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Cora deWinter

Cora deWinter

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#1923024 Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

Posted by Cora deWinter on 13 March 2019 - 05:19 AM

Location: Tynna
Objective: Represent the Confederacy during the Tour
Wearing: This
Tag: Shakti Sweet | Ephraim | @Igrid L'lerim | Jayce Pryde | Sor-Jan Xantha

It was a corporate world, from her research. The planet itself has called upon the Confederacy for a meeting as the faction made its way toward its system. Right now, a number of their delegates were meeting with representatives of Tynna while a handful of others had opted to attend their organized tour around the capital. Cora had weighed her options and the number of delegates already signed up to attend the meeting before she had opted to mingle with the locals, to get a feel of the planet and its culture in person, as informative as the collected and prepared information had been, it was never the same as seeing things first hand.

Around her, other Confederates were talking amongst themselves and with their patrons. Cora listened quietly as her emerald green eyes observed and took it all in, before she overheard a small child speak directly to them, asking about some sort of gym. It wasn't an overly curious conversation but it had caught her ears none the less for the briefest of moments.

Cora had been on Ando these past months, leaving her planet when she had been summoned by the faction to meet or if the planet required her to attend meetings with outsiders for various reasons. It was her home, it was where she belonged. She had once been an outsider but after so long, she belonged there despite being nothing like the other patrons of her world. She was at home. And for having come from another world and learned to be one of them, she was in a great many ways capable of representing the world, her world.

Introductionary conversations began to die out as their patrons began to call for their attention, leading them inside. Her attention focused on what they were saying about Tynna.

#1819406 Safe & Sound | CIS Dominion of Naboo [R-45]

Posted by Cora deWinter on 02 July 2018 - 04:09 PM


Location: About to enter Throne Room
Tags: Jamie Pyne Kurt Meyer Amaya Cardei Chikako Liona Srina Talon Antoine Rhys Aryn Teth Deacon Olraen
Wearing: This
Post: One

Among the group, slightly in the back of it, the Viceroy of Ando followed along. Naboo was a planet she had in her memories, memories of a life passed. Once upon a time, another Cora attended school here. It was the home that she had known. This time, that planet had been Ando, delivering a different kind of life onto her. Cora was happy where she was, happy to represent the world that was closer to her than Coruscant on which she was born.

Ahead of her, the Viceroy of Ascension spoke to the Exarch. Her emerald eyes rose slightly to glance at the blonde head ahead of her. When they left the room, they would be smiling, he said. "One may hope," Cora said quietly, her hands together ahead of her as they waited.

After a few moments, the doors opened for them to enter and ahead, Cora took the sights of the large throne room, the Queen seated in her throne. Cora waited on the Exarch to move first, along with those beside her to move first before she would follow them inside. Hopefully, this meeting would end as Viceroy Rhys suspected.

#1818390 Home

Posted by Cora deWinter on 01 July 2018 - 05:09 AM

Impressive. Cora nodded. It kinda was, especially considering her age but Cora had been around politicians since the first job she held and she'd spent years before that on Ando that it had become more of a home than anywhere else. "It's also hard work, even when it doesn't seem like it," the woman pointed out with a smile. She knew as much before she had been chosen for the part though not quite as much as she came to see once she stepped into the position. Helping others run the city was far easier even when she did a lot of the work for that too.


Still, Cora didn't complain, just pointed out what was realistic. She was proud of herself for where she was now and she knew her great-grandmother would have been if she could to see her. Maybe even her Mom. Maybe. But that was a whole other story to tell.

Her mention of seafood seemed to have cause a reaction in Aston. Cora only smiled politely as he commented, giving a nod to his words. Definitely something to try while he was here. She was about to suggest they go when he made his thank you and winked, making a few steps to leave before he stopped invited her. "Actually, don't mind if I do, I'm a little bit pekish myself," she admitted. Not quite enough for her stomach to make a remark of its own but considering she hadn't eaten since the morning, it was just about the right time for her to eat. "Not busy at the moment, no," Cora replied as she joined him, hand coming under his.


"Let's go. One of the really good places isn't too far from here, we won't need a speeder." Cora pointed out as she led the way, tugging him along with her. It was one of those smart choices, for the tourists but the food there was good, she wasn't making that up.

Aston Jacobs

#1789523 The Skies Above | Viceroyalty Meeting [ CIS ]

Posted by Cora deWinter on 20 May 2018 - 05:42 PM

A discussion back and forth, it seemed to go on. The more the viceroy spoke, the more he was gaining votes yet Cora wondered because the Vicelord spoke of a necessity in his proposals. Cora listened to all arguments, saw reason in most of it and yet when most of them had spoken, she leaned slightly in. "I can see the arguments as valid. Your seconds require a name and a face or their representation holds no ground. My vote is thus for the implementation of such an Exarch Act," Cora shared. However, she did have to wonder.

