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Lucien Shorn

Lucien Shorn

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#1698542 Bucketheads vs Trash Panda's [Invasion of Utapau ME vs ORC OOC]

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 02 January 2018 - 08:53 PM

Prepares the war gifs



#1694355 Yandere on Yavvitiri

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 28 December 2017 - 10:39 AM

Lucy? No matter where he went, the nickname seemed to stick. Pretty funny, since he could imagine the mortified expression of namesake - Lucien Cordel - if the noble was ever referred to as "Lucy." He smiled. 


She went on, mentioning her homeworld. Lucien didn't know anything about the planet, Manas, but it made him wonder. 


"Uh, no. I'm from-"


Well, nowhere really. He'd "grown up" in the Chiloon Rift, but he really did not enjoy sharing that with anyone who came along. 


"-you guessed it, space. Been on a freighter pretty much most of my life." They were still standing in the middle of the casino. Hadn't really drawn any attention to them. 


"So how did a girl from the outer rim end up in a place like this?" 


In Sith space. 



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#1688906 Yandere on Yavvitiri

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 19 December 2017 - 06:46 AM

"Lucien," he said, lips curling up one corner of his face in an impish smirk at her reaction. Her almost permanent frowny face made it hard to tell if she was messing with him or not, but it seemed like stealing genuinely upset her. Huh. 


The Chadra-Fan was probably long gone by now, but Lucien would track him down again. Maybe. The little guy had habits he just couldn't shake. 


"What's yours, Too Tall?" 


He kinda felt bad juking her out like that, but he still didn't know much, if anything, about her. And the Underground was always telling him to try and develop contacts. Losing track of the Chadra-Fan might end up being for the better. Who knew?



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#1685334 Yandere on Yavvitiri

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 12 December 2017 - 07:50 PM

Unconsciously, Luce reached a hand up to his cheek. He definitely remembered a girl calling them "adorably chubby" once. She'd also tried to pinch them. He wrinkled his nose at the memory, then glanced back at his new stony-faced friend. 


Well she looks like a statue. Like if someone took a chisel to a block of sandstone and made a human shape out of it. A really tall human. Er, not a bad looking statue. Actually a really good looking - ugh. Forget it. 


He scratched at his mop of thick brown hair


"Uh," he tried to think of a convincing lie, "He stole my hydrospanner?"




She would definitely believe that.


As they moved back out of the strip club and through the crowd of gamblers, Lucien jerked a finger in the direction of a crowded hallway. "Oh look, I think I see him!"


He did not, obviously, but telling her he was here on a mission from the Underground to keep tabs on the Sith probably would not fly. What was she doing here anyway? 



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#1685322 Kinsey Starchaser

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 12 December 2017 - 07:28 PM


#1672373 Yandere on Yavvitiri

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 18 November 2017 - 11:30 PM

His smirk crept farther up, "Woah, baby-face, huh?" 


Laughing brown eyes tried to read her stony expression. They didn't get much. Trying to discern her emotions was like trying to mine hijarna stone with a pickaxe. An exercise in futility. Luckily, futile exercises were what Lucien did most often, so rather than being blunted and misshapen like a defeated pickaxe, he just smiled more. 


Hm, maybe she could help him. Four eyes were better than two, right? At least that's what his Aqualish friend would always say. 


"Well, I'm trying to find this Chadra-Fan. You know, big ears, short furry kinda guy? I need to talk to him about, uh, some stuff, but he ran in here before I could. Help me find him?"



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#1670219 Yandere on Yavvitiri

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 14 November 2017 - 07:48 PM

“Oof,” he took a step backward and looked- up?

He’d bumped into a girl. Human, but tall, with skin a shade of dark honey and eyes like almonds. Not warm, roasted almonds, but almonds left out in the depths of winter, frozen and hard.

Uh oh.

“Spaceman? Yeah,” his voice cracked slightly. He coughed, deepened his voice, and said again, “yeah.”

