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Siobhan Kerrigan [2.0]

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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Name: Siobhan Kerrigan

Nicknames: The Butcher, The Kerrigan, the Karishzar, Ethereal Fist of Kaeshana. Known as Mistress Karishzar and Mistress Earthshaker in the Order of the Torch. Many of her Tygaran followers call her the Skyqueen.

Age: Forties.

Species: Human. The racist space elves declared her an 'honorary Eldorai'.

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Dyed red. Natural colour is brown. Usually worn long except in battle when it's tied back for practicality.

Skin: Caucasian, but tanned.

Marital Status: Married [Tegaea Alcori)

Force-Sensitive: Yes, very much so.

Force Alignment: Dark Side. Her perception of the Force is that it is a tool. She treats it as a source of strength, glory and victory. Counts a couple individual Jedi as close friends, but has a low opinion of most. At best, she tolerates them.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, tending towards Lawful Evil in some aspects.

Faction: Firemane Industries

Force Rank: Dark Jedi Master.


  • Executive CEO of Firemane Industries & Technology
  • General of Firemane Paramilitary Forces
  • Countess
  • Matriarch of House Kerrigan-Alcori
  • Jaziri of the Amikarese Empire
  • Daughter of Kashara
  • The Karishzar
  • Protector of the Eldorai Matriarchy
  • Exarch of the Asurans
  • Grandmistress of the Order of Fire


  • Jedi Knight
  • Omega Pyre Colonel
  • Omega Protectorate Exarch
  • Vice President of Firemane Industries & Technology
  • SSC Assembly member
Place of residence: Owns a luxurious villa on Arkas. She owns real estate on other worlds, such as Alderaan and Tygara, but spends a lot of her time in space, such as on her mobile command ship. Primary place of residence is the Arx Aeternae space station.

Known Languages: Huttese, Ryl, Eldarai, Galactic Basic, Xio, Zandri and Prosabia.


Strengths & Weaknesses



  • Mind over Matter: Siobhan is probably one of the most powerful living telekinesis masters. It is the power she has invested most of her training in and draws upon heavily during combat. Her abilities extend towards tossing heavy vehicles such as walkers, tearing down large buildings, sustained Force Flight, exploding internal organs and even at times tearing a hole into the hull of a battleship. Bomb blast level shockwaves, Force Choke, Force Whirlwind and Force Crush form her preferred repertoire. However, while extremely powerful, she is lacking in finesse and subtlety. She is the sort who'd use a hammer when a scalpel might be a better option.
  • Mage Marks(wo)man: Siobhan combines aptitude as a space wizard with the use of conventional firearms, using both in tandem. Her preferred weapon is the Mark One Bolter, along with a sonic shotgun or pistol. Space magic enhances her precision and comes in handy when she wants to deprive an opponent of cover.
  • Shock and Awe: When she's not using this or that variant of telekinesis in battle, Sith Lightning is her prefered magical way of dealing with opponents. She has not specialised in it, but is capable of summoning powerful electrical discharges to fry opponents and she passed on this skill to Tempest, who has a natural aptitude for it. She is also capable of using ionise droid, though she uses it a lot less.
  • Barrier Warrior: Proficient in defensive powers such as Force Barrier, Tutaminis and Protection Bubble. She's also good at shielding her mind against mental attacks.
  • Life Drain: Knows Force Drain and uses it occasionally. Partly thanks to the Bando Gora, Velok and Darth Carnifex using it a lot on her. Yummy. So far she hasn't grown addicted. We'll see how well that goes.
  • Stone Wall: Siobhan is trained in Soresu, a style of lightsabre combat that focuses on defence and endurance.
  • Exalted Torturer: Overlaps with Torture Technician. Quite ready to use Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique and so on to get what she wants. She doesn't enjoy torture, but it doesn't bother her either, and thanks to sharing Mirien's memories she knows some 'fun' techniques. However, she's lacking in subtlety. Subscribes strongly to Pay Evil unto Evil. Ironically she was tortured by Kaelin and later by energy vampires back when she was a Padawan.

Crippling Overspecialisation: Double-fold at that:

  • Ties in with Long-Range Fighter. Siobhan is not a strong duellist. As a Jedi, she used to be somewhat proficient in Ataru and Djem So, but her skills atrophied due to lack of use. The same applied to her skill with conventional swords and general hand-to-hand combat. After several duels with Sith Lords, Siobhan decided to rectify this. However, the only lightsabre style she's good at is the defensive Soresu form. This means that while she's strong on defence, she herself can't go on the offensive with her sabre until her opponent tires and/or makes a mistake that gives her an opening. She runs the risk of tiring in prolonged melee combat. If engaged in melee, she'll use her sabre to defend herself and gain breathing space so that she can unleash her Force abilities.
  • Siobhan has a limited aptitude for mental attacks. She's become proficient at shielding her mind from outside intrusion after getting mind raped an awful lot, but her own mental assaults are very weak. She also lacks talent for illusions or other more subtle arts. She knows the basics of Quey'tek meditation.
  • Every Master of the Force faces a choice between 'throwing stones' and 'reading ripples', 'listening' or 'shouting all the time'.  This means there is a massive tradeoff between power and sensitivity. Siobhan is the sort to shout and chuck rocks, and so her sensory abilities have suffered. As a specialist her fighting skill can also be rather predictable. There are only a few powers she has mastered and her way of employing them is less than original. But on the other hand the things she can do she does really well.

Personality Traits:

  • The Berserker: Self-explanatory. On a certain level, Siobhan enjoys combat and revels in carnage. Settling down to become a mother and her 'clan's' matriarch have mitigated her Blood Knight tendencies, but they're still there. Holding back in combat is against her nature, which leads to an extremely brutal fighting style.
  • Berserk Button: Siobhan is violently protective of her family, both close and extended. Any person she considers family being threatened is a sure way to drive her into a homicidal, berserk rage. Needless to say this can strongly backfire. She went utterly berserk when Galina and Tegaea vanished into the Netherworld. Collateral damage ensued. She also violently hates Sith and refuses to do business with them, believing they should all be shot on sight. She's extremely uncompromising in that matter.
  • Straw Feminist: Is very sexist and tends to look down on men, having adopted the ultrafeminist beliefs of Eldorai conservatives. While there are some exceptions to this rule, her inner circle only has women in it. Although she doesn't hate men, she doesn't see them as any bit equal to her and is quick to categorise disagreeable ones as 'uppity'.
  • Mama Bear: Don't get between the mama bear and her cub. Or she'll get extremely violent. Siobhan is extremely protective of her children. She dislikes Elpsis, but went to war for her.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Siobhan has Greed, Pride, Lust and Wrath. She is vain, egotistical, very materialistic and likes her pretty things, is prideful, an extremely sexual woman and has a rather wrathful, violent streak in her personality, which makes her capable of being very cruel to her enemies. Her moods and sulks can be as tempestuous as the powers she calls upon. Moreover, she can be quite vindictive, petty and holds on to grudges for a very long time.
  • Seven Heavenly Virtues: By contrast, she also has Charity, Diligence and Kindness. Despite her negative traits, Siobhan is also capable of great compassion. Her family is largely a patchwork family of waifs and strays whom she bonded with and welcomed into her home. Siobhan values her family very highly and would do anything for them. She has a heart, a nurturing side that especially manifests when she's around children and tends to honour her agreements She's also very diligent and determined, though sometimes to a fault.
  • "Well Done, Daughter" Woman: Her children seek her validation, but this especially applies to her adoptive daughter Elpsis. Siobhan is an emotionally distant authority figure to her. She regards Elpsis as a promising, but lazy student and is chilly to her. From Siobhan's perspective, this is supposed to push her daughter into living up to her potential. However, it has driven a wedge between the two.
  • Determinator: On the battlefield Siobhan is a goal-orientated person. She is not afraid of making hard decisions, including sacrificing lives if need be to achieve victory. To her honour is just a fancy word to excuse stupidity or a platitude meant to make you look good in front of the holocameras, you either fight or muck around. Protecting her family takes priority over claiming some sort of moral high ground. She is quite willing to use techniques some might consider uncivilised or inhumane. As she often says, war is not about who's right, but about who's left. She moved heaven and earth to get her wife and daughter back from hell. Butcher Kerrigan is no't a 'good' person, but she gets the job done.
  • Narcissist: While a capable leader and fighter, Siobhan is extremely vain, has a penchant for cruelty and is inherently selfish. She has a rather exaggerated sense of self-importance and strongly craves adoration. This has probably been exacerbated by the fact that she has a legion of cultists, sycophants and pliable harem girls/boys who fawn over her. By now she has embraced a 'my right makes right' philosophy and believes she deserves worship. As such she can become quite petty and very moody when she feels slighted. Siobhan is extremely obsessed with projecting an image of invincibility and strength. It has made even broaching her health issues a highly sensitive topic. It also manifests in an obsession with perpetuating her legacy beyond her death. 
  • The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask: Certainly how Siobhan sees herself. She has forced herself through many hardships to become the driver of her destiny and rules her corporation like a kingdom, holding the reins of power in her hands. She has become more refined and cunning, but also increasingly bitter, ruthless and suspicious, sometimes to the point of paranoia. Moreover, she is acquired an obsession with the preservation of her legacy. Siobhan is well-aware that, for all her strength in the Force, she is not immortal, though she hates acknowledging it. This has made her obsessed with grooming a worthy heiress. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
  • Older and Wiser: Well, calling her wise would probably be inaccurate, but age, experience and plenty of maimings have made Siobhan more self-possessed, calmer and broadened her horizons instead of always staying a mere battering ram. She has experience in courtly intrigue from her time with the Eldorai court and takes a very active role managing Firemane.
  • The Hedonist: Very hedonistic, a bit obsessed with physical gratification and pretty things. Moreover, she's promiscuous skirt chaser who sleeps around a lot. Probably counts as Lovable Sex Maniac.
  • Military Mage: One of the reasons for why her being a Jedi never worked out. She never accepted their Code or their beliefs, had little time for debates and considered herself a soldier with Force powers. This is the role she assumed upon joining Omega Pyre. While she takes to the field less than she used to, she's fully capable of throwing down when the need arises and causing plenty of carnage in the process. She has a a lot of experience as a tactical commander, but does far less well as a strategist and on the logistical side. Her skills and shortcomings were on full display during the First Battle of Roche.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: At least she thinks so. Uses superpowers often considered to be of the Dark Side, has shades of She Who Fights Monsters and Well-Intentioned Extremist, but opposes Sith, slavers and so on and has something like a code of honour and a moral code, though a skewed one. She is a doting mother and her primary motivation is her family, which would generally be considered 'good'. Whether this makes her a good person is another question.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: She is arrogant and ruthless, but a pretty good administrator. She will push her agenda and maintain a tight lock on all major decisions, but she is willing to listen to reason if it genuinely suits her purposes and keeps advisors around who balance out her more negative character traits, is friendly to her staff and vassals. While sexist, she is opposed to speciesism and classism. To this end, she has opened up the upper ranks of Firemane to Tygaran elves who have risen on merit. However, she is prideful and can become irrational where her family is concerned.
  • The Unfettered: There are almost no lengths to which Siobhan will not go to secure the power, survival and prosperity of her family. She can be brutal and vicious, but (according to her) only when there is profit to be gained from it.
  • The Perfectionist: A defining feature. It ties in with her narcissism, but also with her fear of death. Siobhan is obsessed with her legacy and the reputation of House Kerrigan-Alcori. This has led to her manifesting an obsession to find an 'ideal' heiress to carry on her legacy when she is dead. This has had a negative impact on her relationship with Elpsis, whose flaws she never misses a chance to point out, yet tries to push into being her heiress. On the other hand, her perfectionism drives her into being a very active, hands-on leader who carries out vigorous inspections, promotes on merit and is aware of what is going on around her. It also makes her a powerful combatant.


