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In Topic: Bloody Crown - SJO Dominion of Drogheda

21 February 2019 - 06:19 PM

Objective One: Eliminate the Blood Cultists.
Location: City Outskirts, entering further in.
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Tags: Masaru VargaVeiere Arenais | Amarchri Cryo |Valkren Calderon | Tyrell Caphey | Kiran Arlos


You alright? “Good thanks.Vertigo responded in his low voice to Masaru Varga Comfortable, if a bit warm from the chaingun by his side. “Not so pretty.” He looked at the thing in his power armored hand, dropping it to the ground. Secondly, the guy had spoken about paying for Grub! So that got an instant bit of respect from the large Houk. He didn’t know how much Houks could eat! But respect for the offer. “Free Grub? You’re alright.” He answered in kind.
Being at the back of the squads he hadn’t seen it at first. Focusing from the outskirts into the city proper, he walked a bit further inward to see the trouble looming ahead as the buildings got thicker, and the foliage less pronounced. The barrel of the chaingun still oddly warm.
“Contact Left. 500 meters.”
Cut off from another offer to buy food! Forward and left flanks Veiere called out by Veiere Arenais, Vertigo moving to cover left. Bringing him back to attention. “Hang on to something.” The Houk said to Masaru. 12 Was going to be easy! Courage from the Jedi Master ahead bolstering his aim and already high confidence. The chaingun was let go full burn, which acted as a minigun of blaster fire. Something FFE in the final days of the great galactic conflicts, had developed to keep blasters worthwhile against armor thicker than force-gods. Trouble was that gun was showing its age, this one anyway, and someone had missed a maintenance check.
“300 Meters.”
For all the blazing blaster shots, 1,500 a minute coming out of it, and the several Sithspawn bodies that fell ahead of them both around the buildings and inside of them. The gun couldn’t stop time. Time caught up to the barrel and it locked, Vertigo realized immediately but it was too late to save the power pack which exploded next to him. He took the hit to the side, the power armor held, but that would leave marks both on it and inside of it. There was a grunt but he didn’t move. For right now Marsaru and the group had raging sithspawn ahead of him. Vertigo reaching for another gun from his back as they closed, having taken a clear self inflicted wound.

200 Meters...
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In Topic: Bloody Crown - SJO Dominion of Drogheda

19 February 2019 - 09:40 AM

Objective One: Eliminate the Blood Cultists.
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Tags: Masaru VargaVeiere Arenais | Amarchri Cryo |Valkren Calderon | Tyrell Caphey | Kiran Arlos


The Jedi’s discussed Jedi business between them, and the troopers approached closer to their targets. "Be stupid if you weren't scared." Kiran Arlos. Vert reassured him. No concept of the force or how it calmed Jedi. Veiere Arenais | Amarchri Cryo "Right side". The Houk thought he spotted something from the side. “Keep your spacing,” his low voice said to the Houk fire team members. Bloodsuckers or whatever these cultists were sounded like it might be a melee brawl, didn’t need clusters of rangers getting caught up together, least of all three slow-moving Houks in the way. Each of squad’s Houks hung back a bit to cover the other squads from a distance.
There it was again. Something. Vert turned to their side and tried to make it out. The chaingun barrel tracking what might be shadows, or it might be something else, getting some feedback through the helmet, static. “Anyone getting that?” Clomping of his metal boot had him investigating to the side of the group. Steady and calm. Despite their reputation as mercenaries, these Houks were well trained and seasoned.
“Requesting weapons free.” Vert asked, clearly stopping now and looking off to their side. Unless the Jedi had better ideas. Might be nothing, probably wasn’t. “Think their tracking us....” His low voice stopped as one bounded at him, the blaster OS-GG1 Chaingun fired its minigun like ordinance so fast that the creature didn't know what hit it. 1,500 rounds a minute, slow to start up, which is why he'd been keeping the barrel warm. The sound was deafening until it stopped not soon after. "Contact one." The trees the plants, the Sithspawn, all of it within 50 meters at his front were smoking from the rain of blaster fire. Vertigo stomped on over, picking its body up in his left hand. "Dead."

Little did he know anyone was waiting for them further forward, yet.
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In Topic: Bloody Crown - SJO Dominion of Drogheda

17 February 2019 - 06:18 PM

Objective One: Eliminate the Blood Cultists.
Location: Food Sneeze - Food Sneeze.
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Tags: Masaru VargaVeiere Arenais | Amarchri Cryo |Valkren Calderon | Tyrell Caphey | Kiran Arlos

Veiere Arenais

Veiere. Most call me Vert.” Vertigo being a callsign, not a name, he hated his actual name. Armament. The Houk thought it over. Veiere Arenais “Well. I wanted to bring another, but they usually tell me five is enough.” He said matter-of-factly. Like he was disappointed he couldn’t carry the armory with him. They kept telling him, and he kept asking. “Blood spawn. Huh. Sounds like a day out."
“Hey.” Kiran Arlos Vertigo said as the new guy walked up. Keeping a watch around, the barrel would occasionally trace around his hip, locked in place to rotate securely. "Seen any before?” He was wondering if he needed to watch for anything, asking them both what they knew.

