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Mira Rekali

Mira Rekali

Member Since 05 Jun 2014
Offline Last Active Oct 08 2019 10:49 PM
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The Jedi Academy Network

The Jedi Academy Network (JAN) is an informal community for all Jedi, no matter what their allegiance or their interpretation of the Code. Jedi can come together to share all kinds of information a...

  • Members: 321
  • Created: 02-October 14
Outer Rim Coalition (The Underground)

We were the Underground: raids and gunrunning, decentralized and more than a little disreputable. We've fought the Dark Side from the Deep Core to the Unknown Regions. After liberating Kal'Shebbol...

  • Members: 626
  • Created: 12-January 15
Alliance Remnant

The Last Jedi Welcome to the New Alliance. Once a hunted people, we now shine again as a faint beacon of hope and justice dedicated to the expulsion of the dark side from the galaxy. Led by what re...

  • Members: 670
  • Created: 15-September 15