Less muscular than she used to be due to high living, but is very toned and exercises regularly to keep in shape. Voluptuous body. Never accused of daintiness, but capable of grace. Stance and walk conveys aristocratic haughtiness. She has no qualms about flaunting her grandiosity and wealth. Hence she dresses to impress and generally wears only the best garments when not encased in a suit of battle armour. Numerous scars across her body, which has been broken and rebuilt many times over. Has long red hair. Her right leg has been reinjured and healed many times. After it got crushed when a roof above her caved in, she had it replaced. Still has a bit of a limp, which at this point may be psychosomatic, but no less real.


Force Abilities:

  • Battlemind
  • Breath Control
  • Control Pain
  • Crucitorn
  • Dark Side Healing
  • Destroy Droid
  • Detoxify Poison
  • Force Body
  • Force Concealment
  • Force Drain
  • Force Resistance
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Sense
  • Force Speed/Jump
  • Memory Rub
  • Mental Shield
  • Mind Trick
  • Protection Bubble
  • Short term memory enhancement
  • Tapas
  • ‚ÄčTelekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Transfer Essence
  • Tutaminis


Siobhan has a rather lavish sense of style and fashion. This used to be very different during her days as a soldier, when she mostly dressed in tank tops, t-shirts and pants when off duty. However, aristocratic life rubbed off on her. She's fond of sexy heels, fancy dresses and skirtsuits. However, she wears proper armour in combat. While leather catsuits and chainmail bikinis might look sexy, they are horribly impractical! Same applies to heels. So she sticks with her time and tested beskar'gam, combat boots and so on.


She still tends to carry a lightsabre. She's always with a hold-out bolter, which is normally concealed as a pendant worn around her neck. On missions she carries a bolter, a sonic shotgun and a variety of explosives. She owns an AEI-designed leather jacket made out of the hide of Cthulhu and named after her since she helped kill him. The fine leather jacket offers incredible resistance against anything that's not a lightsabre or blunt trauma (and it's quite good against those as well), and conjures up an oppressive aura of fear unless that's switched off. Also owns a terentatek leather duster, which is both fancy and useful against a variety of Force powers.


Gear: Siobhan obviously does not carry all these toys at the same time, but this is stuff she often uses.




Siobhan has some very hedonistic tastes. She has a harem, likes pretty clothes and gems. Going shopping with her can get tiring. Apart from that, she likes spending time with her family, especially her little girls. Her literary tastes are not the most refined. She's fond of cheesy romance novels. While she has a certain interest in history, it is usually limited to that of the Eldorai, the Tygarans and military history such as the various Sith Wars. Siobhan has a collection of holocrons and tomes, but prefers practical learning to book learning. Despite her expensive tastes, she stays in shape through exercise, sparring and so on.


She's a fan of Game of Stars, which claims to be an accurate depiction of the Fall of the Old Republic, though it probably misrepresents a lot of the facts! She has a pet Jester called Grrrbyrr, who's adorable, demands a lot of attention and has a ravenous appetite. She is fond of camping trips. Much to her own surprise, she's taken an interest in gardening. She is very fond of orchids and even talks to them. Her servant girls know to look after her flowers when their mistress is gone, unless they want to face her displeasure.




Siobhan is an atheist. The Bando Gora canonised her as a Chaos Goddess and welcomed her into their pantheon after she crushed their armies and conquered their homeworld Gehenna during the first exterminatus. She has no clearly defined views on the afterlife, though she became more accepting of the idea after reuniting with Adril's spirit during the Netherworld event, along with visiting the place herself. Siobhan would probably find becoming a Force spirit like Yoda and Obi-Wan extremely boring since there's nothing to do except watch and pass on cryptic advice.


The Daughters of the Destroyer, a Xioquo cult, worship her as the Karishzar, regarding her as a goddess. They believe that she took the place of Myrou, the first Xioquo and 'goddess' of her people, by slaying her. The Cataphracts of the Ascending Phoenix, a martial order of Qadiri knights, believe she is the daughter of the Goddess Kashara and of a mortal man. In their eyes this makes her a demigoddess and prophetess.


Though she rejects the Sith ideals of Social Darwinist survival of the strongest and the inherent supremacy of mages, she has in practice adopted a philosophy according to which 'her might makes right'. What keeps her from becoming a tyrant is less a belief that it would be wrong and more her connection to people who are a more moral than she is. However, she prizes practicality over moral ideals.


She's dismissive of the idea that the Force is a duality separated in Light and Dark and treats it as a tool, rather than an energy field that binds all life together and has a will of its own. The Force simply exists. It guides her, when she tells it to, it empowers her, when she grasps it and bends its power to her will. Similar to the Eldorai, she treats it as an inner flame.




Siobhan is cynical, jaded and has an authoritarian, domineering personality. It is no surprise that her opinion of 'democracy' is rather low. She has little time for debate, views parliamentarianism and separation of powers as inefficient at best. Despite working with her share of hereditary monarchies, she is disdainful of a system of government where power is based on birthright. An adoptive monarchy or a Republican Dictatorship would probably suit her views the best. She believes that low level autonomy is important, but is firm in her conviction that there must be a strong central authority unbound by the fickle whims of the populace. Siobhan is rather sexist and supports a matriarchal form of government where the commanding heights are controlled by women.


Siobhan views herself asa 'benevolent despot' who has brought 'progress and prosperity' to places such as Dahomey, Arkas and Tygara. Obviously these views can be a bit patronising. At the same time she is opposed to speciesism and classism. She has low class origins on the Outer Rim and has no time for Human High Culture or Core World snobbery. Many members of her inner circle have humble origins and she has been eager to promote natives from Firemane 'colonies' and 'protectorates'.


She believes laws and codes of conduct are important, but also that she should be the one defining them. She probably would not be out of place in an Imperial polity if it was anti-Sith and authoritarian as opposed to genocidal. Though the lofty plane she occupies now has removed her from the class she came from, she is a supporter of social programmes such as free healthcare and free eduation to help those less fortunate.


Siobhan views slavery as a great evil and has combated it on many worlds. However, she regards it as criminally irresponsible to assume that everything will work out once the slaves are free. On Tygara she pursued a policy of gradual abolition so that the local economies would be given time to adjust and the newly freed slaves could be taught skills and prepared for their lives as freedmen so that they would not be left destitute. Firedawn, an organisation founded by her, provides education, clothes, homes and jobs for freedmen.


Firemane has good life insurance and makes sure its employees we well-cared for regarding healthcare, housing and so forth. In return, her minions put up with an eccentric, rather authoritarian management that is not friendly towards trade unions. The Company is run as a family business.


Bounties: None

Kills: Kaelin Isandros and Darth Shadow. Sweet, sweet revenge.

Ship: The Ardarvia frigate serves as a mobile home for the clan, while the Great Scarlet Flame is her mobile command ship. She also has access to a Revenant stealth transport for when she needs something sneakier and faster. The former is both a mobile command centre and home and has luxury quarters that cater to the somewhat...eccentric habits of its owners. The latter is comfortable as well, but more designed for stealth, infiltration or when you need a quick getaway. Sometimes she makes use of an Adril-class starfighter, named after her dead mentor. She's a passable pilot, but any ace would beat her in a dogfight and she's not particularly fond of flying.

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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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  • 8,373 posts

Backstory (prior to appearance on this site):



Siobhan was born on a minor colony on the outer rim, removed from the centres of galactic power and commerce, though the planet was hit as hard as any other by the plague that ravaged the Galaxy and brought established civilisation to its knees. Her working class parents were typical of the time, hard, opportunistic desperate to survive as the planet's inhabitants faced economic crisis, streams of refugees from planets even worse off and a government of aristocrats that vacillated between harsh repression and concessions. It comes as no surprise that Siobhan learnt pretty early how to use a blaster, at least enough to defend herself, and was employed in a factory while still a young girl due to the need to meet ends.

However, things turned from bad to worse as the crisis receded and something to normalcy seemed to be returning after the dark age. The Sith, eager to become a galactic power once more and reclaim their ancient glory, occupied her homeworld. It was just one of many fringe planets that were caught in the crossfire of the seemingly eternal war between the rivalling Jedi and Sith orders, useful because it had survived the apocalypse relatively intact and still had resources to plunder. Like most citizens, Siobhan's family just wanted to keep their head down and survive. There was little time for senseless heroics, especially since the planet's was collaborating as well and the Jedi obviously did not have the ability to save every world.

Howeover, Siobhan's older sister, Althenea, an idealistic, tough young woman to whom Siobhan looked up, had other ideas and soon got involved in a local resistance movement that, in the tradition of noble rebels everywhere, wanted to overthrow the tyrants. As a result, the situation escalated. The rebels attacked soldiers and collaborators, conducted bombings on Sith installations and the Sith soldiers responded with executions, arrests, torture. Siobhan saw people she knew get arrested by night by black-clad goons and they never returned, sometimes this occured right at the factory she was working at. Increasingly, her own family came under suspicion, making her desperate.

She had sometimes acted as a courier for the rebels, Althenea trusted her. This led to Siobhan taking the decision to attempt to strike a deal with a local Sith officer. She would give him the names of the rebels and in return she and her family would be allowed to leave the planet. However, things did not go as planned and the Sith betrayed her after Althenea, who had escaped, assassinated their governor by blowing up his speeder. Instead, the young rebel was arrested and subjected to torture after it was discovered that she was force-sensitive. Desperate and stricken with guilt, Siobhan acted on impulse and attempted to free her by breaking in, bribing a guard. This reckless attempt ended in failure and Althenea, who tried to attack her, was shot and Siobhan arrested.

She spent the next few months in a dungeon at the tender mercies of the Sith before they moved on to greener pastures to plunder, leaving their supposed collaborators behind. The rebels that now took power decided to make an example of traitors and Siobhan was thrown into the arena, where she got to fight 'scum' like her. In the state of mind she was at the time, she believed she deserved it, though something in her refused to give up and let death take her. Perhaps it was the Force, or just simple luck. As the new rulers found themselves woefully unable to rebuild the planet, she managed to escape one night and stow away on a cargo ship, which unbeknownst to her was headed to Nar Shaddaa. Narrowly avoiding getting sold into slavery, she eventually ended up with one of the minor gangs. In order to survive, she was forced to become hard, suspicious, even as she latched on to some of the fellow gang members as a sort of surrogate family for the one she had betrayed.

