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Skosk Australis

Skosk Australis

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About Me

http://starwarsrp.ne...en/#entry433183 (VISIT THIS LINK FOR UPDATED DETAILS)



NAME: Skosk Fett " Tank"
FACTION: Mandalorians
RANK: Mandalorian
AGE: 22

SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 310 pounds ( 98% muscle , no armor )


EYES: Yellow
HAIR: Horns ( maul style)
SKIN: completely tan, no patterns , mandalorian insignia tattoo ( upper back, right side)

Armor: http://starwarsrp.ne...or/#entry445050
Weapons: M-29, Grenade launcher http://starwarsrp.ne...enade-launcher/
Trench knife, (lightsaber resistant, and force resistant) http://starwarsrp.ne...l-trench-knife/


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


+ Unnatural muscular strength and size , fueled by the force. This ability is passive and not even known to Skosk, these enhancements also allow him to maintain his fitness regardless of age, at a quick pace as well.


+ Heavy weapons and armory specialist: Skosk knows his weapons, more preferably heavy weapons. The mercenary can wield almost any heavy weapon with deadly effect.


+ Athlete: Skosk was an intergalactic wrestler, a pro at staying in shape. His career ended because of his rival Lon Michal a transdosian ( correct my spelling). Who sent hit-men after Skosk knowing that there was no chance he could beat the big brute in the ring. Long story short, while Skosk was able to defend himself easily, he ended up having to deal with the destruction of his own house. The collapse of his house showed no mercy to the zabrak, when it toppled him.


+/- Body Type: This mandalorian brute has always had an extreme athletic, bulky build to his body. The zabrack has huge Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, traps, Latts , Pectorals,and core muscles . Unlike his lower body, which is muscular like the upper body, but more lean. While Skosk's body is extremely muscular, and strong the downside is that the Fett is extremely massive. Thus making him an easy target in battle, and in some cases making it hard for him to find cover that would be useful to him.


+/- Training: Instead of focusing on other methods of combative training, his focus is on wrestling, a style which promotes his strength, endurance and explosive movement. The downside of this is he has no other form of close up fighting techniques. Skosk many times could easily be figured out by the more trained mercenaries, because his style after awhile would become predictable. Regardless, most of the time Skosk tends to get the job done with his perfected combat style, not many can prevent his double leg take down, to the ground.


- Slow: While the Zabrak athlete may be athletic, his speed is slow because of his huge muscle mass presiding over his body. This allows others to slightly out-maneuver him.


- Education: Aside from anatomy, Skosk only has a decent enough education of a high school graduate.


- Trust issues: There are a few people the mercenary trust's, mostly mandalorians. With the exception of one friend who is not part of his culture.



APPEARANCE (No armor): Skosk Fett, is an extremely large, muscular, zabrak weighing around three hundred pounds. This mandalorians horns are medium sized spread around his head instead of hair. Skosk's skin color is completely tan. ( the tattoo is no visible unless by chance he's in a hospitable where ....)


APPEARANCE (Armor): Armed to the teeth with a heavy blaster repeater, this fearsome Mandalorian is armed in Heavy ,RED Colored, Beskaram. Even then, mountains of muscle can be seen through this heavy piece of armor. Many after seeing the fearless mercenary then describe Skosk as if he looks like a big, green, tank.




As a child Skosk lived alone with his mother, on the planet of Ryloth. A horrible, rocky planet where slavery, and crime thrived on the desolate planet. Many times the future mandalorian, look for a bigger goal, but what exactly would this be? The zabak would go to his horrible rundown school every day to achieve education. Not much, was acquired from it except one thing: sports. For such a horrible education system there was always enough budgeting for sports. To this day it confuses Skosk, how could he get help? In the classroom many of his classmates would notice him based on the fact that even as a kid ; at the age of eight years old he looked strong, fit, and mean. Like the others, he was the same in the regards of the brain, its rarely there. The street rat, had something better for him that would later make him a success. It was as if he had something surging through him that helped him get a head start. The kid was always energetic and playful with his friends, eventually he had the reputation of being the strongest kid in his grade in the his slum ridden back water village of Ryloth. Soon after, one of the schools sports teams had gotten to him first: the wrestling team.


Many more years would pass as the kid wrestled, he was his first season a natural athlete. His first year of high-school became a great one when he won the world championship for local wrestling. A sixteen year old freshman ! The youngest world champion to ever win such a high title in local history on Ryloth. Skosk's mother was proud, she had been there for him his whole entire life going to every single match and tournament. As soon as Skosk graduated, becoming an undefeated champion all four years of his highschool career . The Inter- Galactic wrestling team of Ryloth had immediately drafted him into the professional level, where two days later she would die of cancer. This gave a bad start of the year because neither his mother or him knew she had cancer, this obviously showed how affected he was when he could only take second in the entire galaxy. That had been the lowest ever for him, the entire season he barely won all his matches to get to that point. All of them in overtime!


This was when Skosk realized that his mother would want him to make a living out of a sport which he dearly loves. The entire off season was his moment to shine, from just being two hundred pounds of pure muscle. He rose to be three hundred and ten pounds of hard rock manliness. Skosk, would be the lightest heavy weight to ever compete in the next galactic season, but also the most muscular. Skosk had been undefeated from that point on till the end of his career, constantly being known for his double leg takedowns, headlock throws, and aggressive tie ups in which he would squeeze his opponent. Skosk would at least launch someone out of bounds once per match. His career seemed to be amazing, until his last match he had to face. A transdosian ( Fix my spelling) rival named Lon Michal , there matches always ended with Skosk tossing him hard over his shoulders to the ground, into a headlock. Later matches, Lon would purposely stall (back away like a coward which is illegal in wrestling) in an attempt to tire out Skosk. This just ended up with him giving the match to the big tank anyway by default.


Lon knew, things would repeat the same way. The only way to stop Skosk from winning was to harm not only his ability to make money, but his ability to actually wrestle. Hit-Men where sent to kill Skosk, they failed miserably, but succeeded in destroying his house. This not only gave the famous wrestler, bad publicity, and a loss of money, but also horrible injuries. Such as a concussion, and multiple cut/ stab wounds. The two wrestlers due to there being a suspicion of illegal activities between the two where kicked off the wrestling federation as nobodies.


With shame, Skosk had to find a new brotherhood, he found the mandalorians. A culture built, around family, honor, and war. After, finally earning the title all the mandalorians became his vod, his brethren. Skosk Fett, is part of the next generation of the fetts, how will he make his mark in the family?


SHIP:Beskad-Class Patrol Ship


KILLS: no one important yet






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