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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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#2002630 Character Bios: Prefer Full Bio or Blank Slate?

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 03 December 2019 - 06:02 PM

I used to be far better at keeping up with my Biographies, linking threads and updating content...


For new Characters, I tend to start off light and build them up as the RP follows. 


In other peoples Bio's, I don't have a preference though I am probably one of those people that would fall for fake diamonds (If it looks flashy, it looks appealing, regardless of the quality). When it comes to getting to know if I like the characters themselves, that's mostly reserved for threads and writing together with them.

#2002621 Harlequin Cannon

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 03 December 2019 - 05:55 PM


#2002609 CA-DC01 "TruSpark" Droid Brain

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 03 December 2019 - 05:40 PM


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#2002598 CA-DC01 "TruSpark" Droid Brain

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 03 December 2019 - 05:27 PM

Under Review.

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#2002296 Underappreciated active characters in Chaos?

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 02 December 2019 - 08:05 PM

Khonsu Amon


You get paid enough, didn't think appreciation was part of the price for your services...


That said, your walls of text are amazing to witness :P Beats wall of light any day.


Kay Larr 


That's actually a really good point, how'd I forget you were an FU lol

#2002231 Underappreciated active characters in Chaos?

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 02 December 2019 - 05:07 PM

Part of me feels like I'm insulting people by putting them in the "Underappreciated" category, but they deserve the credit for their hard works too!
Underappreciated Jedi characters:
Underappreciated Sith characters:
@Mishel Kyrze
Underappreciated non-binary Force-users (i.e. other than Jedi or Sith):
Underappreciated NFUs:
There's no doubt more, but short of listing the entire member-base, just know that I love our community here on Chaos <3

#2000807 Visiting the Queen

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 27 November 2019 - 04:17 PM


#2000671 Any interest in a dark Jedi faction?

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 27 November 2019 - 01:30 AM

“No peace, only suffering.
No knowledge, only instinct.
No serenity, only passion.
No harmony, only chaos.
No life, only death.”
The Dark Jedi Code, as written by the first Bogan.
When I first created the Dark Jedi Order, it was a vision I had for Veiere's Dark Side Path. Unfortunately I chose not to pursue it after a while because the decision to have him go darkside ended up being something I regretted, and had done on impulse during a personal loss in my life. That said, I'm happy to see someone pursuing the idea because I still think it has a lot of potential and will list my aim for what my faction/version of it was meant to be.
Essentially, I wanted to create an Order that would go to war with both the Sith and the Jedi. The motivation in this was similar to the Grey Jedi in that the motivation for war between the Jedi and the Sith can be put down to two different ideologies and followed paths (The Dark and the Light). I wanted the Dark Jedi to be Force Practitioners that would do whatever was necessary to eradicate this argument, to remove these larger influences and to put an end to the fighting through (You guessed it) fighting. 
Training wise, the Order would work in similar ways as the Jedi, only without the restrictions. Dark Jedi wouldn't turn on each other like the Sith are canonly known for, they'd work in cooperation with one another as a the Jedi do, mentored by Knights and Masters, yet taught to harness the power of the Force utilizing both sides, not limiting themselves to one set of abilities but using all that's available to them.
There's a lot of room to maneuver here, depending on those that decide to lead the group and what their objectives are for the faction on site. These were just my idea's and while it gained a good deal of interest, the faction didn't unfortunately get as far as I wanted and this was largely due to my own indecisiveness.
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#2000307 Life is the Enemy, Death is our Solace - Battle of Bimmisaari [TSE/SJO]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 25 November 2019 - 09:24 PM



Objective: Defend the Capital City, Glastro.

Inventory: Heavy Jedi Commander Battle-Armor | Lightsabers of Svivren.

Opposition: Darth Prazutis & Galvanoth the Genocide.




Veiere's eyes were forced skyward in horror as the maelstrom of darkness formed overhead, instantly invoking a knot within the pit of his stomach whilst baring witness to the dragon-like monster clashing against the Starfighters passing over the City before it. The Jedi Master had seen much in his time, and one of their own had been known to ride similar creatures, however this was a monstrosity of another scale and fueled entirely by the Dark Side of the Force. "Rangers?! I want anti-air on that thing! Bring it down!" Veiere shouted, doing his best not to sound panicked in the moment. Poorly chosen words, as the Battle Hydra descended upon the central city, with burning husks of broken fighters coming crashing down alongside the beast and exploding against the city infrastructure. The air before the creature's mouths illuminated for but a second, before it unleashed heavy blasts of concentrated lightning against Glastro's inhabitants as well as the Silver Jedi whom were scrambling to defend it as well as protect themselves.