It was a brutal initiation, especially for one lacking in friends, family, an education and an unstable personality that at times seemed to manifest a death wish, yet felt compelled to soldier on. She murdered, stole, tried spice for a while, roughed up people the gang boss found awkward and acted as a courier for it, though the feelings of guilt at her deeds did not entirely leave her. A new chapter in her life started when the gang she was in got butchered in a tussle with one of the rival ones as the result of a feud over spice shipments. They were led into a trap, Siobhan narrowly managed to escape and spent the remaining week hiding, before eventually her luck ran out and she attacked by thugs in a bar. It would have been the end of her, but chance would have it that an Eldorai Jedi Knight called Adril Tythorin intercepted them and killed the thugs after Siobhan had been shot in the arm. The Jedi brought her to the Temple for medical treatment and shortly thereafter informed the more than surprised Siobhan that she possessed the Force.

For Siobhan, this was the chance to try and right some of the wrongs she had done, more than that survive and get what she considered justice from the Sith. Beyond that, she was tired of being a victim and being, from her perspective, kicked around in the Galaxy. She lacked real faith in the tenets of the Jedi order, but latched on to the Jedi that had saved her as the badass ideal she wanted to become like.

(( As follows a summary of the important events she experienced as a Jedi whilst on that guy's craftshop, tweaked a bit to conform with the rules on this site))

Siobhan showed notable skill and enthusiasm during her training as a Jedi, fuelled by her desire to escape the live she had once had, displaying ability in the use of her powers and her lightsabre. One of the early cases she worked on as a Padawan consisted of investigating the murder of a Jedi Padawan, who, as it turned out, had been seduced by the Sith into stealing a holocron for them, after which they had murdered him. Together with her master Siobhan pursued the killers and brought them to justice, recovering the holocron. However, already one of her flaws as a Jedi was becoming apparent, namely that she seemed to think of herself more as a soldier with a lightsabre and fancy powers than as a Jedi.

While her master was a great teacher when it came to physical and spiritual education, she gave her a somewhat distorted image of Jedi values and the fact that an artefact had been stolen so easily seemed to fuel Siobhan's belief that many Jedi were foolish. The fact that she idolised her master also resulted in her becoming blind to her flaws or rationalising them. This was also because Siobhan soon did not to look upon her just as a saviour and role model, but developed feelings for her. Whilst escaping from a mid-rim planet that had fallen to the Sith, Siobhan's ship was shot down and she was captured by the sadistic Sith Kaelin Isandros, at that time still a Knight. Siobhan was tortured until she eventually broke and confessed her dark secrets.

Overwhelmed by self-loathing and a belief that she deserved to be abandoned by the Jedi, Siobhan almost agreed to Kaelin's offer to become her apprentice, but then regained her defiance and refused, whereupon the Sith cut out one of her eyes. Fortunately for Siobhan, Adril had heard about her ship being shot down and arrived just in time to save her. After recovering from her injuries, Siobhan finally came clean to her master, who to her surprise still accepted her. However, there's no rest for the wicked and they found themselves engaged in an investigation into missing colonies on the rim. They discovered that a Sith lord called Shadow was abducting helpless colonists to carry out biological experiments to create zombie supersoldiers. After being captured, they were able to escape and destroy his laboratories as his own creatures turned on him. However, the Sith had apparently foreseen this and while they thought him dead after a short battle he had in fact possessed Adril.

Subsequently, the possessed Adril tried to steal an artefact he required to perfect his experiments and in the process ;slew two Jedi guards. Siobhan, confused by her master's increasingly bizarre behaviour, was able to realise what had happened with the help of a Master she had encountered in the archives. Despite her fear, she went after her master alone and, though she was almost killed in the process, she could persuade Adril to turn on the Sith and exorcise him. However, the contest had been a gruelling one and as a consequence their connection to the Force was weakened to an extent that they could not access it anymore. This led to an argument as her master seemed exlusively focused on her own plight before Siobhan slappd her and gave her a dressing-down. With the help of the master of archives, they discovered an ancient Jedi machine on Ossus from a more civilised time, a time before the Dark Age, that would be able to restore their powers.

It was a perilious quest during which they faced many dangers without the Force, at one point Siobhan believed an abomination had killed her master, though she soldiered on and was able to activate the machine although an insane ghost tried to foil her. In the process, she also blew up the machine and caused considerable damage in the ruined temple, once more reaffirming her trouble magnet status. With her powers restored, she was able to find and recover her master, who had almost died in her valiant struggle, and bring her back to the Jedi. While they were recuperating at a hospital, it was infiltrated by the Sith Knight Kaelin Isandros, who had come to get her revenge. Siobhan narrowly able to best her in a duel, saving Adril's life, though unfortunately the Sith daemonette managed to escape and plot revenge for another day. That was something Siobhan took very hard, as she had also been fuelled by a desire to exact vengeance for her torture, though she was relieved at her master, hero figure and woman she had developed feelings for being alive.

After all these trials, the two Jedi sought a well-earned, shiny and happy rest by going on a vacation to a holiday resort. While spending a few carefree days at the resort, their relationship turned from strictly professional to intimate as they shared a night of passion, with Siobhan being hopeful about them being together with the woman she had come to adore. However, events intervened and took a darker turn as they released too late that the resort was a front for a nest of energy vampires, who lured people to the resort with the promise of luxury, carnal delights and casinos and then drained their life force. They were caught by surprise and though they fought valiantly, were captured and separated. They were tortured and drained in separate dungeons. Siobhan, near breaking point and driven to a rage, happened to be a less well-guarded prison due to the fact that she was less powerful than her master and thus not subject to the special attentions of the cult guru. No doubt Siobhan would have suffered the fate of her thralls if it had not been for the arrival of a soldier called Tegaea Alcori, who rescued her as part of a Republic-sponsored mission.



Fuelled by guilt about, in her eyes, leaving Adril and pure rage, Siobhan went on a rampage with the soldier that led to the leeches and their thralls being wiped out, their resort being put to the torch and Adril freed. In the aftermath of these traumatic events that had driven her close to the dark side, Siobhan and Adril strove to rekindle their relationship and she undertook a number of more minor missions, giving them some time together, though she kept in touch with Tegaea, both becoming close friends. After investigating the assassination of a senator by his duplicitious servant, who had been using him as a tool to gain access to vital secrets, she was knighted.

However, this happy event was marred by a drunk Adril cheating on her on her graduation night, something that crushed Siobhan. With the two Jedi separated, she struck up a close friendship with the soldier who had helped save her life back at the resort and they undertook a number of missions against the general scum of the universe. Among other things they killed a dragon together once. Unfortunately, as time passed and the Sith continued gaining in strength, Siobhan started becoming more and more paranoid and worried about Sith infiltrators. This fear was reinforced by her lack of trust in the Jedi Council and her own self-righteousness.

Things turned for the worst when she was given the assignment to investigate a potential security leak in the Temple. It was feared that certain Jedi might be sending information to the enemy, though there was no clear proof. During the course of her investigation Siobhan encountered a Jedi called Varos, who claimed to have crucial evidence. What she did not know was that Varos was neither a Jedi investigator nor even real, but a figment of her imagination, conjured up by Shadow.

The Sith had been banished from Adril, but part of his essence had jumped into the young Jedi. Until now he had been too weak to affect matters, but now he fed Siobhan lies about a conspiracy of traitorous Jedi that she foolishly believed in, manipulating her perception of things and erasing her memories as needed. The end result was that Siobhan murdered two Jedi under the mistaken belief that they were Sith and stole a valuable holocron, which ended up in Sith hands.

Fortunately, the Council learned of this and she was confronted and defeated, during the course of which her lightsabre exploded and her sword hand was blown off. Shadow managed to take control over her body, but then, as she was trapped in her own mind, a strange entity, the spirit of an ancient Jedi apparently, came to her aid and banished the body-hopping Sith. Overwhelmed by guilt and self-loathing, Siobhan was left to face the consequences of her action and banished to the distant snow world of Bartusk, where she was supposed to find redemption by protecting the colonists. Initially she resented this assignment, blaming everyone and herself for her predicament, but eventually she started to calm down and reflect with the help of her parole officer. As things were settling down, she had to once again become a magnet for trouble. The woefully unprepared colony was attacked by pirates, who killed the parole officer and abducted most of the colonists.

Siobhan fought valiantly and slew many, but was unable to stop them, though she managed to find a ship the Jedi had kept hidden and pursue them to Nar Shaddaa. There she encountered Adril again and, reunited once more, they stormed the pirates fortress and freed the colonists. Returning to Coruscant, Siobhan was pardoned and declared a Jedi knight again, though not before undertaking an assignment to remove a rogue Jedi who had set himself up as the Jedi king of a planet called Cixi.

It was one of many worlds that had been cut off from the rest of the galaxy during the Dark Age, the Jedi had exploited the natives’ superstition and backwardness, but now civil war raged between him and the nominal emperor. Both were dependent on a cartel of merchants who had forced Cixi to open up its markets for the spice trade. With the help of her friend Tegaea, who took over the important task of providing modern weapons for the emperor's soldiers and planning the battle, as the Jedi academy does not teach anything about logistics and tactics, Siobhan was able to end the Jedi king's reign. Unfortunately, upon her return to Coruscant she learned that a neighbouring planet called Showa had invaded Cixi after a diplomatic incident and plunged it into a war far more devastating than the one she had ended.

Determined not to let the past hold her back, Siobhan returned to the Jedi and, finding that her feelings for the woman were just as strong as ever, though now she was less wide-eyed and naive about her flaws, got back together with Adril. To her, things seemed to be getting on track again. However, a few weeks later Adril was killed when they came across the activities of a deranged cult that was trying to raise an eldritch abomination. Despite their best efforts, the elder horror was awakened from its slumber to cause devastation, laying waste to an entire city, but Adril nobly sacrificed herself to send it back to from whence it came, leaving behind a ruined city and Siobhan, who was wrecked by grief and survivor's guilt.

Escaping back to Coruscant, she shut herself away from most Jedi, drowning her sorrows in alcohol, before she found the strength to face the world again and returned to her duties as a Jedi. Not only was she grieving for her dead lover, she was also uncertain about her place as a Jedi and the path she should follow, after Shadow had manipulated her so easily. Nonetheless, she soldiered on and made her mark by helping to investigate a mysterious bombing that took place in the archives of the Jedi Temple. As it turned out, the perpetrator was a disgruntled Jedi, who believed that the Knights had faltered in their mission to liberate the Galaxy and in her revolutionary fervour decided to bring the point across through violence to make them see reason.
However, soon her life took a turn she could never have imagined, leading her away from the Jedi, an order she had never really belonged in, into the ranks of Omega Pyre.



RP threads since joining the site (not updated yet)


Jedi Knight: 

http://starwarsrp.ne...greet-republic/: Siobhan mingles with Jedi while supposedly providing security at the reconstruction of the senate building, meets Tegaea again and trolls a Republic admiral.


http://starwarsrp.ne...fortress-world/ : Siobhan, still a Jedi, joins the Republic campaign to wrest control over Anaxes from a warlord. While most Jedi including the Grand Master go on a sightseeing tour in the enclave, Siobhan fights her way through the warlord's army. The future Grand Master Watts and then Padawan Josiah Denko helps out. Aurelia gives an awesome speech, which sadly Siobhan misses. Siobhan demonstrates her combat prowess, but is frustrated by the Jedi's passivity.


