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Character: Sanya Cadera Val Lerium

Rogue Force user

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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NAMESanya Cadera Val Lerium 


AGE: 24
RACE: Croa

human (mother, dead) human (father, unknown)
HAIR: Silver, shoulder length
EYE COLOUR: orange
HEIGHT: 5'6"

Queen ofSekalus > Ancora


FRACTION'S: Mandalorians
RANK'S: Grand Master / Queen

HOMERendili house 


CREDIT'S: What Inquisition Industry's™ make's (currently 50 credits due to the rebuilding efforts for her people) 

APPAREL: quadanium breast plate, skin tight black leggings, black,white,red hooded cape and a visor with purple holographic lens

NOTICEABLE FEATURES: Silver hair, Glowing orange eyes.

LIKES: high quite places, space, helping a good cause, flying, shadows, justice, love, a fair fight, Jedi

DISLIKES: crowds, noise, bounty hunters, sith, awkward situations, loss of close friends, small spaces 

Stealth- with been born in the slums if corellia she had to adapt to been in plain view but remain unnoticed. this normally meant keeping in the shadows or keeping high up away from attention.(reason for nickname/code-name)

Healer- sanya always put others before her self, so she took up healing.

strategist - when in battle or in training, sanya's abilitys to think of a strategy to achieve the objective is outstanding.


Rich - now she no longer splits her money to fund both her company and the republic she has become quite wealthy with the money saved. It has came to the point where she gains more than she can spend.


love - with her been accepted by the Jedi she has now finally open up and over the past few years of been a Jedi she has fallen in love with a certain individual through accepting this emotion her connection to the force seems stronger...


Heightened Senses - hearing, smell, eyesight and taste are better than the maority of other species allowing for better hunting instincts, but it is also able to be used against them as sensitive ears can pick up ultrasonic frequencies.
Acrobatic - with more hollow bone structure they can run faster, jump higher and climb better. 
Immune system - Sanya has a strong immune system that is able to fight off viruses and illnesses very easily. 

[Building through rp]

Manipulation - easily talked into doing things and not realising the consequence of the of the objective.

small crowded areas - her awareness is usually good but when confined to places where there is too much to focus on it leaves her vulnerable to attack.

love - this can also be turned against her. as well as do anything to make sure the person she has feeling for is safe no matter the cost.


sensitive hearing: with her ears been so sensitive to sound she can pick up frequencies many others cannot. But loud noises in close proximity, Flashbangs for example would have a high possibility of rupturing her ear drums. 
* sensitive to extreme cold: she easily get cold and can suffer hypothermia worse than the average species. 

[Building through Rp]

Current Master -



Previous masters -
Avalore Eden
Maria Natalja

Padawan/apprentice -




Kills - None


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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Royal circlet

Ther Ornate Lady

Her Majesty's Cloak

Equipment currently gets used:

Sanya's mask
Royal circlet
Sekallien Grand Master Robes

Black rose trench coat
Timbre armor


Examplar-class personal energy shield

Sanya's sabers (destroyed)

Amos Amor - Sanya's saber stick
Tactical fighting blade

Inqsition Gunship
Dynamic class freighter II

Libita-class command ship (for me to easily find the link)

VOI speeder


Ancoran Guard

Penumbra Unit


Sanya's light side force ghost

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Light side -

center of being 


Universal powers -

Force speed 

Force jump 

Force blast*



Force heal 


Force Aura 

Force stealth/cloak 

Force persuasion 

force shield 


Dark side -

Darkside heal

Shock - Force lightning - Force Storm 

Midi-chlorian manipulation


Custom -

Ethernal Force walk



Saber forms:
( from 0-10, 1 been Novice, 10 been master)
I Shii Cho - 3
II Makashi - 0
III Soresu - 5
IV Ataru - 2
V shien / DJem so - 0
VI niman - 10
VII Juyo / Vaapad - 0


Custom saber forum:



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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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PERSONALITY: usually know as been a silent type and stubborn she will not back down from a fight even if out numbered 10 to 1, she can adapt to any situation and quickly think of a strategic plan on the spot. she believe that most of the Jedi's views are right but have flaws. she accepts emotions but blocks them out in times where its needed to be rational and logical but love is one emotion that rules her.