Soldiers opened fire upon Galvanoth the Genocide, though the Hydra was slowed none in it's approach by their primitive weapons. Those whom were Force Sensitive would feel the creature's connection and attachment to the Darkside, the Sithspawn unlike that which Veiere had faced before yet ultimately proved itself to be a foe requiring the skills and mind of a Jedi to contend with. One of the creature's heads gave off a distinct golden glow as it looked in the Jedi Master's direction, the Force calling out to him in warning, guiding his instincts as well as the Master's hands to raise up before him just in time before the Hydra unleashed another cataclysmic blast of fire and lightning. The earth around Veiere and the Ranger's closest to him tore asunder, yet the presence of the Lightside erupted around the Jedi Master forming a perimeter of untouched soil as he summoned all of his focus into projecting a Force Shield against the creature's attack.


Fire and ash descended upon his surroundings as the creatures attack subsided, the Jedi Master's hands slowly falling while the shouts and startled responses of the Rangers around him seemed unable to contain their disbelief in their miraculous survival. Veiere's right hand shifted to that of his hip however, detaching the Lightsaber that he carried, both hilts presently connected in the center to form a double-blade if required, or otherwise independently charged. He wished to keep his left free of restrictions, for the Force was his ally and certain to be an asset against such a powerful foe.


Stepping forward, Veiere detached the cloak from around his shoulders and soon proceeded to ignite one of the blades of his Lightsaber, the green energy snapping out with a charged thrum of radiant light against the already war-torn surface of the City Center. He hadn't yet spotted the beasts rider, though the presence of Darth Prazutis was unmistakable. Somewhere nearby the Hydra, was the Sith Lord responsible for some of the greater travesties of the Force, crimes of war against Galactic Society, as well as being personally responsible for the current state of House Arenais. The presence of the Hydra alone was a hindrance compared to the wealth of Pain the Lord of Lies had caused Veiere and his loved ones.


Again his left hand extended, reaching out towards the Hydra. No words were uttered, but in a blinding response to the beasts own disastrous power, Veiere Arenais unleashed the full extent of his control over the Force as well as his years of practice and study in the art of Force Light. The air before Veiere warped, projecting a concussive blast of pure lightsided energy solely focused upon the Hydra, pouring everything into the concentrated attack. Some of the soldiers closest to Veiere were forced to shield their eyes, whilst any Force Practitioners nearby would feel the sudden wealth of power and presence of the light emanating from the central district where the Jedi Master faced off against the three headed Hydra.


There were few times where Veiere was forced to let go of his restraint, to show the full extent of his capabilities. This was decidedly one of those times.


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#2000212 The Outlander Carbine

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 25 November 2019 - 04:41 PM


#2000164 Favourite Chaos Non-Force User

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 25 November 2019 - 02:42 PM

Amon Vizsla

For the leadership and the amount of effort he (and a few others) put into reviving and boosting the activity of the Antarian Rangers, their efforts in coordinating threads across the Silver Jedi roster, and just an all-round beast of an NFU.



#2000138 Favorite Chaos Force-user(s)

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 25 November 2019 - 01:52 PM

That time already, is it?


Favorite Sith Lord: Darth Prazutis.

Prazutis and Veiere have had a long-term rivalry since the early days of Commenor's time as a Faction. His impact on the House Arenais has been turbulent and tremendous and I've always enjoyed the pleasure of our PvP threads.


Favorite Jedi: Théodred Heavenshield.

Théodred has been a long-term writing partner for my alternate Character Ylva Heavenshield. Their threads have largely been private one-on-one threads, yet have remained consistent and attention grabbing the entirety of our role-playing together. Even generously forgiving my times of slacking activity.


Favorite Apprentice: Jerek Zenduu.

Easily the best Apprentice I've had the pleasure of writing with. This isn't just due to IC aspects but also OOC conduct and how easily it's been to communicate with Jerek. The pace of our threads has been slow going at times mostly due to my part, however he has never pressured or mentioned it in a negative light and has often made fun of me when I've expressed guilt over it! Jerek's always put a great deal of effort into his posts too, making it easy to see how invested he has been.

#2000016 Audio Chaos Returns!

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 25 November 2019 - 04:46 AM

Kay Larr


Glad to see you doing another one of these, Audio Chaos was always something unique and special for the Community to enjoy :)

#2000015 Life is the Enemy, Death is our Solace - Battle of Bimmisaari [TSE/SJO]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 25 November 2019 - 04:38 AM



Objective: Defend the Capital City, Glastro.

Inventory: Heavy Jedi Commander Battle-Armor | Lightsabers of Svivren.

Nearby Allies: Reggie Faayare, Pal'ru Vadarn & Jessica Med-Beq.

Opposition: Darth Prazutis & The Sith Empire.




"Master Arenais, this is Padawan Reggie Faayare. Me and another Jedi are defending some of the civilians in another area that's not too far from where you are.

We don't have that many forces with us, so it would be appreciated if we could get a few Rangers over here before the invaders overwhelm us".


The words were an intrusion upon Veiere's concentration, though not an unwelcome one as he opened himself up to the telepathic connection Reggie Faayare had sought after. The strength of the connection and Veiere's aura would be enough for the Padawan to realize that his words had been heard, Veiere to give instructions only after having given orders to the Troops across the comm-lines.


