leaving them in broken heaps in his rearview. These qualities have made the cold, sociopathic Lord of Lies a truly dangerous and terrifying being to cross paths with.

​"The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must"


One of the few positive qualities that make up Braxus Zambrano is that he's an exceptional leader. He has proven time and time again to be an excellent ruler his gifts in administration have helped the man to act as the second in command to Darth Carnifex for several decades running the vast empire of House Zambrano even during times when the Dark Lord was dead or unavailable to his own people. These gifts continue to the battlefield where he's shown to be a highly capable commander with an observant eye to use all the tools at his disposal.​

Braxus's disregard for life other than his own gifted him with a very dry, cynical sense of humor where he often laughs at the expense of other peoples pain and suffering. Perhaps one of the most unusual qualities he possesses along with his nephew Kaine Zambrano is the loyalty and close friendship between the two monarchs that run deep. Even in beings who care only about themselves they've shown loyalty and faith to one another.





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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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Birth; Early Life

  • Born on Panatha to Mikael and Dahlia Zambrano the first Zambrano Pureblood with spliced Anzati genetics
  • Braxus is tutored in science, mathematics, history, rhetoric and many other fields of study by the best academics in the Reach, discovered as an intellectual prodigy
  • Brother Maegor and sister Talia II are born on Panatha five and eight years after Braxus's birth respectively
  • Mikael introduces Braxus to the concept of the Force, especially the Dark Side
  • Braxus becomes the youngest Grand Champion of Canthar breaking the previous record by a full year
  • Political tension due to Mikael's violation of the black rites with Braxus's birth leads to the passing of the crown's inheritance to his younger brother Maegor
  • Prior events and Braxus's unusual but powerful gifts causes deep resentment between him and his brother and sister, deepening Maegor's madness
  • Mikael dies passing the crown to Maegor whose resentment with his brother only builds
  • Tensions reach a breaking point after Maegor's assassination attempt on his brother fails, Braxus fights him in a battle that lasted for three days straight, Braxus tries to reason with his brother but soundly beats him and chooses to spare his life taking only enough food and fuel to reach the next port

Young Adulthood; Bloodsoaked Desecrator

  • After drifting aimlessly through deep space without contact fuel and food run emptyt, Braxus nearly dies of starvation before being rescued by passing smugglers. They take him to Zarr where he begins working off his life debt to the infamous and legendary Yog-Suuli Glaaki Kajidic
  • In the beginning he serves as a low level thug, drug runner, and a smuggler for the Kajidic with relative anonymity, however it doesn't last very long
  • Braxus clearly displays immense aptitude, ability, and skill in many fields, he is selected for advancement as a hitman, one of the Kajidics chosen killers and begins training put through the trials to test his worth
  • Where all recruits are nearly beaten to death during the trials it takes almost a hundred and fifty soldiers to subdue Braxus over a day and a half, drawing the attention of Nyarga Yog-Suuli Glaaki who personally attends, Braxus is immediately put out into the field
  • Quickly climbs the ladderearning a name for himself after successfully completing over two hundred contracts in his first month of service. Braxus is appointed as the Shadow of Nyarga the Dauntless
  • Braxus infamy reaches the Yog-Suuli Kajidic's capital his presence demanded by Nolthu Yog-Suuli Glaaki after his assassination of Nyceptor Yog-Suuli Glaaki, Nyceptor the Betrayer and his entire infamous bodyguard of Shadow Paladins for his coup attempt against the Nyarga the Dauntless
  • Braxus steps on Maena for the first time making his way to the City of Yog and is assigned to Nolthu the Gruesome as his Shadow where he serves for several years
  • Word spreads across the entire Yog-Suuli Glaaki Kajidic after Braxus performs several high profile assassinations including the legendary Kr’ylland Six the highest profile targets of the Kajidic in two thousand years: Ugga the Daemonseer, Hnarqu the Walking Plague, Kassogtha; Magister of the Bleak Mages, By’atorii; Defiler of Xoth’za, Fau’knar; Warlord of the Red Waste, and Mor’di’gar the Hierophant of Ash, 
  • Narr'ahazii the Fathomless One takes a direct interest in Braxus for his deeds and orders him tested, Zambrano is casted into the Y-sha'thii Xa-uuk, roughly translated to the Yawn of Madness, just off the coast of Anaryian's Crest, Any that wish to enter his circle must first survive the doldrums
  • An unknown amount of time passes before Braxus finally emerges from the Yawn of Madness alive, changed by the experience but in full grasp of his sanity, he is brought to Ecrairis where a bond forms between him and the Fathomless One, who acts as his mentor
  • After serving for several years a celebrated event grips Maena and Braxus is asked by Narr'ahazii to serve as the First Trident of Udum for the Yog-Suuli Kajidic in the Sestercentennial Blood Purge, a five month long massive war that rages through the boneyard cities of the Feral Sands, the Yog-Suuli claiming total victory in the first phase
  • Against all odds Braxus survives the agony of the Blood Purge, enduring to the Grand Games of the Blood Purge Champions and emerges as the last man standing, achieving total Yog-Suuli victory and becoming the new Bloodsoaked Desecrator