Still, she couldn’t have been older than him, even if she was taller by a bit. (Just a bit). Lucien raised an expressive eyebrow, lips curling into an easy grin more smirk than smile. He looked past her and didn’t see the Houk. He also didn’t see the Chadra-Fan. Blast. He looked back at the girl.

What was she doing here?

“What are you doing in here?”


#1666949 Yandere on Yavvitiri

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 09 November 2017 - 02:09 AM


Helix Resort & Casino, Yavvitiri


The booming metropolis of Yavvitiri stuck out from the surface of Yaga Minor, crowded skyscrapers like fingers reaching toward the heavens. A testament to the city's ambition. Amid the heart of the metropolis' central district rose the six buildings that formed the Helix Resort & Casino, run by the Syndicate of the same name. But our tale does not concern the ambition of corrupt governors, or jackbooted Helix debt collectors - not yet anyway - but the tale of the happy-go-lucky youth in over his head, with hair a bit too long and eyes a bit too mischievous. 


He stood at the entrance to the resort, wearing spacers clothes that had that tell-tale look of a yuppie trying to appear rugged while living off daddy's paycheck. 


A front, obviously, since our protagonist never knew his father and hadn't got so much as a single check in his life that he hadn't earned, through means legal or otherwise. But the big Houk bouncer didn't need to know that.


"Hey, man, I need to get in."


Beady eyes looked him up and down. "Name?"


"Uh, Lucien, look I need to get in right now." 


The spaceport engineer he'd been tailing was gonna get away if he didn't hurry in after him. The little Chadra Fan would be hard to spot if he got too far into the crowd. 


"No. Pay the cover."


"What? Listen, do you know who my father is?"


"No, but he's probably smaller than me."




"Good point. What is it, twenty?"


The Houk raised a hairless eyebrow. "Twenty-five."


Lucien fished in his pockets and pulled out a handful of credchips. He thrust them toward the Houk's hands. "There, you go- oh no." 


A slip of the hand and cred coins spilled all over the floor. The Houk looked down. "What-" the coins started to shimmer, then disappeared. Holograms. Fakes. "Why you little!" 


He heard laughter and turned, catching a glimpse of the kid slipping through the doors, then he was gone. 


Lucien Shorn bolted through the hallway and into the casino interior. The complex was huge and he had no idea of the layout, but he could hear the Houk's stomping feet shaking the ground behind him. With many "Scuse mes" and, "sorry bros," he slipped in and out of groups of people busy losing their money on slots. 


He thought he caught a glimpse of the Chadra-Fan's big ears moving through a doorway. Lucien followed as fast as he could, jostling through the crowd until he stumbled through a doorway with a neon sign he didn't read and into a dimly lit room full of poles and undulating bodies. 




The kid turned to go, when he bumped right into -



#1656092 [SJO vs TSE] Operation Silversaber: Silver Jedi Invasion of the Mirial Hex

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 20 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

A sudden pillar of expanding light swallowed the city.


Inside the pillar, Ghoul screamed as the ray scorched through him, burning out the Dark Side. He fell to his knees, then flat on his face.


Around him, buildings erupted into flame from the catastrophic effects of the wall of light, burning civilian and Sith alike.

#1652761 [SJO vs TSE] Operation Silversaber: Silver Jedi Invasion of the Mirial Hex

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 14 October 2017 - 05:02 PM

City Street

Karren Trask | Stephanie Swail


"You want me to BEG ?" He cackled. "Good. Gooood. You have the makings of a fine Sith." 


Wisps of smoke coiled from the seared flesh around Ghoul's neck, twisting and undulating like headless serpents. A blur of movement and a whistling drew the Sith's attention, his eyes widening, head tilting to the side, trying to avoid the missile. 


Too late.


The rebar spear struck just above the brow and carved a bloody furrow along the side of his head, exposing bone beneath, before speeding off into the distance and impaling the side of a house. Ghoul howled at the pain, scarlet rivulets coursing down his face. Blue eyes burned with fury, like ion engines ready to scorch all in their wake. 


While the other female stood stunned, staring at the smoking corpse of the fallen ranger, the other attacked. 


