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Ador Horn

Ador Horn

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#1966878 Jedi Padawan Tournament - Round 1: Gnost Karr vs Thal

Posted by Ador Horn on 25 July 2019 - 04:27 AM

Standing in a repulsor pod Ador Horn looked down on the assortment of floating stones, the very same ones he’d been trained upon by his Master Morteg. Remembering the phrase he was told what felt like so long ago the Corellian echoed them in the same tone and mannerisms as his master. "Steel your mind you must, or fall will you." Speaking into the aural amplifier Ador looked around to the other repulsors that continued to hover above the field of battle granting the occupants a better view of the arena. 
From above the arena looked like a mass assortment of stones in a circular formation filling an area between two small walkways where each combatant would start. So high up were these stones located if one looked down they could see that they stood among the clouds. The mighty roar of a waterfall could be heard as it rushed past far below, but beneath the stones a net to catch the ones who fell. 
Ador slightly envied the other two padawans that were participating in the tournament as he’d been forced to train while stepping on the stones with a blast visor. At least they were allowed to see. Many would wonder why a padawan would be judging others but it was moreso out of Ador volunteering and having more than his fill of combat over the past few months. Not quite sure what to say to the others Ador looked to Gnost Karr giving the other padawan a nod then to Thal doing the same. Raising his hand into the sky holding a red flag Ador dropped it signaling the start of their battle. 

#1953155 No one expects the Imperial Inquisition

Posted by Ador Horn on 09 June 2019 - 03:18 PM

Kana Mikasa I'm down for being hunted by the Imperial Inquisition


#1952962 Heart of Darkness [Silver Jedi Order - Dominion of Irith]

Posted by Ador Horn on 08 June 2019 - 09:20 PM

Location: Irith
Objective: 3
Equipment: See Sig
The Green Jedi had said his part in the debating to come and had no more words to share. The others whether they realized it or not had conceded that if push came to shove there would potentially be death. One never entered a battlefield without expecting it. Ador had witnessed it firsthand, having experienced the thoughts and final moments of troopers eradicated in a Turbolaser barrage. Ador had felt death in a way he never wished to again and it hadn’t been by his own hand and the boy knew if it came down to an innocent family or a thug that threatened them… Well the choice was clear.
With a hiss, the doors to the dropship slid open and the Corellian dropped out, the roar of the dropship's engines overtaking his sense of hearing yet a Jedi did not need it. All they needed was the force. With a flick of his wrist Ador summoned his saber hilt from within the sleeves of his robe. The large Beskar hilt shinning in the planet’s primary. A small click and twist of Ador’s wrists and the saber came to life. The faint scent of ozone filled the air as a blade well over 9ft long came to life.
The blade dominated the area around Ador and as he swung the blade around at a thug it slammed into the man from a distance lifting him off his feet and flinging him into the wall of a nearby building. Between the crushgaunts, he wore and the force Ador’s blows were enough to knock the man unconscious as the blade was set to stun. 
Journeying down an alley Ador began to move at a sprint to get around and flank the criminals from behind while the others continued to distract and incapacitate them.


#1952951 Peek-a-boo

Posted by Ador Horn on 08 June 2019 - 08:49 PM

Ador wished he could comfort Keira and assure her that her Ex-husbands death didn’t have to happen. That regular means of reconciliation were open but the boy thought better of it. He was already within the confines of a ship of the woman who’d just been hunting him less than an hour ago. No need to push it and add himself to her poodoo list and end up dead for trying to preach to her about the Light. The Corellian was sure others had made that mistake in the past and may have paid dearly for it. 
“It saddens me that you did not stay with the Jedi, in another universe our meeting may be completely different. Who knows perhaps in that reality you ended up being my Master.” Ador said leaning back in the co-pilots chair feeling the soft leather on his back and relaxing. The material so much more comfortable than the harsh plastic seats on public shuttles. Ador’s back was still sore from his trip to Nal Hutta. “But as you said it is good that we both found our own paths." 
Reaching within the confines of his robes Ador drew a flask, a silver one with no symbol on it but when he opened it the stench of Corellian Whiskey filled the cabin. Taking a long swig, Ador attempted to somewhat numb himself to the memories Keira’s questions had dug up. The strength of the brown liquid brought slight tears to the boys eyes as it went down his throat the warmth beginning to fill him. “I’m from Corellia, I… Well in short I was a street rat and was there when the planet broke.”
Jaw tightening slightly Ador continued. “I had snuck aboard a ship in hopes of finding food but before I realized it we lifted off into space and I was caught. The man threatened to take me back down to the planet and return me to the authorities and thats when it happened.” Eyes shutting head tilting slightly Ador replayed the fracturing planet in his mind. “The screams, the pain, the horror. Families torn asunder in an instant, the death of trillions. I just stood there and watched, I wanted to help, I wanted to do something but I did nothing.” Standing up Ador faced the wall his fist slamming into the wall with solid meaty thwacks. Blood splattering the wall as his knuckles bust from the force of impact. “I DID NOTHING!”Wobbling on his feet moreso from agony and rage than anything else Ador tried to steady himself but slumped to the floor. When the Corellian’s eyes opened tears poured freely down his cheeks his bloodshot eyes filled with a deep-seated pain. “I can’t do nothing anymore.”  

