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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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About Me

A section to talk all about me? Well this is scary. You should all be terrified! No, I'm only kidding, but if I tell you all about me, you might just think I'm crazy. I guess that's good, though, considering you have to be a certain kind of crazy to really enjoy this kind of thing. Right? I'm going to say I'm right here. Anyways . . . what to say about myself? Should I tell you a lot and not leave much in the air for questions? A little and make you wonder about just who the mysterious man is behind the character? Decisions, decisions.

Well, without further ado, let's dive right into this "about me" thing!

  • I am no stranger to the Forum/Text-based RP scene though I may be brand new to the site. I've actually been doing this kind of thing since about 2006 or 2007 (not really sure which, the years just kind of blend together now). I've even helped to build one or two sites and held a staff position on a few as well after their respective launches.
  • I'd like to believe that I am a decent writer with respect to character development and creating the best story possible. Considering I've been doing this kind of thing since I was 12 or 13, I've had a lot of time to grow and learn. Through the years, I've had experiences writing in a number of different universes to include: Star Wars, Firefly, Inheritance, Lord of the Rings, Arthurian Myth, Alien/Predator, Game of Thrones and even (forgive me for this) Star Trek.
  • I am an avid gamer - and I mean avid. I play all kinds of games: video, card and board games. I even play tabletop in the form of Pathfinder and have DM'd a few sessions in my time. So yes, I am very much a nerd and I have embraced it with open arms. (Don't judge me! I can sense your judgment!)
  • I am also a huge sports fan, especially hockey, so if my team is playing and you need something from me, you're just going to have to wait for the game to end. Sorry, but that's just the way it is, especially during hockey season.

So yeah! That's a little bit about me, I guess. If there's something else you'd like to know, don't hesitate to ask me and if I am comfortable sharing that information with you, I will be glad to. Also, if you want to write with me at any point, and I welcome it for each and every person, I simply ask that you message me before you dive in. Messaging me will just let me know that there is something getting ready to write with me so I can be more attentive to the storyline and get posts up more regularly that I might if writing solo.

"Vor entye par rada bal vercpaanir at ret' dayn ogir!"

Oh! Did I forget to mention that in high school I kind of learned Mando'a a bit? It's rough, but it conveys what I want to say. Cheers!

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