She swung her blade as she danced, seeking to move around him. In his anger, Ghoul stepped toward the blade and lashed out with a powerful, armored kick toward her midriff, desiring to hear the crunch of breaking ribs. 

#1652753 Feedback Part X: Kaine in Spaaaaaaace

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 14 October 2017 - 04:39 PM

Something that's always struck me about the character is that he seems to be pretty consistent throughout. I'm not sure Kaine the Vizier that Mikhail Shorn met 16 years ago is any different from Kaine the Dark Lord we see today. He's stronger, with more titles, and certainly has established a fierce reputation, but I don't know that he would react to situations any differently than he would have done back then. So there's no peaks and valleys that denote a character arc of progression, or descent. There's no overall shift in personality from events that have happened to him, or things he's done. He's pretty much the same bad dude now as he always has been, you've just maxed out his level. 


However, I've always said that Chaos is more like a comic book series than anything else. Villains die and come back. Legacy characters are all over the place. So, while I don't think that there is much of a character arc to speak of, maybe for Chaos you don't actually need one, since as a Big Bad he is still compelling.


And that's just my perception. Maybe you have all of that and I'm just not reading enough. 

#1652137 [SJO vs TSE] Operation Silversaber: Silver Jedi Invasion of the Mirial Hex

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 12 October 2017 - 08:32 PM

City Street

Karren Trask | Stephanie Swail

“Gah!” He cried out as the blaster bolts splashed against his shoulder pauldron, spraying his neck with searing plasma. The Force tugged at him, drawing him toward the woman with the green saber- and away from the shield bash of the other Jedi.

“Impudent women!” He screeched, deftly parrying the strikes of the verdant blade with the head of his axe. “You will come to learn your place in my tent. And again, when you beg for mercy on the edge of my blade.”

The sword tip swung, pointing at a nearby soldier from their group. A bolt of lightning leapt from the blade and struck the soldier square in the chest. He collapsed, smoke rolling from the horrific wound.

#1651892 Operation: Silversaber (SJO/SE Invasion) OOC

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 12 October 2017 - 11:23 AM

Stephanie Swail. No worries, I was just waiting on Darth Odium to post.

#1650477 [SJO vs TSE] Operation Silversaber: Silver Jedi Invasion of the Mirial Hex

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 09 October 2017 - 06:15 PM

Location: The Capital City


Stephanie Swail | Karren Trask | Darth Odium


"Bahahaha, you tremble like an autumn leaf before my presence, girl. Is the Jedi Order of this age so frail that they send untrained children to plead with me?" 


Eyes like blue stars burned bright with madness and the art of the Bando Gora. The gaze turned, transfixing the second Jedi. Lips so red they looked almost black peeled away in a smile, teeth filed to points.


"Ahh, so you do not come alone. Then perhaps it will be a fair fight." 


He whirled his sword with a flick of the wrist, and felt the approach of Darth Odium. Good, gooood. Mayhap they might take them alive. Another bird for his collection. 


Loosing a cry, Diabolis attacked, axe hissing venomously through the air as he brought it down toward Swail's shoulder. 

#1649708 [SJO vs TSE] Operation Silversaber: Silver Jedi Invasion of the Mirial Hex

Posted by Lucien Shorn on 08 October 2017 - 11:43 AM

Location: The Capital City


A pillar of SMOKE and FLAME erupted in front of Stephanie Swail and her squad. A figure stepped out from the midst of the inferno. Tall, with black horns curling back upon themselves. A Devaronian, his skin the pallor of ash and his eyes burning like two glowing ion drives. He wore Sith plate armor which gleamed obsidian in the light of the dissipating pillar of flame.


The air around him seemed to distort, like a mirage in the desert. 


He wielded a Sith war axe in one hand and a wickedly edged Sith sword in the other. He pointed the blade's tip toward the approaching padawan and spoke in a rumbling voice, clearly enhanced by sorcery. 


"Step further, Jedi, and you shall dance with I, Lord Diabolis Ghoul!"