Early years -

Born on Corellia she was raised By her mother as her father left before her birth, she grew up been quite poor. Since she was able to walk she was taught how to survive by stealing food and credits to eat and keep a home. By the age of 5 she started developing the force but not knowing what was happening it scared her at first. Throughout the age of 6 she learnt how to make things levitate making stealing more efficient.Thugs one day caught her out and beat her publicly till her mother ran to her side and tried to make them stop, they did so but at the cost of her mothers life. After killing her they let sanya go and laughed at her sorrow but this pushed sanya into a state rage and sent a small shock wave cracking walls on buildings and detonating a few grenades on the thugs and sent the ones still alive uninjured running.
Not long after the authority shown up they took sanya to keep her in protection till they figure out what to do with her, there was no orphanage or home would take her in after the event. A few days after she ran away from protection to sneak into her home and collect food, clothes and something of her mothers. In one of the container's there was small a box saying 'happy 18th birthday my special girl' on top. She put all the things into a rucksack and later snuck aboard a shuttle off planet.
She spent 2 years bouncing from planet to planet trying get by and survive. On her journeys she had to learn how to learn how to medicate her self when injured, she remembers a lot of remedies to clear a simple infection. Even how to deal with deep cuts to how to set a cast for broken bones from her mother, as sanya had a habit from falling from high places. In her travels she had watched over dozens of holodiscs about medicine, and on occasion she has helped those who are in need of medication but could not afford it. Her name was well known in the slums of most places she has been to and in return she has been rewarded with knowledge and small amounts of credits.
One of the many people she helped was an old republic pilot called Taneas he taught her how to fly a ship and showed her basic repairs he'd often say to Sanya "Its better to start learning young it stays fresh in the mind". Over the time she spent alone he became the closest thing she had to call family she spent many months living with him and helping those in the slums. Taneas told her a lot of stories but the ones that most inspired her was the ones about the Jedi. She hoped for one day she could be apart of something like that, Taneas obviously had contact's but he was unaware of her gifts been able to use the force.
Teens -
As soon as she hit the age of 13 Taneas struggled to support both of them and Sanya was aware of the situation. So she decided that she would travel again to another planet but stay in contact. She didn't have the credits to buy a travel pass, not even with the credits she saved from healing others. So she had to steal for the credits as she was to big to sneak on anymore. Walking towards the Ossus space port a person wearing robes bumped into her, at that moment Sanya noticed a silver shiny object around their belt. Using the force she lifted it of the woman's belt to take it. She must have felt it move because within a second her hand had grabbed hold of it and secured it.
The woman had slowly turned around to face Sanya but instead of looking angry she had a smile upon her face, and approached sanya but with a some what of an offer. "I could report you to the authority's, or you could put that gift of yours to use." This had confused Sanya by what the women meant "The Jedi are always looking for new people like you to join us." Sanya's eyes lit up this could be the chance to do good even more than what's she had already been doing, with out hesitation Sanya gave her a reply. "Really? That would mean everything to me." The women beckoned Sanya to join her on the way to the temple.
Adolescents -
Many years later Sanya trained hard although despite never really having a master that had time for her, she still went to classes learning all she could. Not only that but Sanya had been given the opportunity to create her own company with the help of camellia swift, from there Sanya would go onto developing inquisition industry's. Not only did she develop a company but also a crush on camellia been the only person to have given her so much and been so nice about it, that wasn't the only reason's either. Sanya found the Rendili woman rather well beautiful, cute, strong willed, independent alot of things, the only problem was Sanya was a Jedi but it never stopped her thinking about the woman.
The company would develop droids and land vehicles for the republic. It was when she was around the ages of 18 when she had been knighted in the Jedi order, after enduring the trial of flesh it was Corvus raaf that had placed her name forward for the rank.
Although in Sanya's mined it left a distasteful thought of revenge for what this Darth ferus did to her. Quite often she'd have nightmares of what happened until she changed a little. Her life brought no happiness and finally she became emotionless. everything she did was a task and not a choice. This slowly developed to a habit of spending weeks and months alone on her ship, during that time she'd scout the borders and sneak in to the enemy's area. 
Woman -
