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Ashara Evanaris

Ashara Evanaris

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#1972082 The Catacombs

Posted by Ashara Evanaris on 14 August 2019 - 08:25 PM

Ashara could feel the presence of her allies around her, but her attention was drawn elsewhere towards the mirror before them. What she saw before her was nearly impossible to fathom to the outsiders of her sisterhood. She saw herself, but only a reflection of her former self, a young human  women just beginning her journey as a Sith knight. Her attention focused on the mirror before them, she heard whispers all around her. Come to me……as she proceeded forward and touched the mirror a memory replayed as though she was transported into that very moment.


The time was three years before present day, The Jen Ari’ had crumbled into a flake dust cast upon the wind, and Ashara found herself on Dathomir. It was here She went through the transformation and under gone the ritual to become a prophet of the dark side. The ritual nearly killed Ashara asking for her own blood sacrifice, The winged Goddess demanded she lay her own life before her to begin a new one. The ritual would transform her into a Seer of the nightsisters. The ritual would take four days to complete, and on the fifth she would see a vison of future events. On her death bed Ashara was spared for her obedience, and on that evening she saw what would take place.


Ashara remembered the vision in clarity, it included everyone who was standing in front of the doppelganger mirror. For Ashara her battle was only about to begin, she would be faced with a simple choice. One: lay your life down and the others could proceed without paying the price, or fight your doppelganger and pass through the mirror and let your sisters fight their own battle.


The memory subsided and it was just as she had expected, she could not pass through and only touch the glass mirror and stare at her human doppelganger. Glancing around at everyone wondering if they could see her human doppelganger in the mirror. Tapping pom on her shoulder she pointed at that mirror. ”Do you see what I see, Its my former self”

#1970135 The Catacombs

Posted by Ashara Evanaris on 06 August 2019 - 09:46 PM

There could be many different explanations for what just had happened, especially now that she has yet to come to terms with who she is really is .A sith or a witch, both  sects may or may not come to the same conclusion. Down deep Ashara knew with each passing day she was becoming more and more like one of the sisters. She had hoped after this mission all would become clear and her path would be laid out before her.When Pom came to her and motioned the others to continue on ahead except for Áine. This would be the first time Ashara had spoken to Either of them.


“Yes, something very strange happened and I have yet to discern what actually happened. It felt as though I vanished, or became apart of someone’s illusions. Another part of me believes it may be the spirits, possibly because I was alone and left to fight living creatures. Now I find out there are doppelgangers about. Something is at play here “The more Ashara thought about what had happened, each frame of her memory became all the more vague and became difficult to recall. She had already forgotten the wisps of smoke and the Dark tentacles that drew her away and brought her back.”I don’t know now, the whole event is nothing more that vague images and I cant piece them back together."She was angry at herself for allowing herself to be subject to such things.

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#1969596 Devotion. Bravery. Sacrifice. [ Knights Obsidian ]

Posted by Ashara Evanaris on 04 August 2019 - 04:44 PM

In the past Ashara would have sneaked by pulled the hood of her robes masking her presence to find a lonely place to watch from the sidelines as the evening unfolded. Nowadays that feeling had begun to subside for a few reasons, her past no longer haunted her casing shadows over every decision she would or have to make. The other was the obvious she was a Lethan, a lot harder to hide in the open, as well no one here knew her when she was human. They only know her as she is now a Obsidian Knight nothing else mattered there was no point to hiding in the shadows anymore.

Moorwood was new to her, she had never been here before and her knowledge of it had been lacking.


 Unlike everyone else who seemed to have ties with Moorwood or the others here Ashara has yet to fight along side with  any of those attending today. Which is why today she had remained out in the open she knew at some point she would have to make a name for herself and be known.Ashara listening intently as @Hashim continued on with his speech, his words hit a mark with her, smiling she understood the intention he was putting forth. Ashara believed she had come to the confederacy at the perfect time she believed their was a part for her to play among the Obsidian. The red Twilek stepped forward, her hood of her robes pulled back. She narrowed in Hashim her penetrating stare gave off the appearance of burning hour glass eyes engulfed in flames


#1969581 The Catacombs

Posted by Ashara Evanaris on 04 August 2019 - 03:20 PM

Ashara could never return to the home she grew up in or see her family; for one they are either deceased or would not even recognize her. The last time she had seen any of them she was a human girl who had just became a Sith Knight. Looking back at it now it felt like eons ago to her since she even resembled anything like her previous self, but that that person was destroyed when she became the guinea pig of a sith experiment and was transformed into a Lethan by the hand of an overlord of the long dead Jen’Ari Empire; which she saw crumble before her very eyes and left with every thought of good riddance. Ashara walked way with out allegiance only to watch it burn.


When she came to the Confederacy seeking refuge from a dying empire Ashara was surprised she was allowed or even accepted, but soon found her place among the Obsidian and being apart of the Mandragora. Ashara had never truly been apart of a family, her original family cared only for prestige and power, which is why they are mostly dead killing each other. So the mere idea of family is a new feeling for her. This did not change the fact that Ashara did not trust anyone, if they were anything like her at all, Ashara always played by her own agenda and she treated others as such; untrustworthy.


