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Matthew (Rogue) Drevur

Matthew (Rogue) Drevur

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Guess who's back? You missed me admit it! May the 4th be with you! Updated 04 May · 2 comments

About Me

"So ya say I have it easy eh? You try being this calm at times when you've been shot in the face, stabbed, exploded, watched your friends die. Not so easy now?"

NAME: Matthew "Rogue" Drevur
FACTION: Me Myself And I
RANK: apprentice
AGE: 18
SEX: male
HEIGHT: 6ft. 4in.
WEIGHT: 180lb. (im a tall skinny person, what can I say?)
EYES: Green
HAIR: moderate length dirty blond hair
SKIN: cocaisian


WEAKNESSES: can't swim, so he hates water, and will avoid water planets. also has very impaired vision, which is why he always wears a mask and helmet, and without it he is basically blind.


STRENGTHS: Is very strong in the force, but because he had only 5 years of training, he never was able to learn the advanced techniques, such as saber throw, and is skilled in both types of Form V, Shien and Djem So.


APPEARANCE: tall, skinny, strong, blond hair, Caucasian, green eyes, wears a black robe, gray gloves, his facial tattoos (if you've never seen a kiffar, they have facial tattoos passed on by their mother) are on his cheeks just below the eyes, and are two blue stripes that start at the nose and end at the eye. his mask is a black mack, with two silver lenses where the eyes are, and has a silver detail at the mouth (like a scout trooper). and his helmet is a silver helmet, with two small headlamps at the top, and has a chin-guard that actually doesn't go near the chin.




10 years prior to now, "Mom! Help! MOM!"... Thats in the past now, when Matthew was eight, he was taken away by the Jedi to become one of them, but he regretted it, and it eventually led to a great loss.


5 years prior to now, I was browsing the Jedi Archives when he found something, a door that was usually locked, was unlocked. Being the curious young Jedi I was, I went in, and was astonished at what I saw! Tons of ancient Sith holocrons were in need little rows station which Sith Lord it belonged to, they had everyone, Ajunta Pall, Malgus, Plagueis, and even Revan. A couple were missing, but I didn't care, I always wanted to learn about the Sith, and this was my chance. So I came up with a plan, it was epic, daring, and dangerous, and if I was caught, I would certainly be banished. But I didn't care. So later that night, I went into the room, took about twelve holocrons, and headed for my ship, the Emeralde Luna. "C7T2! Get over here! I need you as a co-pilot!" I say as I call over my Astromech Droid. But just as he gets on my ship, I hear this, "Hey! Padawan! What are you doing up?" As soon as he said that, I ran. But he saw me, and Force Jumped in front of me, and ignited his saber. And I ignited mine, an he was surprised at what he saw, a double bladed saber. I lunged at him, he blocked, I jabbed, he jumped, I Force Pushed, he was off-balanced, I slashed, he fell... I killed him, wonder if Saverok Barcu will be disappointed. Probably, but that didn't matter to me, because as soon as I get off this wretched planet, I would find my mom and dad, and we could be a family again. And before I know it I'm in space, beautiful as always.


3 years prior to now, I step off my ships loading ramp, its raining heavily, "C7T2, watch the ship please?" He beeps in response, "Good." I say. I see my reflection in the puddle, look at me now, a sixteen year old, hidden up by my gloves, mask, robe, and helmet. What have I become? A Jedi traitor, and I haven't even opened one of the Sith holocrons, well, I tried, but they wouldn't open like normal holocrons. Sigh, I've been searching for my family for three years, and I'm finally here, the city where the shady guy in the pub told me where they were. I walk to where he said their house was, and I ring the bell. "Hello? Oh, um, who are you?" The man that opened the door said, it is dark, and I can't see his face, "Um, I'm sorry to bother you sir, but is your last name Drevur?" I ask him, "Um. Yes, why do you ask?" He says. "Because." I say as I take off my mask. "I am your son."


1 days prior to my journey, "Kavi! Stop running in the house!" I say to my younger sister. "Try and stop me!" She squeals. Even though she is a pain, I'm glad to be home with my family, they asked why I left the Jedi, I told them because I wanted to see them, which was true, but I never told them about the holocrons. But then there is a knock on the door."Hello?" I say as I open the door, but then I regret it instantly. Its a Jedi Sentinel. "Mom! We have a guest!" I say as I go into my room, and grab my battle gear, my robe, my gloves, my helmet and mask, and my lightsabers. And then I jump out of my window, and head for my ship. I get in and start the engine. "C7T2 Get this bird in the sky! Now!" I climb into the atmosphere just as the Sentinel realizes what I'm doing. "HEY! GET BACK HERE YOU TRAITOR!" But he is too late, "Preparing the jump to hyperspace! C7T2 Set the coordinates to anywhere but here!" The stars seem to stretch across the sky, then I enter hyperspace, off on another journey to somewhere.


1 Day After Start: My ship breaks down, and I have to get a job as a member of P.R.I.M.U.S. 's crew.


2 Days After Start: We raid our first shipment


3 Days After Start: I get my ship repaired, and get a transmission to join a Sith academy under the ocean.


4 Days After Start: I start my training at the underwater Sith academy.


7 Days After Star: I recieve a signal from a crashed Cathedral Ship, and raid it for loot. And leave the planet with a new Crimson light saber.

10 Days After Start: After the trip to the Cathedral Ship, I go to my old Jedi Temple, to visit my master.

12 Days After Start: I go to a bar, then take a job to capture a clone for a bounty.

13 Days After Start: I get a mysterious message for someone else, so of course I investigate.

20 Days After Start: I help a friend in need, and afterward head to Voss to visit Saverok Barcu.

23 Days After Start: I go to Voss, when it is attacked by a sith lord an an army of Vong, and pick up HK-42

24 Days After Start: After a short trip back to Kiffu to get some money from my parents, I head back to Voss to get HK-57.

25 Days After Start: After we pick up HK-57 I head off to find Ice Man, the former mercenary who shot me in the face four years ago.

SHIP: http://starwarsrp.ne...a/#entry1181813




CURRENT ROLEPLAYS: http://starwarsrp.ne...+villains +wait


ITEMS: Double blade lightsaber, green blades
single bladed lightsaber, red blade
DH17 Blaster
Emeralde Luna
12 Sith Holocrons
C7T2 Astromech Droid

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