"I need a Ranger contingent to the Market Distract immediately" Veiere spoke into his commlink across the Silver Jedi Frequency, "Civilians are on site, accompanied by two Jedi, situation is dire. Dig in deep and hold the line until all civilians can be extracted". Two squads of Silver Regulars would be sent fourth, accompanied by two Scout Snipers to provide overwatch from the rooftops where capable.


'Padawan, reinforcements are in-bound to your location now.

Do what you can until they arrive and then focus on getting the civilians out of harms way.

Bring them to the City Center for extraction via the Spaceport if possible'.


Reggie would have his response, whilst Veiere would return his attention to the central district. "Fortify all positions surrounding the Spaceport, this is now an EVAC Center. Any and all Civilians are to be brought here for extraction to another location on-world where possible. If things get too much, we're going to need reinforcements to get them off of Bimmisaari" Veiere spoke to one of the Commanding Officers of the Ranger Division. "I want an emergency medical station set up nearby, we give treatment to all who require it but prioritize those who will make it. Ration the equipment, we're going to need everything we've got" The Sith Empire weren't likely to let the Silver Jedi organize their defense without raining some kind of hell down upon them, and while the central City-Scape was as of yet, mostly unaffected, it wouldn't be long before the fighting reached them. Should the central city be overrun then the likelihood of victory here would be hugely disadvantaged.




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#1999912 "Eyes on the moment" [Jerek Zenduu]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 24 November 2019 - 06:47 PM

"This isn't bad so far. I don't mind being away from training and studies,

I mean, I'm going to have to be away from them permanently eventually, right?

I guess, in a way, this is also training".


Veiere smiled to himself as he listened to Jerek Zenduu chatter away. While the lad may have felt like he were going off on something of a tangent, there was greater wisdom in his words than it felt like he gave himself credit for. "When you reach a certain point in your life as a Jedi Padawan, the senior years of apprenticeship become more focused on service to the Galaxy, rather than time spent in the Temple" he replied, and continued to elaborate; it was an aspect of duty that was important to all Jedi, and something that ought to be explained well to students and prospective Knights. "As an Initiate and Padawan Learner, the Temple is there to give you the education you'll need to become an adequate Jedi Practitioner. There's a certain amount of comfort and security within those walls, yet this period is only a small period of your over-all training. Over time, your goals will shift from focusing on enriching your personal experience and learning, to focusing upon and empowering the needs of others beyond the reach of the Silver Rest or whatever Temple one claims home to". Veiere himself held fond memories over his days as a much younger man, growing up within the Svivren Enclave before the collapse of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the One Sith. Compared to today, it had been a peaceful time, yet also encouraged a certain amount of ignorance due to his lack of knowledge and experiencing the greater truths of Galaxy Society and how difficult life could really be for the people that he would later come to protect and serve.


As far as the Judiciaries Primary and Support Hangar compliment was concerned, Veiere decidedly referred to the use of his Datapad rather than trying to recall their numbers off-hand; handing the device over to Jerek of whom would likely have a greater understanding of their fighter squadrons capabilities than he himself ever would. "Truth be told, Commander Ansion is the Tactician among us. For myself, the Judiciary serves as a means to an end. It is another asset in which I am able to serve the Galaxy as well as aid the Silver Jedi in protecting their borders from the likes of the Sith Empire for example...-Or in this case, pirates" the Jedi Master was a Force User at heart, and not as well educated in the state of Naval Affairs as many of the Order's greater minds. Perhaps this was why he remained a Captain and not an Admiral among their ranks, something that others had commented on given his position within the Silver Assembly.


While Jerek would have the opportunity to peruse the Heavy Cruiser's finer details, the Judiciary's deck shuddered and the star-lines of hyperspace flight quickly receeded to their natural state, the dark blanket of real space before them, dotted with bright burning stars too numerous to count. "Looks like we've reached out destination..." Veiere commented, turning his gaze away from the observation screen to instead look back to the crew; "Report?" he called to Lieutenant Jacinder Rorik.


"Picking up a transmission Sir. It's a distress call, patching it through to the intercom now!" the communications officer replied hastily.


"To any nearby vessels, this is Captain Evans of the Yitabo Kalis requesting immediate assistance.

Our vessel is under attack and our hull has been breached, primary systems are failing.

Please, anyone. We need support now!".


"Captain, the transmission appears to be automated, it's a feedback loop. Original message was relayed...-Three hours ago" the Lieutenant-Commander, William Pearson spoke up from the Security Station, looking across the bridge to Veiere, the older male's jaw tightening in response. The amount of time that had since passed, suggested nothing good for the crew of the Yitabo Kalis...


"Bernard, see us there, will you" Veiere spoke to the Ensign at the helm, his voice rather less enthusiastic than it had previously been whilst speaking with his Padawan. As for Jerek, the Jedi Master turned back to look to the younger lad, expecting that he would know and likely be thinking along similar lines as his Master, given his own experience as a fighter pilot.