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Krest Novar


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  • Full name: Krest Novar
  • Preferred Name: Krest
  • Alias: Darth Ferus (Former)
  • Titles: The Red Assassin (Former) , Shadow of the Dark Lord (Former), Hand of the Dark Lord (Former)
  • Species: Near Human
  • Race: Zabrak
  • Birthworld: Space Station
  • Homeworld: Iridonia
  • Faction(s): Templar
  • Rank(s): Force Master
  • Class: Swordsman
  • Master(s): Darth Vulcanus
  • Apprentice(s): Vaulkhar
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Force Alignment: Chaotic

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Fifty Six
  • Height: 8'4"
  • Weight: Approx. 275 lbs,
  • Complexion: ​Scarred ash skin
  • Eye Color: Icy blue
  • Hair Color: ​Brown
  • Distinguishing Marks: Multiple scars cover his visible skin.
  • Voice Sample: John Kavanagh (Vikings, the Seer)
  • Appearance description: Krest is a broad shouldered and intimidating man. A life time of war has left his skin scarred, and his eyes cold. As a Zabrak, he has small horns lining his head. His teeth are also somewhat sharp, especially the canines, giving him an almost beast like smile.

|| Orientations ||
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexual Conduct: Heterosexual
  • Languages:

    Galactic Basic, Ul'Zabrak, Zabrak

  • Occupation: Swordsman

  • Residence: Nomad



  • Swordsman: Ever since the day he could lift a sword Ferox was trained to use one. His entire life has been devoted to learning the craft, though admittedly at first it wasn't by choice. Be it the sword on his hip or the saber hidden away in his leg, Ferox has trained decades to know and understand the power behind his weapons.
  • Experience: Whether it was as Krest, Ferus, or now Ferox, he has been alive for more than half a century constantly fighting and training. He knows warfare, and lives by it.

|| Attributes ||

  • Physically Strong: Naturally as a Zabrak Ferox is a powerful person, able to lift more and hit harder than the average human. This had been taken to a new level due to his training and life style, making him almost solid muscle with immense strength.
  • Cyborg: His right arm and leg are mechanical. They're stronger than his flesh limbs, and have built in weaponry to make his job as a warrior easier.

|| Weaknesses ||

  • Flying: Or any sort of piloting in general. Ferox spent all of his time learning how to fight, and never learned how to pilot any sort of ship. It's a miracle that he can even read.
  • Cybernetic: EMP, Ion, and other anti droid weapons are very effective against his cybernetic limbs.




Birth always seemed to be a natural thing. Born of love between a man and a woman. That was how childbirth was suppose to be. Yet for Krest, it was not. He was not born of love, but made by hate. His mother kidnapped by the Graug Horde and their leader, Darth Vulcanus, she was tortured and experimented on. The key to everlasting life, manipulation of the very fabric of the Force.

Through her they attempted to control the Mediclorines and see how they reacted. Unknown to them, they had created life within her. They would not know for some time, and would only learn decades after the birth of Krest that he even existed, for his father had come. Through the Horde the Iridonian warrior went, bringing with him many of his clan and people. He found her and rescued her, and even after they escaped on one of the freighters his blade still dripped with the blood of the Graug.

There was no happy ending to their story. They were the only two to escape the prison, and at the cost of his clan the man had saved his wife only to find her pregnant with what he could only view as the seed of corruption. She died giving birth to Krest, only naming him before she too passed on with his clan. Alone, the father fell to his depression and rage. If not for his wife, he would have killed the babe then and there. Yet even though he let the child live, he would never treat him as once of his own.

It was on the day the young Zabrak could walk a blade was placed into his hand. Confused, he looked up at the man he called father with his bright blue eyes filled with wonder. The only gaze to return was one filled with hate. Wonder soon left the eyes of the budding Iridonian as he was beat day after day, forcibly taught how to fight by not wanting to get hurt. Every day his Father would lash out with a dull blade, bruising skin and sometimes even breaking bone. The only way Krest could avoid it was by defending himself.

He was unable to truly defend himself until he turned fifteen.


On a day like any other Krest, hardened by hate for his father and the countless times he had been beaten, had decided that this constant pain, inflicted every day whether he had healed or not, would end. So when his father came in, his own dull blade already in hand, the young Zabrak lashed out. Hate fueled his entire body as he struck out again and again, and only because of the Force that had begun to enhance his actions did he overpower the aging Iridonian warrior. With a horrific yell Krest killed his father, plunging the wooden sword he had been given as a child through the heart of a man he once thought of as Father.

As the light left the eyes of this broken man, Krest found himself alone.


To Be A Templar

Fallen To The Sith

A New Master

The Assassins

To Begin Anew


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|| Force Powers ||


Farsight Master - A defense. With how much Ferox has focused on his sword over the years, he has found himself shot, stabbed in the back, and ultimately beaten when he can't see an attack. This has lead to him learning to see beyond seeing, to prevent hidden strikes and blaster fire from ending his life as it almost had in the past.


Alter Body Master - Namely, speed and strength. The Force is his weapon, his tool. All made specifically to enhance the power of his blade in hand. If he strikes first with enough power to cleave his foe in two, why would he need any other fancy trick in the Force?


Telekinesis Proficient - Well, a Sith does need something that can inspire fear or loyalty from those around him. As such, Ferox has learned to at least choke someone with the Force. This grip has actually proved useful with his swordplay as well in the form of a thrown weapon he can always retrieve.


|| Lightsaber Forms ||


Makashi Proficient - Footwork and precision is key to a master duelist. While the speed and light quick attacks of Makashi were not what Ferox was looking for, he understood the importance of keeping one's feet on the ground, as well as keeping one's mind clear.


Djem So Master - Make an opening where one normally wouldn't be. Counter, strike, and keep striking. As a man with such a ferocious past, the powerful form of Djem So sang to his ears like a lullaby. Since the day he first learned how to use a lightsaber, Ferox has trained and fought with Djem So.

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Haha. Finally updated childhood and did a bit on the teens. More to come.



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Really hope you finish the bio....your charcter seems interesting with all these charcer arcs. First Ferus then Ferox now Krest....bamboozled