Not long after Sanya's ascension to knighthood she quickly became detached from the Jedi order. Her time was spent in solitude at long periods of time quickly wearing her down from the lack of companionship. She had no real friends and the Jedi order soon became a place she no longer called home. After a few months the woman had gotten caught up in the bushiness of a Sith lord and Camellia Swift. Upon following the two around Taris she had gotten into a spot of trouble where she had almost died. Luckily and unfortunately the Sith had saved her life but in doing so became a pawn to the woman's plans. As months kept going her life as a "pet" to the Sith got no better. She resented the Sith but found herself unable to leave as she had formed an attachment to Camellia. Every waking moment was spent to planning how they could escape. That day never really came, especially after the fatal kiss that had doomed Sanya's fate into becoming apart of the experiment of the Sith Lord. During Sanya's transition into becoming a Croa, She had a vision of a world oppressed by a tyrant. With the small lack of trust Sanya had gained with the Sith she had gone out in search of the planet. Little did she know that both Sanya and Camellia was been followed.
Hours after the two touched down on the planet named Sekalus The Continent of the Black Rose Armies had landed. With their technological advantage the world became under siege by the cruel organisation. Even so that didn't stop Sanya from her mission to save the world from tyranny. Her mission was to remove the leader, and that she did. Upon the slight regicide she became the ruler of the world that had a large amount of it's population changed into the Croa. Many hated the woman for a long time but over time they began to notice the changes to their life styles been improved. Over time she gained the trust of the people and officially made her queen. A title she didn't really want but it stuck. During her time she had gotten married to Camellia Swift and enjoyed their short time together before they had been separated by duty. Once again Sanya found herself becoming lonely now more than ever due to her position.
Two years quickly passed and Sekalus had become a neutral world once again with all Sith occupation forced out from the planet not just by Sanya but the people as well. Although more challenges faced them just amongst the horizon. The world had endured four known attacks by governments. Twice by the Mandalorians, the second time with the aid of the black tie syndicate and the other governments was the one Sith and the first order. Most attacks had been repelled off but the most devastating was the assault from the One Sith that ended with their flag ship crashing close to the capital city killing and injuring many. Since the first order's attack governments had learnt to steer clear of the world now known it wasn't an easy target. Another year had passed and once more Sanya was been pulled away from the planet after reviving word that the Outer Rim Coalition had taken her people hostage at a location her company owned. They had gotten many false accusations pinned against the woman so she knew that it was a ploy to bring her out in to a trap. 
Of course she had no intentions to let her people come to harm so she was left with little choice but to try stage a solo rescue. Unfortunately her mission didn't succeed and led her to been captured and sentenced to a hearing lead by the people who was accusing her of crimes she had not committed. The hearing for the most part went well and she was cleared of all crimes they had yet still took away the facility they had used to drag her out of hiding and responsibility. Although it was a small price to pay for what came next. The hearing ended with a message sent to Sanya that the Sun Sekalus orbited was going super nova. With the aid of ORC the planet had gotten evacuated and relocated upon a new world that was unsettled. The planet now named Ancora by the Sekalien people became home to the many who had just left there's to perish in the Rusyu System Disaster. It took time for her people to gain a good footing once again and quickly built homes and businesses once again with the aid of many worlds and supporters. Still with the aid of ORC and the time they had spent with Sanya in those few months of locating a new world all past differences had been put behind them creating a new alliance between Ancora and ORC.
Several year's later the alliance between Ancora and ORC slowly failed. It was their inability to show that they can work forwards rather than hold grudges. This was made apparent when Sanya first set up diplomatic talks with the Mandalorians, It was not meant for an alliance as many believed, no it was for them to start making amends. Yet ORC attacked them once they had reached neutral space. It was at that point she drew the last straw.
(updated: 13/12/2017)

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Training -

Way of the rancor

A Walk In The Shadow 

meditation 101 

During war one must learn on there feet 

The hybrid form Niman 

The speed at which you move 

knitting flesh and bone

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Inquisition industries™

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Inquisition industries™ arms 

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Dev Thread - 

The colossus was born

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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