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25 July 2019 - 06:08 AM

My bad, sorry about that. Corrected 

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05 May 2019 - 06:32 PM

Bakura System 

IFW Ticsen'i let 


"Open a channel commander" said Lash watching the battle on the screen before him. The Chiss has seen the Ssi-ruuk in battle before. He knew the chaos they would sow and the carnage they would inflict if given enough time. He had seen entire worlds devastated and stripped of its resources, mainly the population. The Saurian creatures needed to be stopped here or their force would become too powerful for even the powers of the known regions to handle. 


"Channel is open sir" said the communications commander. Lash waited a moment took in the sight before him once more then spoke.


"To all forces, This is Admiral Stela'shlit'nuruodo of the Directorate. I have arrived to aid as I can, My force will begin an assault on the Ruuks Left flank, I request all forces clear a path." Lash paused a moment to look at the position of the vessels around the besieged world. He had no doubt he could not carry out a full barrage without damaging no Saurian vessels. The battle was too convoluted and forces from at least four different forces were now present. He waited a moment more then continued. I will attempt to carry out bombardment operations without inflicting damage to now Ssi-ruuk forces as best I can. Again please clear your forces between my position and the Ruuk fleet." Lash motioned for the channel to be closed. The Chiss officer nodded and closed the channel. He watched as the forces fought in the distance. The two Aurora class destroyers were slowly moving up into position flanking his command carrier.Beyond them were the assorted vessels of the Directorate IFW task force. In the distance an image he was familur with caught his attention. CEDF vessels had arrived before him and were engaging the enemy. Lash turned to his communication officer


" Open a channel on all CEDF comm frequencies, Let us hope they have not stopped monitoring their old channels." Lash looked again at the Chiss fleet in the distance. They were across the main Ruuk formation from his force but their attack was beginning to make headway into the reptilian hordes picket forces. He had not spoken to anyone in the CEDF for many years, and never thought he would again. Yet here they were, Fighting a common foe. 


"Open sir" said the officer as he returned to monitoring the combat traffic. Lash straightened his uniform. He knew the transmission was only audio and would be sent as a burst laser transmission but still felt a degree of importance to the message and its recipients.  


"Too all CEDF forces, I am former CEDF admiral Stela'shlit'nuruodo. I wish to extend a greeting and to request sensor data transfer. My forces have been scanning the system since our arrival. I have two long range bombardment vessels flanking my flagship now and with your shared data believe I can better target these Reptilians with greater precision and impact fewer allied forces." Lash said pausing to consider his next words. He had not been exiled but he had left the Ascendancy to fight the One Sith long ago. He was not sure how his presence here would be received.


"I will wait three minutes for my formation to complete its maneuver and form up. Once that is done I will begin firing on the Ssi-Ruuk vessels. I await your response." Lash nodded and the channel was closed. He was not there to fight any of the combined forces brought together to fight the alien force but he was certain without data from the far side of the battle he could not engage the Ssi-ruuk with the Aurora's without friendly casualties. That did not mean he wouldn't. The Ruuk would be stopped here no matter the cost. He only hoped he would nave have to fight the Impier and sith of his brothers and sisters before it was all over. 





In Topic: Scalebound (Downfall)

23 April 2019 - 08:43 PM

IFW Ticsen'i let
En Route to Bakura System
Lash read over the information he had received from his sources inside the Chiss Ascendancy. He had been gone a long time now, but still he had not lost all of his contacts inside the CEDF. It had been a hard decision for him to leave the Chiss to fight to free them, but he would not have changed anything about what he did. The Ascendancy was free now no longer made to kneel to the former One Sith. Now the Ascendancy was what Lash had hoped it would one day be, A thriving paradise. The choices he made had conscienceless though, He and his people could never really go home. They left the ascendancy and could never hope to be welcomed back. It was not their way, not the way of the Chiss. He missed his family and the life he had but that was gone now. He and his people were exiled and no longer worthy of being Chiss.
Lash had not forgotten who he was and what the Ascendancy was. He loved his former home and would die protecting it even if it did not want him to. He and his people worked within the Known Regions to build a force that would be there when needed and protect the Chiss both in the ascendancy and without. Safeguarding the twenty eight colonies and the exiled worlds as well. 
When Lash had heard the FIrst Orders call for help he had already known about the vile reptile horde now assailing the Orders worlds. Day before he had gotten word from a group of passing merchants from one of the exiled worlds that had picked up a large force of Ruuk vessels en route for the known regions. Lash had been too far away to intercept the force before it had reached its destination but had readied his force to move to assist where it was needed. 
The Imperial Forge Works Fleet had left the Rothana system en route for Bakura three days ago making as few correction jumps ass possible to make it as soon as it could, Lash feared even with his haste ot would not be soon enough. He had fought the Ruuk before, many times. He had seen them swarm a world and use its people as fodder for its abiding appetite. Whole worlds enslaved to the saurian aliens had been cleansed and millions of lives lost fighting the Ruuk. Many of his men, his friends, his family lost. Lash would see to it the Ruuk would make no more headway into the Known Regions of the Ascendancy. 
"Sir, we are starting the reversion counter" said a Chiss officer at the front of the command Deck. The man began punching numbers into a console then turned and looked at lash
"With your permission sir" said the blue skinned man. Lash nodded and replied
"You have the con commander." The man nodded then turned and engaged the countdown. A timer appeared on the large screen at he front of the command deck. The Jump officer announced the five minute countdown then went back to working in the console. Lash sat quietly reading through all of the data and reports he had on the situation at Bakura. He knew much had happened since their last drop out of hyperspace. His data was almost three hours old now and a war can be lost or won in less time. He wanted to help his brothers and sisters he knew had moved to Bakura to aid the Order in fighting the Ruuk. He finished reading and looked up at the timer, ninety seconds, a minute and a half and he would be in system. He closed his eyes and calmed himself as he had been trained to do then watched as the star field dissolved into a scene of sheer chaos.

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19 April 2019 - 09:49 PM

peeks at Chiss peoples. waves.... Some of you know who I am some do not. Anyway I will see if Lash fits in here since you know Chiss Powa!