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Ayda Elisantra

Ayda Elisantra

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About Me

After your Temple walls have crumbled

Where once were firmness

There I stand

Fear is the absence of my being

Embrace me, your doorway to everlasting light

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The universe begat alight from the mortal souls of man and his kind.

Darkness is the plague wroth to consume that very light.


Ayda's more vivid memories of the time before she became ward of the system Rhinnal (a Core World off the Perlemian Trade Route) were at best, just flashes of long distant dreams.


Ayda had been around the age of 2 when she was brought to the orphanage. The people who had brought her there had been reported to be Imperial. Although it was an uncommon practice among Imperials; it nevertheless occurred, however rarely, in those dark times. Some now believe these children had been rescued or even staved off executions by some conscientious Imperials. Yes, there were some, if not many who believed in the order, but not entirely the methods of maintaining it.
With no details or any records of their true identities, it would be hard and unjust to say that these Imperials had
not showed some conscious objections to their faction's policies. Perhaps, mercy...


The no ask, no tell policies of the orphanage were just, and because of it, many children born of enemy of the Empire were saved from the same fate as their parent units. During every expansion and invasion of the Empire, there is rarely any thought to humanity, let alone displaced children of their enemy. It was common that to those whom were deemed traitors of the Empire, that they met swift executions...more often than not, including the entire family unit... children not exempted.


But records do indicate that more orphans than can be accounted for or confirmed, were sent over to orphanages throughout the galaxy, by said conscientious Imperials. This is not to say that it were also assumed possible that some of these children were even adopted by Imperial families, under the radar. Although in Ayda's case, it seemed she was taken to an orphanage. Secrecy to both the children and those whom brought them there were the norm; a those Imperials who were found to practice this, were also considered traitors to the Empire when discovered.


Still, this practice of defiance among some Imperials did go on. With the many millions of casualties in those dark times, a few hundred children slipping through the sweep of the Empire, were not significant enough to be taken notice of.
Ayda, being one of them.


Her registered name on record (since she was left at the orphanage) had always been Ayda Elisantra. Although this name had proven not to have any connection to any known family on records, as DNA revealed.
Then again, many records in the orphanage archives had been purposely tampered with if not eradicated along with so many families opposing the newly formed Empire. Genetic cross references by the orphanage proved inconclusive and no matches were found in any of the available databases.
Ayda for the most part was just considered a ward of Rhinnal and was educated as such.


Ayda along with many unfortunate children composing of many species were well treated and received standard and proper education as all orphans who weren't adopted did. Her purpose in life was to become part of the working society, as these orphans had no title to upper class society. She was for the most part an average
student during her early grade years. It was during her middle schooling that she showed above intellect and ultimately was trained in the medical field as a caregiver where she was able to attended Rhinnal System Medical University.


At the age of 16, she had her certification of caregiver (requiring internship before being a full practitioner) and was able to finally leave the system of Rhinnal; to seek internship in the medical field over on Lianna, The Allied Tion Medical Center, so as to become a practicing doctor.
From there, she joined the humanitarian organization known as 'Doctors Without Borders', where she volunteers in giving comfort and care to many needy in the midst of both battle torn conflicts and that of natural disasters.
This is her story...






* * * * * * * * * *


Allied Tion Medical Center


Doctors Without Borders




AM-1 Ambulatory corvette


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