Omega Pyre mercenary: 

http://starwarsrp.ne...mpaign-siobhan/ : Siobhan's life turns awesome! She joins a group of Jedi who travel to a space station to negotiate the release of a few slaves from their pirate masters. Needless to say the pirates try to capture them, Jedi die, Siobhan kills pirates, then awesome Tegaea and Omega Pyre troopers burst in and pirates die. After putting down the pirate captain before he can shoot Tegaea, the two 'reconnect' and Siobhan gets an offer she can't refuse. Travelling to Fondor, the two spend a considerable amount of time 'getting to know each other better' and somehow manage to find the time to topple a rogue Republican General who has seized control over the third world planet Dahomey (blood for gold!) and assume direct control for Omega Pyre. In the aftermath everyone is shiny and happy and Siobhan has discovered that being a mercenary is awesome. At the victory celebration she and Tegaea become a couple, though at this stage their relationship is strongly defined by lust and less by luvey-duvey feelings.


http://starwarsrp.ne...egaea-complete/ : Siobhan and Tegaea go big game hunting! Travelling to Kashyyyk to make a deal with the ambitious Wookiee 'king' Zardok they are betrayed and to escape capture flee into the Shadowlands. Tegaea gets poisoned by kinrath, but Zardok's rival Grazghul bursts in to save her. Teaming up with his merry band of Wookiees they fight their way through the Shadowlands and kill a terentatek, gaining the allegiance of Chief Taalbak. A Gunship attacks, Tegaea gets heroic and jumps on it to hack at it with a lightsabre, then the big attack happens. Siobhan wrecks a speeder and throws it around, then beats Zardok to a bloody pulp in his own palace - while it is burning.


http://starwarsrp.ne...isley-tatooine/: Siobhan and Tegaea travel to Mos Eisley, wretched hive of scum and villainy, to recruit the dancer Malica Drezyan for OP. They are very convincing.


http://starwarsrp.ne...uting-for-work/: Siobhan meets former Imperial scout trooper Hevana Martin, who was frozen in carbonite for 800 years, on Coruscant, adrift and lost in a bar. The two women bond instantly, seeing how similar they are, beat up thugs and get to know each other better. Having learnt from the best, Siobhan makes her an offer she can't refuse. And people say Siobhan can't be a convincing recruitment agent!


http://starwarsrp.ne...g-into-trouble/ : Tegaea, Hevana and Siobhan visit a tourist resort on the planet Gaia whilst on important business. They meet a dancer. Somehow business takes a backseat. Siobhan does not mind!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ngs-omega-pyre/: Feena Mason arrives on Fondor to meet the OP leaders. Siobhan is not sure what she wants, but says cheesy lines.


http://starwarsrp.ne...s-the-dynamite/: Siobhan accompanies Tegaea and others when they recruit Lenavina Martin, Hevana's older sister and former Imperial elite agent. Siobhan is happy about another redhead joining OP. Alas she's straight!



http://starwarsrp.ne...yre/?hl=allaina: Allaina Mare joins Omega Pyre and she has brought the Inimica! After going on a test run along with Tegaea, Siobhan and Allaina get sent with a frigate to blow up a space station. Things get more difficult when pirates attack and Siobhan is out of her depth as a naval officer, but the corsairs get blown out of space and the Inimica proves why it's the biggest death dealer. Afterwards Siobhan and Allaina get to know each other better, then celebrate victory with Tegaea after Allaina becomes a Captain.



http://starwarsrp.ne...inion-of-hapes/ : Siobhan gets hired by Chancellor Saelari as a bodyguard during the negotiations to get Hapes to join the Republic. The Crown Princess doesn't like that and violence ensues, Siobhan saves Saelari's life three times, captures and interrogates an assassin who tried to murder the Vice-Chancellor and seduces a Hapan noblewomen with corny one-liners. Sometimes it's great to be Siobhan Kerrigan.



http://starwarsrp.ne...lhelm-dominion/: Alas, sometimes Siobhan has to do actual work! Evil pirates are attacking the mining colony of Vandelhelm, a crack force of Omega Pyre mercenaries under the command of Colonel Tegaea Alcori is assembled to wipe them out. After blasting their fleet the heroes land, with Siobhan, now a Major, leading one of the assault teams. The AT-SE proves its awesomeness by blasting their base to smithereens, then they clear out a bunker and save prisoners. Then a thresher maw appears and takes down the Gunship Tegaea is on, Siobhan comes to the rescue and death charges it, throwing heavy rocks and hacking at it. Cira jumps on top of the wurm and stabs it with vibroshivs, then Allaina comes in piloting an Inimica and bombs it.



http://starwarsrp.ne...war-omega-pyre/: Running a large proto-government/merc army is not easy. Ayden wants to design impressive tech, but he and Cira bicker. An understandably annoyed Tegaea shoots Sarge with a stun bolt when he breaks her lock. Siobhan comes to the rescue to 'liberate' her from a not very productive staff meeting. She and Hevana have been performing 'deep reconnaissance'.


http://starwarsrp.ne...dle-zev-tegaea/: Tegaea encounters her villainous uncle Zev Stargo, who reveals he was the one who murdered her father and tries to persuade her to join his mafia syndicate. A grief and rage stricken Tegaea refuses, swearing she never wants to see him again. Meeting her in a hotel room, Siobhan comforts her, realising Tegaea is more important than the rage she is feeling, and showing that she is there for her.


http://starwarsrp.ne...rts-omega-pyre/: A friendly get-together of Omega Pyre members in a bar, the calm before the Clockwork storm.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-tefs-farewell/: Siobhan attends the funeral of Grand Master Teferi Efreet, who was slain by Sith Emperor Moridin, on Tython. Her opinion of the Jedi Order is as negative as ever, but he died fighting the good fight and she can respect that.


http://starwarsrp.ne...lockwork-omega/: The machines have taken over and want to process all organics! The Clockwork Rebellion strikes Fondor, Red Queen takes over the Omega network. Siobhan fights machines and joins Tegaea and the others escaping Fondor to the orbital station above it. In the aftermath Fondor is liberated...somehow. It's a bit unclear how that happened. All the damage the machines did gets repaired at breakneck speed, so soon almost everyone forgets about it.


http://starwarsrp.ne...raining-thread/: Siobhan receives special training from Cira, learning how to mask her presence in the Force (Quey'tek) and how to ionise droids. She also oggles her a lot, but then who can blame her? Siobhan concludes Cira is the coolest after finding out she was the one who rode the wurm.


http://starwarsrp.ne...s-is-podracing/: For a change Omega is taking over a planet without invading. There's a big pod race, the winner gets the planet. After 'negotiating' a fair price for a speeder and getting info from trolling catgirl buddy Heli, Siobhan 'improves' the morale of Allaina Mare, their racing champion, so that she can win the race. She beats up Massive Dynamic thugs and helps Tegaea to her medbay after she kills thugs while showing off her jetpack. Alas, in the aftermath things take a less happy note. Siobhan realises Allaina has feelings for her, but while she cares about her, she does not return them. Allaina is left alone with pancakes and magazines while Siobhan goes back with Tegaea. But she's won the pod race and she didn't need fancy force powers!


http://starwarsrp.ne...-malicasiobhan/: Siobhan, Malica and Tegaea have fun at a fancy resort on an orbital station in the Malastare system. Life on top is fun!


http://starwarsrp.ne...6-hire-request/: Velok tries to hire Omega Pyre to hep the Echani attack the Mandalorians. Siobhan's opinion is clear: 1) he's a Sith, 2) the plan is dumb. His request is denied.


http://starwarsrp.ne...stile-takeover/: Massive Dynamic is a bad loser after Malastare and attacks Omega shipments, then has the chutzpah to request that Tegaea meet them for 'negotiations'. Since this is obviously a trap Siobhan and the awesome HRD Maelion Liates go alone, have a friendly chat, then get attacked and beat the hell out of the guards and take the CEO hostage. They get cornered by an overwhelmning force that includes heavy armour, but Tegaea swoops in with an army and there are lots of explosions. None of them know that the true power behind Massive Dynamic is Kaelin Isandros under an alias. Siobhan wonders whether the mechanical tongue feels just like the real thing.


http://starwarsrp.ne...denon-dominion/: Zombies! Once again Siobhan faces the undead - and these ones have brains as well! While wondering whether being turned into one of them would make her arm grow back, Siobhan butchers lots of undead. Cira, Sarge and company engage Subject Zero, Sarge kills it with thermal detonators after Cira gets impaled. All zombies combust, at a high price, but fear not, our Winged Majesty lives.



http://starwarsrp.ne...nd-and-control/: The 'General Kerrigan' dispute causes relationship troubles! Tegaea, being the loyal sort, wants to appoint Siobhan head of Omega after becoming an Exarch. Siobhan refuses promotion because she knows she's not qualified, and angsts a bit, since obviously she was supposed to get the promotion because they're dating. Siobhan is made a Colonel, but Maelion gets appointed in her stead, both lovebirds are unhappy with one another and Siobhan gets annoyed at Maelion's overbearing attitude and loses her temper at a meeting. Fortunately, the two lovers reconcile again after an open discussion! Then Siobhan gets new bionics to replace the crappy prothesis the Jedi gave her and meets the new General.


http://starwarsrp.ne...embers-welcome/: Ventasia Terrana crashes a fighter and joins OP. Allaina, Tegaea and Siobhan are the welcoming committee.


Sword of the Protectorate:


http://starwarsrp.ne...nion-of-eriadu/: Regus Tarkin, slightly overdramatic dictator of Eriadu, has put an OP ambassador to death. This cannot go unavenged, so OP invades. Siobhan leads the initial strike force, capably assisted by Jorus Merrill, who watches her back with a gunship, and Sarge Potteiger, who blows up a bridge to cut off reinforcements. The AT-SE blasts Eriaduan tanks, then the strike force helps Maelion knock out the ion cannon. Uniting with the second wave led by Tegaea, they take the capital. Tarkin delivers a Downfall-style, Hitler-esque rant, then commits suicide, which saves OP the trouble of shooting him. Since the invasion was sort of legally dubious, OP spreads the lie that Eriadu was a Bando Gora base.


http://starwarsrp.ne...inion-of-naboo/: Negotiations with the Queen about Naboo's entrance into OP are interrupted when Bando Gora assassins strike. Tegaea, Siobhan and Cira fight them off, but nobles declare the Queen before she appears. Siobhan goes all Metal Gear Solid on the residence of a dissenting count, but it is discovered that he was framed by the Bando Gora. After some inquisitor work on the part of Siobhan, Tegaea finds out that the 'Queen' is in fact a traitorous handmaiden. The traitor is killed and the real Queen found, but then the Sith Empress is found to be with the Gungans. Tegaea and Cira go to meet, but Siobhan manages to join them as well. A very paranoid, angsty and unstable Siobhan almost goes berserk upon seeing her, suspecting Tegaea is selling out. The Empress is told to leave the planet, Teagaea is understandably hurt by Siobhan almost attacking her, Siobhan feels bad about it. But Naboo has joined OP.


