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Pride and Preju-Sith [One Sith Trial, OS Only]

* * * * - 4 votes The One Sith Tyranny

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    The Second Seal, broken.

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The Hand held up a finger in silent protest as the severed limb was promptly snatched from her grip — too lax, it seems. Something to be rectified in the future — and then watched, mutely, as the looming beast-man closed his many, many rows of sharp teeth around the phalanges.


She frowned behind the darkened visor of her helmet, her upper lip curling in disgust as Hion the Herglic swallowed the ground meat and pulverized bone. A culinary transgression of such proportions surely couldn't go unpunished! Her blue eyes flickered to Reverance for but a moment, hoping that the Wrath would recognize the gravity of the whale's crime as well.


The voice of Darth Adekos rose to drown out the sounds of Orcus enjoying his food, and Vrag braced herself for another prolix speech. She barely suppressed a breath of relief when it never came, glad to oblige the masked Sith a second time.


In the end, it seemed, her attendance of the trial wouldn't be a waste of time after all, and the armored woman strolled around the disfigured body with a slow gait that clearly betrayed that she was savoring the situation. The hum of her ignited blade filled the lull as everyone mercifully fell silent — finally — and Vrag could feel a small smirk tug at the corners of her mouth as she assumed her position above the prone body of the accused.


The lightsaber in her grasp sang through the air with a deadly sort of grace as it fell upon the Jedi's left shoulder this time, scorching through muscle, sinew, and bone as if it were nothing. The smell of charred flesh would soon steep the air as the red beam burned clean through the glenohumeral joint, separating the arm from the rest of Alexandra Feanor while leaving the caput humeri still in its socket.


Who knows, maybe someone would find it amusing to play with the stump.



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Via Dolorosa

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When the final act was over and the room fell silent for the exception of Hion the Herglic's digestive track, Darth Venefica rose from her seat clapping her hands together. What had just transpired before her eyes was something far more creative than she had in mind. Still, justice had been served, a whale fed, and the warning to all who dare betray the Dark Lord and the One Sith was made clear. Crystal clear. With nothing more to be gained by loitering about, she bid her farewells to the others and took her leave.



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Darth Adekos

Darth Adekos

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"Another excellent job." Adekos complimented the armored lady. Prompted by telekinetics, the bleeding arm floated upward into the air.


A TA4, Adekos' personal assistant, stepped forth from the crowd and made its way over. It gingerly took the severed, floating arm into its posession. Perhaps Darth Adekos was a lowlife by most standards. He was, after all, a malignant villain more concerned with results, profits, and productivity than the civil rights and political freedoms of the peasants. Lowlife or not, he wasn't about to dirty his hands by carrying some moron's amputated limb. Adekos was arguably the most sophisticated lowlife around. Particularly in this court.


"Your honors, I shall transport this appendage to a secure location and have the pertinent acolytes use psychometry upon it." Adekos announced to the judges and whatever remained of the assembled court. "I suspect all the relevant information will be obtained in the coming weeks. I shall keep you abreast of the progress."





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With that the trial was over and the judges would be assuredly pleased.  Gabriel acknowledged the efforts of Darth Adekos and Vrag with a tilt of his head and a lift of his posture.  If Alexandra wasn't dead yet, she would soon be.  Several troops would come to transport the beaten and broken body.  To be lifted and moved to a rift, flung mostly dead to hopefully never return.  It didn't much matter if she did, vermin had a way of finding themselves back under the hardwood, no matter how much poison you put down.  The Wrath would acquiesce to a certainty in that notion, though she would be a presence constantly beaten back should head find itself revealed from the hole it was buried in.  With that, he removed himself from the proceedings and made his way out of the temple.  He had had enough of Coruscant, he would soon depart towards a more suitable habitat.  Without so much red tape.


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