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What's Yours Is Mine (MC V SA/OS)

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It had been some time now. Recopia. In the Core Worlds it was just another pretty planet, but once upon a time it held the One Sith's darkest secret. Or one of them, depending on who was asked. The Sith Assassins. Once lead by Darth Ferus, then by Darth Ophidia , they lived in the mountain home of Malif Cove until the Jedi found them. In a haste Krest, at the time known as Ferus, had the Assassins blow the base sky high. It was abandoned shortly after, forgotten.


But a lab survived. For his eventual plot to kill the Dark Lord Krest seized the opportunity to turn the broken home into his own resource. None of the Assassins new of the hidden room no explosives were armed in. No one knew that he had sealed it. It would have been the perfect staging ground, had the Zabrak not been imprisoned.


Aboard an Evakmar Krest stood dressed in his Templar Armor. On his hips, his weapons. His blue eyes stared out at the hyperspace lines, and he was silent. The Zabrak wasn't one to normally command such a large mission, but this was something he had personal insight on. He was one of four people to know the lab existed, and he knew how to disable the locks on it.


A bleep on a nearby consul signaled the planet was coming up. Well, no time to get nervous now, eh? A plated hand reached up to press another button, activating the intership coms. Now would be the time to address the fleet. He chuckled at the thought, which was on the broadcast. 


"The base is empty, and not many people will be able to get in at a time. So a small unit will enter the lab. Why we have so many ships? We're in One Sith territory, and they don't like it when people come unannounced. They'll respond, in space and on ground. That's where we'll mess em up. We're only here to steal some tech though, so if things go bad pull out. Otherwise, lets remind the Sith why they use to want us on their side."



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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

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The good ol' scoundrel stood on the bridge of the Evakmar watching the bronze colored planet of Recopia through the large viewport. It was the first time he had visited this planet, a Core world that hosted the annual Bandercamp Auctions and the Hinder Market. Both events of which Zef had indirectly smuggled merchandise to but on transit worlds rather than on Recopia itself.


Now, as a Mandalorian, he was here for a completely different reason - raiding.


Whatever it was, the information was brief and not very detailed. It was provided by the Zabrak Krest who was also overseeing this operation. A new figure in the Mandalorian Crusaders' ranks but it seemed that Isley had trusted him. The scoudrel himself was a bit dubious about Krest but for now it seemed that he truly wanted to become a Mandalorian.


The Zabrak's voice boomed through the comlink of the Mandalorian's helmet explaining the situation to all that were part of this task force. At that time, Zef knew it was time to prepare. With a swift step he went towards his quarters to pack up his arsenal for the upcoming raid.


Oya Mando!


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He had been here before, the Sith had experimented on him. He hated this place, the only reason Abraxis didn't destroy this forsaken lab was because of Warmarshal Halo's order's. Abraxis stood on the bridge of the Executer a Redundant-class corvette, his temporary command ship, hearing the Zabrak, Krest's words. And trying to decide whether or not he should obey Halo. His ship was in space next to the Indoctrinate and the Reclaimer, both Redundant-classes as well, and multiple other ships as well. Impatience filled him as they waited, only bad things could happen here, he had barely escaped, even then he was not whole any more, his regenerative properties had been the only thing that allowed him to recover, but even then, most of his body had been trapped in his armor. Meaning that any time he wanted to change clothes he had to rip off some of his skin, only to have it heal and have to repeat the process every time. But, then, there was tech to be acquired here, the scientists at CCT could reverse engineer it before copying it.



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