http://starwarsrp.ne...ng-and-a-curse/: Siobhan teams up with badass bookworm Jedi Master Phylis Alince to search for the Arithdae Codex on Kaeshana, homeworld of the Eldorai, which has supposedly been lost since the Eldorai Jedi Malya 'stole' it. Siobhan finally gets to meet Adril's birthplace! Unfortunately, Phylis resists all her advances, but proves quite fun. Siobhan is surprisingly diplomatic with the Eldorai and bonds with Lavina Taldir, an Angelii who knew Adril. Things turn sour when xenophobic Eldorai try to blow them up and the government orders them off the planet. Phylis and Siobhan, being lawful sorts, don't obey and sneak around in the archives, absconding with a data crystal while being pursued by Angelii. Phylis discovers that the Eldorai's belief that they are a master race created by their Goddess is incorrect. In reality they were genetically engineered by the Rakata in labs as a slave race, something the government covered up and the Codex is still on Kaeshana. The shocking truth is revealed to Lavina and her sister Kaida, who join the two 'human monkeighs' to see the stars. Oh, and Siobhan gets a pet Jester called Grrbyrr!



http://starwarsrp.ne...ashpoint-roche/: War! Well, a skirmish at least. Siobhan leads the First Battalion into combat against Sith at Roche. She leads her company onto the asteroid G99, where the Verpine are creating prototype fighters, shortly after the Republic's 73rd Battalion under Major Delila Castillon has been overwhelmned by a Sith armoured division and forced to surrender, while a platoon commanded by Malica Drezyan evacuates fighter parts. For some reason Siobhan only takes one company, but in the narrow corridors death charging stormtroopers are slaughtered, what's left of the 73rd joins the Omegans, who get help from Phylis, and they hold off stormtroopers and a terentatek. Alas they must fall back and to stop the Sith from overwhelmning them and getting the fighters Siobhan tears down a roof over friend and foe alike. Phylis heroically tries to slow down the collapse and saves many lives, but is almost buried before Siobhan saves her. After being evacuated Siobhan performs scorched earth on Roche, blowing up the frontal hangar and the ion cannon, leaving the Sith stranded. Butchering her own men leaves her shaken and scarred.


http://starwarsrp.ne...ftermath-omega/: The aftermath of Roche and debriefing. Victory was delivered for OP, but at a great cost, not the least because for some reason Siobhan neglected to use her full battalion. On the positive side, the Republic has shared the technology designed by the Verpine engineers!



http://starwarsrp.ne...rbingers-omega/: An Omega Star Destroyer gets ambushed by a Bando Gora flottila while en route to a diplomatic mission. While Allaina pulverises the Bando Gora ships, a strike force commanded by Siobhan boards the Bando Gora command ship. For the first time Omegans encounter the brutal Reavers and True Reavers, butchering them by the hundreds, though with casualties. Jorus Merrill, HK-36 and Maelion are there for the action and HK proves a capable fighter and NCO. Siobhan throws Bando Gora scientists who said they were 'just following orders' into a cage full of Reavers, then duels a Chaos Primarch. Giving in to the dark side, she engages him in a force lightning duel that leaves her bionic hand and eye fried. After getting her leg hacked off with a chainsaw blade, she unleashes her full telekinetic power on him in desperation, then kills him with a lightsabre to the head. As the ship gets torn asunder, HK carries the crippled Siobhan from the ship, who needs to be rebuilt again. Siobhan has a dark vision where she encounters her Bando Gora self and fights her. Bittersweet moments with Tegaea, who learns Maelion did nothing during the battle and is uneasy about the force lightning revelation. Siobhan finally apologises for being a bitch on Naboo. Ironically enough the tragedy brings the two closer, as Siobhan finally realises Tegaea is the person she can trust...and how easily she could have lost her.


http://starwarsrp.ne...leg-up-siobhan/ : A crippled Siobhan recovers in hospital. No sex, no smut magazines no action, it's pure terror! And after being released she discovers she has no force powers! Needless to say Siobhan is at her moodiest and angstiest, but fortunately she has Tegaea, who deserves a medal, and the Dr House style Jedi healer Thane, who devises a method to fix her up.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-will-work-for/: Dells leaves the Republic and joins OP. Siobhan is happy and wastes no time integrating her into the organisation, having bonded with her at Roche. Dells becomes her XO, meaning she has to do her paperwork!


http://starwarsrp.ne...-and-decisions/: Circe Savan comes to Fondor, wanting to sell ships and have encounters that require a fade to black scene. However, OP already has ships and Siobhan and Tegaea turn her down. They're happy with each other.


http://starwarsrp.ne...siness-wedding/: Siobhan, Jorus, HK and Delila lay down the law for Alli Wren and Circe Savan when they think their wedding on Corellia requires a guard force of 200 droidekas. The couple's claims are dismissed, Siobhan ionises a trigger-happy remote.


http://starwarsrp.ne...nion-of-bespin/: Bespin has been taken over by Bando Gora! They're everywhere. Eager for payback, Siobhan leads a strike force to take Cloud City, along with Dells, HK and Lavina, who introduces the Reavers to fiery death. They end up facing a Great Unclean One. Lavina sets the place on fire, Siobhan tears down the roof, gunships bomb the place. There is no such thing as overkill. Lavina saves Siobhan's life twice, HK's Iron Company crushes Reavers.


http://starwarsrp.ne...rk-environment/: Hutt Cartel enforcers take a major space station. Alna D'Lessio is captured and then traded to Cirve Savan. Siobhan joins Jorus, instinctive astrogator extraordinate, to get her back. Siobhan gets to make a door into the bridge tower, destroy lots of droids while in zero-gravity and Jorus rips off the bridge tower for screwing with him. It's a fun vacation for everyone!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ction-holocast/ : Siobhan has fun watching an auction where Alna offers the Reclaimer-class repair vessel. Cira and Circe Savan are the lead bidders and Circe buys the ship for 500 million! Alna and Jorus are inordinately rich, Circe less so and subsequently Alna goes into business with OP, becoming a freelancer with full access. Siobhan finds it all very amusing.


http://starwarsrp.ne...my-laser-sword/: Siobhan teaches her good friend Hevana how to use a lightsabre. It's a fun bonding experience for both. Nothing could possibly go wrong!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ars-the-rescue/ : The pirate RC 212 has been captured by HK and friends. The Mandalorians have a bounty on him, what with him detonating an atomb bomb near their capital and all, the Ewoks want him for skinning a lot of them. Siobhan passes the time at a meeeting with Cira and Sarge when an Ewok ambassador demanding RC's scalp and ponders Solomonic justice. HK and Mao get a fight with RC, Putin tries to rescue the pirate, everyone in the Galaxy and their nexu has Cira's phone number. Just another day at Omega Pyre.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-new-beginning/ : Siobhan is present when HK's memories are restored and he receives a new body, specifically designed to act as a tank and significantly improve his ability to fight force-users. Should he go all Clockwork on them, she is there to stop him. Fortunately, everything goes smoothly and afterwards the Iron Company throws a party for their commander.


http://starwarsrp.ne...a-protectorate/ : In the light of the Clockwork Crisis and a number of security leaks, not the least everyone being able to call the Lady Protector and a pirate showing up in Protectorate space, the Lay Protector orders an internal investigation. Across the Protectorate countless lower-ranking employees are questioned about 'hostile associations' with RC 212 and Circe Savan. Siobhan is scathing and sees the whole affair as a joke, since Clockwork was ages ago, so it's a bit late now, and neither Circe nor RC can count as threats. It all stays civilised and there's no Cheka, but it annoys.



http://starwarsrp.ne...t-all-hang-out/: Siobhan and Dells have a night out and the trouble magnet meets Ace Kitts, rock star, resident hipster and, if Siobhan and Thessa have anything to say about it, Dells' future boyfriend. They have a fun time in a club!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ave-us-siobhan/: Siobhan is surprised to find Boolon Murr, Ithorian Jedi Knight, pacificist and missionary on her doorstep, seeking out exiles to talk to the about their reasons for leaving and remind them that some Jedi are still there for them. Siobhan finds herself liking the man, despite their differences, since he is honest and clear-sighted. She shows herself a loyal Omegan, but the meeting makes her think.


http://starwarsrp.ne...the-money-flow/: Siobhan attends an auction where Subach-Innes sells ships, meeting Alna and Jorus again, who are both rich now.


http://starwarsrp.ne...the-omega-pyre/: Senator Brunswick visits Corellia to have a chat with OP leaders. Alas, he has nothing real to offer and basically tells them the Republic is finished. Siobhan is very scathing and thinks it's a comedy. After he leaves they discuss matters of state and the Bando Gora war.


http://starwarsrp.ne...ian-conference/: After the failure of the Brunswick mission and the senator's subsequent suicide on the senate floor, the OP leaders meet with the Republic Supreme Commander and Chancellor Serifen. Siobhan attends, does not say much, but is happy about the mutual defence pact. However, there's no offensive alliance.


http://starwarsrp.ne...e-fighting-for/ : Ayden, Cira, Siobhan and Tegaea meet to discuss preparations for galactic war. Sibohan delivers an assessment of how the ground forces would fight in a conflict with the CIS and supports stronger armament and bigger guns (big surprise!), namely a heavy tank and a self-propelled rocket launcher - alas neither get built! She and Tegaea propose the MK II Bolter. Ayden and Cira discuss the Omega Fleet and new designs to strengthen it.


http://starwarsrp.ne...he-top-siobhan/: After spending several weeks fighting Reavers Siobhan comes back home to find her home changed. Her apartment looks like the residence of an aristo, Tegs is living the high life. Needless to say Siobhan gets angsty due to being afraid of being a relic who won't fit in anymore since she's just a soldier, but she gets over it and concludes that life on the top is great. Anya, Tegaea's long-time Eldorai aide and their occasional bed partner, reveals that she's the exiled sister of the Eldorai Princess Silaqui. Plans are discussed to take over Kaeshana, Siobhan whips recruits into shape and, most importantly, Tegaea proposes to her. Wonders will never cease, Siobhan wants to tie the knot. Things are better than ever!


http://starwarsrp.ne...royal-training/: Siobhan offers Anya some combat training. Both agree that honour is dumb.


http://starwarsrp.ne...obhans-wedding/: Wedding bells toll! The impossible has happened. Siobhan has not only maintained something like a stable relationship for several years, she is walking down the aisle. And wearing a dress! Tegaea's powers of persuasion are truly formidable. HK officiates the ceremony and delivers a moving speech, showing yet another nuance of, everyone is shiny and happy and we get romantic Siobhan! The honeymoon is spent in a private pleasure palace on Naboo, the details are hidden from us.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-siobhan/page-1: Siobhan and Qae Shena, badass Nautolan and rogue master, visit the planet of Terminus, investigating a Bando Gora cult. Alas it turns out that a Mad God has driven the entire planet insane, so soon they find themselves facing Reavers, cops, normal people - everyone wants to kill them! Ultimately they split up after plenty of property damage, with Qae opening his mind to the Mad God and facing him on the astral plane, while Siobhan, using the information he gives her, hunts him down to slay him. Both must face not only hordes of enemies, but also resist the indoctrination of the vile chaos daemon (thread never completed alas).


http://starwarsrp.ne...of-chaos-omega/: Purge! Captain Moira Skaldi breaks a Bando Gora prisoner into revealing the location of a major base and logistics centre. Siobhan assembles a crack of force of Omega soldiers, including HK, Dells, Nyos Val and Hevana, then attacks to capture a vampire called Crowley, mafia boss and unwilling Bando Gora ally. Reavers are slaugtered, they team up vamps, everyone gets to be a badass! Victory comes at a cost, for Dells is stabbed and needs a new liver, Nyos is critically injured when fighting off a horde of Reavers and vamps, HK is damaged when playing hero to save hostages Siobhan was willing to sacrifice. Siobhan gets shot and a piece of wall falls on her, then tastes the dark side when she fries vamps with lightning. Moira breaks Crowley, then he's left to die on the station when it gets blown up by Inimicas. Turns out the vamp had dealings with the energy vamps that tormented Siobhan and Adril. Revenge is a dish best served explosive!



