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The Black Knights of the Sith

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Darth Carnifex

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The Black Knights of the Sith


After Darth Carnifex left the One Sith many fledgling and disenfranchised Sith were quick to flock to his banner due to a combination of his infamy and influence as a former high-ranking member of the Order. Realizing that without a cohesive hierarchy to corral the mass of Sith now at his disposal, they would quickly become unruly and infighting would swiftly dominate his new sect of Sith. After extensively researching ancient texts concerning the eras of Darth Krayt and Exar Kun, Carnifex successfully fused the ideologies of the One Sith and the Brotherhood of the Sith together into what would become the Black Knights of the Sith.


Like countless Sith Orders before it, the Black Knights followed a very simple hierarchy consisting of:


Dark Lords of the Sith - Derived from the ancient texts of Exar Kun, the Black Knights of the Sith are led by a pair of Dark Lords in a manner similar to that of Exar Kun and Ulic-Qel Droma. They are the highest authority within the Order, and serve not only as the leaders of the newly established knights, but also the supreme commanders of the Black Empire the knights are an integral aspect of.


Sith Knight-Lords - Knight-Lords serve a similar function to those of Sith Lords in that they are one of the highest positions a Sith can aspire to. However; they are bound together by the iron will of the Dark Lords, and are tasked with leading and organizing warbands of Sith Knights into battle against the enemies of the Empire.


Sith Knights - Fully trained apprentices who have been cordially knighted by their respective Lord/Lady. Sith Knights can come equipped with a wide variety of specializations that allow any one warband of Sith Knights to tackle any situation they may be confronted with. Besides the standard warrior, sorcerer, and assassin specializations here are three others associated only with the Black Knights.


Sith Hoplites - Warriors trained in the use of saber-pikes and energy shields, these Sith have been taught to work in unison to take down large groups of opponents with deeply honed shield walls and phalanx formations. In the events of the collapse of unit cohesion, they are capable of fighting as the standard Sith Warrior many are familiar with.


Sith Hussars - Despite the advancement of technology and methods of waging war, it is not uncommon to see cavalry elements present in modern day armies. The Sith Hussars are one such new innovation created specifically for the Black Knights. They are agile knights sat astride sturdy speeder bikes armed with saber-pikes and ranged weapons to run down, flank, and encircle enemy forces smashed by regular Sith and Imperial forces.


Sith Alchemists - The rarest of specializations known to the Black Knights, Alchemists are former Sorcerers who eschewed the ways of mainstream Sith Magic in exchange for a nearly unrivaled mastery of potions, toxins, and hexes to debilitate enemies from afar. These cloak-shrouded Sith can lob vials of magic-infused toxins from afar to bathe enemies in destructive energies, leaving them vulnerable to the blades of warriors. They can also brew regenerative potions to reconstitute their allies in battle, and they can even control enemy soldiers to do their bidding.


Apprentices - Neophytes who have been taken under the wing of a Sith Knight-Lord, and are on their way to becoming full fledged Knights.


Neophytes - The lowest of the low, purely unblooded and untrained Dark Force users. These droogs tend to be used as cannon fodder by stronger Sith, but those that survive this grueling existence tend to attract the attention of Knight-Lords who take them on as apprentices.