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Ranger's Utility Boots

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Willa Isard

Willa Isard

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Image Source: Black Widow: Avenger's Age of Ultron

Intent: To create a standard combat boot for the Ranger's
Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Sasori
Model: Sasori Ranger's Attire
Affiliation: Ranger's/OPen Market
Modularity: Yes colors change in environments
Production: ProductionMass-Produced. (Anyone.))

  • Armorweave
  • Hybrid Plexisteel Plating
  • Lamanarium-Duraplast Plating
  • Components
  • Durasteel heel and toe

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 3.5kg
Quality: 10
Special Features:

  • Magno-Grip
  • Combat Blade Sheath
  • Auto Fitting gel foam
  • Self Repairing
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Blast Resistant
  • Mitrinomon Jetpack Thrusters
  • Biometric Seals

Description: Designed for the Ranger's to use by Willa the boots are set to function as a special one size fit all for the different ranger's. Using small internal components and mini biometric computer to auto fit the ones wearing it with expanding form inserts. The seals of the boots allow it to seat over a standard bodysuit and prevent compromising the rest of the armor. Jetpack thrusters built into the heel allow for sustained flight in low gravity and quick jumps around in standard. A built in sheaths on the boot give room for a combat knife and extra weapon. The toe and heel of the boot is thick durasteel with hybrid plexisteel plating and protection. THe lightweight blaster resistant metal great for adding protection to the armorweave underneath and in the clasps. The final part is a camo system designed to change the colors with the environment you can switch with the small computer. While not exactly a cloak it does cut down on manufacturing several suits of armor for ranger's to operate on different worlds or in different situations.

Primary Source:

Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Under Review.


Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Approved, pending secondary


Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke


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