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Atlas Drake

Atlas Drake

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In Topic: Welcome to the Underground

Yesterday, 10:44 AM

Marcus Itera


Welcome back, friend! Feel free to join us on discord if you're interested or just keep an eye on the Outer Rim Coalition tag for thread opportunities. We could always use more scoundrels, I would give you the faction pitch but I don't really need to do that part huh.

In Topic: Sanhedrim Drive

08 November 2019 - 02:18 PM

Vigil Rostu


Fair enough. An additional weakness, Ghost Matter Blues has been added to the spread with your requested criteria.

In Topic: Sanhedrim Drive

08 November 2019 - 02:04 PM

Vigil Rostu


No worries man, you're doing fine. I recognize this is an idea that pushes at some boundaries, and this isn't my first rodeo.


So there is no advance warning features that come with this kind of drive. You plot your course, and press go, and whatever comes up, comes up. So this would make the weakness of entering an Interdiction Field, Even more powerful than what it may seem.


You got it. Its definitely something you want to keep to short-mid range transit whenever possible.


Thank you very much for the edits. And I neglected to add this question in as well during my initial post. But since the force can affect it to some capacity, And it is tied to Ghost Matter, Can force users "tamper" with this engine and cause problems that way as well? 


An example I can think of, is the "Bleeding" or "Purifying" of lightsaber crystals. Where the attunment of the crystal can be changed to fit the user. In the same vain, can this engine be affected by powers such as Mecha-deru, or Technomacy? I know these are more niche kinds of powers, but there are users out there.


That's a great question. Especially given the alterations you have suggested to the drive's method of action, I would say it is absolutely vulnerable to things like mechu-deru and technomancy. Force sabotage just seems like a really cool concept so it has my stamp. Let me know if you'd like me to make specific revisions here.


Since you mention Ghost Matter? I'd like to pose the question for one of the weaknesses of the Ghost Matter. Is there enough of that energy source here, to cause the hallucinations mentioned in the sub for Ghost Matter? Or is it contained enough, that you wouldn't need to worry about people being too close to it for long periods of time?


As with larger ships you have dedicated crews to working on just the engines, just the guns, or just the bridge. So with the Engine crews, would they be safe around this kind of drive?


Absolutely there is enough here. That is very much meant to be another limiting factor for non Aing-Tii use. Our galaxy's current level of technology hasn't developed proper containment technology. A capital ship's engine crew would be susceptible to ghost matter's weaknesses, and for smaller subcapitals the entire crew would be vulnerable.

In Topic: Sanhedrim Drive

08 November 2019 - 01:26 PM

Vigil Rostu


The Sanhedrium Ships were noted as having a "Special connection" to the Aing-tii who were on board. And through their use of the force with the ship, could travel with it. That one mention is what brings up the question about the potential connection to the force. Because the Aing-Tii are the only ones who can do this, and we both know their xenophobic thoughts on sharing all of their shiny toys and abilities. This is essentially just an engine they created, to work on more conventional ship to "synthesize" or reproduce the effect of fold space, and their connection to their ships. 


SO! If it is force sensitive, and someone were to bring one of those Yslamir lizards onto the ship, would it prevent usage of the engine? Or in the case of Void Stones, could it hamper, or make jumps more difficult?


That's as good an explanation as any, and I'm a little disappointed I didn't think of it myself. Its been a bit of a struggle to find the balance here between Force mojo and user accessibility, but I suppose if I'm going to have a FU on site for maintenance I might as well have them turn the damn thing on. Adjustments have been made to the Advanced Midichlorian Physics weakness accordingly.


So how exactly does this work? Would that mean there has to be an Aing-Tii with the vessel at all times to be able to "shut it off" with some switch no one else can have access too? Or is there some kind of programming that they can access remotely to shut this down?


The implication here is that instead of arriving at your intended destination, the Aing-Tii would remotely hijack your signal to transport you into the Kathol Rift. Obviously they are not omniscient, but they have only handed out a small number of these drives and keep track of where they are at all times so they don't fall into enemy hands. If someone were to say spool up a jump to high orbit over Bastion they would interfere. Really this weakness is a "dumb idea" check for me to explain to people why the Underground couldn't execute some kind of un-counterable raid on the Emperor's flagship or what have you.


What kind of errors could you have? Is it like any other kind of Hyperdrive where it will just take you to the wrong location? Or because of its very unique idea, would there be other potential downfalls that could be more detrimental than just "getting lost?"


As with hyperdrives its mostly a matter of coordinate drift. However since an instant jump ship would receive no advanced warning about impending obstacles the longer the jump the greater the drift and the greater the chances of ending up somewhere you really don't want to be along the same lines of a blind hyperspace jump.


Just some redundant asking, but this equivalent is just your explanation of the biological material that the Aing-Tii use to make their Sanhedrim Ships correct? 


That is correct. The genesis for ghost matter also began here, originally it was simply a link to the Kathol Rift article. Eventually I would like to submit an "Aing-Tii brand coral" to the factory and when I do the plan is to revise this one with a mod request.

In Topic: Ghost Matter

08 November 2019 - 12:16 PM

Vigil Rostu


Thanks for the kind words. :) I'll try and answer your questions to the best of my abilities and then we'll see what revisions are necessary if that sounds good to you.


You do mention extrasensory abilities that can be affected. As well as hallucinations to everyone in general. However, you don't really list the actual side-effects or symptoms for Force sensitives? Would these hallucinations just be expounded upon? or are their other side effects that only sensitives can receive?


This is a general reference to the same hallucinations mentioned in the Kathol Rift article on wookieepedia. You don't have to be Force sensitive to get them, but Force sensitives are extra vulnerable. They are commonly expressed as visions of spiders or other arthropods, but I have implied with my work on the Rift that this is related a more general intermittent psychosis. So yes Force users would experience particularly vivid almost 'waking dreams', but no special crazy powers or anything like that. Per the psychic scattering strength, a FU's ability to reliably call on their (extrasensory) powers is the other main side effect. Its just a colorful way of saying sometimes force push or detect thoughts won't work.


As there have been people in canon, Darth Cadeus, Luke Skywalker who have learned abilities and force practices from the Aing-Tii, is this resistance to the matter biological to only these "precursor" species? or can the effects be toned down to those who are taught? Like building up an immunity to iocane powder? 


The Aing-Tii are theorized to have a physiological resistance that is baked into their DNA, so no nothing that could be taught. I specifically mention that any safeguards developed by other forerunner races have been lost/are inaccessible.


Finally, I know that for this matter to be used in some processes it needs to be refined to be used. Would a refined form of this matter produce stronger results, or more potent effects? Second part to this question, is can this matter be synthesized? 


Raw Rift energy is too unstable/not very useful, 'ghost matter' as a fuel source refers specifically to the refined substance so the characteristics here should apply to the market material as it were. Synthesization isn't something I really thought about but given the unique properties of the Kathol Rift and the cosmic level events which led to its creation I am inclined to say no. Or rather, in order to synthesize it you would need to recreate the Rift Disaster or something comparable which is probably a superweapon violation haha.