http://starwarsrp.ne...a-protectorate/: Siobhan and Dells discuss how to upgrade OP's arsenal. The MK II Bolter is developed and Hevana proposes an anti-force user grenade. Alas, there's no heavy battle tank!



http://starwarsrp.ne...on-of-kaeshana/: The Star Queen of Kaeshana dies and Silaqui and her cousin Nalia struggle to gain power. Silaqui is weak and friendly to OP, Nalia is a tough schemer and fanatical conservative. Anya returns to the planet in the hopes of preventing civil war and facilitating her homeworld's entrance into the Protectorate, Linna joins as a diplomat, Siobhan, Kaida, HK and Dells are there in case things go south. Negotiations break down, Siobhan plays the trump card that is the Arithdae Codex. After Nalia's soldiers corner them, Anya duels her champion and wins through less than fair means, Angelii and palace guards attack them and get totally curbstomped by the combined awesomeness of our courageous 'heroes'. For once, Siobhan stops a roof from collapsing. After getting crippled by HK, Nalia tries to shoot Silaqui, but heroic Anya takes the blaster bolt, and Nalia is killed by Siobhan. Silaqui becomes Queen, the Taldir sisters are pardoned and Anya is acknowledged as princess and probable heir to the throne. Everyone is happy except Nalia's followers, elves unhappy about their planet submitting to a foreign power without anyone asking them and opponents of imperialism in general, but they don't count!


http://starwarsrp.ne...i-need-siobhan/: Coryth Elaris, short stack of fire, badass healer, wants combat training. Who better to train her than the most brutal force master in the Protectorate? Siobhan sees that Coryth is way tougher than most people realise and develops a fool-proof plan to bring out her inner badass: Piss her off enough during training. In other words Siobhan is insane because you should never piss off a redhead! The plan works out perfectly, between the two of them Siobhan and Coryth wreck a training room, Coryth tears down a beam from the ceiling and throws it at her, lots of droids get wrecked. Coryth shows how fearsome she can be by giving in to her rage and displaying her potent illusion powers, which Siobhan finds rather difficult to counter, though she ends up on top. Afterwards broken bones and ribs need to be mended and both talk about their darkside issues. No one can doubt that Coryth is awesome now.


http://starwarsrp.ne...h-empire/page-1 : Waaagh! Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne! The Jedi have decided to do something...attack the Sith Empire at Metalorn. Hooray! Incidentally this is what Senator Brunswick wanted after a slave revolt was suppressed, so now he gets his wish. Siobhan decides to join although the Protectorate and the Republic sort of are not talking. She engages a Sith armoured unit in a mini Kursk tank battle with a walker and Hoplites. After her walker gets crippled and she gets tossed out, Siobhan uses her powers productively by throwing a Sith tank. Tanks on both sides get damaged, Sith armour retreats and she has a dramatic duel with the Dark Lord Velok, everyone's favourite Whiphid who likes to return from the dead a lot. Siobhan gets force drained, gets spears of midnight black thrown at her and later fried by her own lightning, but TK and bolter battering rams him, at one point creating a whirlwind of grenades and throwing the wreckage of another tank. Ultimately Velok is forced to retreat after suffering a beating, though the battle leaves Siobhan crippled and she is med-evacced. Alas, ultimately the Sith successfully defend the planet and rather than continue the fight and attack again the Republic's Chancellor decides they should have peace in our time and that the Protectorate is bad. Siobhan comes to regard this as a betrayal, but for now is sort of busy recovering because getting speared in the leg sucks.


http://starwarsrp.ne...y-tegaea/page-1 : The victorious heroine returns from the battle of Metalorn! Unfortunately, Siobhan has to go to hospital...again. Tegaea is deeply shaken and upset by having come so close to losing her wife again, not to mention frustrated with her recklessness. Her wife's breakdown visibly shakes Siobhan and makes her feel guilty, for she cannot bear Tegaea being in pain. Then Coryth, fiery short stack of fire, yells at her for being so reckless, making Siobhan feel even worse. Neither know yet that the Republic is going to commit the Betrayal of Metalorn and make an alliance with the butchers of Donanyd. While Siobhan recovers, Tegaea receives a very grim briefing from Moira about the Ithorian Treaty, which threatens to encircle and neuter the Protectorate. Since Polis Massa the Protectorate has no allies, no actual meeting of the Triumvirate has taken place, so the burden of finding a way out of this mess falls to Tegaea, whose people have been working on the design for a new super battleship, the Leviathan. To help things along Moira abducts a scientist who has plans for a new type of reactor core and 'persuades' her to help with the project. Tegaea and Coryth have a brief bonding moment, Siobhan promises to stay out of skirmishes for now and help her wife at Omega Industries to design new weapons to keep their home safe. 


http://starwarsrp.ne...aanemone/page-1: Being in hospital is not that bad really! Sure the food could use some improvement, but Sio gets a cute doctor called Anemone Nivalis...who promptly falls into her chest. In all fairness, her goods are rather eye-catching! Sio promptly seduces her into her bed, but alas realises too late that Anemone wants more. The poor doctor runs away once she realises Sio just wants some fun. It's all a bit sad and hilarious!


http://starwarsrp.ne...-aleidis/page-1: Having largely recovered Siobhan visits Coruscant for...reasons. There by chance she encounters Aleidis Ijet, sixteen-year old Jedi Master, pacifist, new chancellor. Yes, it's that kind of world. Both have a friendly chat, Sio gets a guided tour of the Senate and shows her how to smoke. Bad Sio! Alas things will soon be less friendly. What with the Republic making a deal with the Sith, treating the Protectorate as a threat to galactic peace and all that.


http://starwarsrp.ne...corellia/page-1: Siobhan and Tegaea attend a fancy gala on Corellia. Sio wears a shiny dress again - doubtless all part of her wife's plot to girly her up and stop her from getting maimed by settling down into femmy aristoness!



http://starwarsrp.ne...o-fabula/page-1: Sio and Fabula meet on Coruscant. After hearing the cool stuff she did during the battle of Metalorn, Sio thinks Fabula is totally awesome. Really, they're like sisters separated at birth! (thread not finished alas).


http://starwarsrp.ne...iplomats/page-1: In order to break out of their diplomatic isolation and rebuild old bridges, Siobhan and Tegaea travel to Coruscant to meet with Aleidis and discuss reforging the old friendship between their two nations. Alas, nothing gets resolved. Aleidis demands Ayden's career - Sio neither likes nor respects him, but that's one thing, bowing to an ultimatum is another. Still the meeting ends on pleasant terms after smoking on the balcony. Sio will come to despise Aleidis after hearing of the alliance with the Sith. Her trust in the Republic disappears.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-zonju-v/page-1: Big bang! For a change the Protectorate is not fighting Reavers, but performing humanitarian aid. The thoroughly irrelevant planet of Zonyu V is being plagued by earthquakes, the people call for aid! A mercy mission led by Anya is sent to help study the quakes and evacuate the people. Sio has to stay behind because of her injuries. Admittedly there probably won't be much action aside from killing raiders, but she's upset! Besides, Anya's way too heroic. Sio later confers with Anya after the evacuation is over, but the entire planet has been wrecked by the quakes and a good deal has fallen into lava. The biggest surprise? It had nothing to do with Sith artefacts and stuff!


http://starwarsrp.ne...echnical-folks/: The Protectorate needs new weapons! A research commission set up by Tegaea, who seems to be the only Triumvir actually doing much in terms of running things, proposes and examines new weapons design. Having worked with Omega Industries, the proposals Sio brings forth, based on what her researchers told her, eventually turn into the Typhoon-class artillery tank and the Manticore heavy-support tank, which has a cool rail gun. Tegaea reveals the Leviathan, the 4km ship-eater! Named after an Old One who almost wiped out all life once before getting cleaved in half by Illyria. There is no such thing as overkill, only open fire and reload! Also Sio bashes the whole 'small elite groups' concept cause it's outdated for a great power.


http://starwarsrp.ne...a-protectorate/: HK wants to copy himself five times. That's cool because it means five extra Iron Knights! Some things need discussing, like measures to make sure the clones don't go all Clockwork on everyone! And, most importantly, what to call them!



http://starwarsrp.ne...ssion-corellia/: Matsu Ike and other Jedi come to Corellia on an archeology expedition. Alli Wren is there as well. Sio 'negotiates' with both ladies. It turns out...very beneficial. Alas, the negotiations take place behind a black curtain.


Exarch of the Omega Protectorate:


http://starwarsrp.ne...481-shockwaves/: Velok used Sith magicks to vaporise Rhommamool/Osarian and now Cira is gone. It's assumed that she was there when the planets got destroyed. As her second in command from the start, Tegaea becomes new Lady Protector. Surprisingly enough the Council elects 'war hero' Sio as the new Exarch. Tegs didn't campaign on her behalf, but is happy and thinks she's earned it, but Sio mopes a lot. Doesn't she have any sort of ambition? However, Tegs persuades her to accept, the force of her argument driving Sio to agree because she wants to be at her side and help. Alas, the Republic and the Protectorate don't make nice despite having just lost a planet each because the Chancellor goes on about Polis Massa.


http://starwarsrp.ne...h-inauguration/: Sio gets inagurated as the new Exarch of Eriadu. She sulks a great deal and is grumpy - yeah, it's one of those days again - then gives a dramatic speech that actually isn't half bad, about how the Protectorate needs to get its act together and stop being complacent. She shall assume direct control! Aurelia is sulky because she's not Exarch, nobody really cares. All hail our new battering-ramming over-mistress!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ng-has-its-end/: Sio wants Dells to be her successor as commander of the Pyre. Alas, Dells wants to go join Rebels. Sio's upset and pissed because 'her' Dells belongs under her...under her command, that is. Dells is straight after all! Both almost come to blows, but it's decided that Dells shall be their liaison to the Rebel Alliance. After all, they're noble freedom fighters struggling against evil in the Galaxy, not terrorists! It's just a bit unclear what their goal is beyond fighting bad guys.


http://starwarsrp.ne...h-tegaeainvite/: Yes, Minister, SWRP style! Siobhan has fought legions of Reavers, zombies, a dragon, defeated a talking Warthog Sith Lord, but now she faces her great challenge ever: the tedium of bureaucracy. She cannot bludgeon her way through bureaucracy...but she can bludgeon pretty hard! The battering ram must learn to deal with economic issues, health care, diplomacy, give speeches. Her ever patient and trolling aide de camp, Crown Princess Anya Venari, is there to play Sir Humphrey!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ion-of-gehenna/: The Bando Gora homeworld has been discovered and Sio leads the Protectorate army on its biggest operation ever. While Admiral Stahlmann's fleet cleanses the stars, an OP army lands on the hellish world, fighting its way through Reavers, monsters, demon engines. Nerve gas is used, Sio TK crashes a walker and then shows she can fly without wings. The largest deployment of Protectorate forces faces hordes of Bando Gora fanatics determined to fight to the last, on world where the Great One Illyria crushed and cast down Leviathan. Epic carnage takes place everywhere, Moira is revealed as an HRD and she can Maelion cause mayhem together. Ultimately, after having laid waste to most of the subterranean Bando Gora city, Sio duels Abaddon, the Bando Gora Prophet in a duel, and tears the mountain ceiling down...again, after getting crippled. Then rips the floor apart, making Bando Gora and Omegans fall into a lava pit. She falls, but is saved by Maelion, who evacs her together with Moira. The Omegan victory comes at a staggering cost, almost twenty thousand dead, almost as many wounded or missing. But the Bando Gora Cult has been broken...it will be the last victory of the power couple.