Rise and Fall of the Dread Shadow

  • Due to his horrific injuries Braxus is brought to the Forbidden City of Zrozkrot the Void Priest of the Netherblade by Narr'ahazii where the Fathomless One cares for his champion, he spends much time here healing, exploring and learning, the bond deepens and Braxus is seen as the surrogate son of the Fathomless One
  • Once healed Zambrano collects his reward including the Bloodsoaked Desecrator Armor and Blade at the Palace of the Bloodsoaked Desecrator and then at Ar-Golraz where Narr'ahazii has pulled strings to have him personally trained by Arudes the Armageddon; Warmaster of the legendary Bloodreaver Legion, Forever bound to the Bloodsoaked Desecrator, Braxus learns to make the most of his new gear and learns the ways of the elite legion and a skillset that cannot be found anywhere else in the Galaxy
  • After the completion of his training under Arudes and as a Dread Shadow, Braxus is officially anointed the Dread Shadow and accepts his first mission: End the Trade War, he leaves Maena for the first time
  • The direct involvement of the Dread Shadow has a profound impact which results in the annihilation of three rival Kajidics in Hutt Space, the end of Hutt Space's claim over Yog-Suuli sovereignty, and the Core and Mid-Rim Coalitions enacting their embargoes that end the public legitimacy of the West Galactic Free Traders Guild, for his horrific crimes during this time Braxus becomes one of the most wanted to the major alliance governments of the time, art first comes out of the Dread Shadow presenting Narr'ahazii with the rival kajidic lords heads
  • For the next century the Dread Shadow stalks the landscape of Maena his presence is felt, the Dread Shadow takes out several high profile targets including the assassination of Rh'o'gog the Gorebull; Castellan of the Templars of Depravity
  • The Heralds of Xoth'za unleash a brutal crusade on Kr'ylland that unwittingly results in the death of a Kajidic lieutenant in Narr'ahazii's inner circle to a zybiisan scimitar enraging the Fathomless One, after directly insulting Narr'ahazii in a reparations summit a decision is made, blood demands blood, a mark is placed on Y'mnar; High Priestess of the Heralds of Xoth'za
  • Y'mnar is executed inside the temple under the darkness of night setting off a massive manhunt, she is found dead crucified by fragments of a zybiisan blade
  • Braxus flees with an army of the Heralds of Xoth'za hot on his tale through the Obsidian Desert, but is cornered, with no other option he flees right into the Howling Hollow. The zealots chase him into the raven crags and fall victim to the pursuers folly, every single one of them die and Braxus emerges unharmed from the hollow


Departing a Home, Unleashing the Monster


Blackskull's Reign of Terror over the Galactic Underworld


Retirement & Reflections


Mentor of the Young, Rekindling of a Dream


Servant of Shadows


Endless War


End of an Era


Renewed Emperor




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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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Personal Equipment:

  • Saziliebm-type Imperious Battle Armor Mark II [x]
  • Jivani ai Erza, the Corrupter's Claws [x]
  • Kata ah dui Vaek, Heart of the Void  [x]
  • Primordial Signet Ring [x]

Personal Weapons:

  • Asmenys iv Tave Gimti - Blades of the Fallen [x]
  • Daesumnor, Blade of Hunger[x]

Personal Starship(s):

  • Goliath II-class Super Star Dreadnought; Goliath II [x]
  • Dark Star Yacht [x]
  • Midnight-class Imperial Command Shuttle; Midnight I [x]


  • Skull of Silara Kuhn [x]
  • The Holocron of Kaine Zambrano [x]
  • The Book of the Black Earth [x]
  • Galvanoth the Genocide

Beasts of War:

  • Galvanoth the Genocide [x]

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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The Followers of Iron

Chosen of [Insert Deity Name Here]

The Sect of the Liar

Band of Buja'iin

Children of Lies

Fist of the Immortals

The Sacred Filth

Sons of the Death Lords

The Kor'zy-qar

Fiends of Uthax'ra

Butchers of Ya'zid-rah

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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