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Erebos-Class Starfighter

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OOC: Credit to Cyrus Tregessar for coming up with most of the profile, including the description, strengths and weaknesses section, and so on. 
Image Source: full-28642-110680-eagle2.jpg



(Got pics from Cyrus)
Affiliation: One Sith
Manufacturer: One Sith
Model: Erebos-Class Starfighter
Modularity: Slightly
Production: Mass Production
Material: Quadanium Steel, Matrix Armor, G-Evasive Plating, Glasteel. 
Length:: 15m
Height[: 6m
Width: 8m

Armament: 14

  • 3 Supercharge-capable Solar Ionization Cannons
  • 2 Triple Tube Nanomissile Launchers
  • 1 Modular Bomb Bay


Squadron Count: 10
Special Features:

  • A-HUDT
  • Standard Sensor Suite/Array(HSI, DER, EPR, ANx-y long-range sensor array,ANs-7e sensor unit,Lock-threat warning system, Aural sensor)
  • Solar Ionization Generators
  • Standard Comm Suite/Arrayy(IFF Transponder, Holographic Display, Hyperspace Transciever Subspace Transciever, Ion scrambler, Holo-transmitter, Starfighter grade Encryption Module)
  • Standard Targeting Systems((IFF Transponder, Holographic Display, Subspace Transciever, Ion scrambler, Holo-transmitter, G-003 Tracker,Targeting Computer )
  • Standard Engine/Maneuverability Systems(Twin Ion Engine, Inertial Compensators, Maneuverability Thrusters, Repulsorlift, Combat Thruster)
  • Standard Navigation Systems
  • Ejection Suite
  • Warhead Countermeasures
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Encryption Module
  • Cap Drains
  • Combat Deionizers
  • Redundant Molecular Shield Generators 
  • ECM Counter-Counter Measure(Polarization)

Maneuverability Rating:2
Speed Rating: 4
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0


  • Versatile jack-of-all-trades ship
  • Long range, high endurance
  • Respectable firepower and supercharge capability


  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • A bit large and a little slow for it's class.
  • Limitations of supercharge
  • Small bomb bay means limited effectiveness against capital ships once munitions are expended.

As war continues to improve the One Sith continue to be in need of the latest starfighters in order to improve their arsenal. Malos, working along side Cyrus Tregessar decided to create a starfighter for the One Sith Navy. Designed to fill a previously gapped role, that of a long-range escort and patrol fighter, the project grew in scope from where it started and has resulted in the restructuring of the One Sith Starfighter corps, with Erebos pilots set to become the standing elite.
The starfighter is built from a frame made out of the very durable Quadanium Steel, covered with a a thin layer of matrix armor. The main armor plating consists of several layers of G-32 Evasive Plating, resulting in an all around very durable craft. Given the need for endurance required with the ship however, the main defense for the craft is its shield, which is a pair of Molecular Deflector Arrays, providing double redundancy and increase resistance.

For armament the fighter makes use of recovered technology, in this case the Solar Ionization Cannon.With a limited ability to penetrate shields and an increased armor piercing effect, the cannons are effective against both strike craft and larger vessels. Additionally, a feature from the ancient Hornet-class Interceptor was installed, allowing for the cannons o be 'supercharged' for a single volley. This blast significantly magnifies their strength (including the armor piercing effect, though the shield mitigation actually doesn't function at all, looser coherency of the beam and all) and can inflict heavy damage on capital ships, potentially punching hole in the hull or tearing open a section of armor.

For dogfighting, a pair of triple tube nanomissile tubes were added, each with a magazine of 12 nanomissiles. Able to fire in volleys of 1, 2, or 3 (per launcher, for a max of 6) the nanomissiles have a smaller damage yield than traditional warheads but are very fast and excel at tracking even interceptors. Very effective against strike craft, these weapons are generally inefficient for use against capital ships, meaning the Erebos has to rely on its cannons and its bomb bay during strike missions.

The bomb bay was a late addition, designed specifically to give the Erebos some limited ability to damage capital ships beyond strafing runs. A magazine of five bombs (consisting of the usual variants, gravity, concussion, proton, plasma, etc.) with a limited targeting and firing capability, the Modular bay can be used either for traditional bombing runs or as a very short range single shot launcher. It has respectable precision, and a normal technique for Erebos pilots is to blast a hole in a capital ships armor with its cannons and follow up by launching a bomb into said hole, resulting in potentially crippling damage. The bombs can also be deployed as mines or to deter pursuit, though they're not really designed for it.

As expected of a patrol fighter, it's sensor systems are nothing short of impressive. Featuring the standard sensor systems that are common with most starfighters, as well as the Ans-7 sensor unit, the starfighter is capable of being able to sense enemy vessels from a long distance away (typically for use in reconnaissance missions, making the Erebos the perfect escort for the Shadow-class corvettes), as well as as assess enemy starfighters, weapons, etc from a short range. Like the Avenger Class Interceptor, it also features similar comm & sensor systems, and utilizes an advanced targeting array featuring the A-HUDT.

While not a dedicated EWAR fighter like the FE, the Erebos nonetheless has a comprehensive Electronic Support suite, mostly focusing on personal defense and squadron support. Beyond the purely defensive systems like cap drains and combat deionizers, it also features a large magazine of chaff and flares, and squadrons are trained in using them for counter-targeting a deception tactics.

All in all the craft is a very cabable long-range fighter, and is the first step in brining the One Sith Starfigher corps in line with the elite of the rest of the galaxy.

Development Thread:
Intent: To create a new escort/patrol fighter/snub fighter for the One Sith.
Who Can Use This: One Sith Members
Primary Source:



Drakos Systems StoreFront

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Jorus Merrill

Jorus Merrill

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Malos Kas


  • The third dev thread only has 9 posts; it needs a tenth to be viable.
  • The first two dev threads each contain several very short and cursory posts. Please go back and beef them up.
  • You're asking for a mass-produced starfighter, with redundant molecular shields, and poorly defined weapons that punch through shields and do extra hull damage before the addition of a supercharger. I'll also note that I'm betting your people will stack bonuses: (extra power from solar ionization cannon) + (extra power from supercharger) + (extra power from molecular shields) = (much much stronger than normal starfighter weaponry). That's the obvious exploit here, and I'd imagine you've foreseen it. Please add some content about how these features don't stack like that.
  • You've added a Hornet supercharger without any substantive mention of the supercharger's primary weakness: it can overheat and wreck the cannons. Please talk about that.
  • Five bombs as a limitation on a starfighter? Two bombs would be a limitation. 
  • What's your defense rating here? With matrix armor plus redundant molecular shields, I'd imagine you'd be north of 15.
  • The amount of effort I'm seeing in the development threads isn't enough for something this overpowered. Once you've fixed the dev threads and added some writing on the nature of the supercharger's weakness, I can stamp this at semi-unique production - maybe limited if your edits are solid. That would be in line with Cyrus' dev thread, which mentions this as an elite fighter.

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