#1952934 Old Bonds [SJO ft. New Alliance]

Posted by Ador Horn on 08 June 2019 - 08:08 PM

Objective: Join the good fight

Tags: Romi JadeSol Stazi

Hands digging into the ground Ador simply dry heaved as his body could no longer produce anything else to eject out of itself at the horror of what he’d experienced. The rank flavor of vomit sat in the boys mouth twisting his stomach in more knots than it already was. Why did I come, she told me to stay in the ship. Why didn’t I just listen?
Hearing the words of Sol Stazi, Ador looked up to the Duros. The Corellian’s eyes bloodshot, tears streaming down his cheeks as he was yanked from the ground up to his feet by the other warrior, a war cry shouted out. Was that supposed to spur me forward?The Jedi asked himself before falling back to his knees. What else was there for him to do? Ador’s legs couldn’t move, they felt like lead weights.
This is not how a Jedi conducts themselves. You must not let yourself be overtaken by the emotions of others for you will lose yourself. Once more a voice echoed through Ador’s mind but not his own. From his hand the saber Fortitude attuned itself to its wielder removing the strain from the pour Jedi’s mind and in an instant, it felt as though a hundred kilo’s had been lifted off Ador’s shoulder’s.Looking up Ador saw his Master Romi Jade standing there doing her best to defend him. To defend the boy she’d ordered to not come to the battlefield for this exact reason. He could see it now, he understood it, and he was ashamed.
The Padawan knew he’d flung himself into the situation and he would do his fair share. Closing his mind off from all the others, blocking out the turmoil surrounding him Ador moved in front of Romi as her hands reached her skull her presence in the force growing. Summoning his blade to life the Jedi spun the hilt. The silver blade just over 6ft long spun creating a protective barrier between himself and Romi, giving her a chance to finish whatever she was doing.
Streams of blood slickened the hilt of the Corellian’s saber hilt from his injured palm, a fresh sting rising up in it beginning to worsen every second yet the boy would not stop. He’d defend Romi if it was the last thing he did. Blasterbolts pinged off the blade flying in many directions. Some off into sky and others deflected into the ground. 
Soon enough Ador felt a new presence and weight on the back of his mind, almost an intrusion of sorts yet recognized the force signatures as friendly. While his energy only a fraction of the more experienced Melders Ador gave what he could. Along the leylines of the force created between them his energy surged forth to aid in the creation of the barrier. “Brrrring, Hello. If you’re looking for Ador he’s not in at the moment. He’s currently dealing with a crisis, please leave a message after the tone.” 