This mission with Mandragora would be her first with the Obsidian as well as a first time meeting many of he Mandragora she would be traveling with. Before joining the confederacy she had spent a lot of time searching for relics and artifacts herself, she was eager to search Anoat and the shrine to explore and see what they could find. Ashara knew from her own personal experience that this was not going to be an easy task, some of the shrines she found on her own were quite periless. Ashara felt this would be no different.


Ashara wasn’t about to walk in unknown to the elements, she wore a standard suit, to protect her skin from elements, with a jet black robe draped around her , wearing her favorite combat boots. Who knows what or who they would run into deep with in the caverns.  Trusting her instincts it did not take long for an encounter  andthey had even yet to enter the catacombs; happening right on the front doorstep.

 Ashara sensed something,  a mist had began to form around her, dark tentacles  taking a hold of her and before she could grasp a breath,  she knew she had vanished, or was being sucked into an illusion. A moment later the mist vanished  and she was surrounded by scaled looking creatures. Scanning the area she could sense not a single life form but there were seven creatures around her. Ashara did not like being used in someone elses Illusionmanipulated in such a matter, she needed to end it and gain the upper hand. First and foremost she needed to find out if they were actually living or an Illusion,  with an open hand at her side she slowly closed making a fist, one creature with both his hands grabbed his neck attempting to draw another breath before his esophagus was crushed by the force.


Ashara was at a loss, the creatures were actually living things, but her allies were no where to be found and she was left alone to fend for herself,  she was going to have some fun with these creatures. Pulling aside her robe Ashara did not reach for her lightsaber but instead she unleashed her Vibro-whip uncoiling at her side. One by one she unleashed her fury on the creatures as they advanced on her.  Two she had beheaded with a snap of the whip, another held suspended in the air as she forced crushed him. Another advanced at her, she pushed it backwards impaling it on a stake pultruding from  the cavern wall until only one remained. Just when she was about make her final attack, a wisp of smoke swirled around her, the same dark tentacles all around her and she was back among her allies



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#1937497 Floating Peace

Posted by Ashara Evanaris on 24 April 2019 - 09:32 PM

Ahron Rol

Ashara roamed the roomed, intuned fully to her senses, she felt utterly uncomfortable about the whole situation she had put herself into. The exiled Twi'lek came looking for a higher purpose, she had persevered over the last year and now was intent on growing stronger in the force. Her senses led her to this very moment. Ashara cared little for human interaction and now was starting to believe it could be her downfall. Everyone in the room seemed to have some sort of bond with at least one other person here.

Granted she understood that most fought side by side each other. The ones she had knew, seemed to be a vague memory.

Still she kept her distance from major clusters of people, as she made her way to the garden. A beacon , a strong disturbance in the force beckoning her to follow. Trusting more than her instincts she felt the need to follow and pursue this disturbance. This is when she had found Ahron Rol with another.

She felt it stronger than before as she focused it its aura, sustained but not limited to the light saber, something was quite strange, as though the force was there, and at the same time was not, but the power was immense all the same. Unlike her former self she would have demanded Ahron Rol to show her  but this was not the time or place, plus she knew if she did she would have been over her head.She opted for another approach telepathy.

“I felt a great disturbance in the force within you. How is this possible?”

#1936618 Floating Peace

Posted by Ashara Evanaris on 22 April 2019 - 11:46 PM

The Confederacy! What were the odds Ashara would be at a gala celebrating its victory. Since she was once apart of the Jen'Ari a highly respected queen of Draika, a Governor of her own planet. Now in exile the Red sith Twi'lek had lost everything, her own apprentice was now masterless after Jen'Ari collapse.Ashara was now even more at war with herself.

Over the past few months she had been hiding herself in her studies, secluded learning what ever she could about the mysterious and mysticism of the force and it's dark arts. She was not open to the mere Idea of socializing with someone else's fears when she only saw her own defeats. Filled with anger and conflict over her loss something had driven her across the Galaxy to  this celebration.

Ashara once was a human women, but was always a Sith first and foremost, but once she was in the Jen'Ari empire she chose to undergo a procedure that would probably would have killed her. She was the product of an experiment through sith Alchemy that destroyed her human body and transformed her into what she is now. Still even now she can feel certain parts that are no longer there. She used to have a nervous twitch which she would run her fingers through her hair, and it's just a phantom feeling. One she had not yet grown used too.Still till this day she has no regrets over her decision.

While in the Jen'Ari CIS was off limits unless you wanted an instant war, and now she was smack dab in the middle of it. Ashara had yet to find her place in all of this, and her inner turmoil wasnt making it any easier. At least she had one person with her she could rely on.Joran who she had at first enslaved, and until recently gave him is freedom. She was shocked when he had sworn his unyielding loyalty to her. Joran never left her side,  she could feel he was secretly in love with her. It was only fitting he would accompany her.

The gala had already started when the both of them had entered the ball room, she was hoping she was not well known in the Galaxy and they could go unnoticed.Ashara had the feeling this was a mere false hope. Ashara had asked Joran to go and mingle for a bit, she wanted a drink at the bar and calm her nerves. Apparently she didn't have to wait long, a server had already stopped and served her one. Taking the drink of course. Pulling back the jet black hood of her robes revealing who she was walked across the ballroom floor. She could feel the intensity of certain individuals staring at her while she walked. The outcome of the evening has yet to be seen.

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