It was true, she was new to her role and her time off Ando had been brief but in her familiarization of the charter, she could see each of the arguments as valid. One man wished the address the mass of the power placed in one man and kept pointing out the necessity to keep the first man of the Confederacy out of harm's way while the other wanted to further solidify his roles.

"I do however have a couple of questions. Does the Vicelord not have authority to give orders in dire situations? In a time of war, would he not have authority to command his people?" Cora wondered, her emerald gaze focused on Darth Metus as she waited for clarification, her mind was however already working through what Derek Dib had pointed out. "Would it appease the Viceroys if you traded the role of Chief Justice with the role of Commander-in-Chief perhaps? As it is, a Vicelord cannot denounce his role of the diplomat or his executive powers. In theory, we could argue the necessity of having legality to command the Confederacy force but perhaps a Chief Justice could be delegated to another individual or even to the Exarchs?" In a sense, perhaps being Commander-in-Chief was a priority in comparison to the role she was suggesting to be denounced. Perhaps. Cora had no intention of dragging out the voting but clearly, the Viceroy and those that voted against the Vicelord's suggestion wanted a compromise of sorts.

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#1788797 Home

Posted by Cora deWinter on 19 May 2018 - 09:26 AM

The young woman had arrived to the hangar with a benign reason but she spent most of her time there on her communicator in Acqualish. There were concerns the natives wished were addressed with the Confederacy. Cora would but right now, she was in the middle of waiting for the Dancing Queen to complete it's check up before she could depart for Geonosis.

She didn't mind her new position, it was a refreshing change even if it took her away from the planet she had come to think of as her home. ["I will see that it is addressed,"] she told the alien on the other end as her emerald gaze passed through the hangar.

Her attention caught at the man walking about, the recognizable weapon on him. ["You will be updated as soon as there are news,"] Cora said into device, the lightsaber holding her attention still. It reminded her of times long passed, of times she had lived before. Reminded her of her Mom as well, even when the memories of her seemed to not exist. It made her blink when she didn't even realize she was staring at the man before she realized he could be a visitor to the planet. Humans were more often than not. How her parents chose to send her to Ando of all other options in the galaxy still baffled Cora though she no longer complained, Ando had become her home.

In a moment, she'd summoned one of the staff members in the hanger to her side, quietly questioning him about the stranger. A visitor, getting his ship repaired. Cora thanked and dismissed the staffer before she'd go to Aston Jacobs, putting on her best diplomatic smile on. "Hi, the staff tells me you're a visitor. I'm Cora deWinter, Viceroy. On behalf of Ando, I'd like to wish you a successful stay."

#1785427 The Skies Above | Viceroyalty Meeting [ CIS ]

Posted by Cora deWinter on 14 May 2018 - 12:34 AM

It shouldn't have mattered whether she was Cora whether she was Dyarron or deWinter. She should have been fine with be a Dyarron, it was a name she had been born into. Yet, knowing she was a deWinter brought back unexpected memories. So much so that on Ando, she had become Cora deWinter even if she kept away from her Mom. So here she was, seated among Viceroy of the Confederacy, representing a planet that had become her home in her youth. She was part of the 1% of the population and yet, she had worked side by side to the capital's mayor and earned his trust, trust of others as well. She was accepted among them and yet, she was born off world and vocal enough in both languages and cultures that she could work well between the different species.

She had been a little late, coming in after the introductions. After a brief nod to the gathering as they had spoken, she took her seat and fell quiet, listening to them speak. Cora could match names and titles to faces after her research though she didn't know any of them personally. Vicelord among them suggested the Exarch Act, explaining it. She saw reason in it. One man could not do all, even Senators had Aids and seconds in their work for that reason. Others voice that concerns as she continued listen, opting not to speak at this point as she listened.

A tiny smile came to her lips as the Vicelord stated he was the only one in this room to return from Death. He wasn't completely right about this fact. Though hers was an unwilling rebirth, it was still a return from the dead and as she lived, her memories slowly returned to her bit by bit.

The Vicelord called for a vote on altering the office of the Vicelord and including the Commander-in-Chief of the Confederacy's armed forces. Cora remained quiet still. She would cast her vote but not immediately.

