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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order

17 October 2019 - 07:23 AM


Looks to me like it's going to be 2-3 hours of decent game, with very pretty cutscenes, and zero replayability. :(

Jagdukh Xensutecuhtli

12 October 2019 - 10:13 AM



NAME: Jagdukh Xensutecuhtli
FACTION: The Bryn'adûl
SPECIES: Draelvasier (Aeravalin)
SEX: Male
AGE: 9
HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 250lbs

HAIR: None
SKIN: Brown


  • Trained commander
  • Tough close combat fighter
  • Lack of experience with alien tactics and strategy
  • No piloting or technical/manual skills


Standing some two meters tall with a thick plated skull and vestigial horns, Jag is a somewhat formidable appearing Aeravalin Draelvasier. Though slight for a Drael, he is also cursed with an unusual brown-gray complexion that makes him extremely distinctive among the Aeravalin who usually tend to blue/white.

Typically wearing a flesh coloured hood, with ocular enhancements that glow red, he commands from the front or the rear with equal vigour. He is armed with both ranged and melee weapons which he keeps concealed upon his person until they are needed. Jag achieves this concealment by swathing his body in a voluminous cloak, leaving only his head free, though covered by the hood.

Naturally birthed on the homeworld of Draemidus Prime, Jag was marked early for success. He conspired with and against his peers, even in early childhood, learning to manipulate as well as to kill with brute force.

Selected for additional conditioning the youth was taken away and isolated, starved, and made to test the limits of his endurance. He was paired with companions who would betray him, until he learned to trust only himself and his Chieftain. Above all, he was never allowed to relax, never to rest, kept on thebrink of exhaustion for months at a time.

Achieving full adulthood, the wily youth had become a hardened and cautious member of the species. Built tough for an Aeravalin, but marked by his complexion, Jag is exposed and stands out in a society that thrives on competition and is unforgiving of weakness or failure. He has learned not to be weak, or to fail, and applies this to his career as a warrior and a commander.


MandalArms Acie-Class Advanced Tactical Frigate

07 October 2019 - 02:44 AM



  • Intent: An advanced battle-ready frigate
  • Image Source: Link, Kaine (Video from Babylon 5)
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: None



  • Classification: Heavy Frigate
  • Length: 330 meters
  • Width: 170 meters
  • Height: 48 meters
  • Armament: Moderate
    2x Particle Beam Quadcannons
    5x Heavy Turbolaser Turrets
    10x Fast Firing Dual Turbolaser Cannon Turrets
  • DefensesAverage
    Standard Military Shields
    Ablative Hull Armour
  • Hangar Space: Base: 1
  • Hangar Allocations: Support Craft: 1 squadrons
  • Maneuverability RatingAverage
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage : 1 Backup 50






  • Strong all-aspect primary weapon firing arcs
  • Fast-recharge backup FTL system
  • Multiple advanced comms and sensor systems make the ship resistant to jamming and countermeasures


  • Vessel lacks point defences
  • No starfighter complement


With the lessons learned from recent conflicts, MandalArms commissioned a new line of warships dedicated to adapting some new technologies and providing new tactical options for Mandalorian commanders.

Built with the solid hull common among the latest classes of MandalArms designs, the Acie-Class is a heavier armed, faster cousin of the advanced tactical corvette. Less massive than other heavy frigates, she packs a decent punch.

As with the Cippria-Class corvette, this ship is capable of inflicting sustained damage with its light and fast firing turbolaser batteries, and has the advantage of wide fields of fire for its heavy cannons.

Is there a Map???

01 October 2019 - 06:55 AM

Of course there is, and a very fine map it is of the galaxy too.

Issue that's come up now and again is Skirmishes/Invasions. Sometimes, fine people produce maps to ease the thread for the participants, and that's awesome. Trouble for the art-gene lacking folks like myself is, ours are MS Paint-level junk, which isn't really good enough for public consumption.


Space maps are iffy because space is 3 dimensional, but they can still help as a reference point and a guide. For ground campaigns, maps can be most useful.

Any map-creation geniuses out there, or handy resources on hand for this?



30 September 2019 - 12:58 AM




  • Name: Mythogorth
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Origins: MandalBioEng Laboratories
  • Average Lifespan: 200 years
  • Estimated PopulationSemi-Unique
  • Description: Resembling the Exogorth from which they are descended with an elongated segmented body tapering to a blunt tip, they have no eyes and a wide mouth, lacking the head of the Exogorth species. The mouth end of the creature is vast, and festooned with spine-like teeth and possessed of a powerful suction force, as with the Qworlth Skaal from which they also descend.


  • Breathes: Does not breathe
  • Average Height of Adults: 50m
  • Average Length of Adults: 500m
  • Skin color: A dark gray to black pattern, somewhat mottled on the older larger segments.
  • Hair color: None
  • Distinctions: Bioengineered, beginning life as a single creature about a meter in length, comprised of a dozen thick segments Once exposed to the light, the creature will naturally aspire, and is capable of absorbing almost any form of energy. During maturation any input of energy will cause rapid growth until the creature reaches maturity at around the second year of life. By this time it is capable and self sufficient. Lab-grown creatures are released into the wild after a month, because of this rapid size increase. A creature's mass, size and length increases with age, and exposure to energy sources, though the growth rates of adults is exponentially slower than juveniles.
  • Races: No distinction between creatures other than age and size.
  • Force SensitivityNon-Sensitive


  • Able to absorb almost all forms of energy and quite resistant to damage
  • Extremely hardy, able to survive the extreme temperature variations and hard radiation of space or the intense heat of atmospheric re-entry
  • Able to travel through hyperspace similar to the way Purrgil do, or through space and time in a manner like a Loth Wolf


  • Not intelligent, and fairly docile in their natural state, content to roam and feed
  • Species has no natural way to replenish itself, must be vat grown in a lab and released into the wild
  • Though their external surface is extremely hardy, their insides are less so


  • Diet: Energy - Heat, Radiation, Electricity, Light
  • Communication: Telepathic
  • Technology level: Non Existent
  • Religion/Beliefs: Non Existent
  • General behavior: Nomadic and without any discernible behavioural patterns. Unresponsive to most forms of stimulus. Can be herded or guided through physical inputs similar to a beast of burden, but otherwise each creature behaves docile and ambivalent to the universe around it.



Following the Clan Australis takeover of a dormant worldship in Mandalorian space, MandalBioEng set to work bringing the dormant vessel partially back to life, with the intent of using it as a bio shipyard, hidden in deep space.

The first success, the Borleian Man-O-War, led to further research and development of the 

The infant creature is vat grown from a genetic template utilizing stem cells from the Exogorth, Purgill, and the Yuuzhan Vong Qworlth Skaal. The creature's segmented body is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and fed a steady electrical current for the first two months until it reaches suitable size.

Then, the juvenile creature is released into any area of space and left to roam. Some are placed into near orbit of a star for rapid growth, others are simply allowed to roam near a planet, gathering solar and cosmic radiation and growing, they are harmless to passers-by in their natural state. Experiments have shown that a creature can grow to maturity just as well on a planet's surface, consuming plant and animal matter as well as soil and rock, as in the vacuum of space.

After two years, most creatures have grown to full adulthood and resemble giant space-going worms approaching the large size and formidability of the Exogorth from which they are descended. The adult creatures are large and hardy, making for excellent companions for Mandalorian warriors to take into battle, kept in control through telepathic means or via subcutaneous implant.