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Member Since 24 Jul 2015
Offline Last Active Aug 01 2019 08:55 PM
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The Siratian Empire

http:// The scattered remnants of a half dozen failed empires have come together, rallying behind the banner of a distant world, and seek to create a new empire devoid of the flaws that cause the f...

  • Members: 7
  • Created: 26-September 14
The Warmongers Reborn

This is a non-RPing group which is here to help design new and better ways to integrate warfare and strategy into SWRP Chaos. This is also an area for discussion of warfare, ship design and all oth...

  • Members: 22
  • Created: 01-February 15
The Chiss Ascendancy

The Unknown Regions have been seen as a beacon of turmoil and strife since life in the galaxy began to appear. Thousands of worlds left to fend on their own against any and all threats that plague...

  • Members: 76
  • Created: 15-August 15
The First Order

The First Order is a power denied. The once mighty empire, which dominated the Western Reaches of the Galaxy, and shattered the once indomitable Galactic Alliance, was too destroyed. The Ssi-Ruuk,...

  • Members: 618
  • Created: 08-September 15
Imperium Forge Works

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...     Episode QWERTY   ORDER FROM CHAOS   It is a period of uncertainty for the Outer Rim. Between the crumbling pillars of the Hutt C...

  • Members: 46
  • Created: 18-November 15
The Directorate

The Directorate is the culmination of the co-operation between The Mon Calamari Shipyards, Aurora Industries, and Lucerne Labs. Founded by Tian Reshmar, Gir Quee, and Taeli Raaf, The Directorate is...

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 27-January 16
Sasori Research and Design

Started as a jedi faction and slowly growing into a group. Sasori always set itself by making force items and gear set towards advancing understanding of the force while combining it with technolog...

  • Members: 112
  • Created: 06-February 16