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Kiran's Blaster

- - - - - Kiran Saeva Blaster

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Slevin Thawne

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Image Source: Here

Intent: Make Kiran a Custom Weapon he can shoot people with.

Development Thread: If Necessary

Manufacturer: Kiran Vess

Model: Kiran's Blaster

Affiliation: Kiran Vess

Modularity: Yes

Production: Unique

Material: Dallorian Alloy

Classification: Blaster

Size: Handheld

Length: 206mm

Weight: 1,232g

Ammunition Type: Gas Canister, Powercell

Ammunition Capacity: 8

Effective Range: 105m – 20m(Single Shot Slugthrower)

Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic

Special Features:


-Single Shot Slugthrower

-Grip Spike



Kiran Vess is no Gun manufacturer, tinkerer, or inventor. If there is one thing however that can be said of the Zeltron is that he is persistent.


The weapon that Kiran would design as his personal firearm is based off of designs of older model blasters such as the WESTAR-34 and 35 as well as the more ancient Merr-Sonn heavy blasters and the DC-17 interchangeable weapon system. As such the weapon is incredibly bulky and large, having the look of a larger and heavier pistol.


This look however is fitting since Kiran's Blaster is an incredibly heavy weapon. The Blaster itself is nothing more than a standard Blaster Pistol on steroids. This was achieved through supercharging the process of a regular WESTAR-34, using the same parts and equipment from the old blaster but making its power charge much more effective. In practical terms this means that Kiran's Blaster has much more of a kick than a regular blaster. This means it hits slightly harder and does more damage to targets. The trade off to this however is a severe cut in its ammunition capacity, with the blaster only holding eight shots before needing a new powerpack.


This slightly harder hitting shot also has a tendency to confuse force users. Most lightsaber are gripped with a light touch and bat blaster bolts away without a second thought. An unsuspecting Jedi or Sith might come across Kiran's gun and attempt to bat away one of his blaster bolts only to find their lightsaber slip from their grip due to the blasters strength. Other than this “heavier” hit the blaster reacts normally to a lightsaber blade.


Aside from this more standard equipment Kiran also add three additional feature onto the blaster. The first of these is a flashlight.


Located alongside the flashlight is a single shot derringer slugthrower. This unique little weapon is nothing but a small coil gun with an effective range of twenty meters. These weapon is triggered by a small button alongside the Trigger guard. It is a one shot weapon with the capsule needing to be replaced after being shot. This attachment exists in order to fool Jedi and Sith. Most often Kiran will fire a volley from his blaster and will then fire the slugthrower in order to quickly finish off his opponent when they are in their moment of confidence.


The last special feature held on the gun is a large durasteel spike. The spike is mostly there in order to turn the weapon into somewhat of a melee weapon. If Kiran is pushed into close combat he can grasp the barrel of the gun and use the weapon like a makeshift spiked hammer. Kiran is also able to use the spike in a variety of means, though these can vary depending on the situation.


It should also be noted that since Kiran is not a weapons manufacturer or gun smith that the blaster comes with slight...quirks. The weapon is often prone to jamming after prolonged use. Its sights sit slightly off balance making it difficult for new users to use, and its trigger is exceptionally easy to pull, making it prone to miss fires. The weapon would likely also react incredibly adversely to electricity, possibly exploding.*


Primary Source: N/A


*It will definitely explode.

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Braith Achlys

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'tis a caliver made by a nimble-footed maneth.


Approved, pending secondary.





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