http://starwarsrp.ne...o-gora-bonanza/: The lost exploits! Witness Sio, HK and Moira fight their way through the mechanical monstrosities of the Bando Gora Machine Cult. HK gets led into a trap and after defeating the Machine God's champion is possessed by his spirit. Sio has to use her battering ramming might against her friend! Oh, and Moira's an HRD...not much of a surprise really. A possessed HK bombards her with fireballs, but although she is badly scorched Siobhan overpowers him with her telekinetic might, throwing him across the temple grounds, trying to collapse a pyramid on him and almost ripping his arms off. Then it turns out that...the real Machine God is the last mechanical dragon Mag'ladroth and he's hungry. Siobhan is tired out, but fortunately HK has another sigil of hope to give her a power-up. Covered by the Iron Knights and HK she telekinetically rips the dragon's wings off and beats it to death with it while HK wields his new Sith blades like buzzsaws to cleave through his head. Then they go off to meet Maelion and fight the rest of the Bando Gora...for Abaddon still needs to die. The usual!


http://starwarsrp.ne...for-explosions/: Dells comes over to visit while Sio recovers from her injuries. Both have a friendly chat and all that. Alas, Dells is still straight!


http://starwarsrp.ne...siobhanandreas/: Sio throws a guy through a wall and then out of the window of the Omega Tower. He looked like he might want to hurt Tegs! (noncanon)


http://starwarsrp.ne...olence-siobhan/: Tragedy strikes our heroines. Kaelin infiltrates Sio's staff under the guise of 'Sonae Kur', her new assistant. Sio, you guessed it, can't keep in her pants and seduces her...then winds up getting sedated and left to drown in her bath. Anya saves her, but by then Kaelin has abducted Tegaea and is torturing her brutally. Feeling her pain and driven by pure rage, Sio flies to the torture chamber and utterly demolishes Kaelin with pure battering ramming might. Her old nemesis finally dies after getting her hand broken, thrown through a wall, electrocuted and then beheaded. Rule number one: Don't hurt Tegaea. Just don't! Poor Tegs has lost an eye and almost died, but can be brought to the hospital in time. Siobhan is tormented by guilt and self-loathing, for it is her fault her wife, suffered. Things become strained between them after she comes clean. Due to her injuries Tegs has to resign as LP, all the suffering she has endured affects her strongly. However, while recovering the two decide to make their own future by founding a company as their retirement plan, Firemane Industries, of which Tegaea will be CEO. After all, she is a redhead!


Fresh start, Firemane Industries:


http://starwarsrp.ne...-light-meet-up/: Jedi aren't doing anything against Sith, two of whom destroyed the senate, a couple rogue Jedi want to start a Crusade to purge them! Awesome! Sio shows up at their meet and greet, but is thoroughly annoyed about the fact that they spend a lot of time partying and posturing. She has a serious talk with Kei Amadis, laying out the Kerrigan Art of War. However, she declines his offer to formally join because her wife comes first, but expresses Firemane's willingness to support them for a price.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-self-training/: While hanging out with the Army of Light Sio comes across a young Paddy called Nato'line and provides her with some training. After all, Sio's totally the sort to teach people things! Surprisingly enough it goes well and Nato summons a whirlwind, making Sio proud.


http://starwarsrp.ne...under-kaeshana/: Judah Dashiell, businessman, all-around fun guy and nerdy mermaid admirer, comes to Kaeshana and has a chat with our lovely ladies. His company gets contracted for deep sea mining since there's lots of gems down there in the ocean! While he's gathering samples at an island beach they come under attack by Dark Eldorai. Tegaea is lightly injured, which drives Sio into a rage and so she totally kills all the attackers. Don't people ever learn? A profitable deal is made. Things are looking well for Firemane!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ons-of-atrisia/: Fringe has invaded Atrisia because...well, apparently their leaders don't know either! That's what happens when Ashin goes on vacation. By chance Sio happens to be on the planet and decides to stay to fight. She and Tricia battering ram it out in the air, with Sio smashing her with her full telekinetic might. Lots of vehicles and ships get thrown around, the area in front of the Imperial Tower is thoroughly wrecked. However, then the CIS shows up because...well, no one really knows either. Fringe and the Imperials decide on an armistice and to thrash the Feds together. Because the Feds are bad losers they send five Lucrehulks on collision course to kill everyone. Je'gan, Traitor Grand Master and now an Imperial Inquisitor, who just negotiated an armistice, forms a force meld that unites all the forcers on the planet, including Spencer Jacobs, who acts as a battery, Ashin Varanin, Mirien Valdier, Nick Kahoshi etc. Super charged this way, Sio throws Lucrehulks after teaming up with Tricia. Hooray! The planet is saved. After coming off her force drug rush Sio goes home.


http://starwarsrp.ne...0101-honor-met/: Sio attends an Atrisian award ceremony together with Tegs. They want to make Mistress Earthshaker a baronness. That's nice! Nothing interesting happens. Later the neo-Imperials attack Fondor, are forced to retreat and join Fringe.


http://starwarsrp.ne...e-past-siobhan/: Phylis, everyone's favourite hot Jedi librarian, has come to Kaeshana again to explore ancient ruins. Sio is there as Eldorai government rep and for a change not in a smutty mood. She confesses her responsibility for the suffering Tegs went through after getting prodded. Phylis has to play psychologist again, then both go on an archeology trip. Turns out, the ancient temple, built to celebrate the glory of Queen Ariane, who defeated the Kar'zun, also served as a prison for her rival Silaqui II. The history books say she died in the final battle against the Kar'zun after breaking free of her brainwashing. These Eldorai aren't that nice! Later Phylis teaches Sio force protection - she's such a sweetheart! Shame her robes cover so much.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-tegaea-alcori/: Tegs sells lots of gems, gold etc. to a Hutt called Popo and gets a hell of a lot of credits in return. Sio is there to supervise the exchange. Surprisingly enough everything goes well and there's no violence. Who would have thought?


http://starwarsrp.ne...e-raid-on-styx/: The Republic-Fel-Mando Crusade is in full swing and the Sith Empire is collapsing like a sand castle before a tidal wave. It's like they don't want to win! Well, maybe they have a secret master plan or something. Anyway, the Rebels want to take advantage of this and steal cool toys from a Sith research facility on Styx. Naturally Sio's there for the ride and loot! It's like a reunion of almost all the cool people in OP - Jorus, Dells, Anemone, Moira (well, she doesn't count!), along with Judah, Thessa and the awesome Mia Monroe. Bad guys get killed, everyone gets loot and XP.


http://starwarsrp.ne...w-toys-siobhan/: Sio comes back with shiny toys from the Rebel raid! She and Tegs also have a new maid...who's very responsive to their needs. It's always great when you can find professional and attentive staff!


http://starwarsrp.ne...an-bar-buddies/: Shiny dresses, pedicures, nubile servant girl willing to serve her every whim - Sio is having no problem slipping into the decadent luxury of the hedonistic aristos she used to despise. Bit of a shock for poor Dells when she comes to visit. Sio would like Dells back with Firemane and thinks she needs sleep...so she spikes her drink. Dells is pissed when she wakes up and flees, the friendship between the two of them goes down the toilet. The redhead beats up an arrogant old Eldorai aristo lady and ends up in prison. Thanks to Sio blackmailing the elf she gets out, but things don't go well, Oh, and Thessa is pregnant!


http://starwarsrp.ne...rebel-alliance/: The last Rebel mission is a rescue operation to free the Mon Cal and Quarren inmates of a Sith concentration camp, guarded by hardcore zealots of an Empire that's falling apart. Sio's there for the ride and causes lots of destruction. She's happy about the Empire falling apart, disgusted by the Republic's actions on Manaan.


http://starwarsrp.ne...re-capitalists/: Jorus, boss of corporate giant Silk Holdings, needs security for his hyperlane, the Mara Corridor. So he wants to hire Firemane. After some negotiations between him and business savvy Tegs, a deal is reached and his company will help them and the Eldorai build some shiny ships. The Valora-class!


http://starwarsrp.ne...nion-of-schesa/: Sio attends an Imperial party on the Chiss world of Schesa. Legions of assassins suddenly spawn everywhere and attack, Sio gets to relieve herself of being bored by killing lots of them. Oh, and she meets Je'gan!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ry-101-siobhan/: Anya wants to show Sio her weapons! No, not that sort, Sio just had a session like that with Silaqui. Anyway, she shows off the sarzmigar, a cool polearm/pike weapon thingie that's somewhat lightsabre resistant, and Eldorai armour. Sio likes it!


http://starwarsrp.ne...le-ah-whatever/: With the Empire having collapsed without actually giving anyone a decent fight, the Jedi are performing an expedition to Korriban. After all, there might be dangerous artefacts! Sio has a cameo and gives Phylis a What The Hell Hero Speech about Manaan, leaving after having said a piece. After all, by their standards she's a heretic!


http://starwarsrp.ne...te-vs-one-sith/: A Sith cult, which includes Lords Apparatus and the former Sith Emperor Kaine Zambrano, who lost his empire and recently rescued from Jedi captivity, attacks an orbital shipyard at Fondor. Sio saves Jorus from Kaine, then thoroughly battering rams him. As the Sith lord finds out, trying to get Sio's mind and using her fears against her backfires...badly. After ripping a good chunk of a hall apart, Sio faces Apparatus, who dodges and flees after the explosions cause a breach in the hull. With the space station plummeting in freefall Sio uses her telekinetic might to grip it tight and pull it back into position, preventing it from crashing into a planet. Then, exhausted, she asleep and has...dreams. They include Dells, Tegs, leather and ropes.


http://starwarsrp.ne...-confederation/: The Dark Eldorai start a revolution to try and topple Silaqui, for she is a traitor! Sio and HK lead the defences of the palace and under their command the rebels are beaten back, but then traitor Angelii strike and kill Silaqui. However, Tegs remembers her inner badass and guns them down with a bolter, though she needs a hospital stay then. With Sila having no children Anya is Queen. A new age has begun!


http://starwarsrp.ne...addle-firemane/: The gang is back! Firemane attacks a space station of the Scutarii pirates. They used to back the Bando Gora, but we're persuaded to stay away from Gehenna. Now they've been attacking Eldorai, so they must all die. A boarding party led by Sio storms the station and kills lots of pirates, alas Moira likes to meddle and hacks the system to set the reactor to blow. But no worries, our heroes escape! Naturally HK plays hero again in order to save a poor slave...but no worries, he's alive as well!


