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Lexa Imura

Lexa Imura

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About Me

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Name: Lexa Imura [Maiden Name: Kimene]
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Faction: None
Rank: Rogue Knight
Hair: Coal black
Eyes: Light brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 Lbs.
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Lightly Tan

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: "It's Complicated"
Force Sensitive: Yes


Unpredictability: Lexa's enemies will never know what she is going to do next.
Combat specialist: Swordsmanship, marksmanship, hand-to-hand.
Conscience: Lexa doesn't do something serious without looking at the bigger picture and how it will effect things around her.


Focus: If it's boring to her, you better believe Lexa will start daydreaming.
Trust Issues: Lexa can sometimes trust the wrong people.
Action before words: Lexa doesn't usually stop to say "Hi" when she's been attacked. If you start it, diplomacy's out the window in her book.




Lexa is a positive thinker, but also practical. She never lets things get her down for too long, and she always tries to make the best of any situation she's in. She loves to have fun even when she's by herself. She can be wild and rambunctious sometimes, and shy and sweet the next. You haven't seen the true Lexa until you've seen her smile. And she smiles A LOT.

Lexa does not remember her childhood before the age of fourteen. The only thing that comes to mind when she thinks of her past are ashes. She was found on Dxun by a man named Azekor. He spared her life, feeling her sensitivity to the force. Lexa stayed with Azekor and his crew of mercenaries for five years. In this time, Azekor trained her in the ways of the Force as a Rogue. The two formed a close bond and consider themselves siblings.

While on her travels, Lexa has encountered many friends and foes. But one in particular agreed to be her master. Morna Imura taught her to use her inner fire and become a Fire Shaper. Over the course of their time together, Lexa fell in love with him. The two married, and started a new life together. Unfortunately, barely a year into the relationship, he disappeared. For three years, Lexa searched for Morna. But there was no trace to be found. Finally she accepted that her husband was dead. She withdrew into herself and became unsociable. She stopped smiling and let go of her rebellious adolescent nature. Instead, she focused on staying strong in the face her grief.
Alone once again, Lexa took jobs where she could find them and earned just enough to get by. It was while she was performing one of these jobs when she met Asher Kellan. She discovered that he had been with Morna in his final moments. After a long journey and many sorrowful conversations, the two became good friends and sought out Morna's Holocron. Finally getting the chance to say goodbye to her husband, Lexa was able to somewhat move on with her life.

That is, until she met Vincent Imura, also known as Nickolas, Morna's long-lost brother. Things between the two were never peaceful. They would constantly fight each other and never miss a chance to hurl verbal abuse on top of that. Yet somehow, there was an attraction. In the heat of one particularly brutal battle, they actually ended up sleeping together. It was strange, it was spontaneous, and it was wrong on many accounts. But for some reason, Lexa loved it.

Unfortunately, anything Lexa loved, it seemed, disappeared. This is exactly what both Nickolas and Asher did. Early-on into her search for them Lexa was hit with the most powerful blow yet: She discovered that she was, in fact, pregnant with Nickolas's child. No longer able to cope with the weight of losing everything and the fear of being a first-time mother, Lexa finally lost herself to the full ferocity of the darkness within.

Luckily, Nickolas returned. Though it was difficult for her to forgive him for running away, she eventually let him off the hook. After all, they had a child to raise.

The two decided to recluse themselves for a while, living together and raising their son. They've been quite happy for the most part since then.


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