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Kay Larr

Kay Larr

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Audio Chaos Returns!

24 November 2019 - 06:22 PM

Hey everyone,

Soon I'll be hitting the Christmas break, when most studios are closed until after the new year. So that means that I'll have some free time on my hands with no voiceover...eek!!

To rectify that, I thought that I'd give Audio Chaos another try where I convert threads here into audio dramas/radio theatre. Those are growing more popular these days and there's even awards for them!

So give me your short threads! Each page (depending on the length of the posts) is roughly 20 minutes of air time. So usually 2-3 pages in length is best.

Either send me the links below or in PM.


A Test, Nothing More

15 November 2019 - 12:50 AM

Natro-Terra was one planet in the Unknown Regions that Kay hadn't come across before. However they were a hub of trade in their sector. Perhaps they'd be a new market for her teas and baked goods that offered plenty of fantastic side effects. Although some could be considered illegal in some jurisdictions. Kay was sure to provide warnings for such products.

And then there was another couple of products that she wanted to test out. Such a vastly populated planet would be a wonderful testing ground. Such an experiment needed to be done secretly, however.

But how to get there? Kay no longer had a ship of her own, having lost everything after her capture by the Eternal Emperor. Most people figured her for dead, which was something that she preferred. And now that she had divorced her husband in order to save him from her shame and actions, Kay now reverted back to her maiden name, so if people went to look for Kay Arenais, they wouldn't find her.

But she still had access to some of her old records and in them she came across Myles Davorak . As far as she knew he had a ship. And perhaps he had no knowledge over anything that had transpired over the past few years or more. That'd be all the better.

So she sent him a message:

Myles Davorak,

If you are near Altiria/Anarris and have a ship available, I'd love to hire your services to ship some products to Natro-Terra.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kay Larr

Tobias Dracks

Home for the Criminaly Insane

01 November 2019 - 01:44 PM

Hey all,

I'm thinking of possibly creating/subbing a station or building somewhere to house the criminaly insane, in the line of the Arkham Asylum. There's lots of characters here on Chaos that would surely find themselves there.

I've got a character in mind to run it and be the perfect antagonist to try to 'cure' the individuals.

And it'd be a great place for raids/rescues and whatnot.

I'm just looking to see if there's any interest out there for such a thing.

Looking for a Major Planet for Testing

26 October 2019 - 12:53 PM

Hey there :)

My subs for a story arc passed inspection. Now I need to put them to good use as a 'test' before putting it up for auction.

For any real impact, the planet should be a major one and not some backwater world that no one would care for. People will die (possibly) but the planet itself won't be destroyed.

Could use some people to try to stop it, etc. Or to help ;)

Here's one of the subs here.

Open to all.

Tea of Destiny

25 October 2019 - 01:08 AM


Intent: To create a tea for sale by the Sphaera Tea Company
Image Source: N/A
Primary Source: Here


Name: Tea of Destiny
Manufacturer: Sphaera Tea Company
Affiliation: Closed-Market
Homeworld (optional): n/a
Production: Limited

Modularity: Yes, with sweetners and milk
Legal Status: Illegal
Ingredients: Combination of herbs, spice, synthetic Blue Shadow Virus and water


Classification: Beverage
Method of Consumption: Orally, no limit on consumption.
Average Life: 48 hours
Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: Mild narcotic that mimics the Blue Shadow Virus and can kill within 48 hours if not treated.


* Mild narcotic
* Can kill the drinker within 48 hours

+ Exotic flavour
+ Deadly within 48 hours if untreated
+ Mild narcotic

- Can be cured by Reeksa root and Reeksa Root Tea if treated within the 48 hour window.


The Sphaera Tea Company likes to provide a plethora of teas, both normal in nature and ones with unique side effects. One of those is the Tea of Destiny.

Ever want to hold someone's future in the palm of your hand? Then this is the perfect tea for you! Centuries ago the Blue Shadow Virus devestated the Galaxy. Being waterborn, it spread through travellers, often carried within their own bodies and ejected through sweat, tears, vomit, blood and mucus. It was also carried through their water supplies, both for cleaning and drinking. A cure for the virus was discovered on Iego. The root of the Reeksa plant had an adverse affect on the virus and was able to reverse it's deadly effects if consumed within a 48 hour period. In no time at all the virus was eradicated.

Or was it?

An airborn strain was developed on Naboo, only to be destroyed in the very labs that created it. Soon after it was lost in time.

Or was it?

The Sphaera Tea Company, having grown a vast clientele in the criminal and underground markets, decided to delve into an expensive tea that was sure to increase the company's funds substantially, one that contained a synthetic form of the waterborn Blue Shadow Virus.

Not only that, but the Tea of Destiny was sure to be used in a vital plot of vengeance against all those that the owner of the company sees fit, just as their clientele were bound to do.

Yet an informed buyer would also take heed in buying Reeksa Root Tea to go along with it, lest they find themselves a victim of their own purchase.

The power of Destiny doesn't just lie in the hands of the Sith or the Jedi, but in anyone. So long as they have the tea.

The Tea of Destiny