http://starwarsrp.ne...9296-master-of/: Poor Coryth needs help badly! The Sith poison inside her is spreading like a venom, the darkness threatening to take over the little redhead we all know and love. Sio encounters her on Coruscant and, promising to help her friend, accompanies her to the Jedi Temple. Some Jedi Master is tactless to Cory, Sio tells him to get the hell out. Using a light side force meld Phylis is able to stop the infection...for now. Trying times are ahead for the short stack of fire, but she has friends who will help her.


http://starwarsrp.ne...dens-tegaeamei/: Deeply concerned for Tegs' safety, Sio invites a handmaiden with bounty-hunter training called Mei for a job interview. Mei is emotionally aloof, but the meeting goes well and she is hired! To actually do her job...not for 'special assistance'.


http://starwarsrp.ne...on-of-hebrides/: The impossible has happened: A Sio/Ashin team-up! Both want the Bando Gora dead. Yeah, a splinter group was driven into the unknown regions before the Gehenna exterminatus. They've also decided that Sio's a Chaos Goddess and that to die by her blade is a form of worship, along with human sacrifices. Together with her pals Jorus and Mia Sio boards a Bando Gora command ship and kills lots of Reavers, while Fringers do the same. She meets Ashin, they kill Reavers and chat. It's a weird universe these days.


http://starwarsrp.ne...i-insurrection/: The Apocalypse! Siobhan and several others get time warped to an apocalyptic future where the minions of the diabolical Akala have subjugated the Galaxy. The last stand to halt her triumph is on Mandalore. Siobhan...has more important things on her mind. Poor Tegaea had to not only endure twenty years of horrors, but has been twisted into a mechanical weapon enslaved by the will of Akala. The two confront each other, for once Siobhan founds herself incapable of killing an opponent...though to her distress she's forced to use her powers against Tegaea, but stays her hand from striking the killing blow. Love conquers all and the two are...vanish into thin air. Was it all a dream? Some sort of cosmic lesson? Who knows.


http://starwarsrp.ne...w-dawn-siobhan/ : Tegaea and Siobhan wake up from the nightmare/Force Matrix/possible apocalyptic future! Tegaea is understandably shaken by the terrible events she seems to have lived through, but Siobhan is there to comfort her - for a change she actually thinks of someone else's problems! Later Anya and her fiance come to visit our lovebirds. Her future husband is quite nice and speaks better High Galactic than Siobhan! Alas because she's Queen and about to get married Anya can no longer attend...book club. This makes Sio unhappy but she takes losing her favourite space elf well enough! Later Sio and Tegs watch the nighty news. Sio has an outburst about people sympathising with Sithies, Tegs talks sense. Shiny and happy...for real!


http://starwarsrp.ne...act-iv-madness/ : Siobhan is in the matrix...again. She wakes up in prison with Sith, Jedi, HK and plenty of other people, tries to battering ram a dragon and then meets Tegaea...except it's Nyx, the embodiment of the Sin of Jealousy, who has taken her wife's form, for she longs for a companion and plaything who wil be absolutely devoted to her! Siobhan is perfect for that. They also encounter Melantha, the Blue Space Elf, and free her. Alas we never find out what happens after that, though they were supposed to go to Lilith's sin pit...


http://starwarsrp.ne...-maidens-dells/ : Dells gets dragged to a lesbian bair again, for Sio wants to reconnect. In her own awkward, socially stunted way. But she does feel sorry about being a bitch to her before! Much to the fangirls' disappointment she will only be experiencing steamy redheaded love in fan fiction! A fangirl finds her dreams fulfilled when she sees her two idols up close, but is ejected from the bar before she can complete her magnificient fan fic, to the disappointment of a very determined fan!


http://starwarsrp.ne...-world-siobhan/ : Myrkr! Thanks to ysalimiri being everywhere, forcers get pulled from their lofty heights to the level of mere mortals! So why is Sio going there? To prove that she can do it - and get ysalimiri. More or less competently leading a strike force of Firemane troops she teams up with the enigmatic time traveller Tamara. On the way they ambush a group of ex Sith mercs, Sio gets fragged by one of her own soldiers, who wants revenge for his buddies getting killed on Gehenna, but Tamara saves her life. Stealing a Sith transport, they infiltrate the Sith base in an attempt to terminate their operations by pulling off the age old 'we have a prisoner for you' trick. Sith never learn, do they?



http://starwarsrp.ne...ne/#entry322568 : Siobhan and Tegaea meet with Field Marshal Ordo and his daughter Anija to discuss a business deal. They have bolters and other shiny weapons such as the Reaver tank! Siobhan and Tempest get their own personal beskar armour suits.


http://starwarsrp.ne...ch-out-cthulhu/ : On the Spires of Hell a band of morally ambiguous heroes valiantly does battle against Cthulhu and daemons. Well, a Lotek'k and two walker-sized writhing horrors...but that's sorta the same. Naturally Siobhan 'I can kill anything' Kerrigan is there. Get your bones crushed by a walker-sized writhing horror, lift said eldritch abomination and throw it at sky-scraper sized Cthulhu, get your bones healed by Sith magic cast by Rave Merrill (which hurts just the same as them getting broken), propel thermals into the Lotek'tek's mouth via Force Whirlwind, rip off one of its freighter-sized tentacles and stab it in the eye and then ram it through, along with shooting plenty of lightning. Just another day at the office! A formidable coalition of masters and elite NFU soldiers that includes Ashin Varanin, Spencer Jacobs, Rave Merrill, Delila Castillon and others takes down the great beast, which among other things gets turned into a coat. The Spring Line's Lotek'k Jacket - the Kerrigan Coat. Siobhan is very happy with it!


http://starwarsrp.ne...empest-siobhan/ : Someone with a name like Tempest just has to summon storms one day! Siobhan has decided that her friend Tempest, former slave from Dahomey, Mistress in training in the....Order of the Torch, should finally utilise her force potential. Due to very traumatic experiences in the past Tempest is reluctant, but Siobhan manages to persuade her to give it a try. Siobhan as a teacher...what could possibly go wrong?


http://starwarsrp.ne...sel-open/page-4 : The Black Suns are taking cover Kessel before the Confeds get it! While the crime lords work out deals and pursue a systematic takeover of the planet, they hold an auction. Theran scrolls, shiny ships, crystals everything is for sale! While vast sums of money are being thrown around Siobhan has her eyes set on expanding her gun collection to include ten awesome sonic shotguns! She ends up buying them for six thousand creds, now that's a good deal!


http://starwarsrp.ne...rs-of-the-lost/: Judah, Thessa and Sio go artefact hunting on Rakaa IV, searching for a piece of the Taurannik Codex. For a change there's no zombies, eldritch abominations or monsters, just ghosts from the past! While Judah must face a dead ex-girlfriend who just won't take no for an answer, after levitating him up from a pit her fell into Sio is haunted by the ghostly apparation of her dead sister Althenea, who says all sorts of bad things. Because Sio gets mad and demolishes part of the tomb Thessa stuns her and Judah ties her up. How kinky! In the dreamlands she meets Althenea again, lots of people she killed and gets told she's going to hell. Well, duh, she's a Chaos Goddess! Fortunately she can wreck even more of the ruins and wake up. As payment Siobhan gets a coat made from terentatek hide, a set of leviathan bracers and lots of money! The coat should make a nice gift for Tegs.


http://starwarsrp.ne...inion-of-aurum/ : The Horde has come to Aurum and is literally torching the planet, killing all its inhabitants. Why? For the fun of it. Needless to say this can't be allowed to happen unopposed and so Spencer, Jorus and Sio travel to the planet to wreck things...this is not overkill at all. Jorus unleashes THE shotgun upon hordes of Vongs, Spencer strangulates and crushes lots of Vong and collector droids by unleashing plant surge - she should really join the, ahem, Order - and Sio throws dropships and has a duel with Vulcanus, dark lord of the space orks who likes to shoot fireballs and magma. Siobhan telekinetically beats him up and throws him against a wrecked dropship while she's flying, blasts both him and Collectors with a telekinetic blast and force lightning. Though seriously injured by his fire magic she comes out victorious, evacuating with her companions on the Gypsymouth when Fire Breathers and Vong cruisers appear - yeah, they're that popular. The Vong fleet tries to blast them out of the sky...but Jorus is the Lord of the Hyperlanes!



http://starwarsrp.ne...-crusade-horde/ : The Moross Crusaders, expansionist religious zealots ruled by false gods, are attacking the Silken Asteroids, occupied by the Horde, who are Vong and want to make the world burn. This is very original! Sio tags along with HK and his Iron Company on the Siege Tower. Sure, Moross is sort of Sithy, but the pay is good and Horde is bad. There's much confusion and a space battle, where Horde does not...do much. Sio chucks big rocks called asteroids, which get deflected a lot but seem to smash some ships, Vulcanus, the Horde's Sith ally, goes all dark side pyromania power and creates a star that is supposed to consume both fleets, then Soliael, Moross false god, eats it. Sio gets charged up with sigils of hope and crushes the bridge tower of Vulcanus' battleship, Soliael gets evacced by HK's people as he drifts through space. Later Moross goes on full offensive and after she has woken up from falling unconscious, Sio 'makes a door' into the Horde command ship, which is then taken by Moross and Iron Company. Horde...does not do anything. So much for making the world burn. Oh, and HK gives Sio a nice pep talk about how going dark is bad because she'd become what she hates and Tegaea would be horrified. Hopefully she'll listen to him!


http://starwarsrp.ne...ne/#entry349471 : Sio needs a checkup, good thing she knows a very talented doctor! Anemone makes a housecall and it's as awkward as you can expect. Siobhan wants to mend fences and offers her a job. So sweet. Hopefully Anemone will stay!


http://starwarsrp.ne...carrygunmoross/ : It's pay day! Sio and HK meet with the Moross leaders. HK gets the Vong ship, which shall be renamed the Dancing Queen, and negotiates a trade deal for phrik. Siobhan acquires a sizeable shipment of phrik. Amorella, one of the Aesir, is so nice to invite them both to the victory celebrations. For a group of expansionist religious zealots Moross is quite pleasant!

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Darth Carnifex

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The grave's already dug for you :P

Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Darth Vornskr



* crushes lungs * :P Sounds like a manling needs to be put in his place.

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You'll find that this manling is not so easily shoehorned. :P

Siobhan Kerrigan

Thurion Heavenshield

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Siobhan Kerrigan


When's your next shopping run? I was mighty pleased with what Coci Heavenshield brought home last time. ;)



Jay Scott Clark

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Siobhan Kerrigan - Still one of the best original characters on the internet. Love this profile. :D

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Siobhan Kerrigan


When's your next shopping run? I was mighty pleased with what Coci Heavenshield brought home last time. ;)


Uhh...I never knew you had it in you, Thurion.


Nice bio, tropes for all!



Coci Heavenshield

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Siobhan Kerrigan


When's your next shopping run? I was mighty pleased with what Coci Heavenshield brought home last time. ;)



:blush: I is blushing.   Thurion Heavenshield  :flower:



Oh Kerrigan!?


That is just way to long. :P


I shall read it once I have woken up in two days.  ;)


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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. :)

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Siobhan Kerrigan

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Siobhan Kerrigan


It's no fun being the scalpel, everyone knows the hammer is the best option! :P

Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Darth Prazutis



Agreed! :P

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