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#1783439 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:41 PM

T h r e a d T r a c k e r

A CHILD GROWN // Confederacy of Independent Systems // Apprentice (4)

  • The Skies Above {Faction Thread; Cora attempts a Viceroy meeting within the Fortressa}
  • Home {Character Development; On Ando, Cora meets Aston Jacobs as he stops by to have some repairs done}
  • Safe and Sound {Faction Dominion; CIS visits Naboo to meet with its Queen about the Galactic Alliance refugees}
  • Smart Meetings {Faction Dominion; CIS is summoned to Tynna for a business meeting; Cora attends the organized tour}

#1783438 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:41 PM

H i s t o r y


Cora was born as Cora Lelila Dyarron, daughter to teenager Anya Calista Dyarron and an unknown man her mother had slept with at the age of sixteen. Due to her Mother’s younger age, she was immediately put into the care of her great grandmother Livia and spent the next three years with her until Livia died. So young, she was curious and willful yet Livia, strict and wise in nature, knew how to deal with the child, channeling her mind to studies. At this time, Anya was already twenty and Cora went spent a short time with her Mother, who wasn’t the mothering type but instead, acted as a sort of older sister to her. It didn’t work. Cora became problematic in her care, exerting her willfulness more than she ever had, depending attention and making incidents when she didn’t get it so Anya, along with her parents, decided it was best to send her away.

After such discussion and research, the three decided to send her to Ando, where they found a solid private boarding school that would cater to her curious mind and engage her willfulness similarly to how Livia had done so in her earliest years. It hadn’t gone well, Cora had been upset to find out they were sending her away and not being originally accepted at school had made things even worse. For weeks, she’d cried into the calls she had with her Mother, pleading her take her home, promising she wouldn’t be a bad girl anyone. Anya had always broken more than once, her parents keeping her strong.

Eventually, the calls stopped. Cora had lost faith in her Mother completely at first and later on, she had actually settled into the school. She began to study, began to excel in school and make friends. Cora became popular, got better with people, applying herself into situations. WIthin just a few short years, it became her home whereas Coruscant simply became a place she went home for holidays but couldn’t wait to go back to school. It was on one of those holidays that Anya told her about what she had always known about - her past life. She told her about Fallon and Cora deWinter, about the deWinter family, about John Wright, about Jonathan deWinter and Jezabel, she told her about Nessarose and Shery deWinter, about Morgaine and everyone else. Her Mom had been sitting on such a long tale that by the time she’d finished, her entire holiday had gone by and Cora had gone back to school. The story had made her feel odd. At first, she had taught her Mom was telling her a story but thinking back on it, she’d realize that on some level, she knew about what Mom was talking about and she’d had dreams from time to time about that life. She remembered being Cora but she didn’t remember her Mom at all in those dreams, only Jezabel and Marcus Weaver. In fact, she was sure her Mom had never met her. That had left a bitter taste in her mouth, furthering their separation in the upcoming years.

Teenage years would determine who would Cora Dyarron would become. Smart, capable, eloquent and yet terrified of falling in love because from what she had learned about Fallon’s life, an exposed heart could mean a broken heart. In the way Fallon spoke about her fiancé in the former life, even when she was so young, she could see such emotion in her Mother, which she rarely saw when she talked about anyone else. So, love meant heartbreak and heartbreak could cause death, such was Cora’s logic. Instead, she had her studies and eventually, she learned spending time with other students proved to be interesting, no matter their gender. Physical relationships became part of her routine but she never permitted herself to fall for any of them, breaking off all the relationships before they had become too serious.

Eighteen years old, Cora was called back to Coruscant but rather than going, she chose to stay on Ando and continued her life on the planet she would come to think of as home, even if there weren’t many humans there, she felt most comfortable there. She quickly went on to get a small job within the local government, starting at the very lowest levels and from then on, slowly began to progress. By the time the CIS had come to Ando, she was working as an aide as one of the capital city officials and because she was a humanoid, she was suggested to stand in on behalf of Ando, as a liaison between the outsiders and the natives.

#1783437 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:41 PM

A c h i e v e m e n t s



#1783436 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:41 PM

P e r s o n a l P o s s e s s i o n s



  • TBA


  • TBA


  • TBA

#1783435 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:41 PM

K n o w l e d g e  o f  t h e  F o r c e



[Knight] Enhanced Telekinesis
[Knight] Force Blinding
[Apprentice] Basic Telekinesis
[Apprentice] Enhance Ability
[Apprentice] Force Persuasion
[Apprentice] Force Sense
[Apprentice] Telepathy

(( Training Information )):
MASTERS: Fallon deWinter, Livia Dyarron

#1783434 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:40 PM



A child of a single teen mom, never learning who her father was, Cora was placed in the care of her great grandmother as a small child, who was in many ways strict but kind and active in educating her. Yet even in those early years, Cora showed a rebellious and curious streak, wanting to know more. She missed her Mom whom she’d hardly ever seen. Her great grandmother died when she was only four though, leaving a big hole in her life. For a while while, she’d lived with her then twenty-year-old mother and in that short time, she’d had her life turned around as Fallon was not really the mothering type, more like a big sister who didn’t know how to handle her own daughter. It wasn’t long after that she went into board schooling and grew up there.

