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Briga Tiin

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    Mystical Caprine

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NAME: Briga Tiin


MINOR FACTION: Lords of Chaos

RANK: Knight

SPECIES: Caprine

RACE: Balae

AGE: 26

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 1.8 meters

WEIGHT: 140 lbs

EYES: Yellow (darkside corruption)

HAIR: Not always the same color, but currently electric blue

SKIN: Pale skin with a light layer of fur




  • Strong precognitive ability, especially on her homeworld of Iktotch
  • Silver tongued
  • More technically savvy than the average Caprine
  • Ruthless and power hungry
  • Curious about the galaxy but is most interested in how to manipulate weaker species


  • Her skill with melee weapons is rudimentary as is her knowledge and practice of Soresu. Briga relies almost purely on spells and manipulation
  • While she appears chaste to her followers, Briga is consumed by desire she cannot control. This leaves her vulnerable to blackmail and poor-decision making. In the past few months, she's gotten better at governing this weakness, but it's still occasionally a flaw that she struggles with.

Briga has long, flaxen hair (the natural color), vaguely goat-like ears ears and spiraled, dark grey horns. She is a Balae, as opposed to a Nur or an Asti (other types of Caprine). While she wears long sleeves and gowns with high-collared necks, she dyes her hair various colors in an effort to stand out from the other (less holy) Caprine.

Briga Tiin was born on Iktotch to a family of Caprine mystics. Her mother was an Adept and a soothsayer. Her father was also a seer, but was the farmer of the family and would take Briga out with him while he tended to his crops. The family was part of a select cult of Caprines who worshiped the Caprine goddess, Ax'no with a religious fervor. At the age of twelve, the mystic cult had a group vision that Briga, much like the venerated historical Caprine chieftain, Ayomi, was the reincarnation of the goddess Ax’no.

When this stunning vision came about, Briga was taken from her parents by the Elders of the cult and not allowed to see them. Her teenage years were dark and filled with ritual whipping and abuse at the hands of the mostly male Elders. To distract herself, Briga studied dark magic and cultivated her own precognitive ability in preparation for the day she would be revealed as the powerful goddess of the Living Force. When she turned twenty-two, she’d grown a loyal following as a powerful mystic and was able to manipulate many on Iktotch to do her bidding.

This was not enough for Briga. She longed to take the gospel of Ax’no to the larger galaxy to cultivate and grow her flock. Her ambition is to see her cult become more comprehensive as a religion, spanning across an ecumenopolis such as Coruscant.

In order to do this, she sought out various Sith Lords to unite her goal of religious supremacy with the Sith's intention to rule the galaxy through fear, pain and the darkside of the Force. Briga chose the Knight, Darth Prazutis (aka Braxus Zambrano), Dark Counciler and Director of Intelligence, as her Master after they met at a celebratory First Order ball. The two were not onlyl Master and Apprentice, but lovers and companions. She spent her time between Panatha, training with Prazutis in Vain Hollow; the other half was spent on Iktotch with her congregation.

Since Briga's place of worship was an ancient ruins, she decided to build a temple on Iktotch for the Church of Ax'no with the help of Darth Prazutis and the Zambrano dynasty. However during the construction, she was caught in in flagrante delicto with a Balae warrior, which sparked a jealous rage in Prazutis. Briga, desperate to not lose her Master, told him of her abuse at the hands of the Elders when she was a youth. The Prince of Panatha then proceeded to slaughter the elders while the Priestess held a service. The horned mystic was grateful for the retribution against her tormentors, but Darth Prazutis realized that Briga was still not strong enough to be his Acolyte. They decided to part ways and the Caprine mystic seeks other prophets to help her travel on a spiritual journey to assist with her weaker nature.

She knows in order to rule Iktotch - and the galaxy - she will need to have iron skin akin to the Mandalorians and an even colder heart. Whether through fire or ice, Briga seeks to control her volatile desire and emotions so that she can see out her preordained destiny and return as Ax'no.



ALLIANCES: The Priestess has a strong alliance with Ankharbis the Great, the Pharaoh of Ankhypt. He has pledged to protect the Grand Temple of Ax'no and her home planet of Iktotch in return for land and resources.


Another alliance that Briga is keen to cultivate is between Iktotch and the planet of Hellyni in the form of a partnership between herself and Nikias, the King of Makrosia.

Darkside Healing

Summon Storm


Force Slow
Force Stun/Stasis
Odojinya (Dark Side Web)
Mind Control
Mind Shard




The Grand Temple of Ax'no

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    Mystical Caprine

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Darth Vaildra

Darth Vaildra

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Come to the dark side, young one.



    Mystical Caprine

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I might... what can you teach this megalomaniac sorceress who thinks she is the embodiment of a goddess?


Darth Vaildra




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Briga Tiin well let me see *pulls out a list* :P





    R I S E N

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Briga Tiin

I can teach her that even gods can bleed.




    Mystical Caprine

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You got it. It's about time too! Isley Verd


*evil plotting intensifies*



Darth Vaildra

Darth Vaildra

    A Man of Many Sins

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Briga Tiin

To be more than a false goddess, to actually become one.



    Mystical Caprine

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Tell me more then Darth Vaildra

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Darth Ax'no


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