#1952923 The Battle of H'ratth

Posted by Ador Horn on 08 June 2019 - 07:41 PM

Location: Main Hall

Equipment: See Sig

Objective: Hold them off

Tags: Romi Jade, Thal, Coren StarchaserCeleste Rigel


Standing in the main hall of the chamber Ador held his eyes shut the Jedi trying to block out the rampaging emotions of all those around him. People sent to examine the terror fleeing in fear, the excitement, and bloodlust of the Mandalorians that charged the temple. Hatred, some radiating from within the very chamber the Corellian found himself standing in. Yet this was no worse than what he’d felt when he’d felt dozens dying of a Turbolaser strike. 
One hand planted to his head Ador fought at the darkness that sought to envelop his mind.The darker emotions sought to overtake the Jedi, to bring him low and make him the thing he despised the most. Yet, if anyone knew anything about Corellian’s it was their legendary stubbornness. Fighting it back tooth and nail Ador shoved it back and down, he was a Jedi and his duty was the defense of those who could not do so themselves. At this moment it was to buy enough time for either reinforcement to arrive or for the injured to be evac’d out. 
By the time the young jedi had cleared his mind the Mandalorians had managed to breach the confines of the temple and the main hall in which he stood. Hand going to his waist Ador drew the oversized hilt of Fortitude, the saber that had been his induction to the lightside. Its presence calming, energy filling the padawan, a new sense of bravery and courage welling up from within ready to flow out. 
With a flick of his thumb Ador brought to life a large silver blade of plasma. One far larger than that of an average lightsaber reaching 3 meters in length. The blades lethal hum dominated the room, the green eyes of the wielder behind the blade narrowing. There was no bloodthirsty roar as Ador set to work on the Mandalorians that began to enter. The Corellian simply let the force flow into him, it surged into the Jedi guiding his hands.
With a simple command, the nanites that comprised the Corellian’s helmet closed off around his head. The first Mandalorian knew not what was coming as they entered and Fortitude’s first wide arc burned a massive furrow in the beskar plate of their armor, blackened metal and a horrid scent filled the air. With a flick of his wrist Ador brought the blade back across completely bisecting the Mandalorian. Fortitude’s higher than normal energy output allowed it to even cut through reinforced beskar which put Ador right where he needed to be fighting Mandalorians. 
It was not a Jedi’s duty to kill, nor did Ador take pleasure in it. With each step and a swing of his saber he knew that he could potentially take another's life. Yet this was done in order to protect the ones he cared for. His Master Romi, his friend Coren, the other numerous Jedi within the temple. Ador fought for them, and any who posed a threat he’d be sure to end it, even if it meant permanently. 

#1952604 [RAID] The Battle of H'ratth

Posted by Ador Horn on 07 June 2019 - 02:45 PM

Tehkyram I'm never one to turn down a dance? Tango or Salsa?

#1951817 [RAID] The Battle of H'ratth

Posted by Ador Horn on 05 June 2019 - 03:38 PM

Sign me up as a defender

#1950749 [RAID!] Bucketheads vs Jedi - The Battle of Noverskaa

Posted by Ador Horn on 03 June 2019 - 02:01 PM

I'm here to throwdown. Silvers if you will.

#1950489 Peek-a-boo

Posted by Ador Horn on 02 June 2019 - 06:07 PM

Entering the ship Ador walked through the interior behind Keira, and as he examined the ship something caught his eye. A holoproject, on it an image about 10 inches high was shown. They were pictures of children as they grew up. First were two, a boy and girl both absolutely adorable. Ador had never expected Mandalorian children to look so innocent, but then a third child appeared in one of the images with a woman holding them in her arms a strange man in the frame. I watched it cycle through the images a few times before breaking away. 
The currents of the force swirled around me creating eddies that revealed emotions and imprints left upon the ship. They spoke of great love, loss, hatred, and they bore down on the Jedi all at once. Ador had experienced such things before, echoes of one's past emotions but with the Mandalorian now being a void in the force, she was as closed off to him as anyone ever could be. 
Moving to the cockpit and taking his seat next to the woman Ador realized just how aged she was. Old enough in fact to be even his mother. Her hair cut short, though he imagined she had once been a striking woman. “I am sorry to hear about that, but there is still a chance for you to see him again. The force is always in motion and perhaps you’ll even be able to settle things with your ex-husband. If not civilly I’m sure you could kick his ass.” Ador said chuckling slightly.
“I didn’t choose the Jedi so to say, they chose me. I was nothing more than a smuggler and scavenger and then I found this.” Patting on the saber on his hip Ador smiled fondly remembering the time his life had turned around. “It wasn’t like this at first, it had been two separate sabers but they spoke to me, or their past owner I believe. It guided me and opened my eyes to a world I never imagined. When I saw this world I knew I wanted to make a change and fight for the galaxy.”

#1950455 Down the rabbit hole [CorSec/Green Jedi]