Amarchri Cryo
Then they got the full info from Amarchri Cryo “Sith spit here too? Or just bloodsuckers copy?” He asked the officer. Blasters only, a large Houk grin was behind the power armor. The barrel warmed up with a spin on the chaingun. Shame you couldn’t see the toothy smile. SNEEZE Grumble.
Valkren Calderon, a low voice asked. “Hey Sir, if we finish up early can we get some grub? Copy.” Important information for later.  “Yeah. You’re paying Vert.” Someone remarked. O’rly. “You’re breaking up Dreggs. All I got was. Yeah Vert, I’m paying. Out.” That was settled then. He was already imagining the fish biscuits right now. That and a steak of some kind. Maybe with some wamba chips and gravy, then they could do some of those small berries they do. Yeah maybe some... SNEEZE  His comm went off before his sneezing deafened them all.


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In Topic: Bloody Crown - SJO Dominion of Drogheda

15 February 2019 - 01:04 PM

Objective One: Eliminate the Blood Cultists.
Location: Did someone say Houks?
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Tags: Masaru VargaVeiere Arenais | Amarchri Cryo

About the time, the Jedi Consular Veiere Arenais was settling in finding his feet, getting his bearings on this new path and direction. The ground shifted. A great big 8ft something tall Houk in power armor stomped on by. “Morning.” His low bass voice rumbled out from somewhere behind the armor. Matching the rumble of the ground beneath the Houk Fire Team. Three of the walking metal giants splitting up, one to a squad. 
Vertigo was hanging back somewhere near the Consular. More weapons than god attached to their backs and sides. They were as described, walking weapon platforms. This one was no different. The huge blaster chaingun braced to his hip was something of an overkill weapon, but he had stun grenades in the launcher, among other rifles or small arms weapons, so he was covered. Covered in guns. Vertigo cleared his ample throat, cracking his head to his shoulder to loosen up. There was a thud as his muscle mass collided. The truth was he had a cold today.
“How’s it lookin Boss.” Veiere Arenais This Houk’s voice rarely changed tone, always low and slow. From where he was, it looked like okay. Wood around them. Enemies somewhere. Problems he could solve. “Houks deployed. Combat ready,” Amarchri Cryo he said over comms to anyone, each squad getting one bringing up the rear at the back. Trying not to step on any small animals or people. 
Better be no right Hook cracks today. Grumble. He sneezed somewhere inside the helmet. Grumble
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In Topic: Rangers Lead the Way - SJO Dominion of Antar

09 February 2019 - 04:52 PM

Objective: #1 Hold on to your lunch.
Location: Aboard Vulcan-5 a Troop Transport
Current Status: Spinning out of control.
Post: #6
PCs: Jessica Med-BeqValkren Calderon | Celiana | Silver Storyteller

Distraction? That was something a group of Houk’s could probably do well. Even inside a ship. The second shuttle launched as well to follow the first, both diverting closer toward the blockade and hostage situation, their fighter escort surrounding them. That rogue ship seemed a good choice for a distraction, not connected to the main fleet, if they could just get everyone’s eyes over their way.
How to do it without a shooting match which would endanger the hostages. Well they had just the Houk.
“Open all Comms.” Vertigo looked to the Major, “and do a pep talk.” 
“Yeah big guy, pep talk ain’t gonna cut it.” Dreggs said, “no offense, sir,” he looked at the major. 
Someone was going to get their head chewed off again sooner or later, but the Major smiled behind his armored face. “Get us in closer. Aim for that rogue ship, and have one of the fighters….”
“Copy that on the distraction concord, wait two mikes then launch, over.” 

There was a brief pause as the pilots onboard got things ready.

"Control, requesting you back us up on this, we'll need your help to make it look loud." The ranger co-pilot signalled. ​Jessica Med-Beq 
The Vulcan-5 transport pulled its vector closer toward the Rogue ship, aiming in the direction of the Ambition flag ship beyond it. Not doing a thing, just aiming to pass by the rogue ship on the way to the actual hostage situation. Then all of a sudden the transport turned slightly, and one of the fighters tapped it on the rear near the engine port, the pilot made it look good, the engine flared, it sputtered, went on full blast and then went off entirely. Which meant the shuttle was spinning around with no power. The fighter pilot killed some of their controls, the shuttle killed the external illumination and they both tried going dark. Making it look good.
Then Vulcan-5 spoke on Comms, to absolutely everyone, all the ships at once. “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU LEARN TO FLY!” Major Vox had one more performance in him, “sorry sir you turned so fast that I…” “YOU WHAT, DECIDED TO GIVE US A HELPING HAND!” There were some Houk swear words exchange to sell the distraction. A fake mayday went out, to every single ship.  Jessica Med-Beq 
The second shuttle was coming in to assist to, getting as much attention their way as possible. Vulcan-5 was actually spinning out of control in the direction of the flagship, just very slowly and a good distance away.

“Sorry Sir, just, if you just…” 
And so on. It was a distraction, an out of control shuttle craft calling for emergency aid, to all ships, best they could do without getting into a shooting match. That and have the fighter pilot eject nearby, just to sell it. Two maydays, one from an escape pod and one from a transport. Maybe Jessica Med-Beq could make a big deal of it with emergancy craft, lots of activity, but that would be up to her to draw further attention to a loud and visible distraction. They couldn't get too close to where the hostages were, it was a fine balance without starting a shooting match.