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Fabula Cavataio

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Fabula Caromed

Fabula Caromed

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" Not even Hell itself could keep me from you, cyar'ika. "



NAME: Fabula Caromed, née Cavataio
FACTION: The Outer Rim Coalition
RANK: Dark Jedi Master
SPECIES: Human (Dathomiri, clone)
AGE: Between 15 and 700 years old. Ish.
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'4" (160cm)
WEIGHT: 131 lbs. (59 kg)
EYES: Dark Side gold, originally dark brown
SKIN: Dark Side pale, originally somewhat dusty
Sins: Wrath, Sloth
Virtues: Humility, Charity
Spouse: Lynn Caromed
Children: Fable Merrill
Languages: Basic, Mando'a, Paecean

Avatar: Tifa Lockhart. Really hard to get more obvious.
Voice: Cristina Valenzuela, specifically as Riven.
Playlist: Here. Just a little something I listen to when I need to get into her head.
See Also: Fabula's most recent questionnaire entry.



  • + Lightning Bruiser. Fabula has always had a fantastic affinity for the Control sphere of powers, augmenting her body to perform feats far beyond most other Force users. In combat, she empowers herself with the less cuddly aspects of the Force to move and react extremely quickly, fight with superhuman strength and stamina, and transcend the limits of her mortal body through focused battle-lust. This makes her utterly terrifying to face in close combat.
  • + Master Swordsman. It's safe to say that if Fabula knows anything better than pushing her body to legitimately superhuman limits, that thing would be lightsabers. Trained in all seven classical forms and particularly in the most aggressive ones, Fabula has had a love affair with Ataru, Djem So, and Juyo for years. For a short time, she was considered one of the greatest Ataru masters in the galaxy...and even though that age is long since past, she's still plenty deadly.
  • - Close Range Combatant. As a Control specialist, Fabula is painfully deficient in almost any Force technique that doesn't involve the use of her body. Her telekinesis is laughably weak, her senses are dull, and she can't manifest any of the fun "magic" Force powers that other Force-users like to spam. This, combined with her rather lackluster blaster deflection skills, leaves her at a disadvantage at range...provided her enemy can maintain that range.
  • - Crippling Overspecialization. Like many classical Force users, Fabula is basically only good at being a Force user. She's a decent but not incredible pilot, she's utterly useless with computers and medkits, her only way through a locked door is to punch it, and looking at a blaster or a bomb for her is akin to looking into the human brain. While she's plenty personable, Fabula isn't terribly bright. She does one thing, and that can leave her very vulnerable against clever enemies.
  • ~ Gag Boobs. Eeyup.


  • Fabula has no pillows in her cabin on the Pilgrim. Only stuffed animals.
  • On Kashyyyk, Rawrwaarg trained Fabula in the Wookiee martial art "Wrruushi." Despite being a relatively short human, Fabula is easily strong enough to make it work.
  • Alcohol somehow bypasses Fabula's metabolic control. She's a one-drink date.
  • There are probably about two hundred more Fabula clones in stasis tubes below the lost Morte Clan stronghold on Dathomir. Also Kristin, Petra, Anna, Mira, Mirus...




Got a little long. Decided to condense it.

Mandalorian Exile
After finding her soul in the Netherworld, Fabula returned home to Taris and her wife. After a long and in-depth explanation of exactly what happened, the two renewed their wedding vows, and Fabula set about the process of joining Clan Caromed properly. Peace was fun for a while, but when the Death Watch started a new campaign to "cure" Force-users in "their" territory, she and her daughter had to make themselves scarce. Fabula, as she often does, made for the Rim.

Several threads lost to the 11/8/13 board crash. Current and future threads will be listed below. I've given up on my previous practice of labeling them "complete" or "unfinished" or "ongoing," because I had a whooooole lot of "unfinished." I'm probably missing a few.

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Bomb Queen - Republic dominion of Nixor
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Darth Carnifex

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