Posted by Ador Horn on 02 June 2019 - 03:27 PM

Location: Coronet City, Museum of Fine Arts
Objective: Be a hero Protect the Museum
Tags: Rimateen Riverwolf, Cait Sandusky, Danielle Stellaris, Romi Jade
Laying there for a second, head throbbing, body aching Ador sat up. “Someone get the plate on that speeder.” The Jedi growled a hand rising to hold his head. Rising to his feet the boy found his balance unsteady but what he clearly heard and saw was fighting within the museum itself. Oh… Great. Then it clicked. Ador had been told he’d be over on this side alone, had the Jedi and Corsec lied to him? Did they not trust him? The realization stung slightly before the Jedi looked back on how things had gone up till this point. There was no one who would listen to the youth complain so he shunted his feelings aside.
Marveling Ador’s jaw nearly dropped agape. He was looking at Romi Jade, one of the most infamous or famous Jedi in the galaxy depending on who you asked. The Boy was shocked, unable to get out a sentence at her command instead snapping a salute. He’d never been in the military, but it had felt natural and the only thing the Corellian could think to do. Eyes locking on the large bundle Ador dashed for it, his legs pumping and from outside the window he’d just flown through he saw the figure who had flung him fly in. 
“Not Again!” Ador shouted as he leaped forward entering a roll over the bundle and coming up with it in his hands. Blasts of energy ate away at the tile behind Ador as he moved further into the exhibit. Pursued by his adversary Ador felt a bolt pass by on his right, just above his shoulder. If the boy kept running he’d eventually be shot down. 
Turning on his heels to face the hovering assailant Ador reached an arm out instinctively catching a whipcord that was poised to wrap around his neck. “Close but no cigar.” The boy yelled a victorious grin on his face. Till the assailant started flying in the opposite direction dragging him. The bottom of his boots scraping against the tile leaving long dark marks Ador growled. 
Bracing himself and opening himself to the force he felt his strength increase, his body holding in place, unmoving. With a roar the Jedi spun whipping the flying man around and into a nearby pillar. Chunks of duracrete fell free as the armored man slammed into it the jetpack exploding and leaving him to fall to the ground. The thief impacted with the tile hard enough to shatter it and lay there barely moving. 
Looking back to the pillar Ador hissed loudly seeing the large chunk missing from the jetpack exploding. “No one needs to know about this right?” Ador asked his cheeks reddening, the only answer being a groan from the crook. “Good.”
There were more threats to the museum and its exhibits but right now Ador basked somewhat in his victory, and the pain it had wrought upon him. 


#1950448 Old Bonds [SJO ft. New Alliance]

Posted by Ador Horn on 02 June 2019 - 02:51 PM

Objective: Join the good fight

Tags: Romi JadeSol Stazi

Falling through the sky Ador felt free, there was no feeling like that of flight. Falling through the sky like a shooting star one could feel the air around them. A surge of adrenaline that flowed through them, an excitement that made one's heart soar to transcendent heights. Ador felt all these things and then suddenly his world became a nightmare. 
The force offered one many gifts, it awakened one to the currents that flowed through and around them wherever they went. It granted them abilities and skills beyond that of a normal being, but there was also a downside. The force made one cognizant of everything around them. Around when the first turbolaser shot had impacted the ground Ador’s mouth opened in a scream. All at once many things took place, he felt as though his own skin was burning and peeling off. He felt a sense of betrayal as the stormtroopers realized that their lives were forfeit. The final ebbs of courage that the Rangers and Shocktroopers had as they rushed forward in the name of all that was right in the galaxy. The sorrow of those that just lost brothers, sisters, comrades. 
Ador didn’t even know when he’d managed to land. On his hands and knees his mouth open, spittle hanging from his lips he looked down at a pile of bile. Unable to resist the next surge Ador let more loose painting the ground. The boys head swam, a deep throbbing within his skull. Vision wobbly he looked up to see a buckethead crossing over a hill, a blaster rifle raising to aim at him. 
The Corellian’s mouth moved attempting to say “no”, but no words came out. His throat raw from the scream, and taken from the horrors he’d experienced. Ador’s rose to just his knees right hand fumbling for his saber, but to no avail as it escaped his grip. The trooper pulled the trigger a red dart of energy streaking through the air at the Jedi. 
Guided off instinct, Ador raised his left hand to shove out with the force at the trooper and nothing happened. He begged the force, pleaded with it and nothing. The blasterbolt impacted the inside of his palm but there was no pain. Instead, a warmth surged through Ador’s arm, energy welled within him and the force responded. His will made into reality an invisible force struck the stormtrooper in the chest lifting him from his feet and slamming him hard into a tree. Hard enough for Ador to hear an audible crack and see an imprint left behind. 
Looking down to his palm in shock at what he’d just done Ador saw the inside of his left hand blackened. Charred flesh cracked as he balled it into a fist, droplets of blood leaking out and to the ground below. What was that? The Jedi thought as he rose shakily to his feet, his other hand finally finding his saber. 