Curious and rebellious as a child, Cora’s education began when she was so young thanks to her great grandmother, keeping her mind sharp and hungry for knowledge. She did well in school. The older she grew, she learned more about herself and while not fully aware of it, became more like her Mother yet still different, whether it was solely because of the influence of her great grandmother of her biological father she would most likely never find about, it would remain unclear.

In her late teens, Cora finished school and set out in the world. Her mother was far from her and though they spoke on and off, the mother-daughter relationship never truly formed and the older Cora grew, the less she needed it. Some ways, she would grow to live a life similar to her mother’s that she wasn’t fully aware of - distanced from her mother, capable of taking care of herself and yet in other ways, she was more than Fallon ever was in this or the last life, she prefers physical relationships over having an emotional engagement which goes a step further for Cora who believes that falling in love is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. Yet their souls remained connected in ways unexplainable, because even Cora was reborn from the child that Fallon had given birth in the past life, named the same by her Mother at her birth.

(( Relationships ))
PARENTS: Fallon deWinter, Father Unknown
SIBLINGS: No material siblings, paternal unknown
GRANDPARENTS: Raenna Dyarron-Sallaros, Jonathan deWinter, Thion Sallaros
GREAT GRANDPARENTS: Joshua Dyarron and Livia Dyarron (d.)
AUNTS AND UNCLES: Brumhilda deWinter, Arachne deWinter, Merlin deWinter, Jace deWinter, Natalie deWinter, Sarisya deWinter, Amarant deWinter, Paige deWinter, Demetrius deWInter, Nicklaus deWinter, Morgaine deWinter, Adam Dessel, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Nessarose deWinter
COUSINS: Scherezade deWinter, Brayden deWinter, Celestine deWinter, Madalena Antares etc.
OTHER FAMILY: Shery deWinter

(+) Diplomacy: Part of her education at the boarding school included intense classes in economics, politics, social and cultural interests of major nations
(+) Analytical: A curious child with a mind of her own, Cora has been taught to hone her natural traits into a useful tool, to analyze any situation and take in a complex information from different sources.
(+) Strong of Mind: One of her most basic traits, something nobody has been able to rid her off, Cora has a strong mind which shows not just in her willingness to do what she feels is right and is sure of but also in her mental abilities.
(+) Public Speaker: Part of her education has been public speaking, something Cora has excelled in her time in the boarding school, no matter what the subject may be.
(+) Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, High Galactic Basic, Acqualish, Binary
(+) Other Skills: Sabacc, cooking, writing (speech, blog, creative), piloting
(-) Heart of Glass: Cora doesn’t believe in establishing long romantic relationships, she seems to think that after all Anya has told her that an exposed heart shatters easily so she tries her hardest to have short-term physical relationships and one night stands.
(-) Strong through the Force: Without the Force, Cora lacks natural strength (she does work out and she is agile) but her strengths comes from using the Force more than anything else.
(-) Willful and Stubborn: Her nature can get her in trouble if she doesn’t think things through though to a point, it’s been calmed down through hard work her entire life.
(-) Character Flaws: Audacious, Impish, Lustful, Proud

#1783433 Cora deWinter

Posted by Cora deWinter on 10 May 2018 - 03:40 PM

(( Social Information )):


NAME: Cora Lelila Dyarron
ALIAS: Cora deWinter
SPECIES: Humanoid (paternal side unknown)
SEXUALITY: Polysexual
CITIZENSHIP: Coruscant, Ando

(( Affiliation & Force Information )):

FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems
RANK: Acolyte
OCCUPATION: Viceroy of Ando

(( Physical Information )):

GENDER: Female
AGE: Twenty-two
HEIGHT: 5’2’’ (157 cm)
WEIGHT: 126 lbs (57 kg)
EYE COLOR: Emerald green
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown/Black
SKIN PIGMENTATION: Caucasian, slightly tanned
VOICE SAMPLE: Grace Phipps



P h y s i c a l A p p e a r a n c e

Cora Lelila Dyarron stands at 5’2’’, just slightly over her mother. Short and slim, she has long black brown/black hair (though she’s experimented with hair dye in her teens). Like her mother, she has emerald green eyes though unlike her, she doesn’t fully understand why. More often than not, Cora has been described as cute. She tends to wear her hair down and messy with a youthful fashion style though she coming from a well-off family, she’s always had freedom in picking her style and buying her own clothes, a fact she’s become rather liberal with over her teen years.