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Darren Onyx

Darren Onyx

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Darren Onyx's Mask, used during combat


Darren Onyx present day


NAME: Darren Onyx


KNOWN ALIAS: Onyx, Shadow, The Last Revanchist, The Last Descendant of Revan, The Burned Man, Hoxton


FAMILY: Serana Onyx (Sister, Missing/Presumed Dead), Milu Onyx (Mother, Alive), James Onyx (Father, Dead)


SPOUSE: SARI (divorced), Thalia Faric (girlfriend)


FACTION: The Bluehawks


RANK: Rogue Master, formerly Sith Lord and Jedi Master


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil


SPECIES: Human, Cyborg


AGE: Forty-Three (looks to be in his Sixties)


SEX: Male




WEIGHT: Two-hundred Fifty-Six Pounds


EYES: Yellow (right, turns Red when angered) Blue (left; cybernetic)


HAIR: Grey, short


SKIN: Fair, cybernetics showing on face and torso





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Strong Willed- Onyx has a strong will and will do all he can to accomplish his goals.


Cyborg- Onyx has extensive cybernetic implants throughout his body. This gives him incredible phsyical strength as well as scanning capabilities through his cybernetic eye.



Short Tempered- Onyx has a short temper and will lose control at times.


Careless- No regard for his life, nor anyone else's, so long as it strikes fear into the hearts of those around him.


Insane- Years of psychological damage, as well as his cybernetic implants, have caused Onyx to lose most of his sanity.



Lightsaber Forms Mastered- Ataru, Juyo / Vaapad, Jar'kai, Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Shien / Djem So, and Niman


Primary Lightsaber Forms- Juyo, Ataru, and Jar'kai


Force Powers Mastered- Cloak of Shadow/Force Cloak, Saber Throw, Force Lightning, Force Horror, Force Push/Pull, Art of Movement


Skills- Advanced Meditation Techniques, Advanced Concentration Techniques, Advanced Tactics, Expert Speechcraft



Light Mandalorian armor, dark red in color, is worn by Onyx. It is below a thin layer of a black cloak. Both the armor and cloak are heavily damaged due to years of use with little to no repair. He has a scruffy beard and grey hair, which is short and not cleanly kept. He has multiple scars along his jaw, cheeks, forehead, and neck. These scars reveal the multiple pieces of machinery, his cybernetic implants.


Link to Darren Onyx's current ship info.




Early Life-



Moraband and Early Sith Years-



The Clockwork Rebellion and Death



The Last Descendant of Revan



Battle on Kashyyyk, and Becoming a Cyborg



Self-Exile, Thalia Faric


The Art of Chaos (CURRENT ARC)



ROLE-PLAYS (IC-Chronological Order)

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