#1950445 Heart of Darkness [Silver Jedi Order - Dominion of Irith]

Posted by Ador Horn on 02 June 2019 - 02:25 PM

Location: Irith
Objective: 3
Equipment: See Sig
Standing around the table with the rest of the team that had been assembled for the mission Ador really began to wonder if anyone had thought about their picks for the task set before them. In truth, he agreed with Vizsla, in many ways the odds had been stacked against them. Whether it was from the Jedi or the planet itself that they weren’t to kill the other criminals it was a mistake. It laid only their lives on the line but other potential innocents. 
The only thing shielding Ador’s disapproving glare was the fact that the black helmet of his robes concealed his face. It was true that it was not their duties to dole out justice but at what cost would this come? The Corellian had been on the wrong side of innocence too many times to count and suffered far too many wounds from it to continue down the same path of making constant mistakes. 
Watching and listening to Masaru give his speech that ultimately ended up backing Asaraa, Ador felt he needed to speak up as well. Mentally bashing himself for not bringing his flask of Corellian Whiskey, the Jedi approached the table. From his face the helmet folded back, the nanites reacting to the youth’s command. Green eyes staring across to Asaraa and Masura he spoke. “Listen, we are in hostile territory. Our duties are to yes protect the families and children, to stop the criminals but doing so while holding ourselves back will spell the ultimate demise of either ourselves or innocents.”
Index finger pointing down to the table and tapping on it to emphasize his point Ador looked to Vizsla. “I say we try to play to these rules for now but before anyone here gives up their lives or one of the civilians they use proper force.” Ador hated taking life as much as any other Jedi but he would not put other lives on the line to take the high road. 

#1950437 Need some help with an avatar gif <3

Posted by Ador Horn on 02 June 2019 - 01:22 PM

Dreyton Someone may come along with a better one but here you go for now. 



#1950178 Corellian Confederation

Posted by Ador Horn on 01 June 2019 - 04:10 PM






 The order of the Green Jedi is an order forgotten to the annuls of time, an order that is less strict and more freeform in the way they operate. Everyone from the Grandmaster down to the lowest apprentice are allowed far more freedom than they would be with another order, and known to be highly independent.


Above even the lightside of the force their duty is to the Corellian Confederation, preserving order and justice within its territories. Outside of it the Green Jedi are not as reclusive as they once were instead branching out providing aid to the allies of the Light when able.



The leader of the Green Jedi Order is not one considered the most powerful, or even the wisest of the Jedi within the group. Instead, it is the most distinguished Jedi that has been nominated by the council as a whole to represent them and guide them in times of Chaos or Darkness.


Master of the Order:

One elected as a leader of the Council this individual is one who is much like the Grandmaster voted in, and at times can even be the Grandmaster as well. Their duties include frequent cooperation and counsel with different branches of the Corellian Confederation. Giving vital input or even taking on the role of an ambassador to deliver word of council decisions.


Green Jedi Council:

Distinguished members of the order that have proven themselves through great acts within the order and alongside the Confederation. These individuals are tasked with voting on decisions that will guide and decide the ways in which the Order operates and delegates the most important of missions.



While an Order that is known for being lax in terms of their organization there are also different branches within the order where one could willingly enlist themselves. These branches serve different goals, or have duties beyond that of a regular member of the Order. Ranging from serving alongside the CDF on the frontlines, all the way to going to ground and operating from the shadows with the CNI.


Jedi Peacekeeper:

Individuals that have gone beyond the call of duty and willingly put their lives on the line alongside the CDF. Peacekeepers are often tasked with duties such as aiding Corsec in defending Corellian Colonies and Confederate roles. Often times by taking part in suppressing violence, or taking part in police investigations. The more determined of these individuals will even join the battlefield on the frontlines. The experienced Peacekeepers may even work side by side with the officers of Corsec to command troops.


Jedi Shadows:

The dark is an insidious thing, it is one that can not always be defeated with brute force, it at times requires cunning and a will strong enough to do what must be done. Those who embark down this path are known for going to ground, infiltrating dark sects or Orders and destroying them from within. In tandem with the CNI these beings may even act as spys, informants and if necessary even assassins in the battle against those who’d dare endanger Corellia or the Confederation.


Jedi Watchmen:

While there are those, of course, more equipped for fighting or those willing to give up themselves in the name of the order these individuals choose a different path. The Watchmen are the librarians that fill a youths head with knowledge, those willing to sit down and speak with other political powers and offer advice. Even at times going so far as to act as envoys for the Confederation to other worlds or even establishing Praxeums in the Orders name.